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Hi, I am Raj Bhattacharya - Editor and Founder of this website 
I started this website many years back to write my experiences about Darjeeling. Over time I have kept adding and updating this site with my findings in both Darjeeling and Sikkim on a regular basis. 
Today I take great pride in the fact that this website is the undisputed leader and has attained #1 rank in the category of travel &átourism in Darjeeling &áSikkim as well as several other places in north east including Shillong, Dooars and even Bhutan. You can verify this from the global website rankings shown by ALEXA for the past several years and compare it with any other similar website. 
A better way to understand the reputation of this website and its deep contribution to the visitors of Darjeeling &áSikkim would be by taking a look at these visitors candid feedback
And unlike any other website of its category, a vast majority of visitors to this website come through organic search like Google search, Bing and Yahoo search. Which means, mainly the potential visitors to Darjeeling &áSikkim who are looking for tourism related information actually comprise most of the site's traffic rather than social traffic who are mostly guided by interest and findings of others. 

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I am glad to offer you an opportunity to advertise on my website. There are large number of pages in the site, and your ads will be displayed site-wide in all pages except in few such as Privacy Policy page, Disclaimer page, my own product page etc where such sponsored ads are not relevant. 
There is no provision for displaying ads only on specific page(s) of the site. Once you reserve an available ad slot on a page, it will be displayed site-wide in all pages with the exceptions mentioned above. 
If your only intent is to get a link back to your own website, I am afraid this opportunity is not meant for you. However if you want to leverage the vast reach of this website to showcase your brand, products and services to large base of viewers who are interested in Darjeeling &áSikkim tourism related products &áservices, then certainly it's a great opportunity to consider. 

How the ads work?

All ads need to be image ads. The image would have an internal hyperlink which takes viewers to an independent page within this website itself. This will ensure that the ad image is NOT blocked by any ad blocker and is displayed to 100% viewers. 
In the hyperlinked internal page, a detailed product / service description can be provided by you along with additional images of the product(s) / service(s) etc, plus your contact information. One external hyperlink can also be provided on this page to your own website's relevant page. 
While you are welcome to provide your own matter in conformance with Terms &áConditions below, you can also take my assistance to edit or compose this page at an additional cost. 

Ad Options

As mentioned earlier, sponsored ads are displayed site-wide in all pages barring a few exceptions where such ads are not relevant such as privacy policy page etc. 
Here are the available advertisement options (ad sizes below are given in pixels): 
728x90 first image ad within main textual content. This is the first ad in the main content column of the page. If there is an existing Google ad or other ad displayed at that position, the same will be replaced by your ad. In vast majority of pages it is displayed above the fold in standard laptops &ádesktops except in pages where specific user functionality is provided. The image size will shrink to fit the screen sizes of smaller devices such as tabs and mobile phones. 
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Cost of Ads

Definition: 'Ad-life' is the period for which the ad would stay live on my website. 
Option1 (728x90 first image ad within main textual content): 
  • Ad-Life = 30 days (one month): @Rs. 70,000 
  • Ad-Life = 90 days (3 months): @Rs. 65,000 x 3 = Rs. 1,95,000 (you save Rs. 15,000) 
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    Cost for composing / editing ad matter (if applicable) 
  • Rs. 3,500 per page of up to 500 words 
  • This can help offering an uniform writing style that would match with rest of the site. 
  • If you want, I can make the matter as my Sponsored Review. 

    Payment Method

    You can make a bank transfer. However you need to pay the bank beneficiary charges at source, if applicable. Once you are ready with the payment, you can contact me using the form below, and I shall provide you the necessary bank account details. 

    Terms &áConditions

  • Full payment to be made in advance. 
  • Ad image and matter must be related to travel &átourism. The ad can not contain matter related to gambling, adult content, racism, hatred, violence etc or any sensitive subject. 
  • The independent page describing your product &áservices should be limited to 500 words containing maximum of up to 3 optimized images. 
  • Once the complete ad matter is agreed upon, it can take 1-2 working days to make the ad live. The Ad-Life (i.e. the period for which the ad would stay live) starts counting from the day it goes live on my website. You will be notified about the start and expiry date. 
  • There is no refund once payment is made. However in case the ad is withdrawn by me at any stage for technical or any other reason to protect my site's interest, the balance for the remaining period (prorated in days) will be refunded within 15 days of ad withdrawal. 
  • The uptime for this website is governed back-to-back by the uptime of the hosting company where the site is hosted, which is currently 99.9%. My website also uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) which further increases the speed and availability of the website. 

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