Love or Lovers Road Darjeeling

This one is meant for couples or a sheer nature lover. This 3km stretch of a narrow unpaved walkway on a ridge and through a jungle with wonderful views of the mountains &ánature will surely rekindle the memories of your romantic love days. It's a fairly long walk though if you want to traverse the full length of Love Road. 
Love Road, Darjeeling 
Just walk through the intimate surroundings of the nature, immerse yourself in the views and you won't know when the road has ended. Not well known to the tourists and often frequented by the local couples in their teens, Love Road or the Lovers Road is a narrow winding walkway which is carved out alongside a steep hill. 
On one side of the walkway is the mountain with different kinds of flora and rocks jutting out, and on the other side is a gorge with views of Lebong Cart Road and the houses below. It's a forested walking trail that encircles the Birch Hill (which is known as the Jawahar Parvat now). There is no other place in Darjeeling from where you can see the Lebong Spur and the Kunchenjunga range so clearly. This stretch is also a great treat for the bird watchers. At one point, look down to the right and you can see the Tibetan Self-Help Refugee Center
The flora along the way will keep you mesmerized as well. There are lots of pine, rhododendron and other trees that shade many parts of the road. You won't see any houses or settlements on this stretch. So in essence, this is a walk through the serene nature. 
This road is not motorable and hence not being concretized. It's a mud road (or a kachha road as they call it locally) and so won't be conducive to walk during the monsoon. It starts from a place near the Ropeway Station at Singamari, goes around the Birch Hill (now known as Jawahar Parvat) and eventually merges with Jawahar Road (West) that leads to HMI and Darjeeling Zoo. 
Love Road, Darjeeling 
While Love Road usually remains deserted, sometimes you may find an odd couple enjoying the walk and once in a while there will be young cyclists enjoying a downhill ride on this trail... but cyclists can find it difficult to control the speed on this downhill stretch and you should be careful if you sense one coming from behind... the trail is so narrow that two persons can barely walk together, and there is a risk of the gorge. 

How to reach Love Road

From Lebong Cart Road that goes towards the Ropeway, you can get to the Singamari location (the base station) where the Love Road begins. It's mostly a walk on a downhill terrain. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Joydeep (November 2022) 
I could not somehow locate Love Road last time I went to Darjeeling and surprisingly most locals I asked did not know about it. After reaching the Ropeway station in Singamari, which way is love road? Is there any other landmarks / signage? Also if I approach Love Road from Singamari, I believe I can reach till Tibetan Rufugee center. Do I have a talk a shared vehicle to come back to Chowrasta/mall? 
Raj ( November 2022 
There is no signage for Love Road. Once you are coming out of the Ropeway Station at Singamari, look for the Exit sign. Do not turn left after the Exit sign that will take you back to the entrance where a small stairway leads down to Labong Cart Road below. Instead of turning left after the Exit sign, keep walking straight and you will be on Love Road... it's a jungle trail on a ridge. 
You can see Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre from Love road when you look down to your right, but you can not reach the place on this route. If you keep walking, you will eventually get to Jawahar Road (West) and then to Lebong Cart Road near HMI/Zoo, from where you can get a shared taxi to Chowk Bazaar (lower town). You won't get any shared cab to the Mall (Chowrasta). You can instead continue to walk along Jawahar Road, eventually, get onto Mall Road (West) and then reach the Mall... will be a long walk though, but worth a great walk if you are a regular walker. 
Anindya Chatterjee (July 2013) 
I am planning to visit Darjeeling during October this year. You have written that Ropeway station can be approached through love road from mall. How much time will it take and is it safe to walk through it with family and children? 
Raj ( July 2013 
Hi, Love Road starts near the Singamari area where the ropeway station is located, but the ropeway itself is not accessible from Love Road. You should ask the taxi driver to drop you close to the Love Road. It's not advisable to walk up to it from the Mall with families &ákids. There is no safety issue during the day time. Don't let your child loose.