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For tourists, there are two best seasons to visit Darjeeling, one between March to May (i.e. spring & summer), and the other between October to November (i.e. autumn). These are the times when the temperature is pleasantly cool and the sky is usually clear offering lovely views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks. The summer is short from May up to June. 
But by mid-June the monsoon usually sets in and lasts through mid-September. The monsoon can sometimes stretch even up to October. June 15 to September 15 is the time when all national parks and sanctuaries in Darjeeling district (including Singalila National Park, Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and even Neora Valley National Park in Kalimpong area) remain closed to tourists. This is also the animal mating season. During monsoon and immediately thereafter, there are chances of landslides in Darjeeling area... so sometimes the routes get blocked. 
The winter in Darjeeling is from December until February. Winter here can be extremely cold and snow fall is quite regular in the higher reaches of the district such as in Sandakphu. Often even Tiger Hill located only 11kms from the town too experiences snowfall during the winter. 
Tourist footfall in Darjeeling becomes minimum during the winter although many tourists visit Darjeeling during Christmas and New Year time to celebrate the festivities and enjoy the cold. However during winter, the hotels (particularly of budget category) operate with minimum staff resulting in sub-optimal service, and shops and eateries close early. You should carry heavy woolens during this time and ensure that the hotel has proper heating system (preferably including electrical bed warmers so that you can sleep well at nights). 
With spring setting in between March and April, Darjeeling becomes at its best. The rhododendron flowers are at their full bloom and the sky gets clear offering wonderful views of the snow peaks. The temperature also climbs and becomes comfortably cold. Summer too (May to Mid June) is an excellent time to visit Darjeeling. Temperature is very comfortable (you need only light woolens, that too during nights and early mornings) and weather remains clear for great views. Thousands of tourists keep flocking in, hotels get full and shops & eateries operate at full capacity. 
All said and done, it's difficult to precisely predict and rely on Darjeeling's weather. Although you may see a perfectly settled and beautiful weather at one instance, soon cloud or fog can rise from the deep humid valleys and put a white blanket all around. Sometimes you can see flakes of cloud in the sky above you and at the same time some below you at the valley. 
Weather conditions in Darjeeling hill town do not follow the typical temperate climate of the plains. In fact it varies quite widely across the district of Darjeeling. While I shall be focussing here mainly on the weather of Darjeeling hill town, I shall also draw reference to nearby areas like Kalimpong and Terai (Siliguri/Dooars area), and even Gangtok located in the neighboring state of Sikkim. You can accordingly work out your travel plans in the region. 

March to April

(Spring in Darjeeling) 
As I mentioned earlier, Spring is one of the best periods to visit Darjeeling. However it is short. During this time flowering plants like Rhododendrons and Magnolia bloom in plenty and in different colors. You will also see many different kinds of garden flowers blooming. During Spring, while the sky remains mostly clear, you may face strong winds and even hail storms at times. 
The temperature during spring season ranges between 6°C at night to 17°C during day time. Overall it's a great time to enjoy Darjeeling in its best weather conditions and views of the mountains all around. So expect a lot of tourist rush during this season. All hotels go full, particularly starting in April. If you are planning to visit Darjeeling during March/April, make your hotel bookings well in advance. 

May to Mid-June

(Summer in Darjeeling) 
Summer starts in May and lasts until Mid-June. The average temperature during summer varies between 11°C to 19°C. While May remains a very popular tourist month in Darjeeling, there are chances of occasional showers and hails during this time. The Monsoon in Darjeeling starts in June and it starts getting misty quite frequently. So, by mid-June most of the tourists would have left. 

Mid-June to September

(Monsoon in Darjeeling) 
While the proper monsoon sets in during June to September, there can be occasional showers in the month of May and also between September to October. During the peak monsoon time in Darjeeling (June, July, August), the sky can be barely seen for 10 days in a month. It rains incessantly and the weather remains foggy or misty for most times. 
In September however, the change in the weather starts showing. The average temperature during monsoon ranges between 13°C to 19°C. However in the evening and at night, the temperature can drop sharply and it can get quite cold. This is the period when humidity in Darjeeling is at its highest levels and can easily go past 90% of saturation. 
During monsoon, sometimes land slides take place in Darjeeling area that can result in important road communications getting cut off. Since there are several routes and approaches to Darjeeling, this is usually not a huge problem. In most cases, one can take a detour, although the alternative route can take more time. So is monsoon a good time to visit Darjeeling? Check out Darjeeling in Monsoon 

October to November

(Autumn in Darjeeling) 
Darjeeling again becomes a paradise for the tourists during these months. Unless the monsoon is stretched, this period becomes free of rains and showers. The mist or the fog which is so common during the monsoon, now starts clearing and the sky becomes clear. This is a great time to get views of snow-peaks. Temperature ranges between 18°C to 6°C and starts becoming colder. Tourists start pouring in and the hotel rates go back to the peak by first week of October. 

December to February

(Winter in Darjeeling) 
The winter in this hill town starts in December and lasts for three months through February. In the month of December the sky generally remains clear and the mountain views remain awesome. While early mornings can be quite cold, but during the day when the sun shines it can be quite pleasant. Temperature ranges between 2.5°C to 10°C. You will find lots of visitors in Darjeeling during Christmas and new year celebrations. Shops and restaurants are adorned with glittering lights at nights. 
January and February are really cold. It can get quite unpleasant for the tourists who are not used to the chill, more so when it gets foggy or clouded. Even many of the permanent residents of Darjeeling hill town plan to go down to the plains or lower levels during these two months. 
While the temperature generally ranges between 2°C to 9°C during January & February, it can drop to 0°C on some days. Snow fall is not very common in Darjeeling. However it does take place once in a while during these two months. This time is again free of tourists and the hotel rates get discounted. But most of the shops and restaurants close down early and the hill town goes of to sleep by 7pm. 
Virtually no hotels in Darjeeling has central heating. The budget hotels provide blowers and small coil heaters which may not be always adequate. The high-end hotels provide better quality and bigger in-room heaters, but not in the bathrooms which remain freezing cold. But if you enjoy the chill, it can be a great fun to be in Darjeeling around this time of the year as well. However I strongly recommend that you come prepared with adequate winter clothing. Several hotels (including few budget lodgings) have electric bed warmers which can keep you warm as you sleep. 
Check out Darjeeling in Winter to know about experiences and recommendations from the visitors who have been to Darjeeling during the winter season. 

Temperature, Rain, Humidity

Temperature in Darjeeling 
While the temperature in Darjeeling varies widely over the year, even on a particular month, the difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures can be significant. If you like to know what you may expect on a month, then check out Temperature in Darjeeling to get a chart showing month by month expected minimum and maximum temperatures. The chart also provides comparative figures between Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok. 
Rainfall and Sky Conditions in Darjeeling 
Fog or mist, cloud and rain are all integral part of Darjeeling's weather. They can be unpredictable, but in certain months of the year, they are almost inevitable. If you are planning to visit Darjeeling to get views of the snow capped mountains like the majestic Kanchenjunga, then you will need to avoid these factors. Check out Darjeeling Rainfall & Sky Conditions to know about month by month possibilities of rainfall, fog, and cloudiness of sky. 
Humidity in Darjeeling & Kalimpong 
It can get quite sultry out here depending on when you are visiting Darjeeling. The humidity level varies depending on the time of the day and month. In the morning the humidity at Darjeeling town can range between 72% to 96%, and in the evening between 82% to 96%. The most humid months are June through September when the humidity level varies between 93-96%. The least humid months are March and December. 
In Kalimpong, the humidity ranges from 65% to 94% in the morning, and 59% to 93% in the evening. The least humid months are March and April. The most humid months are like in Darjeeling from June through September. 

Recommended Resources

  • The eBook on Darjeeling & Sikkim is a great resource to plan your tour and get deep insights into various attractions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim including trips, tours and rides. 

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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments

    Mitesh Patel (May 2022) 
    Hello Raj, I just received your book. I am in the process of preparing 8-10 days trip. I read in your book that June is a rainy season. I am wondering if visiting Darjeeling between 20-25 June may still be on or would I be better off just covering Gangtok and other places in Sikkim. Also, I will be travelling with my elderly parents and one of them has had a bypass surgery but is otherwise healthy. Is it alright for them to go to these places? Thanks a ton. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2022 
    Hello, Mid-June onwards the monsoon season starts all across the hills including Darjeeling and Sikkim. So, expect rains. You can take your elderly parents to Darjeeling and Gangtok, but it is advisable not to take them to high altitude places like Nathula and a few places in North Sikkim such as Lachung/Yumthang, Lachen/Gurudongmar, etc. 
    Neetu (April 2022) 
    Hi, We, a family of 3 are planning to visit Darjeeling in June first week. Is it safe to travel at that time and how will be the weather as I read that it's raining since March there. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2022 
    Hi, the official monsoon season in Darjeeling starts in Mid-June and lasts until Mid-September... but this year there has been a lot of exceptions and the weather can be unpredictable. 
    Sameer Bedi (April 2022) 
    Hi Raj, I happen to came across your website while searching for some information whether or not to travel Darjeeling in June last week being the pre-monsoon season. We are a family of 4 and planned to visit Darjeeling for the first time. Given the schedule constraint we got time to plan for this visit in June last week i.e. from 24-29 June. Need your expert suggestion if this is ok to visit Darjeeling during this time since its rainy start time. Looking forward to your valuable advise to plan our trip before we get into booking mode. Thanks & Regards, 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2022 
    Hi, in Darjeeling, usually the monsoon starts by mid-June. In fact, the official monsoon season here is from June 15 to September 15 when all sanctuaries and national parks remain closed. So, unless lucky, expect rains in end-June. Having said that, in the recent past there were a lot of exceptions in Darjeeling's weather, perhaps due to climate change... there were continuous heavy rains in early April which is quite unusual, and there was a lot of snowfall in the winters, which too was quite unusual for Darjeeling... so who knows, you might as well be lucky to escape the rains in June-end :) 
    Sudhir (December 2021) 
    Hi, we are planning a trip  to Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Gangtok between 1st and 8th Jan. Is it a good time to travel to these places during peak winters? Will we get clear view of serene nature?. Any special advice you will want to give?? Many Thanks!!! 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
    It will be extremely cold at all these places... so go prepared accordingly with adequate winter clothing. Choose hotels that provide panel heaters at the minimum... most provide only small room heaters or blowers which are inadequate. Otherwise, January is usually a good time for the views. 
    Tapas (October 2021) 
    Hi Raj, thank you for all the valuable information. I am planning to visit during November. Wanted to understand if we can get clear views or is it foggy all day during November? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2021 
    This year the weather has been unusual with the monsoon getting extended. However, usually, November is a good time to visit Darjeeling when the sky usually remains clear for great views. 
    Payal Kalra (July 2021) 
    What is the best time to visit darjeeling? Is it ok to travel in August. Are there any restrictions due to COVID. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2021 
    The best time to visit Darjeeling is between October to November-end or even December, and again between March to May. August falls in monsoon and there are usually frequent and heavy showers during this time. However, monsoon has its own charm in Darjeeling.... you can go through How is monsoon in Darjeeling to know what you may expect in August. There is presently no restriction to tourists visiting Darjeeling... it is advisable to carry your vaccine certificate. 
    Vinay B. (August 2019) 
    First heartiest thanks for taking so much of trouble to give people loads of information ! I want to know if 3rd/4th week of March would give me greater chances of clear mountain views. Or shall I make the trip on 2nd/3rd week of April ? Thanks in advance. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2019 
    2nd/3rd week of April would be comparatively better for views, but March end too is a good time.  
    Lakshmi (July 2019) 
    Hi Raj, Thanks for a great website about Darjeeling, I found it very helpful. We are 2 people traveling during the 2nd week of September and wish to cover the joyride, 3 point and 7 point tours in Darjeeling (2.5 days including arrival by flight in the morning), paragliding and sightseeing in Kalimpong (1 day) and then full day 10 point tour and sightseeing in Gangtok (2 days). What I would like to know is will we get clear views of the sunrise and other sights after the monsoon? Does the timing of the trip hamper our enjoy-ability of the trip a lot? Please advise. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2019 
    Hi, official monsoon season in Darjeeling is till 15th September, but it often lasts much beyond, sometimes till early October. So in second week of September you should expect some occasional showers and cloudy sky, but the time is usually okay for sightseeing although you may not get great views. 
    Arindam Bose (May 2019) 
    Hi Raj, First of all my sincere thanks to you for explaining everything about Darjeeling. The website is really informative. In the month of August 2019 I am planning a trip to Darjeeling & Sikkim. My Trip starts from 10th August to 17th August 2019. Will it be advisable to plan the trip in the month of August? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2019 
    Hi, expect heavy rains and cloudy sky. 
    Anita Chaudhari (March 2019) 
    Sir, the site has cleared most of my concepts. But am eager to know if I am planning to come to Darjeeling and Gangtok in May, will I be able to view mountain peaks and flower blossoms in this season? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2019 
    May is usually a good time to get views of the snow peaks (occasional showers or cloudy sky can not be ruled out though). Flowers like rhododendrons are in full bloom during spring (March to April), but you can still see some of them in May. 
    Sachin Athaley (December 2018) 
    Hi I have a 9.30am flight from Bagdogra on 30th Dec. is early morning traveling is safe. What time we should start from Darjeeling. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2018 
    Take a car from the hotel. Dense fog can be a problem early in the mornings, otherwise safe. You should start by 5:30am. 
    Meenakshi (August 2018) 
    Hello. I am planning a trip to Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok ( 6-8 days) starting from 17 Sept. Is this a good time to visit?  I will be travelling with a 1.5 year old baby. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2018 
    There can be a few showers. Monsoon officially ends on 15th September in the hills but it can well extend to October. Usually a good time. 
    Sudipto Raha (June 2018) 
    Hi Raj, I am planning a vacation during October and my choice of location is Darjeeling. The only concern is I have a 1.5 years old baby. Will it be safe to travel with my baby considering the cold and the weather out there in Darjeeling during October. Will wait for your suggestion. Thank You! 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2018 
    October is usually quite pleasant although it could be quite cold at nights and early mornings. So take adequate winter precautions for your infant including woolens. It should be fine. Hundreds of families travel to Darjeeling with infants. 
    Baruah (April 2018) 
    Hi, We I along with my family with 2 kids are scheduled to travel from Guwahati to  NJP and then take a cab to Gangtok, do local sightseeing for 2 days and head to Darjeeling for next 3 days. However the time of visit is between 9th July to 12th  July, 2018. I know this time of the year is moonsoon time, do we have instances of  landslides which keep road communication cut off for days? We fly back from Bagdogra on the 12th July. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2018 
    Hi, land slides are common during this time. However for most part of the routes connecting the main locations in Darjeeling and Gangtok (except few stretches) there are alternative although longer routes available. So unless you are very unlucky, you won't get stuck for days. 
    Ana (February 2018) 
    Hi I can only travel for this year 2018 on June 1 through June 15. I am Flying from NJ, Us to India. I am very much interested in visiting nice hill stations like Darjeeling or like the same type of places. I read your and other reviews and I am getting mixed signals. Can you please tell me this time frame I choose is ok to visit Darjeeling and do all the sight seeing instead of stuck in side in a room.  I appreciate your feedback. Thanks, 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2018 
    Hi, June is in monsoon season. All national parks and forests close down between June 15 - Sep 15. While several other attractions remain open, rains may be the spoilsport unless you are lucky. If sightseeing is your sole objective, then this is not the right time to be in Darjeeling or Sikkim, otherwise monsoon can still offer a lot... suggest you go through Darjeeling in Monsoon for more information about what you may expect during monsoon: 
    Mamta Jangra (November 2017) 
    Hello Sir, this is really a very informative site. So CONGRATULATIONS... I m planning to visit Gangtok and Darjeeling from Dec 26-31, 2017...Is it the right time to visit the places.. will the roads be clear to visit every tourist place...plz reply early as we have to plan accordingly. Thanks 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2017 
    Although it will be very cold, Christmas and New Year are great times to visit Darj & Gangtok. There will be lots of tourists... the ambiance in the hills is very attractive during this period. Road routes and tourist attractions are all usually open during this time. 
    Mukta Akter (August 2017) 
    Hello. I am Mukta from Bangladesh. I am planning to visit Darjeeling on 7 October, 2017. I have 1.5 year old baby. One of my friends is suggesting to not to go there in that time because of cold weather. Can you tell me how cold will it be in October 2nd week? There will be snow in that time? Thanks in advance. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2017 
    October is very pleasant in Darjeeling. The temperature usually ranges between 18°C during day time to about 6°C during night and early morning. No snowfall around that time, in fact snowing is quite rare in Darjeeling. 
    Nilanjan (June 2017) 
    Hi, read your guide and found it awesome. I am planning to visit Darjeeling & Sandakphu around 4th or 5th June'17. Do you think that is a good idea keeping in mind upcoming moonsoon. Pls advise. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2017 
    Expect showers and even heavy rains... no views of peaks practically. 
    Devdeep Ganguly (June 2017) 
    Sir, I read every page of your website & it helped me tremendously to plan my first trip to Darjeeling with my friends last year. I am a student, so I have some budget restrictions. This year I'm again planning a short trip to Darjeeling in the first week of July. I want to know if it is possible to make a day trip to Tonglu & Tumling by a LandRover, i.e., I wish to return to Darjeeling on the same day. I know July is not the perfect time for this trip, but I can't go any other time because of my studies & exams. I'm also passionate about photography. So, is this trip possible? How late (time of the day) can I get a shared jeep to Darjeeling from Manebhanjan? Should I drop the whole "Tonglu & Tumling" trip because of Monsoon or some other reasons like risk of landslide, unavailability of shared jeeps from Manebhanjan to Darjeeling? Also, from a photographer's perspective is it wise to make this trip? Also, is there any better alternative that you can suggest to me. Last year (also in July), I made a trip to Takdah, Tinchuley, Lepcha, Lamhatta. It rained all day and the weather was really cloudy. Still, I enjoyed it as it was my first trip to the hills but also felt sad cause I couldn't see the majestic snow-capped mountains. Thank you in advance :-) 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2017 
    Hello, you have asked too many questions. In short, July is in peak monsoon season and it's likely to rain all day. Although you can go up to Tumling/Tonglu, getting a shared Landrover from Manebhanjan and back can be a problem around that time. Very few except locals travel on that route during this time. Also you will see only white blanket of cloud or fog. I suggest you drop Tonglu/Tumling and make it at some other time. You can instead plan a Makaibari or Singell tea garden homestay in Kurseong for a day (quite affordable). Rest of your plan is okay subject to rains... definitely carry a rain coat or a large umbrella. 
    Arghya Das (December 2016) 
    This year 1st week of December was very clear, temperature hovered between 6 to 12 degrees, clear Kanchenjunga views throughout the day, don't think it snowed in adjoining areas as there were no clouds or fog. 
    Deepa (October 2016) 
    Hi, First of all I would like to appreciate the effort you have put in to make this much first hand information available to public. I am planning a trip to Darjeeling in the last week of January. Was wondering if this is a good time to sight the Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill? Thanks 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2016 
    It will be biting cold, but views should be good. 
    Dhiman Bhattacharyya (September 2016) 
    Dear Sir, First of all, many congratulations for such a nice blog and website. I am planning to travel to Darjeeling in late January or early February. I am an asthmatic. Sir, please tell me about the clothes and other precautions I have to take. Thanks & regards. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2016 
    Hello, take heavy woolens. It'll be biting cold around that time. Woolen inners, gloves, monkey caps or mufflars, woolen socks etc are must. Choose a hotel with bed warmers and good heating system. 
    Manjin Kaur (June 2016) 
    We are a group of senior ladies..over 50 ..from Malaysia coming to darjeeling on te 9/9 for ten days Is it a good time in September? We would like to see the mountains and do a little trekking and see culture too. Do you think we can and would you recommend a simple trek going through some villages and good views Thank you. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2016 
    It's typically monsoon time, so expect rains. While you can see mountains all around, you won't likely see the snow peaks unless lucky. There are tour operators who organize village, tea garden, monastery treks. You may also be interested in the Heritage Walk
    Susmita Sengupta (April 2016) 
    Dear Mr. Raj, First of all I must appreciate your effort to make such an informative site on Darjeeling tourism. Me and my parents (65 yrs and 75yrs , though quite fit by God's grace) are planning to visit Darjeeling. Our criteria 1. Mostly clear weather 2. See lush green tree gardens 3. Less crowd. Our Plan: Visit - a) Day tour to Takdah, Tinchuley and Lamahatta (want to view orange orchard and tea gardens), b) Day tour to rock garden and ganga maya park, c) Toy train joy ride to batasia loop and back, d) HMI and zoo, e) One or two days free for leisure. Kindly suggest us which time/s of the year will be suitable for these. We have in mind - 1. Last week of Sept, 2. 2nd week of Nov, 3. last week of Feb. We are eagerly waiting for your suggestion. Thanks in advance. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2016 
    From the options you have, I would choose 2nd week of November. 
    Gurpreet (February 2016) 
    Hi Raj, First of all I applaud your efforts and the pain you take in guiding tourists. Being a first time visitor to the area, I want to know about the climate and rush in the months of June and July. Which one of these months would be ideal to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok if we talk about the rainy season and tourist influx. One more thing I would like to know is that if I should club any other place along with or will these two be sufficient for a pleasure trip with my extended family. Regards 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2016 
    July would be in the middle of full monsoon. Expect lots of rains in June too. But out of the too, June would be better if you like to move around a bit. It's better not to travel too much during monsoon as possibility of landslides exist. So do not add to Darjeeling and Gangtok. 
    Shweta (February 2016) 
    Excellent info...I have read all your posts and they provide amazing detailed info about Darjeeling...very helpful. I am planning a trip to Darjeeling in the last week of March 2016. I am also planning to go to Gangtok. What kind of clothes should I carry... I have kids with me. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2016 
    March-end would be pleasantly cool, but evenings and early mornings could still be quite cold. So take medium woolens and adequate precautions for kids. 
    Sreelekha (January 2016) 
    Is June a good time to visit Darjeeling ? As it is mentioned in Weather like monsoon starts in June, will it be difficult for sightseeing and travel? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2016 
    If you are caught in the monsoon, then sightseeing won't be easy. However there are usually sunny breaks in early June. 
    S K Pandey (July 2015) 
    Hello, Actually I am in J&K and want suggestion from you about the Best time to visit Darjeeling with my wife and 3 years old son. I want avoid the tourist rush and want to see greenery and beauty of Darjeeling, also want to enjoy the TOY TRAIN. Please suggest best time and way accordingly. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2015 
    You can visit in mid November... fewer tourists, chill in the air, sunny and clear days, lovely views and rides. 
    Vindya (November 2014) 
    Hi, I am planning to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok during end of Jan & early February 2015 for a 5 day-night tour.. is it a good time to visit this location? Is it safe to take old aged people along (60-65 years)? Will the roads be blocked due to snow? Appreciate your response. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2014 
    Unlikely there will be any snow. But it will be biting cold and may not be tolerable for old people. 
    Rucha Mehta (October 2014) 
    Hello, I along with my parents and one sister planning to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok. Kindly suggest whether the trip is to be planned during March or October. Which month is better ? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2014 
    March will be much cooler but free of tourists, and rates will be lower. It's a good time to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok. October is a great time for the views and weather is very pleasant, but it's a peak tourist season and both Darjeeling and Gangtok will be packed with tourists. 
    Bitan Chakraborty (October 2014) 
    Hi Raj, I'm planning to visit Darjeeling from 23-26 January 2015. We'd be a family of 4 with my father (70yrs old) daughter (3-and-half yrs age) and me and my wife. Given the extreme age bandwidth of the visitors (also my wife and daughter has no experience of winter in the hills) how extreme would be the cold around that time of the year? Regards, 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2014 
    It'll be biting cold in the early mornings and at nights. Take adequate winter protections and preferably choose a hotel with electrical bed warmers. It may not be a pleasant experience for the old. 
    Mohammed Froze N (September 2014) 
    Hi Mr. Raj, The Information provided in these articles are awesome and more helpful. I am planning to visit Darjeeling in the month of November and I would like to see and play with snow. Could you please provide information of Snowfall location in and around Darjeeling? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2014 
    Snowfall is rare in Darjeeling ... sometimes it snows but mostly in Jan/Feb. Places in North Sikkim like Zero Point, Lachung, Yumthang are the places to get snow around that time, not Darjeeling. 
    S Roy Chowdhury (September 2014) 
    Sir, Site is most informative. I am planning to visit Darjeeling on 1st week of January 2015 along with my wife & 5 years kid. Kindly suggest can I visit with my 5 years old child during this period. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2014 
    You can. But it'll be very cold, so take adequate winter precaution and stay in a hotel with proper room heating and electrical bed warmer. 
    Raj Kumar (August 2014) 
    Dear sir, I am planing this year (between Oct 2014 to May 2015) to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok. We have two kids 2years and 4 years old. mainly my children want to play with snow and cover maximum tourist places, so please choose me the best seasons to visit and how many days is required. Regards 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2014 
    Snowing is rare in Darjeeling and Gangtok. Sometimes it snows in Jan/Feb. You need to go to Tsomgo lake or Nathula from Gangtok to get snow. November/December is a good time to get snow there, but it can be biting cold out there, so you must go with adequate winter protection. You should plan for at least 7days/6 nights for Darjeeling and Gangtok. 
    Sankett Thakker (July 2014) 
    Hi Raj, First of all, a special mention of the detailing and the love for the destination shown in every tab on the website, Loved it, and a major credit for me thinking on this as the next destination for a holiday goes on this site. I am planning to visit Darjeeling between 10th Jan and 10th Feb and had an apprehension: although I have read about the extremely cold weather in this period, I am eager to experience it. However, my concern is will the climate be so 
    cold that I would not be able to experience Sunrise from Tiger Hill and also get a good view of Kanchenjunga. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2014 
    It'll be cold in Jan/Feb but views should be good. 
    Bipin Shah (April 2014) 
    Dear Raj, I have time available for travel during June (mostly second half) and am 
    keen to visit Gangtok and Darjeeling. How inconvinient would it be considering rainy season there? Would various attractions / activitiels like ropeway be open to tourists during June? Would appreciate if you have any suggestion for June travel to Darjeeling and Gangtok. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2014 
    Attractions will be mostly open. Do not go with an expectation of being able to maximize covering all set points ... that may not happen due to rains. But expect lots of rains and try to go with a mind set to enjoy the showers, green landscapes & tea gardens, gushing streams & waterfalls, walking under umbrellas on wet mountain roads etc etc. See my article on Darjeeling in Monsoon
    Jemish Nemlawala (January 2014) 
    Hello Sir, First of all, I would like to thank you for this wonderful information on this website and it is very useful of tourists. I am planning a visit Darjeeling-Pelling-Gangtok for honeymoon either in last week of this February or first week of march. Could you please let me know which time among these mentioned above is best and what should I expect with regards to the weather conditions and tourist population. Is this period suitable for these places. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2014 
    February is going to be very cold. March would be better but still cold. There won't be many tourists and you should get good off-season discounts in hotels. Good time to go. 
    Debdutta Ghosh (November 2013) 
    Hi Raj, Can You please guide me how will be weather during November last week in Darjeeling ...Is it foggy or too cold.. Is it best time to visiting with family with 4 years old child? Thanks, 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2013 
    Hi, November end can be quite cold. Night time temperature can fall to about 6 degree C. Fog is usually not a problem around this time, other than early in the mornings once in a while. Take adequate precautions, warm clothes and choose a hotel with good room heating and doctor on call service, it should be fine. 
    Ashok Rana (October 2013) 
    We are three families with all matured kids and intend to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok in second week of December. Please guide me about clothes and the weather conditions and if it is advisable. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2013 
    Hi, Mid-December will be quite cold (particularly early mornings and after dark). Take heavy woolens, gloves, caps, socks etc. Also select hotels with adequate room heating arrangements. Some have electrically operated bed heating systems which are very effective. Its a great time with clear sky and excellent views of the snow mountains.  
    Sumanth (October 2013) 
    Hi, Me along with my family will be travelling to Darjeeling in last week of Dec 2013. We have also planned Gangtok for 2 days.We have already booked accommodation at hotel Anand Palace.Can you let us know how good is this hotel? I have taken note of pure veg hotel from your webpage. Thanks. I would like to know the climate during this time and what mandatory type of garments should I have to carry along. My kids are very keen to see Snow fall...So can we expect that in Darjeeling or Gangtok? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2013 
    Hi, Anand Palace is a reasonably good hotel and located opposite to Big Bazaar... so quite convenient considering the shopping scene and also 7-8 minutes walk from the Mall. Although they provide small room heaters, that may not be enough. Ask for hot water bags. I would personally prefer a hotel with electrical bed heating systems during the peak winter. Several hotels in Darjeeling (even with lower budgets) now provide that. End December can be very cold in Darjeeling and you should be prepared with heavy woolens, caps, gloves and pair of socks. Snow fall is very rare in Darjeeling and also in Gangtok. So don't go with such expectation. 
    Tanushree Katiyar (September 2013) 
    I am going to visit Darjeeling on 27 September. But I am not able to decide what kind of clothes should i pack??? I want to know whether I aholud keep pure woolen clothes or just full sleeves shirt/top and a light jacket?? PLEASE REPLY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank YOU n your website is very helpful :) 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2013 
    No need to take heavy woolens. It gets a bit chilly early mornings and after dark. Take either a light full sleeve sweater, or a light jacket or a shawl. 
    Sunil Mittal (September 2013) 
    I (55) & my wife(50) are planning to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok on 7.10.13 for a week. What clothing/necessary arrangements to be done as we are visiting there for the first time. We have already booked tour package from tour operator. What will be the temperature during this period. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2013 
    Hi, Light woolens, jackets or shawls will be sufficient. Early mornings and after dark will be a bit cold but day time will be quite pleasant in October. Take a pair of socks to keep your feet warm just in case you feel uncomfortable. If you plan to visit high altitude places like Changu lake from Gangtok, then you must take heavy woolens, gloves, cap etc. I have described the usual month wise temperature in Darjeeling and Gangtok towns here 
    Grace Yoon (September 2013) 
    Hi Raj, My brother and me will be traveling to Darjeeling immediately upon arrival to Kolkata and reaching Darjeeling on 23/9/13. Will be staying at one of your recommended budget hotel, Revolver and in fact had confirmed our reservation with Mrs Asenla. A very nice lady in fact. Thank you. As for the weather, from 23 - 25th Sept 13, will there be heavy or intermittent rain? Can we see the 3rd highest peak and walk around visiting the beautiful and interesting places?Your advise to this is most important to us to confirm our stay there. Waiting for your advise and reply. Thank you very much. Best Regards 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2013 
    Hi Grace, There are good possibilities of intermittent showers around that time. This year the monsoon has been delayed a bit. Otherwise it usually starts receding by end September. Looks like it's going to linger on. But you never know, Weather in Darjeeling is always quite unpredictable. Occasionally the sky may get clear when you can get a view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks. Your best chances are early in the morning. The day time mostly remains cloudy in September. Regards, 
    Munna (July 2013) 
    Sir, I am planning to visit Darjeeling in September 24, I want to know is the weather in Darjeeling will be ok or not. Please tell me otherwise I will change my planning for another month. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2013 
    By September end,  monsoon usually starts receding and weather in Darjeeling becomes quite nice. But you may still get some showers at times, and it may remain a bit cloudy. But if the monsoon gets extended or delayed, there can also be heavy rains, but chances are less. Mid October onwards the real good weather starts. 
    Shahid (June 2013) 
    Dear Sir, An Excellent Blog on How to Help Tourist specially who are coming for the first time. Its a pool of information. My question regarding visiting Darjeeling. We are planning to visit (first time) in the 3rd week of July for 3 -4 days. Is it safe to visit Darjeeling due to heavy rain? Best Regard 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2013 
    Hi, July is in peak monsoon period in Darjeeling. So expect overcast sky and almost continuous showers with few breaks in between. There is no safety issue as such other than chances of landslides blocking the routes. However major landslides are not very common but possible. If there is heavy fog while driving up to Darjeeling or down to the plains, it can severely affect the visibility. Ask the driver to pull aside or drive very slow. Drive only during the day time and not after dark. Do not plan for too much of outdoor sightseeing around this time. Just enjoy the hill town and its ambience in monsoon. Read my following article for more information: Darjeeling in Monsoon 
    Sujata Dey (June 2013) 
    Is June a good time to visit? I know the weather will be quite pleasant but am skeptical about the rain. From your past experience what do you think? Do I need to hire an AC Car for the stretch between the plains and the hills at this time of the year? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2013 
    There is 70/30 chance of rains in June. Sky will be mostly cloudy unless you are lucky. You don't need an AC car unless you want to avoid dust until Matigara. From that point on, pollution reduces drastically as the car takes a turn towards the hills. 
    Rajesh.S (May 2013) 
    Hi Raj, your website is fantastic & serves as one stop shop for all information related to Darjeeling with regular/latest updates. Thanks a lot. My question:- Is this September 22nd to 26th a right time to visit Darjeeling? Planning to visit with my wife & 2 yrs old kid. Have noted down taxi details & local tour details from this website. 1.Considering my kid, I do not want to get stuck in rains/bad weather. 2.Please suggest hotels that give good hill view from the room to stay. 3. Suggest with a 24 hrs nursing home in Darjeeling, just in case, as I come to a cold place with my kid who has never seen a temperature less than 30 deg approx. Please help with details as am from south & have never visited west. Thanks & regards, 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, May 2013) 
    Hi, September end is generally a good time to visit Darjeeling and temperature remains moderate. But nobody can guarantee the weather. If monsoon gets deferred, it can shower anytime during the day. I don't know your budget, so suggesting a hotel makes no sense. Check out Darjeeling Hotels with Views and choose one. 
    There is no 24-hours nursing home in Darjeeling. I suggest that you choose a decent hotel (not of budget category) and one that has in-house medical service or doctor on-call service. Once you shortlist a few hotels, you should call up and talk to the hotel manager/staff and confirm this. Regards, 
    Sabyasachi Bose (May 2013) 
    Dear Raj, My family (including my 1.5year old daughter and my 65 year old mother, my wife and my inlaws) and I are visiting Darjeeling on 1st June and we have booked Hotel Shangrila and Hotel Shangrila Regency (because not enough rooms were available in Shangrila!).We  are returning on 5th June..... We are worried about the weather during that time. Do u think its unwise to take such a little child to Darjeeling during this time of the year? What hazards can we expect? U have been a great guide for me, so please reply to my questions, I will be waiting...... Regards 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, May 2013) 
    Why are you expecting hazards? Many tourists prefer the monsoon in Darjeeling although you may still be lucky not to get much rains. The only issue during monsoon is possibility of landslides. But major landslides are rare and even if there is a road block, it is usually temporary, or alternative routes are then used. I don't anticipate much problems with an infant, although you must take all precautions including medicines etc. Check out with the hotel if they have on call medical service. 
    You should stay with your child at Hotel Shangrila which is close to the center (Mall) and where most amenities are easily available including pharmacies. Drink only packaged/mineral water. Do not drink hotel supplied water even if they are filtered. Shangrila Regency is quite far away (although within walkable distance). I would have chosen a nearby hotel like Sunflower or Olde Main Bellevue so that all could stay close to each other. Elders may not find it easy to walk up to the mall every time from Shangrila Regency. 
    Sagar K (April 2013) 
    Hi. Thanks for this website providing very useful info. We are planning to visit Darjeeling in last week of July just for 2 day of weekend Could you share with us last year's monsoon experience during this period? My major concern is that there should not be transport problem in and out of the town to Jalpaiguri because of landslides. Suppose it happens is there any other detour, because we have to catch a flight from Kolkata for our next destination. It should not b missed due to any blockage. Thanks. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, April 2013) 
    No one can guarantee when and whether a landslide would take place in Darjeeling, particularly during monsoon time. Last year was generally okay and that serves no guarantee for the future. Having said that, unless it's a major landslide (which is rare), the roads get cleared up within few hours. If the landslide takes place at night, it usually gets cleared next day morning itself. But if the luck is not on your side and it takes place while you are on your way, then you will need to back track to a point where an alternative route is available, which may result in loss of time. How much that depends on your location and traffic jams that may take place due to such incident. 
    But in general, there are alternative routes available from various points. The type of alternative routes depend on at which point the landslide takes place. Suppose you know in advance of such a slide before you start from Darjeeling. If the landslide has taken place after Kurseong on Hill Cart Road, then you can take an alternative route from Kurseong via Pankhabari or Rohini. There is no time loss here. If it takes place between Ghoom and Kurseong, then one can take the route via Mirik. This route will take one and half hours more than normal time. If there are problems in more than one roads, there are also forested routes around the mountain up to Kurseong. Those are very narrow winding roads and can take several hours more. 
    Prashant Marwaha (February 2013) 
    Hi Raj, Great site. A lot of info for the tourists planning to visit Darjeeling. Need your advise on 1 thing before I take your help on the plan. I know that its already mentioned under 'Weather' section that May - August is the monsoon period; still I wanted to double check with you as we had already been planning this trip for sometime, and realised only today morning through your website that the time we are planning to visit may not be the best of times. Me and my wife are planning to come to Darjeeling for 5-6 days in May/June. We will be travelling by Rajdhani. 
    We are in mid-thirties; and the tentative schedule is either 19th May -25th May or 9th June to 15th June. We like good scenic places and would like to make best use of these 5-6days by visiting nearby places as well. In terms of weather, both of us like a mix of foggy/misty mornings, sunny days, and chilly nights. Now that we know that this will be monsoon period, should we scrap our plan? Or, one of these dates will be good to travel, and chances of rains spoiling the fun would be minimal. Regards 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, February 2013) 
    Hi, Month of May is a better time than June when you are considering rain spoling the show. There may still be some showers, but usually you can make your plans work nicely in May. But the cons is ... it's summer vacation time and Darjeeling gets packed with tourists... mainly famlies & noisy kids. Take a call...