Top Darjeeling Budget Hotels

There is no scarcity of cheap hotels and low budget accommodations in Darjeeling. Although many of them offer less than ordinary services and amenities, all of them literally go full during the high season. The demand surges during mid-March to end-May, and from end-September to mid-November. Another high time is during the Christmas and New year celebrations. 

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Enter your dates in the search box below and hit the search button, you will get a list of hotels in Darjeeling. Sort them by price (low to high). You can then see many good budget hotels. 
For each hotel you will find guest reviews & score, amenities, pictures etc. You can then select and book a hotel online at an attractive low price and get confirmation. This service is provided by World's No.1 online hotel booking site. You can also change the destination in the search box and see hotels in other places like Gangtok, Kalimpong, Mirik or any other location. 

Beware of hotels on lease!

In Darjeeling many hoteliers take hotels on lease from the original owners of the property and run the hotel. The lease period can be as short as 3 years. These hoteliers then try to make as much profits as possible after paying out the hefty lease amounts to the original owners. With high pressure of somehow to keep occupancy rate high while keeping internal costs at minimum, you can imagine what you can expect out of such hotels. 
Many tourists land up with great expectations only to find accommodations with sub-par service and maintenance. I had also been a victim of such cases in my earlier years of vacationing in Darjeeling. But no longer so. I highly recommend, before you make a booking, figure out if the hotel is owned and operated by the owner himself... then you know that he will not compromise with its maintenance. In fact, most owners who operate their own properties in Darjeeling take delicate care of their hotels and keep utmost focus on customer satisfaction. 

What is running hot water?

Another important point about the budget hotels in Darjeeling - most of them boast about running hot water. That doesn't mean that you will get hot water round the clock. They usually provide hot water only for a limited time (usually for three hours in the morning from 6am to 9am). Hotels have separate central controls for the geysers and switch them off after allowing hot water for the stipulated time.  
However the better ones will switch them on whenever you request them to do so. Also the hot water is usually not available at the wash basin or the shower mixer point. Most budget hotels usually provide a separate tap for this which they control centrally. 


Keep in mind that in most of the budget hotels in Darjeeling, rooms and bathrooms are not cleaned everyday. In fact most don't even make the beds during your stay unless you ask for it. One important point to note about drinking water and this is more applicable for the budget hotels... try to avoid the hotel supplied drinking water even if they claim it to be filtered. 
The hill water is often hard water and not good for drinking and can easily upset your stomach. Although it would add to your cost, the best option is to buy mineral or packaged drinking water from any outside store. You won't need much water to drink in the cold weather anyway. 

Indicative Rates of Budget Hotels in Darjeeling

So what is a budget or a cheap hotel in Darjeeling? What is the price or tariff range? Well as I said, it's an opportunists world out there. They will take whatever best they can get. Having said that, a standard budget hotel should have published room rates (also known as rack rates). Even the small hotels have variations in rooms in terms of decor, luxury and size. So the rates can vary. Often a 10% service charge is added with the room tariff other than the tax. 
Rates for low budget hotels will range from Rs. 1,500/- to Rs 1,800/- per night. 
Other budget hotels will have rates from Rs. 1,800 to 2,700/- per night (indicative). 
Note that there are plenty of hotels that offer far cheaper rates. I don't list or review them here because they do not adhere to standards of any kind, neither bother about guest service and safety. 

Some great budget hotels

I know of few budget hotels who do not change their rates throughout the year. Because they attract good number of guests even during the low season and run well enough to maintain consistency. Yes, there are some great cheap hotels and lodgings in Darjeeling that stand out from the rest in terms of their services, friendliness, cleanliness and amenities they offer. 
During my years of exploration, I have come very close to many owners of such exceptionally well run budget hotels. This page is about those little gems that can make your stay in Darjeeling quite special.  
The good budget hotels are usually run by the owners themselves. They rely more on word of mouth rather than on travel agents, and therefore have many returning guests. One such owner mentioned to me that their average annual occupancy rate is 65% which is excellent considering the short high season period. Below are my select list of budget hotels that have consistently done well over time: 
(Category: Budget) 
This old colonial home has been converted into a guesthouse having only four rooms but all with wonderful views of the mountains. The access is from CR Das road next to the Chowrasta Mall. You will need to walk for about 2 minutes along this narrow downhill road that takes you out of the noisy Mall area but still keeping you close to the town center. 
(Category: Low Budget) 
Strange name? That's the striking name the couple owning this hotel liked from all the Beatles albums. Yes they are Beatles freaks which is evident in all the five rooms that are named after the four Beatles members, and the fifth one after their manager. 
Revolver Hotel, Darjeeling 
All the rooms are clean, well furnished and have attached western-style toilets with instant geysers. The beds have electric bed-warmers. The hotel has a nice cozy dining room and a lounge at the ground floor where meals are prepared to order. Food is great. The hotel is located quite centrally on Gandhi Road, about 15 minutes leisure walk from the Chowrasta Mall. 
(Category: Budget) 
Right opposite to the Viceroy Hotel on Gandhi Road, this relatively new hotel's exterior is finished with gray and white tiles with black borders. As you walk through the iron grill gate, you feel that you are actually walking into a good hotel, although this one falls in the budget range. Rooms are simple and have all basic modern amenities including TV, attached bath, etc. 
A lady at the front desk will welcome you with a smile. There is a nice lobby and a restaurant. The hotel is only 4-5 minutes walk from the Mall. 
(Category: Budget) 
The owner of Broadway Annex is same as that of Hotel Broadway. This is the original family property and is about 15 minutes uphill walk from Gandhi Road. The hotel is located at a relatively quiet place and a bit away from the crowded town center. Most rooms and balconies have great views of Kanchenjunga and Darjeeling town landscape. But that 15 minutes uphill walk can feel like a one-hour walk for some. After all no good things in life can come easy :) 
(Category: Budget) 
This home stay is located 3kms before reaching Darjeeling lower town and perched on a hill overlooking the main road below and offering magnificent view of the Kanchenjuna range from all its rooms and private balconies. The rooms are cozy with bed warmers which is very helpful when it's cold. Service is homely and the food is homemade and simple. 
It gives you an opportunity to stay in a quiet place and a bit away from the crowded township, although giving easy access to the town. The homestay offers several personalized packages for honeymooners, trekkers and those looking to get a local flavor of Darjeeling and like to tour around. 
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge - The Annex Building 
(Category: Budget) 
This is the West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation Lodge. While the main building rates are higher, there is an extension of the same building known as Annex Building which too has 15 nice rooms. The rate of Annex rooms are much cheaper and falls well within budget category. 
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge 
Photo: WBTDCL 
Although the annex rooms are not as big as the ones in the main building, they too are quite nice and have all the basic amenities. However the rooms at the lower floor have no views. Some of the rooms at the upper floor in Annex Building have views. But you can always go to the backside lawn to get great view of the snow peaks. Overall, annex rooms are great value for money and the lodge is a popular one for families. 
(Category: Budget) 
This is a relatively small and new hotel with 13 rooms spread across three floors. The hotel is located close to the mall (only 2-minutes walking distance). The rooms are small but nice, clean and carpeted. Offers wi-fi. Geysers are available in most rooms. 
Magnolia Residency Darjeeling 
The in-house restaurant is great for breakfast as well as for other meals (although the menu is limited). The rooftop terrace has great views and a great place to relax. 
(Category: Budget) 
This one falls at the upper range of budget hotels and categorized as a two star hotel. Located at Gandhi Road right opposite to the taxi stand where the Nehru road begins, it's run by the Dekeva family offering traditional Tibetan charm. There are range of rooms from suites and deluxe double that offer great Kanchenjunga views to attic rooms with very reasonable charges. The Mall is only 4-5 minutes walk from the hotel. 
(Category: Low Budget) 
If you look through the gate, you feel as if you are entering someone's house with a car park in front. It's located at a corner of the road that goes up and meets the Mall road. Once inside, Alice Villa which is run by Pradhan offers a nice cozy ambience and a stay. Other than rooms with fireplaces, the hotel has an attractive long & carpeted lounge with bookcases, reading tables, cushioned chairs. While there is not much views from the rooms, the mall is only 3-4 minutes walk. 
Alice Villa, Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget) 
It's hard to call it a hotel. It is actually a unit of the Manjushree Center of Tibetan Culture, a charitable organization promoting Tibetan language & culture. Tibet Home is located on Gandhi Road and has 8 nice airy well furnished rooms. This is essentially a comfortable bed & breakfast accommodation. Chowrasta Mall is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Dorji and Lhakpa at the office counter will be all smiles as you walk in. 
Tibet Home Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget) 
It's located centrally at Gandhi Road just below the restaurant Keventer's. This is where Nehru Road begins towards the Chowrasta Mall which is barely 3-4 minute leisure walk from the hotel. If you look at the hotel from outside and its steep narrow flight of stairs, you may say hmmmm... but once you are in and start feeling the charm of the simple rooms with good views, the friendliness of the staff and the owner Bhutia, and considering its central location, it turns out to be good value for money. The rooms are laid over several stories of the building. 
(Category: Budget) 
This is a Tibetan family run business and Sangita at the front desk is one of the family members. They call it homestay because it's like staying at home and the owner's family themselves live in the property. However, it's actually a budget hotel. There are 12 rooms and no in-house dining room. The hotel is on Gandhi Road and at a 10-minute walking distance from the Chowrasta Mall. 
(Category: Budget) 
Located on Zakir Hussain Road, this hotel has 12 nicely appointed rooms some having breathtaking views of the mountain range. There is a longish restaurant with wonderful view from all the tables that have sofa-like seating. This is probably one of the best view-restaurants in Darjeeling. There is also an open terrace with tables. The hotel is about 15-20 minutes walk from the Chowrasta Mall. 
Travellers Inn Darjeeling 
Travellers Inn Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget) 
This nice little hotel is on a hill top and on Cooch Behar Road. It has several well furnished and spacious rooms. The most impressive part of the hotel is its sitting lounge with great views. The hotel is located quite close to the Traveller's Inn. 
Grace Inn Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget) 
A young native family will welcome you to their house which has several rooms across two floors with attached toilets, a dining with kitchen etc. You will know about the native life of Darjeeling and their culture as you chat with the family and get to know about their lifestyle and food. In fact you will be treated to excellent homemade local food. The homestay is located very near Happy Valley Tea Gardens and hence the name, yet it is within walking distance from the town market and several other tourist attractions. You will get all help from the friendly hosts including local sightseeing tours. 
(Category: Budget) 
A small homestay run by an elderly couple giving you a true feel of a home away from home with their caring and loving hospitality, and treating you to some delicious homemade local food. The homestay is located below Lebong Cart Road in a quiet locality but within walking distance to the main market area and several other attractions. You can learn a lot about Darjeeling from the host as you sip a cup of Darjeeling tea or over dinner. 
There are only three rooms, but very clean and well furnished. Toilets have geysers and hot showers. The view from the upper room and also from the open terrace in front is lovely. The host can organize local tours and transfers at reasonable cost. 
(Category: Budget) 
This is a cottage style accommodation with two independent rooms with attached bathrooms and built on the roof-top terrace of the family house. Apart from cozy well done up rooms with wood paneling, provision of fully equipped kitchen, and great homemade food, you get a bonus of stunning views of Kanchenjunga from the terrace and the rooms. 
(Category: Low Budget) X CLOSED 
This small but cozy budget hotel is located on Mall Road (East) with wonderful views of Kanchenjunga and the mountain landscapes from the rooms. The hotel is run by all lady staff who are very cordial and cooperative. Although the rooms are small, they are clean with all basic amenities including TV and attached western bath with hot and cold water. They have a dining kitchen. The hotel is also only few minutes walk from the Mall and all shops and restaurants. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Priyanka (April 2023) 
Hi Raj, Your blog is informative and extremely helpful. Thanks for putting in such an effort. I am planning for a trip to Darjeeling soon, around 18th April. Could you please suggest me some good hotels at the main city , range 2k-3k (with mountain view if possible). As I am travelling with my parents and 1 year old baby, I am looking for hotels that are easily accessible. I have contacted Hotel Capital, but they are charging 3k for a day, considering it to be a budget hotel, isn't the price at a higher end? Thanks 
Raj ( April 2023 
Hi, these days many hotels in Darjeeling are charging higher than usual rates, particularly in the high tourist seasons. This is possibly to make up for the losses they incurred during the pandemic. You can try out Hotel Revolver (a couple of rooms have good views, and the hotel is about a 13-15 minute walk from the Mall) or Alice Villa (centrally located, but rooms do not have mountain views, a 3-minute walk to the Mall). 
Madhurima Basu (July 2022) 
One question I have.. the Golden Heights Enclave Darjeeling... this one is how far from Keventers and whats the tariff? I was going through their website, the tariff section was blank and the landline number they did not pick up. 2019 we stayed in Revolver... it was awesome budget hotel but too far... My mother has knee problem so she had problem. That's why in this budget we are looking for something near mall... Mahakal is our first choice. 
Raj ( July 2022 
Hello Madhurima, Golden Heights Enclave in slightly before Revolver on Gandhi Road, but it still requires a good 7-8 minutes of walk up to Keventer's. I can see the tariff on their website... maybe when you checked, they were making some changes. The rates are much higher than Revolver. 
Madhurima Basu (July 2022) 
Ohh ok. I saw the tariff today... Got your e-book... that's really's easy to plan our tour now. But 1 problem is still there. We called Mahakal and Hotel Shivam... the manager of Mahakal did not send us any pictures of room or bathroom... he is more interested in money... He kept saying send the date  and deposit the advance amount... for Nov 8 to 12 he is charging Rs 2500 per night for no-view double bedroom in Mahakal. For Shivam Rs. 2000 for non-view and view Rs 2500... GST he said additional 12%. I told him... but yesterday you said no GSR for Mahakal... he said ok then don't take. The entire conversation is very fishy. So we are not staying in any of these... 
Seven Seas... they asked me to call in September... no idea of tariff... at least my mother can stay here...very close to mall. Another one is new...that's not in your book... it seems to be like Revolver... the name is SVR Inn. You can check this out... my question is, how far is SVR Inn from Keventer's? Its showing beside SBI ... Our good driver whom we got last year, said it's 10 mins walking distance. Me and our family rely on your feedback as our last tour was really good by seeing your website... So can you please tell me about..SVR Inn and Seven Seas? Mr Romel of SVR INN is a very nice person... he told me that the staircase can be problem for aged person. 
Raj ( July 2022 
SVR Inn is a nice & cozy low-budget accommodation with all basic amenities. It's on Ladenla Road (very close to Nathmull's Tea Store) and Keventer's will be around a 4-minute uphill walk at a normal pace. You need to enter the premises of the hotel through an iron gate and then there is a narrow passage and at the end of that, there are a couple of flights of stairs to the first floor. There are upper floors as well, and one will need to negotiate more stairs for rooms on the upper floors. Few rooms are very small, so ask the owner to provide a larger room. This can be a good choice if your mother can manage the stairs. 
Although Seven Seas is nearer to Keventer's, it's actually on a steep downhill narrow lane and the entrance is really awkward. The rooms are okay (view rooms are good) but all rooms are over-priced, and service is sub-par. Rooms are all upstairs (except one on the ground floor which should be avoided)... one needs to negotiate stairs here as well. One also needs to walk up the steep narrow lane in order to come up to the main road. 
If you want to avoid stairs and yet want to stay close to the Mall (Chowrasta) at a good budget hotel, you can look into Alice Villa. A narrow uphill road right in front of the hotel leads to the Mall through the Bhutia Market (3-4 minutes walk). Keventer's is also a 2-3 minute walk on flat terrain along Roberson's Road (Gandhi Road). You can go through my review of Alice Villa. 
Amartya Mukherjee (September 2021) 
Hi Raj, I am thinking of staying in Hotel Himalayan Retreat in Darjeeling. Is it a good hotel with the basic amenities? Is it close to the mall? Would you suggest staying here? 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hi, it's an 'okay' type budget hotel... nothing great. Being a Jagjeet group of hotels (whose original hotel is in Mirik, and that's a nice hotel), you can expect some minimum standards maintained though. Rooms have basic modern amenities, food choices aren't great. The hotel is located on a narrow lane... the mall is about a 5-minute uphill walk. For its price, there are better value-for-money hotels. 
Amartya Mukherjee (September 2021) 
Hi Raj, I am confused between Mount Conifer Suites and Spa, Hotel Sunflower and Hotel Himalayan Retreat. Can you please recommend the best with respect to location, views and amenities. 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hi, Sunflower is a notch above the other two when it comes to the category of hotels. From a location perspective, Sunflower Hotel is best located... it's tucked in one corner of the Mall itself and at the entrance to an alleyway that leads to the Bhutia Market. However, this hotel serves only vegetarian food (the food quality is quite good though). Non-vegetarians can walk down to numerous eateries only a stone's throw away. Rooms are little small and most rooms have windows opening out to the common corridor which in turn has large glass panes on its opposite wall. So in order to get the valley views, one needs to remove the window curtains and see through the panes of the corridor... that's okay but then privacy could be an issue because people walking on the corridor can then see the insides of the rooms. You can only get valley views from the rooms, but not of Kanchenjunga... however, as you come out of the hotel, you are literally standing on the Mall... walk down to the Mall Road (east) only yards away and you can get one of the best views of Kanchenjunga. You can go through my review of Sunflower hotel here
Mount Conifer is a relatively new budget hotel and rooms are nicely done up. However, it's located on a very narrow lane (off Laden La road) with buildings on all sides. Rooms practically have no views. The Mall is a 7-8 minutes uphill walk from the hotel. The Rink Mall (a shopping mall) is located very close to it on Laden La Road. I have already shared my views earlier about Hotel Himalayan Retreat. Regards, 
Divya Bhatia (August 2021) 
Thank you so much for all the inputs, very helpful. Is Muscatel hotel (Darjeeling) safe for solo female traveller and is the location fine from mall road? or do you suggest some place else.  
Raj ( August 2021 
Muscatel Himalayan Resort is a new budget hotel... opened in early 2021. From a location and safety perspective, there is no issue as such. The only thing is, it's located on top of a narrow alleyway and requires a steep climb of about 40-50 yards from the main road. However, the rooms are cozy, wood finished and have wooden furniture. 
There is no view from this hotel other than from the suite room on the top floor and from the roof-top viewing deck. The Mall is about a 10-minute walk. Food could be an issue both in terms of price and taste. Staff behavior is good. I have heard that recently some maintenance issues related to electricals and bathroom fittings have started emerging.... but that can happen in small hotels. Overall a nice budget hotel. 
You can also look into Hotel Revolver... located around the same place on Gandhi Road. It's been owned by a local couple since 2010 and is nicely maintained. They have their own vehicles for pickups/drops and tours... offered at very reasonable rates. They only take direct bookings and not through any booking agency. You can check my own experience here
Madhurima (July 2021) 
We are planning to visit Darjeeling in November 1st week. Looking for budget hotels but something near the Mall, as my mother has knee problem, she can't use a staircase...or too much walk from a hotel is not possible. Our preference is Revolver or Hotel Mahakal. So please tell me how far they are from the mall. 
Raj ( July 2021 
The walk to the mall from Hotel Revolver takes about 12-15 minutes at a normal speed (it also involves an uphill walk on Nehru Road)... this would be difficult to negotiate for a person with knee problems, plus all rooms are upstairs and one needs to climb an external staircase. 
Hotel Mahakal is located centrally but on a very congested road (Robertson Road). Here too the rooms are upstairs and one needs to climb the stairs. The mall is about a 6-7 minute walk (mostly uphill along Nehru road). This hotel is popular with Bengalis because of the Bengali food it serves. 
Unless the view from the room is important, you can look into Hotel Alice Villa... the car can reach right up to the hotel's door-front, there are ground floor rooms as well, the mall is only 2-3 minute uphill walk through the Bhutia Market. 
Saugato (October 2020) 
Hi Raj, Thanks for those valuable information. It really makes our job easy when we plan to travel to Darjeeling. We are a couple and have a plan to visit Darjeeling during Durga Puja 2020. We will be staying for 3 nights but little confused about choosing our Hotel. Please suggest which hotel will be good among 1) Alice Villa 2) Golden Heights Enclave - Got Delux room under 2000 per night through Goibibo 3) Sanghri La Regency 4) Hotel Capital 5) Dip Palace etc. 
Our requirement - Near by Mall Road, Dinner in Hotel, Good quality stay within budget and good polite service. If we get a good view room, that will be great. Need your suggestion 
Raj ( October 2020 
Hi, The first two are good choices. Alice Villa is a good budget hotel (book a room in the heritage wing) and it's very near to the mall. However, there is no Kanchenjunga view from the rooms. Few rooms in Golden Heights Enclave have views, but cheap rates through online agencies will almost invariably land you into the worst rooms in that category... that's the unsaid rule. You should also look into Meghbalika Tourism Property (erstwhile Darjeeling Tourist Lodge) of WBTDCL... either the main building or annex building rooms. 
PS. Check with the hotels if they have all clearances to operate when you visit, few of them including Golden Heights was identified as a Covid cluster a few days back. 
Rohit Ranjan (January 2020) 
Hi Raj, Greetings :) Can you please provide your valuable inputs on the below queries: 
1. Regarding the stay in Darjeeling - Chowrasta or Mall road, which one do you suggest will be apt for a family. I am coming with a 6 months young kid so looking for a place from where I need not to walk much. Can you please share the preferable budget hotels. 2. Can you please suggest any vehicle Service for a Day tour to Tiger Hill + 5/7 Point day tour. Thanks!! 
Raj ( January 2020 
Hi, Mall area is not accessible to taxis. The only exception is Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (now Meghbalika Tourism Complex) where taxis can go up to the lodge and the reception staff can organize day tours by private taxi as well as drops to NJP/Bagdogra. There are several other budget hotels near Mall that are convenient and near taxi stand... you can look into Fairmont Hotel, Broadway etc. Shangri La Hotel is very close to Mall but requires a little uphill walk along Nehru Road. You can contact Ashmita or any other tour operator mentioned in my list of tour operators
Abhishek Chakraborty (July 2016) 
Hi Raj, Thank you very much for your exceptionally helpful reviews and guides on Darjeeling. It will be so nice of you if you could help with following queries on budget hotels of Darjeeling. 
1) While most of the hotels have a check-in time of 12PM or post 12 PM (e.g Revolver says they have check-in time 1PM), how they treat the tourists who arrive by 10-11 AM? (If I get down NJP by overnight train 
around 6-6.30 AM, I think I will eventually arrive Darjeeling by 10.30 AM). 
2) If I book a hotel (directly) in advance by paying 1/2 nights charge, and later by any chance have to cancel the trip, do they generally cater to any refund request of the advance paid? especially, for peak seasons like November? 
3) Any review on Hotel Anandam (a low budget hotel Near Mall, 1/1 T.N Road) please? They claim to have Kanchenjunga view rooms as well. And checked that Canara Bank and UBI runs their holiday home in this hotel, also. 
4) The cheap hotels and holiday homes, given their low rentals, do not have any water scarcity problem right? in peak seasons like November? I mean, hopefully they provide running tap water round the clock? Thanks in advance, 
Raj ( July 2016 
Hi, if you reach early, hotels would usually offer you a room if available. Otherwise you need to wait. Refund depends entirely on a hotel's cancellation policy. If you cancel shorter than a week before your arrival, usually there is no refund. Suggest you carefully read or ask for the cancellation policy of the hotel. 
Regret that Anandam is not in my target list of hotels. Heard that it's quite average. But at such low rates, you can't expect for more. All hotels have to buy water from same source. So during high season (particularly in summer), guests at cheap hotels are likely to suffer most. However in November, water consumption is low in general. So it should not be a problem. 
Vibhor Singh (June 2015) 
Dear Raj, Truly it is interesting to find such valuable information through a single channel. I plan to visit Darjeeling in the month of October (23-25). I enquired many budget hotels and all revert their tariff above 3000 INR, which is quite above my budget. I have budget of 2000 (inclusive of all taxes).please suggest me some hotels in my budget. Also I want to know, is west Bengal tourist lodge annexe building a good option to stay in Darjeeling. 
Raj ( June 2015 
October is a peak time and hotel rates would also be at the peak. Annex of Tourist Lodge isn't bad, but maintenance is an issue. They have however recently replaced the bathroom fittings including taps, shower mixers etc. You can try Alice Villa, Revolver Hotel or Highlanders Inn in your budget. 
Madhumita Bhattacharya (February 2015) 
First of all I would like to tell you that your website is very much informative and because of this website slowly slowly I have gained my interest towards Darjeeling. So me and my husband with our 4 years old twins have decided to visit Darjeeling first time on mid of coming April. After marriage and becoming parents this is our first family holiday trip, so both of us are so excited but tensed too. We are looking for a low budget hotel with necessary facilities in convenient good location. Kindly suggest some hotels within Rs.1500 to 2000 range. We are in great dilemma which hotel we should choose to stay with our small kids. 
Raj ( February 2015 
Mid-April is in high season and all good hotels (budget or luxury) go full months in advance. So book immediately. Here are some suggested hotels for your budget: 
1) Hotel Revolver: On Gandhi road and conveniently located. Nice and clean, and at a 10 minute walking distance to the mall. Only 5 rooms. Try to take the room named John - great view of Kanchenjunga. Taxi can come within yards of the hotel. 
2) Hotel Highlander's Inn: On Mall road, has excellent views from most rooms. Few minutes walk from nearest Taxi stand. The mall is about 5-6 minutes walk. The area (I.e. the Mall road) however gets quite lonely at night. No shops or restaurants close by, need to walk for about  6-7 minutes. 
3) Alice Villa: Conveniently located with lots of shops and restaurants around. Mall is only 2-3 minutes walk. But no Kanchenjunga views from rooms. Taxi can come right up to the hotel. 
You will find detailed reviews and contact information of the above hotels from my site. Good luck! 
Ankit Agarwal (December 2014) 
Hello Raj Sir, I will be visiting Darjeeling in 1st week of January 2015 (4th Jan-7th Jan). As i will be visiting for the first time along with my parents and little sister, I would require your advise regarding the stay in Darjeeling for 4 days. I need a good and cheap hotel within Rs 1000 per day with hot water facility and Indian vegetarian food. Please do help me as you are the only person who can provide me true guidance regarding the place. Please do reply. Thank You. 
Raj ( December 2014 
You can go for the large four bedded room in the annex building of Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Rs. 1,200 per night). You can book online through WBTDC site. The inhouse restaurant also serves veg food although limited. You can always take food outside. 
Kausik Bhattacharjee (July 2014) 
Could you kindly suggest me a hotel in Darjeeling – family accommodation with Tariff around Rs 1500/Day (Oct’14), which has atleast some views, at a minimal distance from Town centre requiring minimal uphill walking as there’s a 3.5 year old kid with us, maintaining atleast a modest level of Cleanliness, and either has an in-house restaurant or a couple of restaurants nearby. Will be highly benefited if I receive a prompt reply, as the hotel booking needs to be done immediately. 
Raj ( July 2014 
I doubt you will get any hotel at your budget in such time and meeting all your requirements. You can try Highlander Inn located on Mall road. This is a small budget hotel run by lady staff. Great views and they offer food. Another very nice budget hotel is Revolver who keep their rates fixed through out the year.... but only five rooms and no views as such from most rooms. 
Moi Kurry (June 2014) 
Hi Raj: Grateful greetings. Thank you so much for your beautiful site and all your hard work in keeping us Darjeeling travellers always empowered by your guidance/instructions. Wanted to give sincere Gratitude to you. If possible, requesting your kind guidance: Using your site , wife & are trying to finalize our palnned 30 day trip starting July 22- Aug 21st. It would be our 1st visit To Darjeeling. We realize it will be the rainy season but both of us have always wanted to visit Darjeeling. This would be like our honeymoon [newly weds and new graduates from University] and we will be joining our 1st job after this vacation. Can you point us to a budget hotel for our 30 day stay ? Our requirements are simple: clean room, WiFi, walking distance to eateries. What kind of hotel costs for a "decent" budget hotel with our requirements? Thank you in advance. Await your guidance and suggestions. Sincere Gratitude--Moi 
Raj ( June 2014 
Hi Moi, You can consider Hotel Revolver ... clean and has wi fi. Current rate is Rs. 1200 per day. For 30 days, you can ask for home stay option and they offer discounted rate. Go through the Revolver's review in my website and write to Vikas Pradhan, the owner. Although his wife manages the hotel, they have recently had a baby and Vikas himself is now looking after the hotel. You can take my reference. He knows me well. 
Another option is Andy's Guest House on Zakir Hussain Road (near Mall) ... Clean and nice, and run by the owner lady Mrs. Matilda Gurung. But no wifi. She allows only foreigners in her guest house. Great views from the upstairs rooms. The rate is Rs. 700 per day and fixed. Regards, 
Jitendra (May 2014) 
Hi, I checked your site, I can't find hotel room in my budget. Only Hotel Mount Meridian Darjeeling is in my budget which has room available. Can u please let me know if Hotel Mount Meridian is ok for stay, we are 4 adults only and want to stay 4 days in DJ. Pls advise me. Thank you in advance and waiting for ur reply. 
Raj ( May 2014 
It's an average hotel. Location wise okay. Vegetarian food. 
Rajib Maitra (April 2014) 
I will be going to darjeeling on 22nd of May and will there upto 26th of May, 2014. We are 5 people including 2 child. We want to stay in a budget hotel with 4 bedded room. Which hotel should I choose? It should not very far from Mall. Please suggest. 
Raj ( April 2014 
You can try the Annex building of Darjeeling Tourist Lodge of WBTDC which has a nice 4-bedded room (no. 24, upstairs). But doubt you will get it now. It's probably too late to get anything good now in such peak season. 
Padmavathi T (April 2014) 
Sir, Thanks a lot for your information on the web. We are visiting Gangtok and Darjeeling from 24th April to 1st May. We need a low budget accommodation (below Rs.1000/- for our 7 days stay. I tried SBI and other holiday homes but could not get. Can you please suggest me an alternative. We are nearing 60 yrs. We can get along with basic facilities if the neatness is maintained. 
Our return journey is 1st May at 1300 hrs. (Flight). Can I get shared taxi/jeep to reach Airport by 1100 hrs. (Actually at what time is the shared vehicles start their day ) when enquired an agent said that I should take taxi which costs Rs.3500/- from Gangtok which is not economical for me. 
Sir, kindly advise as you are only person we find to help us in this regard. Local agent has cheated me and hence forced to start the journey alone (self & husband). Your reply will help us a lot. Regards 
Raj ( April 2014 
You are visiting in a high season. Getting a good budget hotel below Rs. 1000/- a night is near impossible. In fact all standard hotels would be full by now in proper Darjeeling and Gangtok. I would advise you make a slightly different plan that can fit into your budget in such high season. Plan for a place like Kurseong where you can get homestays. Rooms are basic but clean with western toilets. You will get home made food. You can also make easy day trips to Darjeeling (1.5 hours) and Kalimpong (2.5 hours) from there. You will get shared Jeeps for both places and several other places. You can do local sightseeing in Kurseong on one day, and take tea garden tour on another day. 
Home stay options in Kurseong includes: 
Singell Homestay (it overlooks the Singell Tea Estate). 
Contact: Aruna Pradhan (98320 57237) 
Makaibari Home Stay, At Makaibari Tea Estate. 
Contact Nayan Lama (9832447774) 
You won't likely get any shared Jeep right up to Bagdogra airport. You will get one up to Siliguri and from there take a reserved taxi to the airport (will take around Rs. 300/-) 
Asish Kr. Das (July 2013) 
My son is getting married during end-Nov 2013. I wish to present a Darjeeling Holiday to the newly wed couple. But I am budget person, my limit is, say, 1000/- per day per room. I want (a) Mt. K view Room, (b) Attached batch, (c) Heating arrangement, (d) 24 hours hot & cold water supply, (e) close to Mall, (e) accessible by taxi etc. I reckon month of December would be off season for Darjeeling. Can you please recommend me a place with their contact number etc.? Thanks & Regards 
Raj ( July 2013 
December 24th onwards till 1st week of January is high tourist season in Darjeeling. You won't get any decent hotel at that rate. In fact with all your requirements, there is virtually no hotel which can match that rate even during off season. Note that no budget hotel in Darjeeling offers 24 hours hot & cold water (except for one or two like Hotel Revolver who provide instant geysers in the bathrooms). 
One option is that you can go through all the accommodations under "Budget Hotels" in my website menu option, short list the suitable ones and check out directly with the hotels about their December off-season rates. Another option is to try the Holiday Home run by SBI staff welfare association (very limited accommodations though). Regards. 
Jignesh Upadhyay (June 2013) 
Dear Sir, I would like to know if there are any holiday homes of government run organisations that offer rooms to general public as well. If yes then request you to provide names of such hotels. I have heard that hotel Sagarika and hotel Crystal which have holiday homes of SBI offer rooms to general public as well. But I am not sure if it is correct, and since you know that area very well, please guide me about it. I heard they give it at a rent of Rs 500 - Rs 600 per day, this is very low and if true I can save lot of money. I am planning to visit Darjeeling in November 2013. 
Raj (, June 2013 
There are no government run holiday homes in Darjeeling other than the WBTDC Tourist Lodge. What you are referring to are couple of small holiday homes that are run by the SBI Staff Recreational Club (Howrah) in association with Holidayhomeindia hotel group. It has nothing to do with the bank or government. Yes they are quite cheap but the rooms are also quite limited. You must book early. Visit Cheap Holiday Homes in Darjeeling for more details. 
Sujata Dey (June 2013) 
Would the private hotels be offering discounts at this time (June)- does one have to negotiate or do they have their fixed seasonal pricing? Just as a precaution -details of any good medical practitioner and hospital. 
Raj (, June 2013 
You have to ask for highest discounts possible. I doubt any hotel would offer any discounts before 3rd week of June until the school summer vacations are over. Ask the hotel about their arrangement for on call doctor service. Most standard hotels provide that. Otherwise walk down to Frank Ross Chemist Shop on Nehru Road. They can help. 
Bryan Fleck (October 2012) 
Raj.. I figured I would be paying full price during the holiday. By chance, have you heard anything about Bird's Eye Guest House? I haven't been able to find too much information about it online, but my girlfriend who is Korean found some recommendations on a Korean blog. I read through your budget accommodation section - lots of great information there! 
Raj (, October 2012 
Bryan, I know where Bird's Eye Guest House is. I haven't explored it yet. It's quite a walk from chowrasta mall. There are several such small guest houses in Darjeeling. Andy's Guesthouse is one of the more well known ones. It's on the same road (Zakir Hussain Rd) but much closer to the Mall (less than 5 minutes walk). Regards 
Thank you very much for the informative site. I am visiting Darjeeling in November and wanted to know if Jubilee Complex is a good budget choice (I am accompanied by wife and 4 year old kid). Thank you in advance. Regards, 
Raj ( 
Hi, I won't recommend it for families. It's too far down and below the station, and not convenient to come to places like the Mall. Try to find some other hotel on Gandhi Road.