Darjeeling Taxis, Buses, Toy Trains & Fares


What to expect

Having reached Darjeeling, how do you commute and get around the area? Unlike in major cities, you won't find taxis operating on meters or auto-rickshaws which you can stop on the streets and hop in to go from one place to the other. If you are visiting the hills for the first time, you may find this strange. 
In fact in the whole of Darjeeling district, in order to commute for short distances within a town area, the best option is to walk. In some areas like the area around Chowrasta (Mall) in Darjeeling town, vehicles are not allowed at all as they are pedestrian-only zones. 
And roads in some such areas may require a bit of uphill walk. So before you think about any local transportation in the hills here, you should be prepared to walk within the main town limits. That's the easiest way and sometimes the only way. 
But there are other transport options as well like private or reserved taxis, shared taxis (operating on per person fare), public buses etc. Even the toy trains of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway serve as local transportation on specific routes. 
If you are looking for transports & fares from NJP/Bagdogra to Darjeeling, then Click Here

Taxis in Darjeeling

Taxis are available in plenty and there are several taxi stands around the main town area. These taxis are commercially operated private vehicles of different makes and models. They are commonly used for transfers and sightseeing tours. 
Chowk Bazaar Taxi Stand, Darjeeling 
There are essentially two types of taxi services in the hills here.  
1. Private or Reserved Taxis 
You can get private taxis which you can reserve for transfers to other places or for sightseeing tours. The most common use of such taxis is for pickup or drop at NJP Railway Station, Bagdogra airport, as well as transfers to other destination in the hills, or for a local sightseeing tour, or even make a day trip to a nearby tourist destination
Private taxis can be small cars (like Maruti Vans, Alto, WagonR, Santro etc) accommodating up to four passengers, or larger vehicles like Swift Desire, Artica, Sumo etc. And of course there are luxury vehicles like Innova, Scorpio, Xylo etc whose rates are higher. 
All private taxis operate on fixed rates between places... there are no metered taxi fares in Darjeeling, or for that matter even anywhere in Sikkim. Although GTA (Gorkha Territorial Administration) has a published fare chart between various places, the guidelines are not properly enforced. As a result, you may be offered different fares by different drivers. And during high seasons, fares sky rocket. 
While there are several taxi stands in Darjeeling (discussed separately in a section below) where you can go and get a taxi and negotiate the fares, there are also several tour operators who offer taxi service in Darjeeling for transfers and sightseeing tours.. Their vehicles are generally in better condition and drivers more knowledgeable and trained. The taxi rates from the tour operators would be little higher compared to the taxis at the stands. 
Check out local tour operators if you want to book a taxi service from a reputed operator in Darjeeling. 
If you use reserved taxis from the stands for short distances because you don't want to walk, then be prepared to pay a hefty amount. Note that many hotels are located in pedestrian-only zones, and vehicles can not reach all the way up to the hotel. You will need to walk to your hotel from the nearest taxi point (and with luggage when you arrive). If you want to avoid the walk to your hotel, choose a hotel in an area where vehicles are allowed. 
2. Shared Taxis 
These taxis are shared by many passengers and operate on a per person rate, and are obviously much cheaper. There are designated routes connecting various places in the hills. Not only these shared taxis operate within Darjeeling, they also connect Darjeeling with many other places like Gangtok, Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik, NJP, Siliguri, etc. 
Shared taxis are usually large vehicles such a Mahindra Max or Tata Sumo, and accommodate about 10 persons (which is often lot more that the comfortable limit). The conditions of these vehicles are usually not good. Most locals and also many tourists avail shared jeeps. Depending on routes, there are timings for shared taxis. However, usually they start as soon as they get full. You can get off anywhere along the route. And if seats are free, they can stop to pick up passengers along the way. 
But how do you recognize a shared taxi while it's passing by so that you can stop it? And how do you know if it has free seats? Well, if you see a noisy jeep type vehicle with loads of people passing by, it's likely a shared taxi. Just wave at it, if there is a free seat, it will stop. 
Shared taxis to distant places like Siliguri, NJP, Gangtok etc usually operate from the stands between 7am to 3pm. After 3pm the frequency drops and you may not get one. Luggage is kept on the roof. However, for short routes such as between Darjeeling and Lebong market, Ghum etc, you can get shared taxis until it's dark. 
Shared taxis also operate for few select local sightseeing tours like 3-point tour in Darjeeling (for Tiger Hill sunrise view) and few other set local tours, but mostly during the high tourist seasons. In low season you won't likely find and shared taxis for sightseeing tours due to lack of demand. 
There are now luxury shared taxis that are available for transfers Between Bagdogra/Siliguri and Darjeeling. These are vehicles such as Innova where up to 5 passengers are taken. It's a comfortable ride and the fare is far cheaper compared to reserved vehicles. 
Read Shared taxis from Bagdogra/NJP for details and know how to book one. 
Taxi Stands in Darjeeling 
There are several taxi stands through out the hills. The most popular in Darjeeling town are: 
1. The Upper Club-Side taxi stand just below Planter's Club on Gandhi Road. Here you will find a Kiosk run by the taxi association who offer private taxis at reasonable rates. 
2. The Lower Club-Side taxi stand on Laden-La road and next to Gandhi Road traffic police point. 
3. Motor Stand at lower town on Lebong Cart Road near Chowk Bazaar. 
The taxis at Club-Side stands are mostly private reserved taxis, while at lower town motor stand are both private and shared taxis. Lower town stand is from where most shared taxis leave for various destinations including Gangtok. 
Note that although the taxi drivers in the hills know the location of all the places around, almost none have any knowledge about the places and their backgrounds, and are poor guides. 
NOTE: If your hotel is in upper town area (for example near Chowrasta, Mall) and you want to go down to lower town to avail a shared taxi or bus, you can walk down to the stand in about 15-20 minutes. But while coming up, it could be a tedious 30-minute uphill walk. You can otherwise take a private taxi for a drop and pay a handsome amount. So keep this in mind if you plan to use shared taxi (Jeep) for transfers to other places. 
Himalayan Transport Coordination Committee has taken a decision not to allow outside taxis from Sikkim, Bihar, Nepal etc and even other parts of West Bengal to do local sightseeing tours in Darjeeling effective April 1, 2018.  
However they can drop or pickup tourists at any hotel. Only local Darjeeling taxis starting with number WB76 would be allowed to do local tours in Darjeeling. This is to protect the interest of local taxi owners. However this won't be applicable in Kalimpong and Kurseong. 

Buses in Darjeeling

The bus stand in Darjeeling is located at lower town area on Lebong Cart Road near Chowk Bazaar. Buses to different destinations operate from this stand. 
There are daily four round trip bus services between Siliguri and Darjeeling, two operate in the first half while the other two in the second half. Siliguri bus stand is on Hill Cart Road and known as Tenzing Norgay bus terminal. 
Siliguri to Darjeeling bus route covers places including Sukna, Kurseong, Sonada, Ghum etc. So you can plan to visit any of these places on this route by bus. There is also a bus service between Darjeeling and Mirik. Buses operate mostly during the day time. 
Go through Bus services from Siliguri to Darjeeling to know about how to avail buses from Siliguri to get to Darjeeling town, the bus route, bus schedule, ticketing info, fares, etc. 

Toy Trains in Darjeeling

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (which is part of Indian Railway) operates the heritage Toy Trains which originated during the British era and are now accorded the world heritage site by UNESCO. These mini trains and the winding narrow gauge tracks around the mountains of Darjeeling were created by the British to enable transportation in the hills. And they are still used as effective human transports by the locals as well as tourists. 
Note that there is only one long toy train track which has been laid in Darjeeling hills. The route starts from NJP, connects Siliguri, then goes up the hills connecting places like Sukna, Tindharia, Kurseong, Sonada, Ghum and finally Darjeeling. In order to negotiate steep gradients, the track goes through a number of zig-zags and loops along the way. It is considered world's one of the most scenic railway routes offering wonderful views of Kanchenjunga along the way. The entire stretch takes about 7 hours by diesel engine, and about 10 hours by steam engine. 
All toy rains in Darjeeling hills operate only on this route, some for the entire stretch, while others for specific sections meant for local commuting. Depending on the service, a toy train can be pulled by either a steam engine or a diesel engine, and can have first class and/or second class coaches. You can either avail a joy ride which is a round trip from Darjeeling to Ghum via Batasia loop and back, or transfer to a destination along its route. 
In order to know all its current operations and fares, visit Toy Train Rides & Services.  
In order to get a detailed description of toy train route and how the journey is, visit Toy Train Route & Journey

Taxi/Bus fares from Darjeeling

I have created this section to give you an idea about available transport modes & fares between Darjeeling and other destinations. This will be helpful if you are planning to visit places near Darjeeling like Gangtok, Kalimpong, Mirik, Kurseong, Takdah, Tinchuley, Manebhanjan, Sandakphu, Srikhola, Chota & Bara Mangwa, NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra etc. 
Fare updated: March 2022 (Fares are indicative) 
  • The taxi/car fares vary depending on the tourist season and demand. 
  • Reserved fare for larger vehicles like Sumo will be about Rs. 500 more than that of small cars. However, luxury vehicles like Innova, Scorpio would be mote. 
  • Although the taxi association has notional rate chart for private taxis indicating fares for different sightseeing tours and transfers, they can be completely misleading. During high season, the fares can shoot through the ceilings, and during low season you can negotiate the fares below the standard rates. 
  • Even, shared taxi rates between places can also vary for tourists depending on season. If you want, you can book more than one seats in a shared cab to make your journey comfortable (some tourists book the two front seats next to the driver although traveling single). 
    Darjeeling to Kalimpong 
  • Distance: 70kms (takes approximately 2.5 hours by road) via Teesta Bazaar 
  • Shared jeeps are available from Chowk Bazaar (Lower Bazaar area) of Darjeeling from 8am to 2pm. Rate: Rs. 300/- per person, up to 10 persons in a Jeep. You can also reserve more than one seats or a full row if you want comfort. 
  • Reserved taxis are also available. Rate: Rs. 3,000/- for a small car. 
  • If it is a return trip (a day trip from Darjeeling with sightseeing in Kalimpong), the rate is Rs. 4,500/- in a small car. 
  • Buses have been discontinued. 
    Darjeeling to Gangtok drop 
  • Takes about 4 hours by road from Darjeeling via Teesta Bazaar 
  • Shared jeeps available from Chowk Bazaar (Lower Bazaar area) of Darjeeling from 8am to 2pm. Rate: Rs. 400/- per person, up to 10 persons. 
  • Reserved taxis are also available. Rate: Rs. 4,000/- for a small car. 
  • No bus service between Darjeeling and Gangtok 
    Darjeeling to Pelling drop 
    Pelling is in western Sikkim and takes about 4 hours to reach by car from Darjeeling via Jamuni and Jorethang (which is the shortest route - 73kms). Small reserved cab fare is about Rs. 4,000/-. There is no bus service on this route. You can get limited shared jeeps from chowk bazaar. 
    Darjeeling to Lepchajagat 
    Small reserved taxi fare from Darjeeling = Rs. 1800/- 
    Shared taxi fare from Darjeeling = Rs. 100/- 
    Darjeeling to Mirik 
  • 49kms from Darjeeling town. Takes about 2.5 hours by road via Sukhiapokhri 
  • Shared jeeps are available from Darjeeling (Chowk Bazaar area) between 8am and 11am. In case you are visiting Mirik for day trip, you will get return shared jeeps from Mirik Bazaar area between 11am to 2pm. One way shared jeep fare: Rs. 250/- per person. 
  • There is a mini bus service between Darjeeling and Mirik. The bus leaves Chowk Bazaar area at 8am and starts from Mirik at 2pm for Darjeeling. Fare: Rs. 80/- per person (one way). 
  • One way fare to Mirik by a small reserved car is Rs. 3,500/-. 
    Darjeeling to Kurseong drop 
  • 31kms from Darjeeling and takes about 1.5 hours by road. 
  • Shared jeeps available from Chowk Bazaar (Lower Bazaar area) of Darjeeling from 8am to 2pm. Rate: Rs. 150 - 200/- per person, up to 10 persons. 
  • One way fare from Darjeeling to Kurseong by a small reserved car is Rs. 2,500/-. 
  • Toy Train Service is available between Darjeeling Station and Kurseong. You have the option of First Class, AC Chair Car and Second Sitting coaches (depending on the train you choose). For toy train fares, visit the page Toy Train Rides and Fares
  • Bus service is available between Darjeeling - Kurseong - NJP. Fare from Darjeeling to Kurseong is Rs. 60 per person. 
    Darjeeling to Siliguri/NJP/Bagdogra drop 
  • Takes about 3 hours by Hill Cart Road. 
  • Shared taxis (jeep type vehicles) are available from Chowk Bazaar & Gandhi Road stand throughout the day time. Rate: Rs. 250 - 300/- per person up to Siliguri, Rs. 300 - 350/- per person up to New Jalpaiguri (NJP), and Rs. 450/- per person to NJP via Mirik (with a change in shared cab in Mirik). 
  • You can also book a luxury shared taxi online to return to Siliguri or Bagdogra. The taxis are usually Toyota Innova and fare is more than ordinary shared Jeep fare but quite reasonable. There are fixed timings. Check Shared Taxis for details.  
  • Private small taxi fare from Darjeeling to NJP/Bagdogra: Rs. 3,000 - 3,500 (note that this is more than the pre-paid fare for small reserved car that you pay at the NJP station or Bagdogra airport for coming to Darjeeling). The return fare is charged much higher because there is no regulated pre-paid counter in Darjeeling, and also because the taxi may need to return without a passenger.  
  • NJP/Bagdogra drop via Mirik in small reserved car: Rs. 4,500 
  • Darjeeling to Siliguri drop by small reserved car is: Rs. 3,000/- 
  • Bus service is available from Darjeeling to Siliguri main bus stand. Fare: Rs. 103/- per person. 
    Darjeeling to Teesta Bazaar drop 
  • Takes about 1.5 hours by road. 
  • Shared jeeps are available for Kalimpong which can be availed to get off at Teesta Bazaar. However, you may need to pay the fare up to Kalimpong. Fare: Rs. 200/- per person. 
  • Reserved car/taxi fare: Rs. 2,500/- for a small private car. 
    Darjeeling to Takdah / Tinchuley drop 
  • Takes about 1.5 hours by car 
  • Reserved small car costs Rs. 2,500/- 
    Darjeeling to Lamahatta drop 
  • A half day round trip to this eco tourism village having a lovely manicured road side garden is about Rs. 2,500/- in a small taxi. It takes about 1 hour to reach Lamahatta from Darjeeling. 
    Darjeeling to Lava (104kms)/Lolegaon (126kms) 
  • From Darjeeling, Lava takes about 4 hours and Loleygaon about 5 hours, via Kalimpong. 
  • Shared jeeps are available up to Kalimpong, from there you can get another shared jeep for Lava/Lolegaon. Up to Kalimpong the shared taxi fare is Rs. 200 per person. From Kalimpong, the shared taxi fare to Lava is Rs. 125 per person and to Loleygaon is Rs. 175 per person. 
  • If you take a private car from Kalimpong for Lava, the fare is about Rs. 1800/- 
  • From Darjeeling a private small taxi fare (one way) to Lava is about Rs. 3,500 - 4,000/-. 
    Darjeeling to Bijanbari 
  • Takes about 2.5 hours to reach by road 
  • There is no shared jeep available for Bijanbari 
  • A bus leaves Darjeeling Chowk Bazaar area twice daily (8am and 10am). The bus starts from Bijanbari for return journey at 12noon and 2pm. 
  • A return day trip by a small private car will cost around Rs. 3500/- 
    Darjeeling to Manebhanjan and Sandakphu 
  • Manebhanjan is 26kms from Darjeeling and Sandakphu further 32kms of uphill drive. 
  • Manebhanjan takes about 1 hour 15 minutes from Darjeeling and Sandakphu another about 3 hours (with tea breaks in between). 
  • Shared Jeep fare from Darjeeling to Manebhanjan is Rs. 100/- per person. 
  • Small private car from Darjeeling to Manebhanjan will take about Rs. 2000. 
  • From Manebhanjan you will need a Land Rover or a Jeep for Sandakphu. For Land Rover fare between Manebhanjan and Sandakphu, visit the page Jeep Journey to Sandakphu
    Darjeeling to Bara/Chota Mangwa 
  • 47kms from Darjeeling. 
  • There are no shared jeeps all the way to the Mangwas from Darjeeling. You can get one up to 6th mile (Rs. 150/- per person). 
  • Reserved small taxi will take about Rs. 2,500/- to Chota or Bara Mangwa. 
    Darjeeling to Namchi 
  • Takes about 2 and half hours one way. 
  • A day-trip to Namchi from Darjeeling including local sightseeing at Namchi and back to Darjeeling would cost around Rs. 4,500 - 5,000/- in a Sumo. Scorpio or Innova would cost more. 

    Battery Operated Carts

    Now you don't need to walk 2kms taking some 30-35 minutes to reach Darjeeling Zoo & HMI from Mall (Chowrasta) area. Neither you need to walk up the steep road to reach Mahakal Temple on top of Observatory Hill. Three battery operated carts have been introduced by GTA (Gorkha Territorial Administration). The carts start from Bhanu Bhawan (i.e. the large building of Gorkha Ranga Manch on Mall road) and make several round trips to both HMI/Zoo and Mahakal Temple. 
    The carts operate between 10am to 4pm for the Zoo/HMI and between 7am to 10am for Mahakal temple. Each cart can accommodate up to 8 persons and the per person rate for a round trip to the Zoo or Mahakal Temple is Rs. 20/-. You can also reserve a cart for Rs. 500/- for making a round trip to one of these places. Since they are battery powered, the carts are environment friendly. Once fully charged, a cart can go for about 60 kms. Update: Carts are no longer in operation. 

    Forum Discussion

    (Ordered by older to recent posts) 
    Hello Raj, 
    This is a terrific website!! Can you please help with the fares between Darjeeling and Manebhanjan, and then onward to Sandakphu. Thank you.. 
    Deepak Sen (September 2012) 
    Hi Dipak, The rates should be taken as indicative as they can change anytime. 
    Between Darjeeling and Manebhanjan, there are several transport options. You can take a shared jeep for a fare of Rs. 50/- per person. But remember, they stuff in at least 10 persons in a jeep. You can however book two seats per person for more comforts.  
    You will get shared jeeps back from Manebhanjan to Darjeeling at similar rates. The jeeps start as soon as they get filled up. 
    Alternatively you can take a small private car (like Santro, Maruti Van etc). The fare between Darjeeling and Manebhanjan is currently Rs. 800-1000/- for a small reserved car. However, if you go though a travel agent, you are likely to pay more. Some agents of course ensure cars in good condition with experienced drivers. 
    From Manebhanjan, you will need to take a four-wheel drive Jeep or Land Rover for Sandakphu. It's a gravel road full of stones and normal cars can't go. The current fare from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu & back is Rs. 4800/- plus Rs. 500/- for every night stay. 
    You can however take only a drop to Sandakphu (in case you are planning an onward trek from there). In that case the fare would be a little cheaper and will not include the night charge. 
    Raj/darjeeling-tourism.com (September 2012) 
    Raj ... I will be staying in Darjeeling on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... I'm relieved that it won't be a problem to pre-arrange a private taxi for NJP. Any idea how much that will cost? 
    Bryan Fleck (October 2012) 
    The present pre-paid taxi fare from NJP station to Darjeeling is Rs. 1480/- for a small car. However on your way back down to NJP/Bagdogra, it can easily shoot to Rs. 2000/-. It's an opportunists' world out there. Reason? The taxi might have to return empty without a passenger although  I haven't seen one returning empty in the last 20 years though. 
    So check out with 2-3 taxi drivers at the stand on the previous day before settling with one. It's a high time of the year and I doubt you can bargain though. There is a small taxi booking kiosk on Gandhi Road right next to the Police Point. You should check with them the rate and it can serve as a good reference point. If you find the rates similar to what the drivers are quoting, book through the kiosk for more reliability. 
    Raj/darjeeling-tourism.com (October 2012) 
    Darjeeling to Makaibari: Transport & Fares 
    Hi, What would be the cab fare from Darjeeling to Makaibari via Kurseong? We plan to go down to Makaibari from Darjeeling for a homestay for a night and then going down to NJP. What would be the onward fare from Makaibari to NJP? 
    Arup (Jnanuary 2013) 
    Hi, Makaibari is only 3-kms from Kurseong town and therefore the fare would be more or less the same. The driver nay ask for Rs. 50 more for Makaibari. A small cab fare from Darjeeling to Kurseong is Rs. 1200/- (depending on the season/demand). It takes about 1.5 hours to reach. From Kurseong onward to NJP or Bagdogra, the fare would be about Rs. 1200 (takes about 1.5 hours). 
    darjeeling-tourism.com (January 2013) 
    Hi, I want to go to Darjeeling in March end,2013. Can you please tell me whether any private taxi or share jeep available from Darjeeling to Teesta Bazaar. My destination will be Bara Mangwa actually. Do I need to break the journey at Teesta bazar or there is any direct jeep to Bara Mangwa from Darjeeling?? please tell me share jeep fare and private vehicle (small car) fare.. Thanks in advance..  
    Manoj Debnath (January 2013) 
    Hi, You can take a shared jeep for Kalimpong or Gangtok and get off at Teesta Bazaar. The shared jeep drivers do not usually like to take passengers for Teesta Bazaar if they get passengers directly for Kalimpong or Gangtok. One way to get around this problem is to pay the fare for Kalimpong/Gangtok although you get down at Teesta Bazaar. Current shared jeep fare for Kalimpong is Rs. 75/- and Gangtok Rs. 150/-. These jeeps are available between 8am to 2pm from Chowk Bazaar (Lower Bazaar) area. 
    Once you reach Teesta Bazar you will need to find a transport (a car or another jeep) for Bara Mangwa. 
    From Darjeeling, you can also take a reserved taxi directly for Bara Mangwa. Private taxi fare directly from Darjeeling to Bara Mangwa/Chota Mangwa would vary depending on the season ... should be around Rs. 1200 - 1400. 
    darjeeling-tourism.com (January 2013) 
    Hi, Amazingly detailed article. Thanks a ton. Just a few queries -  
    1) I can get pre-paid taxis only from Bagodra Airport or NJP correct? If I'm travelling from Darjeeling/Gangtok, that won't be possible?  
    2) What's the most cost effective private car from Darjeeling to Gangtok and then Gangtok to Bagdodra again?  
    ADKW (February 2013) 
    Hi, There is no official pre-paid taxi counter in Darjeeling run by the state government. However there is a small kiosk across the Gandhi Road police point (at the club side taxi stand) which is run by the drivers association. You can book or pre arrange a taxi from there. That would be more reliable than going through an individual driver and rates would also be similar. The rate would be cheapest for a small car like Santro, Wagon R, Alto etc. Regards, 
    darjeeling-tourism.com (February 2013) 
    I will be traveling in Darjeeling for about 3weeks, mainly into remote villages and tea gardens. Since I will be doing it alone I have decided to do it on a Motorbike. I have already contacted a co. who are renting me a bike with all the travel gears including GPS etc. Just wanted to seek your advise and would like to know in your opinion what are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on motorbikes in the outskirts of Darjeeling. 
    Priya Ranjan Singh (March 2013) 
    Hi Priya, I hope you have experience riding a bike on hilly terrain, you won't see many of them in Darjeeling area. There is no disadvantage as such. Ensure that you get a well maintained and relatively new bike. You won't get any breakdown services in remote areas. Carry enough (and spare) fuel, a raincoat, a sun glass amongst other gears. There are hardly any signs on the roads giving directions. So you will need to rely on locals & villagers to find places. Good Luck!! 
    darjeeling-tourism.com (March 2013) 
    Thank you Raj, 
    I am much relived now, I am aware that hardly any one plans trip on a Motorbike in Darjeeling hilly area so I was slightly apprehensive :). The Co. I am hiring the bike is called Adventures Unlimited, they have some great reviews about their Enfield Motorbikes by many reviewer who rent bike from them for mostly to go to Nepal or Bhutan. 
    If you remember I was in touch with you on many occasion in past, I have benefited great deal from your website. I will be travelling most likely end of April and wish if it’s possible to meet you in Darjeeling on a cup of tea to get your input on my project on "Darjeeling offbeat stay" that I am working on. 
    Priya Ranjan Singh (March 2013) 
    Darjeeling to Bhutan (Paro) 
    Hi Raj, I intend to come 2-3 days early and explore Darjeeling and then make my onward journey to Bhutan. I will be reaching Bagdogra around 15th June and have my flight to Bhutan on 17th. I need your help in deciding whether it is a good option to plan these 3 days in Darjeeling during this time of the year (mid June). Besides, please also let me know whether it'll be good to travel to Bhutan by road from Bagdogra or by air (to Paro). Thanks a lot in anticipation. 
    Sunny B (April 2013) 
    Hi Sunny, 
    Mid June would be monsoon time and it rains or drizzles almost all the time in Darjeeling, unless you get a lucky dry spell. But monsoon has its own advantages and disadvantages in the hills. Go through Darjeeling Weather to know what you may expect here in monsoon. 
    I suggest you take a flight from Bagdogra for Paro. By road it'll be a long tiring journey for the whole day. You will need to clear your documents at Phuentsholing which is over 4 hours drive from Bagdogra/Siliguri. And from there another 6/7 hours all the way up to Paro. During monsoon, there are also chances of landslides .... so avoid road journey. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2013 
    I want to know whether I can hire a car from Darjeeling and take it to Pelling to Yuksom & again back to Darjeeling. Are WB cars allowed to Yuksom? Do I need to check whether the car or driver has a registration of Sikkim or not? 
    Somendra Nath De (March 2014) 
    There are some vehicle restrictions in Gangtok, not in Pelling or Yuksom. You can take a car from Darjeeling to Pelling and then to Yuksom. Yuksom is close to Pelling. Makes little sense though as you will end up paying driver's night stay charges at all the places. Better take a separate car from Pelling for the west Sikkim tour. Why do yo want to come back to Darjeeling? Are you planning a day trip from Darjeeling to Pelling and Yuksom? That's not practical. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
    Will be in Darjeeling early April (Cedar Inn). I would like to plan a visit to my old school - Geothals Memorial school Kurseong. I recall (some 40 yrs. ago) the toy train used to stop at the base of the school. Is this still a stop? I am trying to determine if it is best to take the train or a taxi. Cost versus time, your input would be valuable. Very good information on your site. Thank you 
    Ian Wickins (March 2014) 
    There is no scheduled stoppage of toy train at the base of Goethals. The closest is Kurseong station which will require quite some walk to the school. So take a taxi (Indicative rate: Rs. 1500 one way). Takes 1.5 hours. This will also give you time flexibility. The train runs only twice daily between Darjeeling and Kurseong, takes 3.5 hours. A round trip taxi fare (small taxi) including time required to visit the school can cost about Rs. 1800. 
    Alternatively you can take a shared Jeep from the club side stand or the Chowk Bazaar stand (Rs. 75 per person). They ply frequently between Darjeeling to Kurseong (and back) from 7am to 3pm. Takes about 2 hours one way. They stop frequently to drop and pick up daily commuters on the way. Shared Jeeps take at least 10 persons. So it can be quite uncomfortable. You can however pay for and reserve two seats (preferably next to the driver) and have a comfortable space to sit :) 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
    Myself along with my son( 5 yrs old) and spouse are planning to visit north Bengal hills in Dec 14. Please find below the tentative itinerary. 
    Reach NJP and proceed to Lamahatta. Next day proceed to Darjeeling and stay for a couple of days. Travel to Jorpokhri Tourist Lodge and stay for 1 night. Proceed to NJP via Mirik. 
    Now I have few questions on which I need your expertise. I want to cut down my travel costs on car bookings. So would prefer to have shared taxis if otherwise it’s too difficult. I plan to book all the 4 middle row seats if available to have some comfort. 
    1) Will it be advisable to travel in shared taxi moving towards Kalimpong from NJP and get down at Teesta Bazar. From Teesta bazaar will taxis be available for Darjeeling which I believe will pass over Lamahatta. Please suggest. 
    2). Lamahatta to Darjeeling -- Will seat in shared jeeps be available. Otherwise what can be the dropping charges from Lamahatta to Darjeeling. 
    3) Is there any shared taxi route starting from Sukhiapokhri to Mirik or I have to catch the ones starting from Darjeeling. 
    Looking forward towards your suggestions. 
    Sugata Ghosh (August 2014) 
    You can get shared jeeps from Teesta Bazaar area moving towards Lamahatta and then to Jorebanglow/Ghoom. But most would be coming from Kalimpong and may not have adequate seats. You may not get jeeps starting from Teesta Bazaar when you want. A better idea is to come up to Jorebunglow from NJP and then take a jeep for Lamahatta. Although this might be a bit longer route, you will likely get seats. 
    From Lamahatta to Darjeeling ... you will need to catch a passing jeep and seats may not be always available. Take a reserved car to Darjeeling ... should take about Rs. 1200. From Sukhiapokhri, you will get shared jeeps starting for Mirik. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2014 
    Upto what time is the travel means (bus / shared taxis - jeeps) available from Darjeeling to Gangtok. Can I book these online? 
    Sachin Gupta (September 2014) 
    There is no bus now from Darjeeling to Gangtok. Shared taxis are usually available till 3pm. Private taxis on the stand are available till 6pm, however if you book one in advance, they can come any time to pick you up. You can't book these online. You need to go down to the stands and book. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2014 
    Dear Raj 
    I am not sure if our previous request reached you as the internet connection was lost! Firstly thanks for your very informative website. We are travelling to Darjeeling shortly and have been trying to find information on the journey time and cost of a small private car from Darjeeling to Pelling (and possibly on to Yuksom). We would be grateful for any information you can provide. 
    With many thanks. 
    Janice Bolton (September 2014) 
    No I didn't receive your earlier note. Small cab from Darjeeling to Pelling would cost around Rs. 3,000/- (takes about 4.5 hours). Pelling to Yuksom would be another Rs. 800/- or so (takes about an hour). But note that once you reach Sikkim (i.e. Pelling or Yuksom, you will need to take a local car for sightseeing. Cars from Darjeeling can only drop you to a place in Sikkim). 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2014 
    K M Shah (March 2015) 
    We are two sr.citizens. Want to visit Darjeeling, Pelling and Gangtok. Is it advisable to go to Pelling from Darjeeling or to go to Gangtok? I will reach Darjeeling on 17th May and stay for two nights and proceed to Sikkim ( Gangtok 3 nights and Pelling 2 nights ). We would like to make our journey by shared vehicle. I will be grateful if you can guide me. I will take Darjeeling tourism card as soon as my programme is finalised. 
    Pelling road is quite bad these days. So choosing Pelling first would have helped you come down faster on your last day of return from Gangtok. However for availing shared jeeps, visit Gangtok first (no direct shared vehicles between Darjeeling and Pelling). 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2015 
    Dear Mr. Raj, First of all, a big thank you for providing so useful information through the website regarding Darjeeling. We have a plan to go Ghum by Toy train and so I reserved the train tickets already. Are the shared taxis available at Ghum for returning back to Darjeeling and if yes where should we go to catch the taxis? 
    Sujoy (November 2015) 
    Shared taxis are available outside Ghum station to get back to Darjeeling (lower town). The steep uphill walk from there up to Mall can easily take 20 minutes. So a local private taxi would be an alternative to come up to Bhanu Bhavan on Mall road or Club Side stand near Keventers (both are almost equidistant but from Clubside stand it's an uphill walk along Nehru road to get to the Mall). Beware, the local drivers can fleece you. They can ask for Rs. 150 - 200 for 2-minute drive. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2015 
    Hi Raj, 
    We (Couple) have a train to catch from NJP at 9PM on Feb 14th, should I pre-book a cab online from DJ to NJP now or will have enough options (car, bus etc) in DJ on 14th Feb at around 5 PM? Do we need to pre-book bus tickets also? Kindly suggest. 
    Ravikant (January 2016) 
    Hi, private taxis will be available in plenty, so you need not pre-book one. You can buy bus tickets in Darjeeling from the counters at the bus stand (in advance or on spot, subject to availability). While in Darjeeling, check the bus timings. Likely the last bus would have gone by 5pm. Shared jeeps too won't be available after 3pm. Your only option would be reserved taxi. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2016 
    Hi Raj, 
    Thank you for this forum. It is helping us a lot. I have a question. Do we have shared cabs/any other budget transport from Darjeeling to Sikkim during night times? 
    Lakshmi (December 2016) 
    Shared taxis do not usually operate after 3pm. The last long distance shared transport would leave by 2pm. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2016 
    Hi Raj, 
    Thanks a lot for your efforts in your informative website. Based on your website, I have planned a trip during 26th Jan - 31st Jan to Darjeeling and Gangtok from Bangalore. My plan is: 
    Day 1 -Bagdora to Darjeeling 
    Day 2 - Tiger hill and Ghum monastery in the morning. 
              Toy train ride. 
              Mixed point tour in the afternoon. 
    Day 3 - One day trip to Mirik 
    Day 4 - Gangtok sightseeing or Tsongo lake, Baba mandir & Nathula (doubtful due to 
    Day 5 - Ra Bangla and Namchi 
    Please let me know whether I can get shared cabs for these trips during Jan (last week). Or I should book private cabs prior to my trip. Your response would help a lot for my trip. Thanks in advance. 
    Ramkumar (January 2017) 
    Hi, for tiger hill, ghum monastery etc (i.e. 3-point tour), shared jeeps are available but in January you may not get that due to lack of demand. For the rest you need to take reserved taxi. You can get taxis from the stand, or book them through operators in Darjeeling. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2017 
    Hello Raj 
    Can I go to from Gangtok to Darjeeling by bus, or I have to return to Silliguri bus stand ? 
    Anita Mishra (May 2017) 
    Hello, There is no bus service directly between Darjeeling and Gangtok. Yes you need to return to Siliguri and waste a full day on travel. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com)  May 2017 
    hi, Raj.. whether pre paid taxis are available at 5:00 am in Darjeeling for NJP 
    D K Saxena (November 2017) 
    No, they are usually available after 7am. You can however book one on the previous day to report to your hotel early in the morning. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com)  November 2017 
    Hi Raj 
    Is there any rules in Darjeeling and Sikkim that Car will be available only point to point?  Is it true car will not be available at disposal? I have enquired with 4 travel agents / hotels. They are saying car will always be available point-to-point. Kindly advise. 
    Manish Shah (December 2017) 
    There is no such rule, but this has been the practice. The local taxi operators in both Darjeeling and Sikkim resist outside cars from doing local sightseeing in order to protect their own business. However if you go through a local tour operator of Darjeeling or Sikkim to organize a car for your entire trip, it is possible to overcome this problem although they might use two cars ... one for Darjeeling and the other for Sikkim. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com)  December 2017 
    We (3 persons) will visit Darjeeling in January, 2018. We booked Hotel Sagarika at Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling and we are planning to book shared jeep to go there from Railway station. It will be very much helpful for us if you kindly answer my 2 questions. 
    1) What will be better for us to take shared jeep from New Jalpaiguri Station or from going to Siliguri ? 
    2) What will be our nearest destination taxi stand at Darjeeling for going to Hotel Sagarika. 
    Thank you for helping me. 
    Babai Roy (December 2017) 
    You can take the shared Jeep from NJP itself. If you don't get one, you can take an auto and go down to the shared taxi stand in Siliguri. Shared jeeps to Darjeeling usually terminate at Chowk Bazaar motor stand and your hotel would be nearby. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2017 
    Dear Raj, Thank you for the detailed information and guide. I have two questions regarding the pre paid taxi at the Bagdogra Airport. My wife and I are traveling to Darjeeling in July (2018). However we are staying at a tea estate a few miles south of Darjeeling. Will the pre paid taxi drop us off at this location or is the drop off only at some fixed destination points? Also, when we want to return to the airport, how can we book a cab? Do we do that just like booking a regular taxi cab? 
    Mahesh (July 2018) 
    Hello, pre-paid taxis go up to the town center (Chowk Bazaar or Clubside stand in Darjeeling). You need to negotiate the additional fare with the driver if you like to get dropped off at a tea garden. Many may not even agree because they may not get return passengers or otherwise would charge you a lot. Most tea gardens are away from the town and the approach roads are not in good condition. However all most all tea estates offer pick up and drop services (if you take a package) which you should ideally avail (although that might be expensive compared to cab fare). While returning, booking a cab won't likely work either because the drivers may not be willing to come all the way for pick up. You need to check this out at the stand at the town center, but such arrangement could be unreliable. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2018 
    Hello Raj, 
    Big fan of your website. I am planning for 5D, 4N in Darjeeling from Chennai on March 16th and I have planned my itineraries - 1 day in Darjeeling, 1 in Mirik and 1 in Kalimpong. I am planning to come by myself and not through tour agency.  
    Since it is my first time, I need your guidance on below aspects - 
    1. Can I book for transportation after coming to Darjeeling for sightseeing and tours? Will there be any issues in finding and arranging transports for 17,18 and 19 on 16th March? 
    2. Is it advisable to have all transportation done by same travel agency or i can go to any taxi whenever I need to start for a tour like Mirik, Tiger hill etc., 
    Awaiting for your response sir. 
    Sai Prasanna (March 2019) 
    Hello, you can get taxis at the stands for transfers between places and local sightseeing tours. You need not book in advance. However the local taxi drivers are often not cooperative and their taxis not in great condition. Tour operators usually provide better cars and drivers, but they would be costlier. Visit to Tiger Hill takes place in the wee hours of the mornings... you won't find a taxi at the stands around that time. So this tour needs to be booked at least a day in advance. Do not book that directly with an individual taxi driver by paying an advance, he may not turn up. Instead go through a tour agency or the taxi association kiosk located at Clubside stand (Gandhi Road). 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2019 
    thanks for helping thousands of readers/visitors , we are indebted to you and you deserve all the appreciations. Request your help... 
    I just want to make sure I don't get ripped off by the hotel guys, they are saying they will provide me a Innova for 6 days 
    1) if I spend 2 days in Darjeeling with day 1 being local sightseeing and day 2 being Mirik tour and I plan to use Innova, what is the guideline for the car rates, is it per KM rate with a certain fixed distance irrespective of we cover or not or is it flat 9 AM to 6 PM time based rate? for this day 1 and day 2 what seems to be reasonable rate in April month. 
    2) if I spend Day 3 moving to Gangtok , DAY 4 Nahtula pass and Tsomgo Lake and Day 5 Gangtok, 9am to 6pm tour, will it also follow the same costing strucutre or because it is a different state they have a different costing plan. 
    Subramanian (January 2020) 
    Hi, for local sightseeing in both Darjeeling and Gangtok, it's usually a flat price depending on your tour plan. Charges can vary quite a bit depending on the hotel/operator, so it's wise to take quotes from more than one sources. The same vehicle can not be used for sightseeing at both Darjeeling and Gangtok, although you can get a drop up to your hotel in Gangtok. Also, for Tsomgo and Nathula, it would be a different vehicle having the required permit... your can hotel can arrange that or you can do it yourself if you want. That too would be a flat charge. April is the beginning of the high season, so expect higher rates. Once you get the rates, you can share that with me for my opinion. But get the rates for individual tours/transfers and not as a combined package to have some transparency. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2020 
    Hello Raj.  
    It was simply amazing to go through your website. I would like to inform you that i will be going for a family trip(4 members) to Darjeeling during this Durga puja and would like to seek help from you regarding this trip of ours. First of all i would want to know that after coming out of new Jalpaiguri junction, where can i find prepaid taxi and standardised fare and what is the fare to Darjeeling in a small car, both via the normal route and also via the Mirik route. 
    Next, I need to know where prepaid taxi stands are present in Darjeeling (stands which come under the custody of Darjeeling municipal corporation or other local unions) and how much would it cost for a day trip to Tinchuley, Lamahatta and Takdah and back to Darjeeling in a small car and what are the most interesting points of sightseeing along this route. 
    I have hotels booked in Kurseong and so I have to return to Kurseong from Darjeeling in a small car whose prepaid fare, if provided by you will be of utmost help. Finally, I seek the cab fare from Kurseong tourist lodge to new Jalpaiguri junction. 
    It would be of great help if you provide me the prepaid taxi fares, booked from taxi stands verified by the local governments or unions. 
    Nilabja Chakraborty (October 2020) 
    Hello, fares between the points you mentioned are already given in my website at respective sections/pages. You can Google 'Darjeeling taxi fares' and you should get my relevant pages. However, note that the post covid situation is different and fares might change... because there are now restrictions on the number of passengers a taxi can carry... for example, a small taxi can take up to 3 persons and a large one up to 5. 
    Pre-paid taxi fares are applicable only from NJP station and Bagdogra airport and not anywhere else. Once you come out of NJP station, there is a small concrete kiosk which is the pre-paid taxi counter. You will see a queue or you can ask anybody to show you the counter. All taxis are lined up in that area. You will know the fare only at the counter. 
    There are several stands in Darjeeling and there are practically no standardized fares. There is a taxi association's kiosk at upper club-side stand on Gandhi road and they usually quote reasonable fares which are fixed between various points. Takdah, Tinchuley, Lamahatta day tour is not a standard day trip... it has been designed by me... it should cost around Rs. 3,000/- in a small car. In Kurseong, the fares are quoted by individual drivers and there is no pre-paid fare. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2020 
    How much is the cost for pre-paid taxi inside the airport from IXB airport to Darjeeling? Can I have pre-booked and paid taxi on return from Darjeeling to IXB Airport? And how much does it cost? Thank you very much. 
    Isoung (February 2021) 
    Hi, pre-paid taxi fare from Bagdogra airport to Darjeeling is Rs. 1860 for a small car. However, on your return, there is no such pre-paid counter in Darjeeling as in Bagdogra airport. You can get a taxi from the stands or alternatively approach a kiosk run by the taxi association located on Gandhi Road. Return taxi fares are usually much higher than the forward pre-paid fares... depending on the season and demand, it can go as high as Rs. 3,500 for a small taxi. But usually, you can get one within Rs. 3,000. At the stands, you can negotiate the fare. 
    There are taxi stands on Gandhi Road (Upper Clubside Stand), below that next to Ladenla Road (Lower Clubside stand) and also at the lower town area (Chowk Bazaar motor stand). 
    An alternative and perhaps a better option (applicable both ways) is to book a shared luxury cab online (Wizzride.com) available between Bagdogra and Darjeeling at several time slots. They use vehicles like Toyota Innova and take up to 5 persons... the ride is far more comfortable than a small cab and the fares are very reasonable (within Rs. 500 per seat). 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2021 
    Hi Raj, Great informative website. 
    I will be visiting Darjeeling for a month (September 2021) with my husband for a workation. I wanted to know if it is safe to travel in and around Darjeeling on a scooty (two wheeler) ? We don't know how to ride a car and taking a toured package is what we don't want as we want to explore on our own and not just visit famous sites and that's also expensive. We primarily want to explore Darjeeling and the villages around and maybe nearby Sikkim places. So is it safe in monsoon to drive in those hilly areas on a scooter? Thank you! 
    Aditi Parekh (August 2021) 
    Hi, you won't likely find Scooty rentals in Darjeeling, but proper motorbike rentals are available. Scooty-type small two-wheelers are not suitable for terrains as in Darjeeling and Sikkim. In monsoon, you need to be extra careful with two-wheelers... roads can be in bad conditions, particularly in village areas. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2021 
    Hi Raj, 
    Thank you so much for your response. 
    So is there other cheap way of exploring the nearby villages or the town if not on scooty? Any public transport or anything? I really don't want to take those car tours. Thank you, 
    Aditi Parekh (August 2021) 
    There are shared taxis (Sumos and Mahindra Max type large vehicles) that take 10+ people on board (mostly locals). They ply between Darjeeling lower town and various places including NJP/Siliguri. They are fairly cheap but the rides can be uncomfortable at times. There is a bus service between Darjeeling (bus stand is in lower town) and Siliguri. Buses stop at various places along the route including Sonada, Kurseong, Sukna etc... so you can get to those places by bus. 
    Once you get to a place, you will need to walk to explore the place. So if you want to use these transports regularly, you need to ideally stay near the lower town (i.e near the Chowk Bazaar area which is the most congested area of Darjeeling), otherwise, it can involve long walks in steep hilly terrain every time you want to avail yourself such a transport. The main Town Centre (i.e. the Mall which is the most happening place and the main centre of attraction) is located in upper Darjeeling and it requires a 15-20 minute steep uphill walk from the lower town. 
    You should do your research properly and choose the stay location wisely... my website has all the necessary information, you need to invest time :) 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2021 
    Hi Raj , pardon me for bothering you a bit. We are planning to go Darjeeling on Dec 21. Is it safe to avail Prepaid taxis from NJP station to Darjeeling around 8am? What's the approximate fare of it? Any point of contact for Darjeeling local sightseeing 5point or 7point? How much they would charge approx? Approximately how much it would cost to come down NJP via Mirik from Darjeeling and from where we can book the car? 
    Tony (September 2021) 
    Hi, yes, pre-paid taxis will be safe, will cost around Rs. 2,000. I have discussed tour operators on this page where you will find their contacts and you can get in touch with them for tour fares. 
    You can also take a taxi from the stands for local tours & transfers, but note that taxis are usually not in great condition and taxi drivers may keep pushing you to complete the tours quickly. You can get indicative taxi tour fares under Local Tours Page. Fare from Darjeeling to NJP via Mirik would cost Rs. 3,500-4,000 in a small taxi. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2021 
    *Day 1: 9th Nov(wed) > Reach NJP by Uttarbanga Express @6.45 am 
    * Breakfast @ NJP... Reach Mirik. 
    * Sightseeing in and around Mirik: 
    Tingling viewpoint, Sourinee Tea Estate, Boker Monestry, Mirik lake, Floating Market.  
    * Lunch @ Mirik. Drop at Darjeeling Hotel. Rs 4000 
    *Day 2 : 10th Nov(Thursday) Namchi Day tour* 
    * Pick up from hotel @ 7am.. 
    * Namchi sightseeing 
    Chardham, Rose Garden, Namchi Bazar, Namchi Ropeway Ride, Samdruptse Monestry....back to Darjeeling. Rs 4500 
    *Day 3: 11th Nov (Friday) Pick up @7.30 am. 
    * Darjeeling Sightseeing :  
    Orange valley tea garden, Dali monastery, Old Ghoom monastery, Batasia loop, peace pagoda, Japanese Temple, Darjeeling zoo, ropeway, Tenzing Rock... Back to Hotel. Rs 3500 
    *Day 4 : 12th Nov( Saturday) Pick up @ 8 am 
    Kalimpong day tour... 
    Lamahatta eco park, Durpin monestry, Delo Park, Buddha Statue & Park near Delo, Jelepla viewpoint. Teesta bazar. Kalimpong Rs 3500 
    *Day 5 : 13th Nov( Sunday) Pick up @ 10 or 10.30 am 
    Reach NJP . Train Teesta-Torsha @ 3.45 pm Rs 3000 
    I took This driver last year... This year this is the Price he is giving. He has WagonR Car... I feel like the price is high... I have not said YES to him... From 18,500 now he says  17,500... Are these prices OK? Like my friends say this is rate for big cars.... Can you please tell me if the rates are right or wrong 
    Madhurima Basu (July 2022) 
    The price (Rs. 17,500) seems to be slightly on the higher side for a WagonR. Is this driver from Darjeeling or Siliguri? If he is from Darjeeling, then his overall charge will be higher because he has to make extra trips to come and pick you up and then go all the way back after dropping you at NJP. Since, this is an NJP to NJP round trip, on the price point you will be better off if you take a car from Siliguri... I suggest you take a comparative quote from a travel agent in Siliguri like Gourik Cab Services who offers Swift Dzire at reasonable prices (all their cars put on AC on request while on the plains, I have used them recently). Note, Siliguri Travel Agents may not allot the same car and driver on all your days unless you have a prior agreement. However, try to get a quote and compare the rates. 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2022 
    Hi Raj, 
    I was trying to reserve a car from here. The rental guy has offered WagonR, asking for Rs. 4500 for Siliguri to Manevanjan via Mirik and Lamahatta on November 7. Staying at Nilesh's overnight. Not sure how much would be the current rate for Phalut up-down Bolero (budgeted Rs. 11000). Again WagonR for Manevanjan to Darjeeling Rs. 3500. A small car for Darjeeling mixed points (excluding Lamahatta here and including Rock Garden) Rs. 4000. Darjeeling to Siliguri Rs. 3500. Total charge for the car company Rs. 15000. I have a feeling that I can pay much less if I can hire being there at Siliguri junction. He is over charging for Manevanjan to Darjeeling (according to your write up it should be Rs. 800-1000, could be max 2000 over the years) as well as Darjeeling to Siliguri drop should not be more then 2500.  
    For Innova type of car that I hired for the first time from Shargri-la in 2017 would have been okay for 15-20k but I think I can manage being there for this would my 4th visit to Darjeeling. Would really appreciate you expert advice. 
    I love everything to be set before any tour I plan. But, when it's a group tour you have to think about others pocket too. Again, thank you for all your help! 
    Best Regards, 
    Dina (August 2022), Bangladesh 
    Yes, the car rental charges look higher than normal. Manebhanjan to Darjeeling should be around Rs. 1800 - 2000. But, not sure about your plan for visiting Manebhanjan via Mirik and Lamahatta... Mirik and Lamahatta are in totally two different directions. From Mirik, Manebhanjan comes first and then long after that, Lamahatta. It will involve a lot of back and forth travel. It appears that your plan is not well optimized, and that may be the reason for such high fares. 
    November is usually a high season, car rental companies in Siliguri and Darjeeling hike up the rates when you land up in a high season and try to negotiate the rates. It is therefore advisable to book in advance. Talk to a Siliguri-based car rental company like Gourik Cab Services and get a quote for your plans... not sure if they have WagonR. Among small cars, they mostly operate Maruti Suzuki D'zire... but you can get a fair idea about the rates... I found them somewhat reasonable compared to others. 
    In order to know the Landrover fares between Manebhanjan and Sandakphu/Phalut, you can refer to my article: Visiting Sandakphu & Phalut by car
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2022 
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