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What to expect

If you are the type who loves to find a quaint tranquil place in the hills away from the commercial tourist hubs, like to be immersed in nature, understand life of people in the mountains, take garden fresh organic food, and be engrossed with the activities where the nature, people, flora &áfauna have all come together in a wonderful harmony, then Darjeeling surely has a treasure to offer. 
Rungli Rungliot Tea Garden, Takdah 
So what can you do in such offbeat stays around Darjeeling? 
Take a walk through the rolling tea gardens and see how tea is plucked by the garden workers, chat with them, or take a walking tour through a village and understand the locals &ávillage life more intimately, or take a nature walk, do bird watching and even experience the wildlife around. In the evening come back to your cozy lodge and enjoy the ethnic cultural music &ádance organized by the villagers around a bonfire as you have a glass of house wine.... 
You can enjoy to your heart's content some activities which are hard to find in our normal way of life. Can you imagine spending the afternoon sitting on a large rock and paddling on a natural mountain stream that flows underneath, or taking a swim by a tiny sandy beach that has formed next to a stream that flows by the side of a dense forest, or camping and having barbecue by the side of a river in exclusivity, or staying at a live farm &álearning to cook Nepali food, and all this while being surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking valleys?  
It's all possible in Darjeeling. All what you need is a little sense of adventure and some money in your kitty. I say money because some of these specialty stays are upscale offerings, although there are few that do offer budget options as well.  
The ones which are upscale, have focussed on the details and converted old planter's houses or heritage bungalows to wonderful boutique accommodations while retaining the old colonial charm. They do take you to a different world. However do not expect them to be like a star hotel offering all the latest amenities and professional services. They are not meant to be the same although most offer amenities and luxury designed to blend with the settings and are enough even for luxury class travelers. But some wont provide in-room TVs and internet access to break the natural tranquility. 
If you want to know about Darjeeling or even neighboring Sikkim, and how to make an exceptional trip to these places, look into The eBook on Darjeeling &áSikkim

Indicative Rates

The rates at the upscale plantation resorts range from 3-star equivalent tariff and in some cases going as high as 5-star resort rates. So expect rates starting from Rs. 9,000 per night (for a room) and going up to Rs. 47,000 per night (all inclusive including transport &áfood). While some tea resorts like Singtom offer separate rates for rooms, food, transport, tours etc, the others offer all inclusive rates that include airport/station transfers, sightseeing, garden tours, all meals, snacks &átea etc. Being in offbeat places, in general you won't have much options other than to go by their food and offerings. 
However in several places, residents and villagers offer village home stays and farm stays along with homemade food. They are far cheaper but nice &áclean giving a good budget as well as mid-range options. In a few tea estates such as Makaibari, the tea garden workers have extended some of their houses and offer nice homestays at affordable budget rates. 

Great Offbeat Places &áStays

Whatever may be your budget, it can be a great idea to combine your Darjeeling visit with one of such offbeat places to soak in the nature and be in a state of tranquil bliss before returning to your routine life. It works as a great energizer for me. Most of such places that I have discovered over the years, are only short distances away from Darjeeling town center. They can be easily reached by a car in 1 or 2 hours drive through scenic routes. You can also directly reach these places from Bagdogra airport or NJP railway station. Most of them are 2 to 3 hours drive from there. 
Plan at least couple of nights in such a place. One night stay is not good enough to make justice to the exotic offerings of these places. Keep in mind that if you plan to leave by flight from Bagdogra, you need to check out in the first half as most flights depart by early afternoon. So the day of the departure is virtually of no use. 
Here are some of those great offbeat stays around Darjeeling. They include farm houses, home stays, tea plantation retreats and such. They all offer great nature's treat and some even the authentic aura of the British colonial time. Visit the links to get details including contacts to make your bookings. 
Offbeat Places
Stay Type
Location / Description
Several tea estates in Darjeeling district offer fabulous stay in their bungalows that let you take a glimpse of tea garden life, villages, culture and nature surrounding it.
Mid Range
A beautiful small hamlet 28kms from Darjeeling once used to be a cantonment area for British officers during colonial days. Enjoy tea gardens, pine &ácedar forest walk, great views of mountains, orchids, heritage home stay &ámore.
and Tents) 
A quiet and serene village 23kms from Darjeeling with a vast beautiful roadside garden, great views of Kanchenjunga peaks &árivers, nature trails etc.
A calm and quiet village at an altitude of about 5800 ft, 32kms from Darjeeling and offering wonderful view of the majestic Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan range.
(homestays and Lodges)
A cluster of villages located in Kurseong Subdivision. Known for excellent mountain views, tea gardens and orange orchards.
A village known for Cinchona Plantations and the famous Rabindra Museum which was a bungalow where poet Tagore visited several times. Takes 2 hours 15 minutes from NJP.
(Home Stay and Forest RH)
A sleepy hamlet. Highest point of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and full of animal &ábird life, and great views. 1.5 hours from NJP. 
A beautiful village at the foothill of Singalila National Park and having a mountain stream passing through it. A paradise for nature lovers.
A small hamlet at 9,600ft with lovely views of Kanchenjuna. About 3 hours from Darjeeling. Requires 4-wheel drive vehicle from Manebhanjan.
Located at an altitude of 10,130ft, Tonglu is a tiny settlement along Sandakphu route and offers stunning view of Kanchenjunga range. Takes about 2.5 hours from Darjeeling.
Budget / Mid Range
Summit of Singalila Range and also of state of West Bengal located at an altitude of 12,000ft. Offers sweeping views of 4 of the 5 highest peaks of the world including Everest and Kanchenjunga. About 4 hours from Darjeeling. Requires 4-wheel drive vehicle from Manebhanjan.
Budget / Mid Range
About 14kms from Darjeeling town this is a beautiful lush valley. If you like to hike, you can get to a little gem... the Rainbow Falls where a rainbow is formed on a sunny day.
A lake, forest and wonderful views of Kanchenjunga in a tranquil place. Takes little over 1hour from Darjeeling.
About 2.5 hours from Darjeeling, a place with lush jungle and wonderful views in a quiet and serene ambience.
19kms from Darjeeling (takes about 45 minutes by car). A great place for nature lovers and honeymooners. Excellent views of Kanchenjunga.
A serene tranquil hamlet with amazing flora &áfauna. It's 1.5 hours drive from Darjeeling Town.
A small eco village in the wilderness with great views of Kanchenjunga, and forests full of wildlife and birds. Located 1 hour 30 minutes from Darjeeling, 80kms from NJP.
Two villages located nearby in Kalimpong district. Enjoy forests, village life and great views of Kanchenjunga.
Budget/ Mid Range
About one hour drive from Lava, take safaris for wildlife and bird watching. Stay at Kolakham, at the buffer zone of the national park and enjoy the forest.
A small sleepy hamlet at 8,500ft meant for nature lovers with stunning views of vast stretch of Himalayan range. About 4 hours from Darjeeling via Kalimpong.
A quaint hamlet at an altitude of 6,000ft 23kms from Kalimpong offering abundant greenery and sweeping views of Kanchenjunga and Himalayan range.
A sleepy mountain village about 22kms from Kalimpong at an altitude of 3970ft with several points of interest nearby.
A virgin and beautiful tea village located 5km from Mirik at an altitude of 3,800ft. You get lovely view of mountains, lush vegetation, flowers, fruit orchards and the river Rangbhang flowing through it.
Bijanbari is located on a valley with river Little Rangeet flowing through it in a picturesque setting. It's 15kms from Darjeeling at an altitude of 2,500ft. There are several pristine villages around.
(Farm Stay) 
A farmhouse located in a village called Mineral Spring (Lebong area), 1hr from Darjeeling. It has a working farm with cottages and luxury tents.
(Farm Stay)
Soreng, 1 hr 20 minutes from Darjeeling, about 2.5 hrs from NJP. Live farm with many fruits and vegetable plantations.
(Farm Stay) 
Gorubathan, about 2 hrs from Darjeeling and NJP. Live farm - garden fresh organic vegetables. Take part in programs like farming activities, art &ácraft, learning simple living, cooking Nepali food, etc.

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Surya Kumar Gangopadhyay (July 2023) 
Dear Raj, Not sure whether you are ready to comment on Panbu, being it in Kallingpong district. However, if yes, please suggest a tour plan for Panbu in September/ October 2023. 
Three of us, all + 60 are interested to visit that area. Our priority is natural beauty. Not sure whether we can club up couple of neighbouring area of good Kanchanjangha view for night halt as well , besides day trips. 
Please help me with your valued opinion if possible. I follow your travelogue always, when it comes to North Bengal. 
Raj ( July 2023 
Hello, While I don't make tour plans, here are my comments... 
You can stay at Manjushree Retreat which is by far the best accommodation in Panbu with great views of Kanchenjunga, as well as of sunrise and sunset. They have around 10 rooms at present, one of them has views of all the three that I mentioned above. They are making a few more cottages a level below... those too should have good views. 
You can visit nearby places such as Panbu Dara viewpoint, Chakhole (you can also stay there for a couple of days... 40 minutes drive from Panbu), Lamadara (30 minutes, there are homestays here as well), etc. 
Nabaneeta Sarkar (February 2023) 
Hi Raj, I understand that August is not best time to visit these destinations. Any suggestions if we should plan for Tumling during mid August with 3 yr toddler or Lepchajagat will be better? If yes for Tumling then I am not sure clear how to reach from Darjeeling. Please help. 
Raj ( February 2023 
Hi, mid-August will be in the heavy monsoon season... it's quite likely that you will get rains, cloudy sky and practically no mountain views. Visiting Tumling around that time won't make much sense plus it has an altitude of nearly 10,000ft, so taking a toddler there is not a good idea. Lepchajajat will be logistically better, but be prepared to be confined in the room. 
Rupak Roychoudhury (January 2023) 
Hi Raj, Excellent information on tour to North bengal and Sikkim in your website. Thank you for your great effort to keep tourists updated on different aspects of their tour. 
I will be travelling from NJP Railway station to Bijanbari, Bijanbari to Risheehat, Risheehat to Pelling and back to NJP railway station in first week of March'23. Each place has a stay of 2days. What I like to know is... How or, from whom I can arrange a car (02 persons) to connect all the places conveniently in competitive price. Also, please advice if I want to travel to Pelling from Risheehat in share cab, what are the options? Approximate time to travel from NJP to Bijanbari, from Risheehat to Pelling and from Pelling to NJP railway station by reserve car. Will appreciate to get your reply/advice on my queries. Thanks and regards. 
Raj ( January 2023 
Hi, you can hire a car with a driver from a Siliguri-based travel agency, but that can turn out to be expensive because you will need to keep the car with you through your tour, and secondly, you may face problems using the car for local sightseeing in Pelling because they do not allow cars from outside the state to do local sightseeing. It is best to take point-to-point drops by hiring a local taxi. You will get a reserved taxi at NJP or ask your lodge/homestay in Bijanbari to arrange for a pickup... both will factor in two-way fares, so there should not be much difference in the fares. 
You won't find any shared cab from Rishihat to Pelling. The easiest option is to ask your lodge owner to arrange for a drop. 
From NJP, if you go to Bijanbari via Ghum and take the Mariabong route, then it can take nearly 4 hours by car (but the road condition from Ghum onwards may not be good). You can also go via Darjeeling, which will take a little over 4 hours. Rishihat to Pelling will take about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Pelling to NJP will be about 5 &áhalf hours under normal traffic conditions... but Sevoke Road (NH-10) often sees heavy traffic jams these days leading to hours of delays, so keep a lot of cushion time. 
Sourav Modak (August 2022) 
Hi Raj, last time I interacted with you before my visit to Lava, Rishyap, Lepchajagat, Darj in March 2014. I am going to the Hills in mid September now and my 5yr old son will be with us (my wife and myself) for his first visit to the hills. We have 6 nights in hand and out of which we intend to spend last 2 nights of our stay in Darjeeling town. 
Now out of rest 4 nights we would like to stay 2 nights in Chatakpur and are unable to decide on another place. Dhotrey is doing rounds in our minds. Can you please suggest one place and also the route, keeping in mind we will be travelling with a 5yr old? 
Apart from Darjeeling town we want to stay in offbeat or not so crowded places mostly but a little apprehensive about how my son will love the nature/hills/solitude and all as he will be without any companion about his age during the tour. Also we don't want to travel long between two places of stay. 
Any suggestion about other places of your choice is always welcome. A bit confused because of my son actually, hope you will understand. Thanks in advance. 
Raj ( August 2022 
Hi, you can look into Lamahatta or Lepchajagat... both are within comfortable driving distance from Chatakpur. Hope you are aware that you can not visit Chatakpur between July 16 to September 15 (the official monsoon season), when visitors are not allowed to stay within Senchal Sanctuary where Chatakpur is located. 
Sourav Modak (August 2022) 
Hi Raj, thanks for the tip! My trip will be from Sept 17-24, so I hope by that time Senchal Sanctuary where Chatakpur is located will be open to visitors if the official monsoon season is not extended. Since I have been to Lepchajagat before, would like to skip it this time for some unexplored places. So, keeping Lamahatta as an option as per your suggestion. How would Latpanchar/Pokhritar or Sittong be? Logistics wise can I club any one of these places with Chatakpur &áDarjeeling? If I can then please suggest the route. Also, since we are a group of 3 including my 5yr old son, I would like to cover some stretches in shared taxis, where possible, to keep the total budget within limit. So your inputs regarding that will be very helpful. Thanks again for your valuable insight. 
Raj ( August 2022 
Hi, not sure about your understanding of the terrain... Sittong comprises of a number of villages that are spread out in a fairly large area. Latpachar is also part of Sittong (located in Sittong III) and is farthest from Darjeeling/Chatakpur. If you want to avoid travelling longer distances, then avoid Latpanchar. áYou should rather choose a village in Sittong-II such as Mahaldiram for your stay. While coming down from Darjeeling/Chatakpur along Hill Cart Road and 10kms before Kurseong town, you will need to take a left at Dilaram towards Bagora. This narrow road leads through forests all the way to Sittong. 
You can not plan visits to such locations by shared taxi. You can get shared taxis from Darjeeling up to Kurseong, but from Kurseong you won't likely find any shared taxis to Sittong, although there are occasional ones that are used by the villagers... they are not quite suitable for tourists with families and they don't have any fixed timings. And, if you take a reserved taxi from Kurseong, you won't likely make any savings eventually. 
Sourav Modak (August 2022) 
Hi Raj, thanks for your valuable insights. I have an entry level knowledge of the terrain of Darjeeling district. It's only through my searches for suitable locations that I am learning new things everyday about the geography/ topography/ terrain/ route/ logistics of the area. 
Coming to my Sept 17-24 tour plan, Darjeeling town is fixed since I will be traveling with my 5-yr-old son to the hills for the first time. And after much consideration I have narrowed down my search for some nearby locations (apart from Chatakpur) to Tinchuley/Lamahata. Will prefer Tinchuley for night stay though (as it seems more secluded than Lamahata) and will cover Lamahata as part of sightseeing or on the way in/out to Tinchuley. I hope 2 nights each at Chatakpur and Tinchuley will be enough even if we want to explore the natural surroundings by walking around the villages and go for light trekking routes around.  
Now, can you pls suggest the best possible route/ order of stay to keep the logistics simple and travels/transfers shorter, thereby lowering the cost of travel? NJP>Darj>Chatakpur>Tinchuley>NJP or NJP>Tinchuley> Chatakpur> Darj> NJP? Also please share the conditions of roads leading to the places mentioned? Do we need big cars like Bolero/Scorpio type while traveling to and from all these places? Thanks in advance. 
Raj ( August 2022 
Hi, If you want to finally get back to NJP via Hill Cart Road (NH-110), then Chatakpur should be the last destination (NJP>Darj>Tinchuley>Chatakpur>NJP). If Tinchuley is your last destination, then the usual and shorter route to NJP is via Peshok Road to Teesta Bazaar and then via Sevoke Road (NH-10) on the eastern section. But, NH-10 is presently notorious for landslides and indefinite traffic derailments. 
There are several routes to approach Chatakpur. If you are coming from Tinchuley (or Darjeeling), then a local taxi will usually take the Old Military Road from the Jorebungalow area. Whichever route you take, the condition of the road for the last several kilometers to Chatakpur is very bad... broken and uneven dirt road with loose boulders at several stretches... the last 10-12 kilometers will easily take over 1 hour. You will need a large vehicle for Chatakpur. For the other places, a small car will do. You may like to read my article on Chatakpur before you take a final call. 
Deshik Dutta (May 2022) 
Dear Mr. Bhattacharya, I have always longed to see the mountains during the monsoon but couldn't for reasons unknown. However, I have bought a train ticket all the way up to Alipurduar this time. It'd depart from Kolkata on 24th June'22 and will reach NJP the following day. Wondering, if you could suggest a place where I could spend about 5 nights enjoying nature. All I want is to stay put in one place and loll. Your advice, in the past, has always been to the point and I trust you blindly when it comes to exploring the hills. I can't thank you enough. 
Raj ( May 2022 
There are numerous places in North Bengal where nature presents itself in different facets and it's very difficult to pick and choose one without knowing what you might prefer. Here are the names of a couple of places that popped up in my mind that you can look into. 
1. Takdah Club ET Resort (located at Takdah).... it's a heritage bungalow surrounded by pines, lush greenery and tea gardens. You need to take a taxi from NJP. You can get more information about the place, the bungalow and how to reach the place from my article on Takdah
2. Homestay at Chisang... You need to get off at New Mal Junction and take a car. It will take around 2 hours+ áto get to Chisang via Jhalong and Paren. It's at an altitude of around 2,500 feet and surrounded by Cinchona plantations. You can take strolls, get to a viewpoint, enjoy the greenery all around, and even visit the two small virgin hamlets Todey and Tangta which are only 4kms away (at an altitude of about 4,300ft). If you opt for this option, you can get in touch with Prabir Mazumder, if you want (Phone: +91 98362 23235, 89102 92775)... he is a local of Dooars and arranges transports, tours and homestays there. I have no business connection with him. 
Ayan Paul (April 2022) 
Your website is simply great and informative. What is the usual time to visit Sittong? Can we see oranges in March first half? What is the best way to arrange a trip to Sittong while touring Darjeeling? 
Raj ( April 2022 
You can see oranges in the orchards of Sitton in full bloom between November and January. March is too late to see oranges. From Darjeeling, you can take a car and get to Sittong via Bagora (at Dilaram on Hill Cart Road and before Kurseong, a road branches off to Bagora and continues towards Sittong)... it takes about two and half hours to reach Sittong from Darjeeling town. 
Santanu Mullick (January 2022) 
Hi Raj, This is the first time I have gone through your site and it is just awesome and so informative. Darjeeling is my favourite place and I have been there number of times but not much to its surrounding places. I am reaching NJP on 13th Jan and should be back to NJP on 18th Jan. I love to see the Kanchenjanga and lush green places among serenity. Please suggest me a cool trip at mid-budget with at least 2 day &ánights stay in Darjeeling. Hope covid restrictions will not be an issue. 
Raj ( January 2022 
Hi, you can travel to places like Lepchajagat, Lamahatta etc where there are homestays, greenery and great views of Kanchenjunga. 
Kasturi (December 2021) 
Hi Raj, I don't know if you're still maintaining the site, but I must say it is indeed a very informative blog and it's helping us plan our trip. So we are 4 friends (girls' trip) planning to visit Darjeeling in the 2nd-3rd week of Jan, 2022 . We are planning to stay in Darjeeling for the first few days and then go to either Lepchajagat or Chatakpur or Sittong and come down to Siliguri. We will have the last 1.5 days for this. Do you have any suggestions on which one will be better? For us, safety is of utmost importance and then comes the budget. We are planning to leave Darjeeling, visit a few places on our way down to Chatakpur/Sittong. 
Raj ( December 2021 
Hi, since budget is also a factor, then you may consider Lepchajagat... it's the nearest of the three places from Darjeeling and you can get shared cabs from the Chauk Bazaar stand to get there. 
Prasenjit Bhattacharyya (November 2021) 
Dear Raj, Advise me some place almost equal to Chatakpur' as I have failed to contact Eco village hut. My wife having operation in both knees , so trying to avoid uphill homestay there. So kindly suggest some place similar to Chatakpur', with great views. Thanks. 
Raj ( November 2021 
Hello, Chatakpur is a forested area and part of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, there is no other exactly similar place within Senchal WLS... you can consider Lepchajagat which too has forests around it, offers great views of Kanchenjunga and there are homestays right on the road ... so uphill walk is not required. Another similar option is Lamahatta. Both these places are covered in detail on my website... at the Menu bar click on 'Stay' and then 'Offbeat Stays'. 
Susmita Ghosh (October 2021) 
Dear Raj, I am planning for a trip of 5days to darjeeling and I want to cover some picturesque villages there.. Two of them I have planned for is Sittong and Icchegaon. However, I will be travelling with elderly person 80 years of age. Please suggest me also whether it will be a good time to travel there. 
Raj ( October 2021 
If you are planning in October, then this is a good time to visit these places, another good time is April-May. The approach roads to these places are usually in bad conditions and bumpy, so an aged person can have problems. 
Tanuja Sarkar (September 2021) 
Dear Raj, Please suggest if I can stay in Lungchu and visit Lava and Rishyap or do I need to stay in all these places in order to see the sites. If I can stay in anyone of these places and visit the rest then which place do you suggest. Regards, 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hello, Lava is in-between Rishop and Lungchu although Risop is closer to Lava (11kms, takes about 35 minutes by Jeep type vehicle on a boulder &ábumpy road) than Longchu (about 15kms and located beyond Kolakham... takes about one hour 20 minutes from Lava over a bumpy road). So if you want to visit all these three places, Lava would be convenient. 
However, there is nothing much to see in Lungchu on a day visit, there are no public viewpoints, sites or eateries... tourists usually go there to stay for 2-3 days in order to enjoy the pristine nature and the views. However, staying at Lungchu has some advantages... you can easily visit Changey Waterfall which is only 3kms away (it requires a 1km uphill walk on your way back though). You can also make easy day trips from Lungchu to Rhenak, Reshi Khola, Aritar lake (you can do paddle boating there). But visiting Lava, Rishop etc from Lungchu would involve redundant travels on the same route. 
Sourav Mukherjee (September 2021) 
Dear Raj, We are planning a trip in the third week of October for Dhotrey. We have elderly persons with us, in the age group of 80 years. So is it safe for them to visit Dhotrey in late October? Can we plan for a same day return for Sandakphu from Dhotrey, keeping the elderly persons in a homestay in Dhotrey? Kindly advise. Regards 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hello, Dhotrey is located at an altitude of 8,500ft. So whether it will be safe for such aged seniors will depend on their health conditions. It can get quite cold out there. Day trip from Dhotrey to Sadakphu is possible, but you need to change the vehicle at Manebhanjan and take an Old British Landrover from the Landrover Association counter... the same vehicle can not go all the way... unless you are in a group, the cost can be quite prohibitive. 
Sourav Mukherjee (September 2021) 
Dear Raj, Thanks for your valuable suggestions. May I enquire about one more place, i.e., Rangaroon, will it be worth visiting with regard to Kanchenjunga views? We have already made a tour of Lepchajagat, Lamahatta, Tinchuley, Jorpokhri, etc., two years back. These are all really fascinating places. Previously we toured Charkhol, Lava, Loleygaon, etc. If you kindly take the pain of suggesting any other place with better views of mighty Kanchenjungha, it will be really appreciated. Thanks and Regards, 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hello, If the Kanchenjunga view is your priority, you can consider Chota Mangwa. Check out Chota Mangwa Tour for details. You can also look into Sittong. 
If you like to make it to the higher reaches, then Tonglu is almost unparalleled when it comes to the views. From Manebhanjan, the road is now fully concretized up to Tonglu and for a long stretch beyond. If you want to make a day trip to Sandakphu, then it's easy to do so from Tonglu. You can go through Tonglu Tour for details. 
If you are interested to know more about Kanchenjunga views from Darjeeling hills and Sikkim, go through Best locations to get views of Kanchenjunga (also read the comment section... there are valuable inputs given by the readers). Best wishes, 
Ishita Dev (July 2021) 
Hi Raj, I am planning a Kalimpong, Chhibo, Darjeeling tour. Can you please suggest how can we plan the tour? Shall we go to Darjeeling first or Kalimpong? How is Chhibo? Please Suggest. 
Raj ( July 2021 
Hi, Chhibo is a small quiet village 4.5kms away from Kalimpong town. It's surrounded by dhupi forests, has lots of greenery and offers nice views of Mt. Kanchenjunga... a place ideal for nature lovers. You can stay at Chhibo Inn (the upper floor rooms are better and have good views). 
If you stay at Chhibo, you can take a cab and visit all the tourist sites in Kalimpong easily... you need not stay in Kalimpong. You can also enjoy village walks at Chhibo, see step farming, do birdwatching etc... if that's of interest to you. However, making only a day visit to Chhibo from Kalimpong doesn't make much sense... you won't be able to feel the charm. 
You can visit Kalimpong/Chhibo first and then Darjeeling... this way you can avoid possible traffic jams on NH10 and Siliguri area while returning to NJP/Bagdogra. 
Partha Protim Chatterjee (April 2021) 
Hi Raj, first of all thanks for such nice information. I am a big fan of your posts. I am planning for Chatakpur and Lepcha Jagat for 3 nights and four days with 12 family members on 1st to 4th June. Will it be okay as I am concerned about weather that time. 
Raj ( April 2021 
Hi, the timing is good but you may get some showers around that time. The Senchal sanctuary (where Chatakpur is located) closes down from June 15 due to the start of the official monsoon season and re-opens on September 15. 
Sayak Chakraborty (November 2020) 
Hello Raj, We are thinking of visiting the Lava region once again this winter and this time we are thinking of covering some places where we haven't been earlier. These include Kolakham and Sillery Gaon. But I have heard that the road condition to both these places are bad. Please advice if these are doable in a small car? Best Regards, 
Raj ( November 2020 
Hello, you need a sturdy vehicle with good ground clearance for both Kolakham and Sillery Gaon. The 10kms road from Lava to Kolakham and the last 5kms route to Sillery Gaon are essentially gravel roads full of loose rocks and boulders, and at several places, the road surface is very uneven and juts out from the bottom which can cause damages to a small car. Sometimes locals do use small cars on these roads but they know exactly how to negotiate the rough patches. As a visitor, you should avoid driving a small car here, the possibility of breakdowns will be high. 
P Gupta (January 2020) 
Hi Raj, It was wonderful going through your website. Please let me know if we can travel from tinchuley to chatakpur by using shared jeep / taxis or buses and how long it would take. We are planning to visit in February 2020 and wish to include both these places apart from Darjeeling. 
Raj ( January 2020 
Hi, there are no shared taxis or bus from Tinchuley or Chatakpur. You need to visit these places by reserved taxis. 
D Bhaduri (October 2019) 
Dear Shri Bhattacharya, I have read your excellent tips about places near Darjeeling. I am a senior citizen and residing in Bhilai and mostly I am alone. I had made some bad investments and presently tired of everything, my day to day activities, my health, my surroundings etc. I was thinking of going to some non crowded place in hills during November December spending some quality time, taking long walks in the hills and the forest, maybe making a few friends and rediscovering the joy of life. Kindly therefore suggest some such place where food and lodging is provided at reasonable costs. Awaiting your response. 
Raj ( October 2019 
If you want forested areas with views, you can consider a homestay in Chatakpur, Lepcha Jagat or Latpanchor. You can negotiate better rates for longer stays. 
Mahua (June 2019) 
Hi Raj, We are planning to visit Darjeeling from 4th to 6th October this year. áWe are planning for sightseeing Takdaha, Tinchuley and Lamahatta one day from Darjeeling. Is it possible? Please suggest us by when we should start from Darjeeling so that we can return to Darjeeling by evening. Also we heard about Lepchajagat. Is it a good idea to visit Lepchajagat from Darjeeling and come back on the same day. Please guide us. 
Raj ( June 2019 
Hi, Takdah-Tinchuley-Lamahatta day trip is quite possible and is described in my website. You should ideally start by 7am. Lepchajagat is a short distance away from Darjeeling and you can always visit and come back. But it is always better to stay there one night in a home stay to experience the small village, the nature trails and views. 
Pradipto (May 2019) 
Hi Raj, Thoroughly impressed with your amazing and crisp write-up. I am visiting and staying at Bara Mangwa with family of two women and a child, and have three more days at my disposal. Since your article spoils us for choices, seek your expert advise on a hamlet which can be a mix of great views of Kanchenjunga and vivid greenery/tea garden, where I can spend 2 days. 
Raj ( May 2019 
Hi, for great Kanchenjunga views and greenery, you can consider Lepcha Jagat or Sillery Gaon (no tea gardens here though). For tea gardens with views of Kanchenjunga, you need to ideally consider a tea resort stay (such as Ging Tea House in Darjeeling). 
Rajinder Singh (February 2019) 
Hi Raj, Me and my colleagues were planning to visit during the monsoon season and where looking to stay at in one of the offbeat place's i see on the website, but all of the places look unfavorable for the monsoon. We tried Srikhola but then Tshering confirmed that it remains closed during monsoon. Is there any village where we have forest trails where we can freely move about and explore which remains open during monsoon? Your help is greatly appreciated. 
Raj ( February 2019 
Hi, all national parks and sanctuaries in Darjeeling district (in fact in the whole of West Bengal) remain closed during monsoon (June 15 to September 15) because this is the animal breeding season. Srikhola is part of Singalila National Park. However some buffer forested areas and villages could remain open. You can try Lamahatta. But roaming around freely in forested trails in monsoon is not a great idea... there would be huge problems with leeches and inaccessibility. 
Susovan Mondal (November 2018) 
Sir, I am Susovan Mondal. I want to know how I go to Rangaroon from NJP railway station in low cost. Please suggest. 
Raj ( November 2018 
Take a Darjeeling bound shared jeep or bus from NJP or Siliguri and get off at Jorebungalow (near Ghum). From Jorebungalow motor stand board a shared jeep that takes the Peshok road towards Teesta bazaar, but get off at 3rd mile (about 4.5kms from Jorebungalow). You then need to walk to Rangaroon. There are a few homestays and a trekkers hut. The Rangaroon trekkers hut is about 1km walk from 3rd mile. 
Caroline Schmidt (March 2018) 
Hi Raj, My partner and I will be in Darjeeling for 9 days. We have been looking at your list of unusual and off the beaten track places - many sound great, and so we are struggling to choose! Could you recommend the top one or two places where we could stay - we would like to get away from crowds, and spend lots of time in nature, and be able to take some walks/hikes. Many thanks. 
Raj ( March 2018 
Hi, all of these places are away from crowds and nestled in nature. You can look into Srikhola. Stay there for couple of days. Hike up to Gurdum (6kms), stay there for a day or two and return. From Srikhola you can head to Palmajua for couple of days. Note that accommodations in most of these places are basic and like homestays. On your way back you can stay at Jorpokhri heritage bungalow for a night or two before heading back to Bagdogra via Mirik. 
Subhajit Saha (December 2017) 
Hi Sir, I have become a fan of yours because of your so very helpful blogs about Darjeeling. I have just one question. Please try to help. We are going to Dhotrey in January. Is there any shared jeep service available from Manebhanjan to Dhotrey? áPlease help. 
Raj ( December 2017 
Hi, you can get shared jeep from Manebhanjan to Dhotrey, but most of such jeeps originate from Sukhiapokhri (7kms away on Manebhanjan - Ghum route) and may not have seats available at Manebhanjan. Better board the shared Jeep from Sukhiapokhri. 
Arindam Sinha (June 2017) 
Hi Raj, It was your website that had helped me a lot when I went to Darjeeling last time in 2015. Thank you for that. This time I would like to go to some place near to Darjeeling where it would be less commotion and crowd. I learnt about Takdah from your site. I am also considering Rangbull. It could well be Chota Mangwa. I am in a fix and cannot estimate the cost and nature of communication to Darjeeling town or other places. It would be very nice of you if you kindly usher some light on this side of Darjeeling tourism. I know that you have already incorporated these places in your website. But I would request you to discuss a bit more extensively on these places. Loved to be an avid reader of your pages! Truly yours, 
Raj ( June 2017 
Hi, did you check this page on transports and fares between Darjeeling and other destinations? Particularly the topic on 'Taxi/Bus fares from Darjeeling'? 
Priyam Roy (February 2017) 
Dabapani is historically an important area since the date of establishment of the town of Darjeeling. Water of Dabapani spring was healthy and worked as medicine for stomach even to the Britishers. Hence Daba which means medicine significantly named the village Dabapani. Though on the way we faced a foggy whether, arriving at Dabapani, we enjoy the clear sky with gorgeous Kanchenjunga. 
What is notable is that this is the place where you will notice an orange orchard. Crores of orange are there in every branches of the trees. Therefore we got busy with our cameras. After roaming in the orchard we returned to Resort in the evening after watching a spectacular sun-set. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Thanks for sharing your experience in Dabaipani. The subdivision is popularly known as Mineral Springs (English version of Dabaipani). There is a lovely organic farmhouse called Tathagata Farm in Aapbotay - a village in Dabaipani subdivision of Darjeeling. 
PNS Nair (August 2016) 
Namasthe.. I am a senior citizen wanting to visit Darjeeling , Siliguri and other important places. After a stay of 3 nights in Darjeeling I want to stay in a place away from the city which is close to the nature ...which will is very scenic. I look forward moderately priced accommodation with food facility. Could you please help me with information and also please guide me. I plan to visit in the first week of October 2016 , total duration of stay being 15 days.. áThank you in advance... Regards. 
Raj ( August 2016 
You can consider Saino Heritage Lodge (actually a homestay) which can offer lovely views of tea gardens a and mountain landscapes (but not Kanchenjunga snow peaks though). The owner's family is nice, will extend all help and offer good homemade food. The rooms are also nice with all basic facilities. You can also make some local sightseeing tours, and they can arrange everything for you. You can get full information of the place &ástay in my website. Here is the link. Since you are planning several days of stay, a Darjeeling Tourism Card can help a lot in saving, both in lodging and transport. Take a look at it on my site. Regards, 
Avijit Banerjee (July 2016) 
Hi Raj, As per your advice in the web, I had a splendid tour to Darjeeling during last May2016.Extremely greatful to you Sir. I am again obsessed to visit the place but with some offbeat tour. Your Takdah, Tinchule and Lamhatta is an excellent day trip but i wish some more from you. I wish to go to: 
1.Kalimpong to loleygaon to Charkhole and back to kalimpong. Is it a possible for a day trip. Which is a better place Lava or Charkhole in terms of natural beauty of kanchenjangha? 
2.While returning to NJP form Kalimpong on way how can i utilise maximum to view tourist spots.Is there áany place where I can stop. Actually the check out time is 1200 noon. and the train is around 8.00pm, the time in between is a waste(only 21/2 hrs required for coming to NJP). I am eagerly waiting for an answer Sir. 
Raj ( July 2016 
Hi, you can make a day trip to Loleygaon and Charkhole, but what will you do at Charkhole. There is only a budget resort out there and you can't hang around unless you have a booking. Kanchenjunga view from Charkhole is excellent. Check out at 12 doesn't mean that you need to start for NJP immediately. You can check out, keep your luggage and do your day sightseeing at Kalimpong. There is nothing much along the way unless you take a detour at Kalijhora for places like Takdah or Lamahatta. 
Shreyasi (June 2016) 
Mr. Raj, The site is highly informative. Asking for your suggestions on a 3days tour to Darjeeling from 11th June to 14th/15th June'16 with my family of 3. we are beating our heads where to go near around Darjeeling like chattakpur, lepchajagat, tinchuley, chota mangwa or any other place suggested by you as we would like to spend only a night at Darjeeling. I am quite anxious about the monsoon &áweather conditions since i'm travelling with my 3year old. Your guidance will be highly appreciated. 
Raj ( June 2016 
It depends on what you like and what your budget is. On a lower budget, you can consider Lamahatta as it has a nice eco garden where kids can play around plus good views on clear days. You can make a trip to Tinchuley and Takdah from Lamahatta through Peshoke tea gardens (half day) if you like. 
Arghya Das (January 2016) 
How to reach daragaon by shared or fully reserved transportation? how much are charges? 
Raj ( January 2016 
From NJP you can take a taxi and go up to Teesta bazaar area, from there a dirt road of 8kms leads up to Daragaon Heritage Bungalow (Dara Eco Village in Kalimpong subdivision). Fares can vary as this is is not on a standard route (expect around Rs. 1500 for a reserved large vehicle). 
Sharmistha (December 2015) 
Hi Raj, Me and my friend (both women) plan to travel to NJP next week for 2 nights and 3 days. We are beating our head over which place to choose. We have already been to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Lepchajagat, Dooars, Lava/Lolegyaon, we now want to visit some new place not very far from NJP (travel within 3-4 hours max, lesser the better) We are looking for a peaceful rejuvenation of our souls, a place that would be safe for 2 women travelers and in the lap of nature, with view of the majestic mountains where we can touch the clouds. Please can you suggest a place and a hotel/homestay for the same? 
Raj ( December 2015 
You can consider Auks Farm or Petrichor ... go through my reviews under Offbeat Stays. 
Krishna Kuntal Basu (November 2015) 
Dear Mr. Bhattacharya, Congratulations for such a wonderfully informative site on every nook and corner in Darjeeling. We are planning a trip to Bagora during December-end this year &ástay for a couple of days at the FRH, Bagora. I shall be highly obliged if you kindly let me know reg. the possibility of birding during our visit there. 
Raj ( November 2015 
Bagora is a good place for birding. Take the trail towards Chimney village. 
Avijit (November 2015) 
Dear Raj, I did already like your such wonderful site !! surely will share with friends!! I'm an avid wildlifer with an interest for Avifauna! Any input on Rangeet Majuwa? can I make Chatakpur for one night? 
Raj ( November 2015 
If wildlife and birding are your interests, then consider Latpanchar (there is a new road via Dilaram, Bagora near Kurseong ... will take about 3 hours from Aranya Baas - Rangeet Majua, but getting down to NJP via Teesta would take less than 2 hours), or Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary FRH at Sukna. Chatakpur is also okay (not much wildlife though but forested, the road via Ghum should now be open, check before you go). 
If you decide on Latpanchar, you can contact at Padam Gurung's lodge and ask for a good guide if you like to venture into the forest. It's an open forest without any formal entry (after about 5kms walk from the main village) and therefore should not be ventured alone. 
Aranya Baas (in Rangeet Majuwa) is good for nature lovers. Basic accommodations but nice... Target the Tree House if you can. Explore Singalila National Park from there. The 4kms road from Manebhanjan is not good. 
Madhur Kumar Jain (August 2015) 
Dear Raj, Need your assistance. I am travelling to Sikkim and Gangtok from 12 Nov to 21 Nov 2015. We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children-ages 6 and 12). My trip is divided into 2 phases. We intend to visit Sikkim first. Besides Gangtok, I intend to visit Ravangla and Pelling. Based on info available on various websites I intend to cover following places: a) Temi Tea Gardens b) Samudruptse c) Khecheopelri Lake d) Singshore Bridge 
Could you suggest some other off beat places of natural beauty in the Ravangla-Pelling sector. I shall stay in Darjeeling for 3 nights. I intend to cover the Zoo, Toy Train and Ghum Monastry and intend to return to Bagdogra via Mirik and Pashpathi Market. Could you suggest some other off beat places of natural beauty in and around Darjeeling. Thank you for your help 
Raj ( August 2015 
Your Pelling part is okay. You will be only about 15 minutes (7kms) from Namchi when you visit Samudruptse. So don't miss out on Char Dham (Namchi Rock Garden will be on the way... many stairs to negotiate though). If you are taking Peshok road from Gangtok to Darjeeling, then you can visit Lamahatta on the way. Nice landscaped garden. If you are coming to Darjeeling from Pelling via Jorthang, then Jamuni by Rangeet river is a nice place to halt for a while. The place is still under development, but the overall scenery is nice. Depending on time you have, visit Orchid Center and Rungli Rungliot tea gardens from Darjeeling... it'll be a half day trip if you start early.  
Raff (June 2015) 
Hi Raj, We are 2 female travellers who wish to spend 3 days at Darjeeling and want a day of adventure and rest to some offbeat stays and activities much closer with nature. Planning to travel sometime June 8th 2015. we'll be 
reaching Bagdogra airport. we just need some way forward which I believe u can help us with. Thanks 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi, here are some suggestions: 
Day1: Go for kayaking and camping by the river side. Visit this link for details. 
Day2 &á3: Stay at a farm house like Tathagata Farm in Lebong area (about one hour from Darjeeling) or Auks Farm in Soreng (about 3 hours from Bagdogra). Both are working farms cultivating organic vegetables and crops. You can participate in the farming activities, take nature treks, go for village walks or fishing etc. In both you have the option of staying in huts or glam camps (tents). 
A K Guha (May 2015) 
I have planned a tour of 6 nights starting 12th june from NJP. My choice of places are chatakpur and tinchulay. In addition I would like you to suggest a 3rd place between rangbull/ chota mangwa/ lepchajagat. I want to stay 2 nights each at those places or should I wait for your suggestion? i want to book in this week itself. u may feel free to advise as per your experience regarding the geography and climatic conditions. Thanks and regards 
Raj ( May 2015 
Although Chota Mangwa would be close to Tinchuley, Rangbull would be good to explore (Rainbow Valley Resort at Rangbull, Kalej Valley Tea Estate). 2 nights at each place is okay. Note that the road to Chatakpur from Bagora onwards is horrible and so is the road from Rangbull more to the resort (about 5kms). You will need a Scorpio/Sumo type vehicle for Chatakpur. Your sequence should be Tinchuley, Rangbull and then Chatakpur or in the reverse order. 
Dr. Ranjana Tibrewal (May 2015) 
Hi Raj, We were planning a weekend getaway to an offbeat stay----would a 2 night stay at Rishop in end May be a good choice. We want a quiet stay with clear view of mountains including Kanchenjungha. Hope you can find time to answer our query. Best wishes, 
Raj ( May 2015 
Yes, Rishyap or even Neora Valley National Park (Jungle amp) is a good place to unwind and spend some quiet time with nature and views. But roads are bad to both. You need a large vehicle like a scorpio. 
Shankhajit Srimani (April 2014) 
Hi Raj, First of all... a big thumbs up for envisaging such a wonderful website with great content and info. Actually I am planning for 1 week quiet vacation with my wife and 3 yr old child during the last week of September this year. I want to stay in off-beat location but provision of basic facilities should be there and most importantly, I need to see Kanchenjunga from my bed or outside my room from the places I would be staying. Can you please suggest if a plan for 2 night stay at Chota Mangwa followed by 3 nights at Tinchuley would be a good choice. I would like to be at a higher altitude with great views of Kanchenjunga to enjoy the cold. Please provide your suggestions. Regards 
Raj ( April 2014 
Hi, Chota Mangwa and Tinchuley are good choices for quiet stay and Kanchenjunga views. 
Shekhar Trivedi (April 2014) 
Hi Raj, I along with my family would love to spend a few days in hills where the stay will be adjacent to a hilly river, absolutely lonely and complete sound of silence except that of the river flow. Can you pl suggest the stay along with fooding and lodging. 
Raj ( April 2014 
Hi, You can consider the cottage by the river side at Glenburn Tea estate. You can see pictures and details on my website. 
Sunit Ghosh (April 2014) 
We are 5 families with 11 adults &á5 childrens. We want to visit Palmajua &áany other place in May end. 
1) Do you feel Palmajua will be a great tourist destination for tourist like us? We like off beat destinations around Darjeeling and as we are having a big team, we will definitely prefer spending 4 days in the nature &áin some calm, quite place. Just to give you an idea of our test, I would like to say that in last October, we visited Tinchuley, Chatakpur &áJorpokhri &áwe liked Chatakpur the most. 
2) If we spent 2 days in Palmajua, then for another 2 days where we can go? Please suggest. We don't want to travel much because it will spoil our 1 day of this short tour. We are surfing a) Lepchajagat, b) Pedong. Atleast where we can get good rooms with attached bath &áall facilities along with small trekking trails. 
Raj ( April 2014 
Palmajua is a small mountain village. You should like it. A logical place to go from here is Srikhola ... further up and the last point up to which a Jeep can go on this route.  
Rupa Chatterjee (March 2014) 
Hi Raj, I am planning to visit Sikkim &áDarjeeling in last week of March with my family. I went to Darjeeling several time but this time I want to stay close to nature. Kindly suggest from which place we can enjoy the view of Kanchanjanga river Teesta &átea estate within budget. I am little bit confused between Chota Mangwa &áTinchuley. Please also suggest which of the above one would be nearest from Gangtok &áDarjeeling since I would be coming from Gangtok. 
Raj ( March 2014 
Hi, you can choose any of the two. They are close to each other (short driving distance between the two) and both offer great views of Kanchenjunga, tea gardens and Teesta. So choose the place which you personally like better from my reviews. From Gangtok, Chota Mangwa would be little shorter but that should not be a consideration. You can also consider Takdah located close to Tinchuley. Go through my review of Takdah. 
Atanu Bhattacharya (November 2013) 
Dear Raj, we 14 male colleagues from kolkata aged between 45 to 55 are willing to visit Tumling for two days on 10th &á11th January if accessible by car, thus require your suggestions that whether it will be wise to choose Tumling at that time since Sikhar Lodge has no electric connection there. We have already talked to Masterji (Manebhanjan) and got some idea about the cost of staying &áfooding, which is within our budget and also inquired about home stay at Makaibari village through link provided by you which is also within our budget ( Rs-600.00 per head per day lodging + 3 meals ). But other than those can you please suggests any other location within our budget if Tumling is not suitable. WE ARE NATURE LOVERS want to stay far from crowd with snow peaks, forests &árivers in view with hot water and cleanliness only as amenities. With thanks, 
Raj (, August 2013) 
Tumling is not a good idea in January. It'll be freezing cold out there and service will also be limited. While I have discussed several places under 'offbeat stays', one place that you may look into is Palmajua. 
Mousumi Choudhury Maity (August 2013) 
Hello Mr. Bhattacharya, I'm Mousumi from Kolkata. I'm in love with Darjeeling since I paid my first visit as a teen there. I've visited Darjeeling quite a few times and can't stop the smile whenever I think or talk about her or just call her by the name. I've got married this year.I love this place so much that last November I celebrated my last maiden vacation in Darjeeling. I've always dreamt to go and spend few special moments in Darjeeling with the one I love. Now when my chances are closer I'm bit confused. How can I make my trip special for my dearest Husband.... 
I'm not a person who loves hopping around. I want to make a trip for 7 days and want to stay 3 to 4 days in Darjeeling. I desire to spend the rest of the days anywhere close to nature. I have gone through all the options that you have provided and "Off Beat Stays" has drawn my attention. I visited all the sites that you have mentioned. Glenburn Tea Estate is awesome but surely out of my budget. Couldn't get the approximate rate of Goomtee Tea Estate. How about Chota Mangwa? I guess it is a budget friendly place. So which one will be the ideal for me considering my passion and my budget as well!!! Please suggest. And if something else would make my trip worth in stead of going to tea estates don't forget to mention that too. 
Will be looking forward for your precious suggestions and will buy tickets after having it :) Thanks for providing such a lovely website... With regards... 
Raj (, August 2013) 
Hello Mousumi, I think you have the right places in mind. From budget perspective, tea gardens will be a bit expensive as they offer all inclusive packages (except Makaibari which has homestay option, but may not be suitable for a trip like this). You can call up the Goomtee Tea Estate local office at Kolkata and take an estimate. But 7 days stay will turn out to be quite heavy. Usually people stay in tea gardens for 2 - 3 nights. Chota Mangwa is a good selection for a budget stay. You can also consider Lamahatta. 
Rajiv Kumar (May 2013) 
Dear Raj, hi I am planning to visit Darjeeling in the month of July first week with my wife and kids (6 &á5 yrs). I will be coming from Patna by train and want to stay in Darjeeling may be for 2 days after that I want you to suggest any place which is in heart of nature, quiet and away from the crowd where my kids can enjoy with nature and would like to spend 2 days there. I will be getting down at new Jalpaiguri station. What you suggest, I should go for the off beat stay before or should I directly go to Darjeeling and then plan accordingly? I have seen the first photograph in your offbeat stay section (wooden house built on some height with river flowing by side) can you suggest me which place is that and how to get there. I will be much thankful if you can reply me. Thanks in advance for suggestion. Take care, Rajiv 
Raj (, May 2013) 
The picture you see in offbeat stay page is in Glenburn Tea Estate. You will find a link on the page for a full description of the estate. But it is expensive and they offer all-inclusive package including station/airport pickup &ádrop, room, food, garden tour, activities etc. Call them up and talk to them to see if you can afford it. Otherwise choose a place like Chota Mangwa (also included in the section). 
PS: How you like to sequence the places (Darjeeling then an offbeat place or the other way round) is up to you. Generally people prefer Darjeeling first and then a quieter place to finish off the vacation being closer to the nature. 
Avijit Ganguly (April 2013) 
Sir, I'm an avid wildlifer and nature lover. I love places which are tranquil and far away from tourist hustle bustle. Last year I stayed in Bagora FRH. I loved the place for its serenity. Can you please give me information regarding Palmajua and how to book the FRH there? also other remote and tranquil forested places around Darjeeling Dist Sir? Thanks in advance, sincere regards. 
Raj (, April 2013) 
Hello, There is a trek route from Rimbik which goes via Palmajua. It's at an altitude of about 7,200 ft. and about 14kms from Rimbik. The trek route goes all the way to Maneybhanjan via Deorally and Batasia. So while coming from NJP, you will need to come via Manebhanjan. The Kanchenjunga view from Palmajua is one of the best that you can get from this part of Darjeeling Hills. Like all other Forest Rest Houses, the one at Palmajua can also be booked through the department of forestry, West Bengal. They can also tell you about the possible transport options. Regards, 
Biswajit Pal (August 2012) 
Dear Raj, A great impartial site with minute details. Thanks for getting all data we need for planning. I am planning to visit Darjeeling during 2nd week of Dec'12 with my wife &á6 years daughter, want to stay at Jorephokri, Chatakpur , Tinchulay/ Chota Mangwa &áa Tea garden bungalow. Please suggest me , which one will be better for 2 days - Tinchulay or Chota Mangwa. I need to stay mid budget tea garden bungalow. Please suggest. 
Raj ( August 2012 
Both Chota Mangwa and Tinchuley are great places, and close to each other. Since you are travelling with your kid, Chota Mangwa may be a better option because there is a small resort there (called Darjeeling Blossom) with all amenities including food. Check out the article on Chota Mangwa. You can book directly by calling them up or through a tour operator. 
Tea Garden stays in Darjeeling are in general quite expensive except for few. For budget accommodation, you can try the home stays offered by the garden workers of Makaibari Tea Estate. The amenities are decent including food, western toilets etc., but you will need to stay in the same house with the family. There are options for private homestay also in Makaibari, but they are a little further away from the garden. The villagers/workers will arrange for all the garden activities. Other good options (mid scale) are Goomtee Tea Estate or Selim Hill Tea Estate in Kurseong area. But they will be more expensive than the Makaibari home-stay. You will get links to all these tea estates along with contact information in my website. Hope this helps! 
Bhuban Mohan Mishra (August 2012) 
Dear Raj, ...We used to visit hill every year with friends for 3-4 days during 23-25th December. So, please suggest a good spot near Ghum/Chota Mangwa where 35 people's accommodation can be arranged. We need a good place with a good view of mountains and with specious area. Not required in city side, if you can arrange for any tea bungalow that is also preferable. 
Raj (, August 2013) 
Dear Bhuban, I don't operate or mediate any tours... I am a travel writer, so do not make travel or lodging arrangements. I can only make suggestions to my website readers. It is difficult to find accommodation for 35 people together in off beat places. Even Glenburn Tea estate which has recently expanded its lodging, will not be able to accommodate so many at a time. Also note that the Tea Estates usually offer only packages (inclusive of pickup/drop, food, some activities &áentertainment etc) and that can turn out to be quite expensive. I don't know what your budgets are. 
One option in Ghoom is the Sterling Resorts. It has large number of rooms and cottages, most offering nice mountain views. They have in-house restaurant and other amenities. However during high time (like the Christmas time as in your case), it can easily get full, crowded and the service may degrade. Check out Sterling Resorts Darjeeling for details.