Honeymoon at Windamere Darjeeling

There are some rooms and cottages in Windamere Hotel property that can be perfect for a dream honeymoon. Over the years and since its early days, the hotel has been known for offering some of the greatest honeymoon experiences. Having said that, such exclusive accommodations are equally great for families or couples wanting their own privacy along with colonial charm and scenic views. 
One such accommodation is the Tinker Belle's cottage. 
The cottage is located a little further up from the Annex building of Windamere and on the right side off the pathway that leads to the top of Observatory Hill. It's just a short distance away from the main unit and can be reached through the back gate of the property after crossing the Sunny Side open patio. 
Tinker Belle's Cottage, Windamere 
This lovely cottage has its own private lawn. And next to the lawn on the right is a small children's park which can be accessed from lawn and through a small gate. 
Inside the cottage, there are two wonderful rooms with colonial decor and furnishing. The cottage has been there since the British colonial days and have been amalgamated with the Windamere property. There is a common Veranda from where there are separate entrances to the two rooms. 
Veranda of Tinker Belle's Cottage 
So two couples can actually stay in the cottage occupying the two rooms and sharing a lovely common veranda or balcony in front. Alternatively a family can take up the entire cottage. There is a connecting door between the two rooms that can be opened up. 
The rooms have televisions and phones. The furniture are wooden and typical of the old colonial age. One room has a queen bed and the other one has twin beds. 
A bedroom in Tinker Belle's Cottage 
Both the rooms have separate bathrooms that come with amenities like geysers, bath tubs etc. As you can see in the picture below, the bath tub is small and really special. It has golden colored stands and bottle green exterior. There is an wooden stand where towels are kept. 
A bathroom in Tinker Belle's Cottage 
There is a small organized kitchen which is attached to the room on the right. It has hotplate, microwave oven and wash basin other than wall cabinets and cupboards. So if you want to cook your own food, then book the room on the right. 
Kitchen in Tinker Belle's Cottage 
Other than the Tinker Belle's cottage, there is another suite which is also specifically designed for honeymooners and couples. It's called the Peppers and is located next to the Sunny View lounge with in the main building premises. This room which has similar amenities as the others, is more suitable for elderly couples who do not wish to walk uphill up to the Tinker Belle's cottage. Being close to the main building or the Ada Villa, one can also get quicker attention of the staff. 
One of the other best kept secrets is the room called "Forget Me Not". On the right side of the Sunny Side open patio, you will see a narrow spiral staircase going down. 
There is a small wooden gate before you get down the stairs and above that it says "Mind Your Head". The ceiling is so low here that you will need to mind your head. 
Spiral Staircase, Windamere 
But it's unbelievable that such narrow winding staircase leads to such a wonderful romantic room. The best part of the room is the wonderful views of the mountains that you get from windows arranged in a semi-circular manner. Like most other rooms, this room too has amenities like phone, tv, bathroom with geyser &ábathtub etc. The room with a queen bed is fully carpeted. 
Room "Forget Me Not", Windamere 
Instead of coming down the stairs, if you go up you will reach the Sunny Bank, an open terrace which is used for private cocktail and tea parties. Any guest can also climb up to get the spectacular view of the snow peaks and the valley from there. 
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Windamere is located on Observatory hill and access is from the Mall road. It is just above the Mall (Chowrasta) and a minute walk from there. 
Windamere Hotel, Observatory Hill, Darjeeling 734101, India. 
Phone: +91-354-2254041 / 42 
Fax: +91-354-2254043 / 2254211 

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