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Tower View is a low budget hotel essentially meant for backpackers. It's tucked in a corner of Zakir Hussain road and is about 12 minutes walk from the Mall. I was surprised to see so many foreigners in the hotel when I walked in despite the hotel practically having no media coverage. The blue board outside says "Exclusively for foreigners" above the name of the hotel. Not sure why so, but it does take Indian guests as well. The board also mentions "Lodge Restaurant &áFarm House". 
I can understand that it's a basic lodge and has an in-house restaurant as well, but I still fail to understand why it claims to be a farm house. Anyway, the hotel is a low end lodge that provides basic accommodation and food at a dirt cheap rate. 
No wonder you will see that it's full with the backpackers from all over the world. The hotel was established in 1994 and owned by a local Nepali person Mr. Pradhan. 
Hotel Tower View Darjeeling 
Hotel Tower View Darjeeling 
As you walk in through the front door, there is an open kitchen on one side. Although there is partial glass cover, you can see all the cooking activities in the kitchen. On the other side, there is a lobby area with a tiled floor that has cushioned sofas, chairs and center tables. Some novels and travel books are kept on a book shelf. 
There are large number of farming hats hanging from the walls of the kitchen. That's probably a reason why the hotel makes its claim also as a farm house. The overall atmosphere here is relaxed, casual and like that of a rustic village home. 
On another side of the room, there are some dining tables laid out. So this large seating area also doubles up as a dining space where the food is served. I met a German guest in the seating area here who stayed in the hotel for five nights. He liked it as a basic hotel and found the food to be quite okay. I asked him how did he come to know about the hotel, he mentioned he found it from the internet. 
Seating &áDining Area, Hotel Tower View 
Hotel Tower View Lounge 
At the end of the lobby/dining area, there is an open veranda. It has two stone made tables and some chairs. The view of the Kanchenjunga and the entire snow capped mountain range from the veranda is magnificent. While this is a great place to relax and enjoy the views, it is often used as a smoking area by the foreigners. 
Kitchen, Hotel Tower View Darjeeling 
Hotel Tower View Kitchen 
There are only 12 rooms in the hotel. Out of that six are double rooms, 4 single rooms and 2 dormitories. Most of the rooms are below the ground level. 
From some of the rooms the view of the Darjeeling landscape and snow peaks are wonderful. My favorite here is room no. 12 (a double room) which is upstairs and can be accessed through a narrow stairway. The rooms only have a double bed (Queen size as in Room no. 12) and a small table where you can keep your bags and water bottles. 
Room #12 , Tower View Darjeeling 
Hotel Tower View Room 
The attached bathrooms are nice and okay. They are of Western style, tiled and have a small mirror fitted on the wall. Geysers are available only in the double rooms for supply of hot water in the morning hours. Geysers work if the main power supply is available and for limited in the morning only. 
In the other rooms, they provide buckets with hot water for taking morning baths. The hotel also provides laundry services. 
Hotel Tower View Bathroom 

My overall opinion about Hotel Tower View Darjeeling

  • This is a low budget hotel and can be a good option for the backpackers. I shall not recommend this for families or couples coming to Darjeeling for leisure vacation. 
  • The hotel is located some 12-15 minutes uphill walk from the Mall. There are no shops or restaurants around unless you walk down to the Mall or walk up along Zakir Hussain road for Petrichor - a great art cafe run by a local couple offering nice snacks and tea. 
  • Some of the rooms including the dormitory are quite stuffy and look like dungeons. 
  • You can't be too fussy about cleanliness if you choose this hotel. Some rooms are damped and not very clean. 
  • The lady at the kitchen prepares decent food including breakfast. The food is also quite cheap. 
  • The hotel provides essential services in the rooms like providing hot water buckets if required. You will need to go down and tell them in advance. There is a young man named Raj who has been working in the hotel for several years. He is the only point of contact in the hotel and will arrange for the services. 
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    Zakir Hussain Road, Near the TV Tower, Darjeeling 734101, India 
    Phone: 0354/225-4452; Cell: +91/ 94341 31468 

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