Temperature in
Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong

January and February are the coldest months in Darjeeling. If you are lucky, you can even experience snowfall during this time. The lowest ever temperature recorded so far in Darjeeling town is -6.7C which occurred in February. But usually the temperature varies between a minimum of 1.9C to a maximum of 9.1C during this period. 
Typically inside a house in Darjeeling hill town, the bedroom temperature early in the morning could be close to 3.5C during this time. So unless there are proper heaters, it can be quite uncomfortable. 
In the lower plains of Darjeeling (the terai area), the lowest temperature recorded is 2.2C. Kalimpong, which is also part of Darjeeling district, recorded a lowest temperature of -0.6C in the month of December. 
March and April falls in spring and weather in Darjeeling town becomes quite pleasant. The temperature ranges between 5.6C to 16.9C during this time.  
May though July is the summer time when the temperature varies between 11.2C to 19.1C. The highest recorded temperature in Darjeeling town has been 26.7C in the month of June. In general though, the temperature in Darjeeling hill town does not rise past 25C during the summer. In comparison, the terai area (lower plains) of Darjeeling has recorded a highest temperature of 40C, while Kalimpong recorded 26.6C in the month of June. 
The monsoon starts from June and continues through August. The sky remains cloudy most of the times and it rains quite heavily. In August the temperature starts getting a little milder, but the real change starts in September when the autumn begins. The minimum temperature starts dropping from 13C in September to 6C in November, while the maximum temperature ranges from 18.3C to 12.8C during this period. 
The winter starts in December although it's not usually unpleasantly cold around this time. The temperature ranges from 2.4C to 9.6C in December. 
Here is a month by month temperature chart that gives maximum and minimum temperatures of Darjeeling hill town along with that of Kalimpong and Gangtok. 
Darjeeling Temperature Chart (in C) 
Darjeeling Temperature 
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