Tea Estates in Darjeeling

Over the years several tea gardens in Darjeeling have closed down or have been taken over by the other tea estates. Once there were well over 100 tea estates. Currently there are 87 operational tea gardens in Darjeeling district covering an aggregated area of about 19,000 hectares (i.e. 46,950 acres) under tea plantation. 
The tea gardens in Darjeeling presently employ about 52,000 permanent workers (including both garden and factory workers). Most of the garden workers are women and almost all employees are Nepalese. 
The tea estates additionally employ around 15,000 contract workers in the gardens during the tea plucking season (i.e. between March to November). It is estimated that over 200,000 family members are dependent on the wages of the estate workers. Presently there are 72 factories operating in the estates for processing of tea. 
Here are some of the main tea estates in Darjeeling grouped alphabetically
Ambootia, Arya, Avongrove, Badamtam, Balasun, Bannockburn, Bernesbeg, Castleton, Chamong 
Dhajea, Giddapahar, Ging, Glenbern, Goomtee, Gopaldhara, Happy Valley, Jungpana 
Lebong Mineral, Lingia, Longview, Lopchu, Makaibari, Margaret's Hope, Marybong, Monteviot 
Nagri Farm, North Tukvar, Okayti, Orange Valley, Phoobsering, Phuguri, Puttabong, Pusssimbing 
Risheehat, Rohini, Singbulli, Singtom, Steinthal, Sungma, Thurbo, Tindharia, Tukdah 

Ambootia Tea Garden

The tea garden is operating since 1850s and currently owned by Sanjay Bansal. It is located at north Kurseong area with elevation ranging from 950-1450 meters. The estate covers an area of 340 hectares and employs over 900 workers. The tea gardens are Bio-dynamic and organic. The produce includes black, green, white and oolong tea. 
20 Coalberth, Hoboken Road, Kolkata 700 088, India. 
Phone: +91 (33) 2439 1966 - 69, E-mail: [email protected] 

Arya Tea Estate

The tea estate operates under the Eurasia Group and located in west Darjeeling area. This organic garden spans across a slope with an elevation of 900 meters to about 1820 meters covering an area of 310 acres under tea. Much of the tea produced in this garden and processed in its factory are exported. Some of the well known specialty Darjeeling teas of the estate includes Ruby (Black Tea), Emerald (Green Tea), Pearl (White Tea), Diamond (extra bold with chunky tips) and Topaz (Oolong). 
Arya Tea Estate produces 70 tons of tea per year. The garden was set up in 1885 and originally known as 'Sidrabong'. There is a story that this garden was originally set up by Buddhist monks who cultivated Chinese tea here. The original house of the monks can still be seen in the garden. 
37,Shakespeare Sarani,Kolkata-700017 India.  
Phone: 00913211 2287-8631/32/34/35/8709  
Email: [email protected]; Garden Phone: (0354)2251330 

Avongrove Tea Estate

This organic tea estate has been taken over by the KPL International group in 2008. It sits at a high altitude of Rungbong valley in Darjeeling with elevation varying between 2200 to over 5500 feet. About 60% of tea produced in the garden are China Clonal and the remaining are mostly hybrid type. The average production in its factory is 60,000 - 70,000 kg per year. 
KPL International Limited, Park Plaza, 71, Park Street, Kolkata – 700 016, India. 
Phone: +91(33) 22178179, 22499472, 22499473; Email: [email protected] 

Badamtam Tea Estate

This is a Goodricke Group owned tea estate and one of the oldest in Darjeeling. Established originally in 1861, Badamtam was originally owned by Lebong Tea Company. The name of the estate comes from a Lepcha word that means "bamboo water carrier". This 172 hectares of tea estate is located in north Darjeeling and sits at an elevation ranging from 350-1830 meters. It essentially produces Darjeeling Black Tea.  
Badamtam tea garden is one of the most picturesque of all the estates owned by Goodricke and offers magnificent views of Kanchenjunga. Rangeet and Majhitar rivers flow through the valley here. There is also a 14-foot majestic bronze statue of Buddha erected on the gardens. Badamtam follows bio-dynamic processes and has advanced machinery in its factory.  
Goodricke Group Limited, Camellia House, 14 Gurusaday Road, Kolkata: 700 019, India. 
Phone: +91(33)22873067, 22878737, 22871816; E-mail: [email protected] 

Balasun Tea Estate

Located at north Kurseong area in Sonada, the garden spans across an area of 181 hectares with an elevation ranging from 365 to 1375 meters. The temperature in the garden varies between 7°C - 30°C through the year. The estate produces 51% pure China tea, 40% hybrid Assam type and rest are Darjeeling quality clonal variety.  
The garden was originally established in 1871 and was so named after the Balasun river that flows through the bottom of the garden. It has changed several hands and is presently owned by the Jay Shree Tea company since 2005. 
Jay Shree Tea. Industry House, 15th Floor, 10,Camac Street, Kolkata-700 017, India. 
Phone : +91-33-22827531-34; E-mail : [email protected]  

Bannockburn Tea Estate

Owned by the Chamong Group, this is one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling originally established in 1850s. The Tea Estate is located at west Darjeeling Valley covering an area of 143 hectares under tea (with 300 hectares of total estate area) and producing 75,000 kg of tea annually. The tea cultivated here includes black, green and white teas. It's a bio organic tea garden and employs around 500 workers. The tea from this garden is one of the favorites of the British connoisseurs. The tea leaves have fresh & fruity flavors with apricot note. 
Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. 
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani, Sagar Estate, 5th Floor, Unit 1, Kolkata – 700001, India 
Phone : +91(33) 3093-6400, Email: [email protected] 

Barnesbeg Tea Estate

This is another garden owned by the Goodricke Group. It's located in north Darjeeling area with picturesque settings. You get marvelous views of the mountains from the garden. The river Rangeet gushes down the valley. The garden was established in 1871 by Christine Barnes and its original name was Barne's Bagh (meaning Barne's Garden). The garden has an elevation ranging from 238 to 975 meters and covers an area of 282 hectares. The main teas cultivated here include the black & green tea and also an Assam variety that offers brisk taste. 
Goodricke Group Limited, Camellia House 
14 Gurusaday Road, Kolkata: 700 019, India. 
Phone: +91(33)22873067, 22878737, 22871816; Email: [email protected] 

Castleton Tea Estate

Owned by Goodricke Group, this tea garden spans along Punkhabari, Kurseong and Hill Cart Road, and located in the south Kurseong sub district. The garden which was established in 1885 by Dr. Charles Graham was named after a castle that still exists in Kurseong area. However the original name of the garden was 'Kumseri'. It spans across an elevation range of 915 to 1830 meters and covers a cultivation ground of 170 hectares. The main produce here includes black, green and white tea that are cultivated from delicate Chinese bushes. The tea has rose like fragrance and unique muscatel flavor. 
Goodricke Group Limited 
Camellia House, 14 Gurusaday Road, Kolkata: 700 019, India. 
Phone: +91(33)22873067, 22878737, 22871816; Email: [email protected] 

Chamong Tea Estate

This is the flagship and original tea estate owned by the Chamong Group (Lohias). The garden was set up originally in 1871. It is now a 100% organic garden covering a total area of 332 hectares out of which tea is cultivated in 138 hectares. The remaining area comprises of forests, workers villages and factory setup. The garden is located at the Rungbong valley by a hill side at a varying altitude of 1150 to 1850 meters. The main produce here includes green and white tea with an annual production of 75,000 kgs per year. 
Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. 
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani, Sagar Estate, 5th Floor, Unit 1, Kolkata – 700001, India 
Phone : +91(33) 3093-6400, Email: [email protected] 

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