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I keep receiving messages and comments everyday from the readers of this website, many of who told me how they could leverage the information and plan a perfect vacation, a trek or an adventure tour in Darjeeling &áSikkim areas. I can't capture all the messages here. But I am sincerely thankful to all of you for your kind words of encouragement. It has been my main source of inspiration to carry on with the work on this website. Here are a few of those messages: 

Viewers' Messages

Anita Ford 
Dear Sir, The internet still delights me when I find little jewels like this, your website. Wonderful information, from a REAL person. 
Dr. Abdullah Al Zilane 
Lost in your charming writing for about a week.... hope 2 visit Darjeeling next week. Wont say much.... just salute to you for your works ! you are awesome, you really are ! never been benefited from any other travel source so much like yours. Thank you bro. Thanks a lot. Keep it up ! Best wishes! 
Raaj Sarkar 
This is one of the most impartial and genuinely detailed website that talks about the queen of hill stations. I'm truly amazed at the level of commitment that goes behind such efforts. It's truly sensational to understand the depth of your love and loyalty for Darjeeling to the heightened extent that you could actually abandon the lucrative temptations of your corporate career to be with your passion, the Hill Queen. 
Pujasree Das 
I don't like your site...I am in love with it. Everytime I get time to browse through your takes the whole day for me to close it... I am such addicted to it... and the blog never ends... I think there are many people like me to admire your great work. 
Vinod Kumar Yadav 
Not having words to thank you for such a wonderful platform to promote meaningful interaction amongst tourists. Even I am seriously thinking to serve public like you by evolving a website like yours for Delhi and surrounding area. 
Arindam Bhowmik 
I have visited many places in India, and for past few years online tourism is at its peak. But I must say, I have never come across any perfectly managed website which is so much informative and organised. My friends too appreciated your website and I am surely going to promote it in my FB , and other social network. I really wished, if I could have been with you in tourism business, not only to earn money but to earn satisfaction through providing true service. 
I also wish every tourist destination in India could have similar website. I salute you Sir. Honestly. Last, I have been through almost whole of North and North east but could not visit Darjeeling ever. Everytime there were some or the other mishap. This time I dared only for you, and my 4 year old kid would be thankful to you for helping us visit Darjeeling. 
T V Rajendra Kumar 
Hi Raj, Fabulous site I must say. The amount of detailing is staggering and worth the read every bit. I have been reading reviews / blogs for a few days now on the mentioned itinerary but looks like I have finally found the site I have been looking for. 
Anirban Dutta 
Dear Mr. Raj... many many thanks to you for quality and quantity of the content that you have provided in your website. Your website is undoubtedly a detailed, user friendly and most importantly constantly updated encyclopedia on Darjeeling tourism. 
Paula Aziz 
Dear Raj, First let me thank you for this mind blowing site on Darjeeling tourism. Best guide on any city I have ever come across. I can plan my vacation in Darjeeling by only going through your site. 
Richard Tarves 
Thanks for writing an excellent website, the only one I've found so far with genuinely useful information. Yours, 
Rama Sateesh 
Hi Raj, Cannot believe anyone can create such a useful blog and forum. Seriously you have taken blogging to new heights and thanks so much for all the information readily available. 
I cant thank you enough for creating such a resourceful site... It sets the standard very high.. Any question that can come to ones mind.. just browse a few pages and it is bound to be answered... hats off.. and trust me Sir, this is a very honest review. I wish the so called professional tourism sites could take a cue from you, it would do wonders to the tourism of our country. 
Mahendra Singh 
I had never seen such a site with loaded information... I guess it covers all the answers of any traveller.. Wonderful work Raj.. 
Hi Raj, Kudos for a very well written blog. Its detailed yet succinct, visually appealing for the photos, and your personal stories add a human touch to it. Greatly helpful. Impressed! All the best. 
Rashi Rawat 
Dear Mr Raj, Thanks a ton! The information on your site was such a big help in organizing my tour myself (though this was my first ever tour with my mom and kids alone without a man besides me). áI visited Darjeeling in March 24, 2015. Everything went so smooth and nice because of the inputs I took from your site. I loved Darjeeling and wish to come back again! Just wanted to thank you again! regards, 
Before my first ever trip to India and hilly Darjeeling, I am all excited as well as tensed about my upcoming stay. Finding your website was like a blessing as I was spending couple of hours on net everyday after having my tickets and dates locked. There is something different about how you portrayed your love for the place into something meaningful for the newbies like me. I will be reading all lines you have written on this website in coming weeks.. Thanks !! I have found what I am looking for before my first trip. Regards 
Sunny B 
Hi Raj, This is an excellent website on Darjeeling that I came across by chance. I was actually looking for making a stopover in or around Bagdogra to catch the next morning flight to Paro, Bhutan from Bagdogra. But your website has actually made me change my mind - to actually spend some more time (in Darjeeling) rather than just making a stop for a night. I went through this website in great detail - information is very well structured and articulated - kudos for that. 
Raghavan N 
A million thanks to you Raj. A wonderful site. Details that are relevant as well as in much depth. Satisfies the enquiry of the reader especially one who is new to the area. Impressed by the travel, accommodation and places information given. I rate it as a 'A' grade site. Thank you. I will try to share my experiences with you after my visit. May god bless you and your family with health, long life and happiness.... Keep posting. 
Hi Raj, First of all let me appreciate your laudable efforts to make such a nice informative website about Darjeeling... Only a truly passionate traveler can provide in depth info like this... I was looking for travelling info about Darjeeling &ástumbled upon your site &áfound it to be truly worth reading... 
Rudolph. A. Furtado 
An excellent informative travelogue guide for tourists. I have personally visited 45 Country's in the World to date, partly accomplished as a "Marine Engineer" on Merchant Navy ships upto the 1990's. At present I tour alone or in packaged groups. Will be touring Darjeeling and Gangtok in March and your travelogue is an excellent guide and also relevant as you keep it updated. I myself write blogs on my tours experiences, a memory bank as well as a guide for future tourists. Thanks for this excellent travelogue. 
Akash Dhingra 
Hi! I just glanced your blog and found it very very useful. Thanks a lot for providing genuine insight about topics asked by your readers. People like you are really difficult to find on this earth. Thanks once again. Best Regards!!! Cheers!!! 
Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad 
Your site is nothing but the very Bible that contains the invaluable scripture to be must read by all pilgrims intending the path of Darjiling. 
Ramapati Thakur 
Hi Raj, Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful website, I am still unable to believe, how you manage to provide such independent feedack on all aspects of Darjeeling tourism, you deserve grand salute from people like us. 
Anurag Jain 
Hello Raj, This is an out of way, an informal letter of appreciation about the page ... The page is very very helpful and extremely helpful even for the first time viewer like Me.... I Just want to say A Big Thank You for such an Accurate and Elaborate Guideline..!!! 
Sally Taylor 
Namaste, We came to Sikkim for a too-brief holiday in 2008. Since then, we have had some illness, retirement, and feel we really MUST come back to India. This time, we shall make our own programme, with a particular interest in seeing rhododendrons in flower. So thank you very much for making all the information available, with links to maps, time required for trekking, etc. It is all REALLY useful. It must have taken you ages, so thank you for spending the time! Regards, Sally Taylor  
Sudeep Puthalath 
Hi Raj, Hope you are doing good. This is Sudeep. I am having great time here in your city Darjeeling. I know even if I say millions of thanks to you, that wouldn't be enough. Your website n your advices helped me a lot in perfectly planning the trip and I covered all the places mentioned in your website. I stroked a good deal with a driver and in fact I got a rate lower than those mentioned in your website. Tomorrow I am moving to Gangtok and will cover the places there also n will fly back on Sunday. Thanks a lot for every help and advices. I wish all states would have websites like yours so that it will be easy for frequent backpackers like me. Wishing you good days ahead n God bless you. Regards. 
Tirthankar Banerjee 
Hi Raj, I had written to you with a small question earlier in the day, today. But I am writing to you now to express how wonderful it is to go through your website. Everything is beautifully documented and is exactly what a traveler would need. And is very thorough. I can understand that a lot of hard work has gone into it. Please keep up the good work, really appreciate it. Regards, 
Ashish Jain 
Thanks a lot for maintaining such a wonderful &áhelpful website. I can't remember if I had ever read almost each &áevery page of a website. Hats off to you and please keep up the good work. You indeed are helping a lot of people already. God Bless! Regards 
Prof. Adesh Kumar Srivastava 
Dear friend, this page I found that has been written for people like me. I felt that a true friend is talking and giving advice in such a way that he wants to guide us on every front, be it the places of interest, hotels to stay, things to do and see, virtually I found that I traveled here on my laptop before going there actually and as we all know that knowledge is power, I am feeling more confident in going there as this is the first visit to that place but with a feel that we will have more fun and joy there as expected earlier. I am going with my better half and two little princes of 2 yrs &á6months old. Feeling can not be expressed through the words like thanks but still thanks in advance. Thanks a lot. 
Dear Mr. Raj, I want to convey my sincere appreciation and thanks for the excellent effort you have put in to provide all recommendations and inputs about Darjeeling Tourism. It is so helpful in planning trips for everyone. God bless you!!! Thanks once again. 
Dear Raj, I have been your fan since 2016 when I first visited Darjeeling along with two of my friends. áI got a great help from your site then. In 2017 we came to Sikkim, your site was a great help there too. Then in 2019 I had a solo trip in Kalimgpong and Darjeeling in Monsoon. Now we are coming again for Sandakphu, Phalut and offbeat places like Sitong, Lepchajagat, Lamahatta. Thanks brother for all your information. 
Gnana Sekaran 
Hey man, Your website is full of information! And its the only website which I will say helped in all ways to fill my first solo backpack travel itinerary to Darjeeling/Sikkim! Hell loads of information! All credits to you. Great job. Keep it up! Thanks 
Mayank Agrawal 
Dear Sir, I am planning to visit Darjeeling and north Sikkim with my family in end of March. I explored many websites and I found yours priceless. You nearly answered all my queries. Thanks again. I will write to you again after I come back taking advantage from your huge and selfless effort. Regards 
Mukesh Gupta 
Hello Raj.. Just wanted to thank you for your painstaking and very informative and important work on Darjeeling. It is much appreciated. I am originally from Darjeeling.. but now re-located in the US. Originally, I was also VERY actively involved in tourism in Darjeeling &áSikkim region.. (in the 70s &áearly 80s) and I am fortunate enough to be still involved in travel &átourism but with a more broad and universal sense while here in the U.S. However, my heart is still up in the mountains and I do miss them much.  
The only good thing is that from time to time I have started sending tourists once again to the Darjeeling area and I still do have my family there. áI ran into your website while looking for alternate accommodations-- and in this case in a tea estate... I was intrigued and was wondering who took so much trouble to build a nice website on Darjeeling.. So congratulations and thank you for doing so. Best regards 
Jyoti Ondhia 
I'm planning on coming to Darjeeling/Sikkim &ácame across your website, it's a God sent! Thank you so much. And to make it more exciting I have a similar way of thinking, i.e. following ones passion/interest &áthat 'foreign' &ámoney isn't the be all &áend all. So well done &ákeep enjoying. 
True to this I am actually taking a Leave of Absence from work &átravelling to India to places I haven't been to before, as well as volunteering, fund raising &áspending time with relatives &áfriends &áenjoying Diwali &ásome other festivals here. Well done to you and your family. Best Wishes. 
Dipanjan Biswas 
Hi Raj, This is a wonderful website that you have created. It contains exactly what I was looking for. I am also an IT professional from Kolkata, but unfortunately this will be my first visit to Darjeeling. Some how I landed up to your website and found exactly what I needed. The only thing that I would advice is to do something so that it comes up in the first page of google search. Otherwise your website could get easily lost between all those business websites. Wonderful work. Keep it up. Regards. 
Ritesh Patel 
Hi I am Ritesh Patel from Mumbai. After reading your website, I was very glad that you have done a great job in writing, infact each and every information is updated, thank you for your good work. God Bless. 
Sayan Mukherjee 
Hi, This site is super informative. Me and my best friend are planning to visit Darjeeling on 10th of Sep'12. Looking forward to have breakfast/lunch/dinner in Glenarys and Keventers. Thanks a lot for furnishing everyone with so much useful information, will write back once we complete our trip. Cheers!!!! 
Partha Sarathi Basu 
Dear Raj, I would like to congratulate you for the fantastic site you have developed, my heartiest appreciation for you. 
Pradeep Bhatia 
Dear Mr. Raj, I am impressed with the information given by you. After reading I am feeling that I have been to Darjeeling many times. So I will definitively visit during last week of November. The job you are doing is fantastic and I have no words to write in your appreciation. Thanks and Best Regards 
This is the best site I have found till now with all the required information about Darjeeling. Thank you for this wonderful job. 
Abinash Rai 
Very nice and addictive website. The real beauty of the place is nicely written with words and shown by the pictures. 
U Rao 
Raj, Your passion for Darjeeling and its promotion as a tourist destination comes through in your blogs and answers to the innumerable and varied queries from potential travelers. The detailing and the lucidity of the info provided are to the point and satisfying. Thank you for the service. 
Videh Ranjan 
Hi Raj, thanks a lot for such a privileged information. We are currently in Darjeeling for my wife's b'day celebration. It turned out to be such a wonderful vacation thanks to your site which was not only informative but also very personal, like taking advice from a friend. We even ended up making friends with Mr. Puran, who incidentally is a proud grandfather now :) Thanks again for this gem of a site. 
Ujjal Maitra 
Hi Raj, I happened to come across your site searching the web on Darjeeling and boy your site is so informative, I did not find much elsewhere. I am also a Darjeeling fan like you having visited around 5-6 times. This year, we are going for 2 days in Dec during Christmas on our return from Sikkim. I have stayed and eaten in many of the places you have mentioned and cannot agree more about your review of those places. Like you no trip of ours is complete without breakfast at Keventer's. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work and keep us updated on Queen of the Hills. 
Anil Yadav 
Dear Raj, Its really wonderful what you are doing through this blog. Actually it's only because of this blog I made up my mind to come to Darjeeling for my annual vacations, so thank you soo much for this. The review you have given regarding various hotels in Darjeeling, I have checked up with my friends and other sites they are really very good. áAnd best thing I have already planned my stay in one of these hotels. Purpose of writing this is to thank you; off-course and to know whether you have such list for Gangtok also as I am planning to stay their for 2-3 days during my visit to North-east. I am from New Delhi and will tell every one about this blog who is interested to come and spend quality time in this region. Thanks and cheers. 
Arindam Banerjee 
Mr. Raj, I am a Defence Service Officer. I love your website and this WEBSITE is really just "A W E S O M E". You have given almost all information about Darjeeling. áI and my family is in love with Darjeeling. We visit Darjeeling almost every year around December-January for the last 10 years. Hats off to you for creating such a FANTASTIC website. 
Very good advice, we would be lost without this site but enjoyed holiday on our own with your guidance, thanks. 
As the political disturbances in Darjeeling started evaporating since November, me and my family planned to have a trip to Darjeeling. Honestly speaking, I was not in favor of this trip as I had a notion that Darjeeling is nothing but a Burra Baazar (the clumsiest business area of Kolkata) based at a Hilly area and hence I was not in favor of this trip. But it was my wife and my son who forced me to opt for it. Incidentally, whenever I visit any place I normally do lot of R&D on that place by taking the help of Google. I did the same this time too and I got an amazing site created by Mr. Raj Bhattacharya. 
...And what a site, áI got all info of Darjeeling. And Raj, after completing the visit, I must say that what a vivid description you have given, none can do that without a severe passion to the place. Thanx once again. It was because of my wife and son on one side and on the other side, it was because of you, I rediscovered Darjeeling. Thank You once again. I would be giving a very detailed description of my trip very soon for all of them who still believe that Darjeeling is nothing but a Burra Bazaar on a hill..! I will prove you all wrong. 
Kaushik Goswami 
Dear Raj, Thanks for sharing the information which are specific and helpful for travelers like us. I have visited Darjeeling couple of times but after reading your information, once again, I have re-discovered Darjeeling especially the restaurants.. thanks, keep sharing.. God Bless... Regards 
Atish Roy 
Dear Raj, I am really surprised to find your website and the kind of help and info you are sharing with tourists. You are a true nature lover who shares nature's beauty with others and encourage all to love the mother nature more and more... With lots of love and thanks. 
Marie Salve 
I was so lucky to come across your site. Loads of useful information !!! Descriptive and detailed.. Good choice of narrative. Good Job. Congrats. Do you have such website for tourism for any other place in India. If not, you should create an informative base for all of us like this one for places all over India. Travel writing is so interesting. 
Vishal P 
Hi Raj, I was planning my 5 days first trip to Gangtok &áDarjeeling with my family of 3 including my 6 year old son. áAs i am a newbee, i wanted to know as much as relevant information i can and was going through many sites. áWhen i first hit your site, i felt like i don't need to go anywhere else. áYour true efforts are motivating people to self plan and execute great trips and save upon unnecessary expenses. Outstanding effort and dedication. We need more such sites from people like you. Best wishes.. keep it up. 
Gautam Deb 
Dear Raj, I am from Kolkata and work for a MNC. A complete Darjeeling aficionado. Unfortunately, due to my nature of work and commitments have not been able to visit Darj much. But in my 4 visits till date, have developed a liking which cannot be expressed through words. I dropped into say that I came across your web site just today while trying to understand if it is possible to buy land in Darjeeling. I have a dream to retire in Darj and may be build a small home stay. That would be like 30 years later though. Your website content and your earnestness to be honest yet be a brand ambassador for Darj moved me. Thank you Raj for your wonderful endeavor. May God bless you. Regards. 
Adrish Mukherjee 
Thanks A Lot Mr Raj Bhattacharya. Your extensive research and feedback on the same has done a whole lot of good to the region and for the entire region of North Bengal and for the many visitors in this tourist specific area. I will definitely be benefited by your valuable inputs. 
Sanjay Patra 
Thank you Raj for your wonderful informative site about darjiling &ágangtok and it's surrounding places. Myself with my wife visited Darjeeling in this Oct'2014..We could plan our visit completely based on your website which is full of information on every aspects of these places. So thank you very much and best wishes for this wonderful job. 
Deb Kumar Maitra 
Hello Raj, Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on the EXCELLENT informative site you have made for Darjeeling. Besides the extensive and comprehensive information, I appreciate the technical aspects of your site as well. Simple; good colour contrast; legible; well indexed; good sub-links and also very mobile friendly (I have tested on 2G). 
Dear Rajsaab, Thank you for your wonderful work here. It helped us immensely. We made most of our planning as per information and guidance available on your website and it turned out to be a perfect vacation. Also we found all the people here very helpful and sincere. That made our vacation more comfortable and enjoyable. We appreciate your good work here. A BIG THANK YOU, Rajsir. 
Sumit Jhanwar 
Hello Sir! Great work. It feels like we are there at the spot when you describe it with colorful vocabulary and exquisite photos. Every miniature detail about Darjeeling and surrounding regions can be found here. All this can fill anyone up with a strong desire to visit the scenic town. 
Gyanendu Pattnaik 
I went through this site thoroughly and found it just magical and seducing as if Darjeeling, Gangtok and other places are calling you in its utmost bridal beauty to free your mind and soul to get divine and eternal happiness. you have meticulously and assiduously researched these areas and natural beauties and made the readers mesmerized that one should come and visit there once in lifetime. Even if at all it is not possible to go there then one can read your site time and again to feel the lively heartbeat of the beauty of nature..... Thanks for your meditative efforts.