Public Facilities in Darjeeling
Needs Complete Overhauling

Aayush Anurag (Traveler, June 2014) 
Hi, I was very exited to see this wonderful place on earth and the hype built around Darjeeling is completely worth but I want to point out how my memories of this place with such an amazing beauty got ruined because of the lack of public toilets provided at the tourist places. 
I am here with my mom and as we all know ladies require to go to the bathrooms frequently. With places at remote locations it is utmost necessary to provide good clean hygienic public toilets. 
This place is flocking with tourists but there are no toilets and the ones where the toilets are built like near the Chowrasta and Peace Pagoda, áare so goddamn dirty that it makes people just puke and leaves them disgusted with the foul smell. Everyone who was coming out of the bathroom complained about the same thing... some even could not go inside due to the bad smell and those who went like me are filled with bad disgusted memories.  
Even at the HMI the condition was same... The point is who see this beautiful peace pagoda and you also have signs that point you in the direction of toilet but when you get there you can't just go in .. all the beauty and elegance of the place is ruined by the lack of initiative done by the municipality or the concerned tourism authorities.. this is a big problem.  
If people are flocking to tiger hill at 4.30a.m, it is common sense to provide basic sanitation facilities. Today I even saw ladies searching for toilets which left them with the option of doing in the open somewhere in the common ground. 
At every tourist spot this is missing. A place which attracts so much tourist has to do something about this. áI am leaving with some very bad memories, all the good places I saw, there memories have áfaded. With international tourist also flocking this place this leaves a bad mark on the west Bengal tourism and on Darjeeling. 
I know water scarcity is a problem but what you have to do is build good pay and use toilet which are properly maintained. Charge a high amount but please provide water even if it has to be supplied by tankers from the places down the hill like Siliguri or where water is available. I am sure people won't mind paying a large amount as they already are here spending lots on food transport and sight seeing . It will be a meager áamount in comparison. 
I don't know if this is the right channel but I hope u can take this message to the concerned authorities. áI really wish this problem gets solved because a place is judged by the cleanliness of the toilets even if the place is filled with natural beauty . 
Thanks and regards, 
Aayush Anurag (June 2014) 

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