Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Darjeeling

This page is for those looking for pure vegetarian restaurants in Darjeeling. Note that pure-vegetarian here means that restaurants that only serve vegetarian food. 
Almost all restaurants that serve non-veg dishes in Darjeeling will also serve some vegetarian dishes anyway. However, the vegetarians mostly look for eateries that serve only vegetarian food and won't like to sit with those having non-vegetarian food. 
Grains Restaurant Darjeeling 
This article will also list restaurants where you can ask for Jain food (food without garlic or onion, or even root vegetables like potatoes). 
And if you are a vegan, ask the restaurant not to use any dairy products like milk, ghee, butter or yogurt in the preparations. Some of them will customize it to your needs. 
But before I start listing the vegetarian restaurants, I would like to set your expectations right. Darjeeling is not really a paradise for vegetarians and you won't find too many restaurants serving only veggie food. 
The locals, majority of who are Nepalis, are mostly non-vegetarians. Only a small population of Marwaris and other non-Bengalis have created a few restaurants that serve vegetarian-only food. In recent times, several hotels have come up that only serve pure vegetarian food and some of their restaurants are also open to outside guests. 
Here are the best pure vegetarian eateries in Darjeeling. Go through the links to get detailed information including food and ambience. 
(Price: Mid Range, Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese) 
This is a very popular pure vegetarian restaurant in Darjeeling and located centrally next to upper club-side stand on Gandhi road. You will need to climb a few flights of narrow steep stairs to reach the restaurant. The dining room is quite spacious and nicely done up. The menu is quite extensive. 
Lunnar Restaurant Darjeeling 
You will get all sorts of north Indian, South Indian and Chinese dishes here including tandoor. The service is friendly. Take a table next to one of the large windows. You can see swarms of people and activities below while having a lovely view of the mountains. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Grains by Udaan Nirvana Resort

(Price: Mid Range, Cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Continental) 
This is also a popular pure vegetarian restaurant located inside Udaan Nirvana Resort, a 4-Star property located just below the Mall on CR Das Road. The road is a narrow downhill lane that starts from the Mall (Chowrasta) and behind the Golden Tips Teattoria (a tea outlet and lounge). You will need to walk down for about 3 minutes to get to the property. 
The restaurant is open to outside guests as well. The ambience inside is sophisticated and elegant. A large chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. You get great views of the mountains and the valley from the window-side tables. So, try to grab one of those tables. 
Grains Restaurant, Darjeeling 
They have an elaborate menu and you can enjoy all-day dining here. In breakfast, you can order fresh fruit juice, fruit platter, cereals, bread, choice of paratha (aloo paratha is excellent), poori bhaji, masala poha, dosa, upma, uttapam, etc. 
In all-time favorites, you get choice of veg sandwiches, veg burgers, French fries, corn cheese balls, pakoras, Naachos, cheese balls, chilli cheese toasts, etc. 
During lunch and dinner, try out a soup for an appetizer... they have several options. áIn starters, they offer panir tikka, dahi kebab, tandoori mushrooms, hara bhara kebab, assorted tandoor platter, vegetable seekh kebab, cheese fritters, and more. The menu also has a several types of salads that you can choose from. 
In main courses, you can choose from a range of Indian breads, daals, rice (including pulau and byriani). And then go for the side dishes that includes aloo jeera, aloo gobi, paneer matar, mixed vegetables, malai kofta curry, aachari mushroom masala, and various other delicious items made of paneer (cottage cheese), mushrooms and other vegetables. 
Note that they can also serve Jain food here (ask them and the waiter will help). 
They also serve a range of Chinese and Continental dishes. In Chinese you get hakka noodles, chopsuey, veg manchurian, chilli paneer, fried rice, stir fried vegetables, sweet &ásour veg, crispy chilli babycorn, and more. 
The Continental items include crispy corn salt &ápepper, golden fried babycorn, Pasta, Lasagna, Augratin, baked or sauteed vegetables, etc. 
Finally, finish off your meal with a choice of dessert such as gulab jamun, rasagolla, ice cream (several options), Brownie with ice cream, etc. You get hot and cold beverages as well, such as tea, coffee, milk shake, lassi, fresh lime soda, etc. 
Food quality and taste are excellent. Portions are adequate. The restaurant is clean. The service is friendly and efficient. Although walk-ins are allowed, it is better to book a table in advance during the high season. Call +91 77193 68482 for table reservation. 
NOTE: They have two other pure vegetarian restaurants by the same name (Grains) that are part of two separate hotels but are also open to outside guests... Grains by Udaan Himalayan (on Hill Cart Road, Kakjhora) and Grains by Udaan Dekeling (on Lal Kothi Road, Jalapahar). You can call the same number above for inquiry and table reservation. 
(Price: Budget, Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, International) 
This is a cafe serving vegetarian breakfast and snack items. It's located on Nehru Road and close to the Mall. You won't get regular vegetarian meals here. But the snacks are quite nice. They make great dosas as well as veggie chowmeins, north Indian chats etc. 
Frank Ross Cafe Darjeeling 
They also serve tacos, nachos, pizzas, sphagettis etc. You will get beverages as well like coffee, tea, cold drinks and even ice creams. Overall a nice cozy environment. Service is friendly but a bit laid back. 
(Price: Budget, Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese) 
You won't miss this restaurant with its bright red board as you walk along Nehru road towards the Mall. This has remained a popular vegetarian eatery since many years, mainly because you get wide range of items including snacks and meals at a budget price. The large board on the left as you enter, lists all the dishes available here, and there are literally countless items. 
Hasty Tasty Darjeeling 
You can also ask for few Jain dishes here. Chaats like dahi kachori, papdi chaat, and dosas are most popular here. This is one place where you can try out the local dishes like Alu Dum and veggie momos. They serve late breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a self service restaurant. 

Hotel Sunflower's Restaurant

(Price: Mid Range, Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese) 
This is an in-house restaurant of Hotel Sunflower but open to outsiders. The hotel is located right at one corner of the Mall and steps away from Nathmulls Tea Shop and Tibet Art shop. The restaurant is on the ground floor and has a very nice ambience with wooden paneling and woodwork at the ceiling. 
Sunflower Restaurant, Darjeeling 
You get lovely views of the valley from the window-side tables. The menu is quite extensive and they serve different types of Indian and Chinese vegetarian dishes. You can have full meals here. 
Some of the popular dishes here includes fried rice or naans, paneer preparations including palak paneer, mixed vegetables, daal makhani, green salad etc. Finish it with a juice or ice cream. Service is friendly and professional. They serve breakfast (7am to 10am), lunch (12noon to 3pm) and dinner (7pm to 10pm). They are vegan friendly. 

Kasturi Palace Restaurant

(Price: Mid Range, Cuisine: Gujrati, Jain, Marwari &áSouth Indian) 
This is another nice restaurant located at Hotel Kasturi Palace on Hill Cart Road. It's little away from the main town center of Darjeeling and located near Ava Art Gallery. It's barely 10 minutes by car from the main town center and on the way to Ghum. 
Kasturi Palace Restaurant 
Staff are friendly, inside dining ambience is clean and nice, ávegetarian food is good. They also have a terrace sitting. 51A Hill Cart Road, Rose Bank, Darjeeling. 

Gharana at hotel Shambhu

(Price: Mid Range, Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese) 
The restaurant is part of hotel Shambhu which is located at Gandhi road and about 5-6 minutes walk from the taxi stand. You can see the hotel perched a bit high on the cliff on your left. So it requires climbing a few flights of stairs to reach up to the reception level where the restaurant is located. 
Gharana Restaurant Darjeeling 
Ambience is quite ordinary with wooden tables with glass tops laid on rows. The restaurant serves all the standard vegetarian north Indian and Chinese dishes. There is a large floor-to-ceiling window on one side. Take a table next to that and you will get nice terrace view with garden setting. 
There is a wood-paneled bar on one side with bar-stools. The bar did not however look adequately stocked and wasn't too impressive either. I have hardly seen anyone at the bar. The service is friendly but average. The restaurant is vegan friendly. However, you will need to order food in advance as they do not usually keep food ready. 
Address: 73, Gandhi Road, Darjeeling. 

Restaurant at hotel Apsara

(Price: Budget, Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese) 
This is an in-house restaurant of hotel Apsara (a budget hotel) and located on Laden La Road. The ambience is average with rows of tables on both sides of a longish dining room. You can go for the vegetarian thali which is what most have. They also serve buffet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. Service is average. 
Apsara Restaurant Darjeeling 
Address: 6 Laden-la Road, Darjeeling. 
(Price: Budget, Cuisine: Tibetan, Chinese) 
It's a shack type low budget eatery located on Jawahar Road and near the HMI &áZoo entrance. They serve mostly snack items. Some nice items to go for are veggie momos made by Lily (the lady owner), veg burgers and homemade beer. 
Hot Stimulating Cafe Darjeeling 
NOTE: While they are a vegetarian eatery, they do serve egg items like egg burgers and omelet with toast etc. 
You can also walk down Hot Stimulating Cafe from the Mall (about 20-25 minutes walk). 

Tip Top Gujarati Guesthouse

(Price: Budget, Cuisine: Gujarati) X CLOSED 
This is a guesthouse on Gandhi road and offers both food and lodging to its guests. They serve nice Gujarati, vegetarian and Jain food in their dining hall. You get Gujarati thali (platter) as well. Although accommodations are quite ordinary, food is good. 
It's a homely guesthouse and quite popular with Gujaratis. It's at a walking distance (of about 12-15 minutes) from the main commercial center of Nehru road. Address: 106 Gandhi Road. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Jai Ganesh H (February 2017) 
Hi ! Like for many, your website is of great help for people like us who are planning to visit Darjeeling and Surrounding places. I am planning to visit Darjeeling during April 2017. Is it safe for 2 persons (a lady included) to goto Gangtok via a private taxi from Bagdogra airport, supposing we take a taxi from airport at 2:30PM? Do we get good vegetarian foods in Darjeeling? Appreciate your advise and help. thanks a TON in advance !  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2017 
Yes, it's safe to travel. There are not many vegetarian restaurants in Darjeeling - you can try Lunnar (on Gandhi road) and Sunflower (part of Sunflower hotel at Mall) for your meals. Gangtok has plenty of them on MG Marg.