Journey from Wangdue to Trongsa

Many tourists prefer driving in from Wangdue to Trongsa via the Pele La pass because of the limitless sightseeing options and attractions on the way. The pass will take you across the famed black mountains which separate the western and central Bhutan. 
There are also options for exploring the beautiful Phobjika Valley on this route (see page on Phobjika). 
The road to Pele La weaves in through hillsides that are carpeted over with Cham or dwarf bamboo. The zone near Pele La usually has some Yaks grazing around, from Pele La, you will move on to the quaint village of Longte. 
Stop for a tea Break and snacks at the Tushita Café (lunch is also available here for 350 NU). Further on, you will pass the Rukubji village with its gomba and large school and fields of potatoes and mustard. 
After you cross the village, keep an eye on the huge rocks on the roadside…you will spot striking murals that were painted there when the filming for the movie Travellers and Magicians was done. After some kilometres you will see a bridge spanning the river Nikka Chhu. 
Interestingly, this is the end of the famous 24-day Snowman’s trek. A very remote district named Luana will fall on your path now and you can check out its exquisite woven bamboo mats and baskets. 
There is a lodge with restaurant named Norbu Yangphel which offers a good lunch spread (the river moss soup here is a speciality). 
The road follows the river Nikka Chhu to the two Chortens and then moves slowly into a grove of white rhodendrons, dwarf bamboo, blue pines, spruces before reaching Chendebji. 
This village has a Lhakhang with a yellow roof on its head and is a well-known stop for trade caravans. You can stop to see the Chendebji Chorten that is a scenic spot on the river bank. 
From this chorten, Trongsa is about one hour away. You will see shrubs of edgeworthia before you reach Trongsa and these are used in Bhutan to make paper. You will also see some brown monkeys (rhesus macaques) on the way. 
Just before Trongsa, lies the Tashiling Village that contains the Tashichholing Lhakhang and the Craft Training Institute of Gayrab. Ahead of this village is the last village before Trongsa town; Tsangkha and this contains the revered college of Astrology. 
Soon, you get to see the imposing view of the Trongsa Dzong. There is a small Chorten on the road…you can stop here to take a photograph of the imposing Dzong and the town. 
Though the town and dzong looks very near, you must drive down a side valley, cross a bridge over the foaming Mangde Chhu (one of the livelier rivers of Bhutan) and then arrive in Trongsa (a journey of 14 km). 
The drive from Wangdue to Trongsa takes 4 to 5 hours and the cab fare (reserved) is 3500 NU. 

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