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The locals in Shillong are quite fond of their daily glass of cheer and the weather being as lovely as it is... you would definitely look out for a great bar to spend an evening. Fortunately, Shillong has some bars that are quite tourist friendly and visit worthy. However most bars shut down by 11 p.m. so monitor your expectations accordingly. 

Club Tango

O.B Shopping Mall, Police Bazaar, Shillong. 
Phone: 09774661046 
One of the very few standalone nightclubs in Shillong…the Club Tango attracts Shillong’s youngest and coolest crowds. If a nightclub is what you are looking for then this is your Go To place. The atmosphere here is lively rather than relaxed and weekends are pretty crowded. 
DJ Nights, Hip Hop Music sessions, Karaoke nights are staple in Club Tango and you will like seeing the new breed of artists showcasing their musical talent inside. 
Club Tango  
Photo: Club Tango 
Food is standard fare and though they claim to serve an international range of cocktails and drinks…mostly the crowd sticks to local. Food and drinks for two will cost around 1500 INR 

Klong Lounge Bar

Laitumkhrah Main Road, Shillong  
Phone: 0364-7100030 / 87947-26831 
This is a rather classy joint frequented by tourists and locals alike. For an evening with friends in the company of light music... the Kloung is warm, hospitable and effervescent. The people managing the bar; Tanny and Jason will instantly make you feel at home with their friendly conversation and demonstration of the art of making cocktails. 
The bar is on the top floor of Hotel Poinsuk which is a popular hotel in Shillong 
Klong Lounge Bar 
Photo: Hotel Poinsuk 
You will get all kinds of local, national as well as international brands of alcohol here. The cocktails of Klong are rumoured to be great!! 

Cloud 9 in Hotel Center Point

Police Bazaar (Khyndailad), Shillong 
Phone: 364 2220480 
Center Point is one of the most sought after hotels in Shillong and in season times …it is mostly fully booked. Even if you do not get the chance to stay in Center Point…do visit Cloud 9... It’s a great rooftop Bar that generally has a good crowd. Cloud 9 has come up as the most promising promoter of the night life culture in Shillong with their curated selection of band performances and DJ stints. 
The USP is the great view of Shillong…up there from the roof. The ambience inside is more suitable for a couple’s night or a relaxed evening rather than a loud night with your gang. 
On offer are an array of choicest liquors and spirits along with a global range of cocktails. The cuisine served here is mostly Pan Asian. Live musical nights happen every Wednesday and Sunday. The walls are covered with beautiful photography and wall art. 
Food and drinks for two would cost around 2000 INR 

Hotel Pine Borough Sunset Bar

Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001 
Phone: 0364 222 0698 
The Sunset Bar is again attached to a well-known hotel in Shillong….the Pine Borough. It offers a decent range of drinks and acceptable ambience though you might find the atmosphere a bit laid back. The snacks menu is good with continental, Indian and local starters. 

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