Shillong Peak View Point

Located about 10 km south of Shillong City, the Shillong Peak is the highest point of Shillong and it provides great views of Shillong city, surrounding waterfalls, the Himalayan Range, Bangladesh Syllhet Plains and the lush greenery nearby. 
You will probably see the peak surrounded by dense fog... that’s how it is on most days of the year and the primary reason is its high altitude of 6,449ft (1,966m) above sea level. The Shillong peak is not steep and can be termed a gentle climb…its structure is rather semi-circular. 
You can approach the Shillong peak through upper Shillong or the Jowai road. If you love trekking then do try out the cobbled trekking route from Umkynrut-Kynjat Phutbol to the Shillong View Point a Laitkor. If you decide to drive to the peak from Shillong city, it will take you 20 minutes. 
On the way to Shillong Peak 
Though the views are lovely all along the path to the top, understandably the loveliest views are available right at the top of the peak. If you do decide to trek to the top of the Shillong peak then carrying packed lunch or some packed snacks along with bottled water is a must. 
The top of the Shillong peak has a sacred spot that is dedicated to U Shulong. Each spring, special rituals are organised here to honour the spirit of U Shullong and the pastor of Mylliem comes here to offer prayers. Incidentally legends say that U shulong is a local youth who was born out of holy conception of a virgin maiden Li U Shillong... and U shullong means one who grows naturally. The locals call out to U Shulong by the prayer Khot Shillong in difficult times. 
View from Shillong Peak 
It’s said that the city Shillong gets its name from this peak. According to the mythology of the region, the deity Leishyllong who protects the city of Shillong also resides on this peak. 
Usually as alternative road to the peak isn’t present, the bulk of tourists use either of the two roads that pass through the Radar station of Indian Air Force located nearby to access the Shillong Peak view point. It was estimated that more than 300 vehicles entered the radar station each day and that would bring up a security issue. The Shillong peak has to be strictly guarded to stop anti national groups from taking advantage of the huge tourist flow and threatening the Indian Air-force Station. In 2016, a high alert was issued when tourist vehicles were stopped from passing through the station… these restrictions were enforced post the Pathankot Air Force base attack. 
The recent Civil Liaison meeting brought up a proposal to construct a 5 km long access road from outside the Air Force Station to the View Point. The road is to be shortly completed though as of now the high alert has been removed and tourist flow to the peak continues smoothly. As of now, all you need to do is to take a permit from the air force office if you want to visit the peak, so carry a photo ID and for security purpose visitors are required to submit cameras for inspection. 
Food Stall at Shillong Peak 
Shops at Shillong Peak 
Curio & Jewelry Shop at Shillong Peak 
At the peak there is a high tower with a telescope that can be accessed for a nominal INR 10 fee. Eateries and souvenir shops abound nearby and somehow the mystique has been robbed away by commercialization. Photographers will not be able to put their cameras away... such is the appeal of the Shillong peak. You can easily spend an hour or more at the peak view point. 

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