Air Force Museum Shillong

The Air Force Museum in Shillong is scrupulously maintained and lies inside the campus of the Eastern High Command. This place is very near the national highway 106 and can be seen from the road. The displays kept inside the Indian Air Force Museum in Shillong are a testimony to the dedication and power of the IAF. The museum basically hosts aircraft models, actual machines and technology demonstrations used by the IAF Eastern Command. 
If you are carrying bags then they will be searched before you are allowed to enter the museum. You also have to provide a valid ID card (PAN/ Aadhar/ Voter ID) before you can enter the museum. This is an IAF museum and the management is quite strict about its rules. 
As you enter the museum, the very first sight that greets you is a dummy who sits on an airplane ejection seat to the left side. The walls shine with great pictures of aircraft zooming past the skyline and the photos are flanked below by a dummy aircraft. Missies, bombs, armaments, Iskara trainer, ejection seat and other war weapons are kept on display and most of them have signage explaining their significance displayed appropriately. 
Inside the museum there are spate sections for air force history, glorious moments of the AF Eastern sector, heroic tales of IAF, photos of air chiefs of 1947, artefact section, uniform section etc. 
The huge MI 4 helicopter that was used in the IAF in early 60’s for the first time and then played a central role in the 1971 war is displayed in the museum lawn and makes for a remarkable sight. 
Another attraction is the Streak Shadow Microlight that’s a part of the famous Microlight series. This splendid aircraft took its first flight in 1988. 
The Caribou DHC 4 will be a noteworthy display for aircraft and air force lovers. This particular aircraft that’s displayed in the ground was used for bombings in eastern Pakistan during the war of 1971 and gave a lift to General Niazi and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman after successful combats. 
The glorious moments of the IAF section has some really heart-warming stories about brave force officers and their glorious deeds. Reading the framed clippings and viewing the pictures will make you feel patriotic from inside. 
The photographs section has pictures of the Bangladesh war, first activities of IAF, personnel etc. apart from a separate section used to display uniforms, weapons, badges and pins used by the force. The medals section will fascinate you with its impressive collection of war shields, medals and badges won by officers of air force. 
There is a section providing insight into different cultures of eastern India and that looks a little irrelevant. The space could have been utilized to showcase some more war memorabilia. 
Kids will love seeing the life sized models on the grounds as well as miniature aircraft inside and this is a good opportunity for you to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in them!! 
There is a cafeteria serving tea/ coffee and light bakery goods inside the compound. A souvenir shop where you can purchase some IAF themed memorabilia and local craft items is also present. 
Update July 2017: the museum is undergoing renovation and will open to the public post September 2017. However, the aircraft models are on display on the grounds and can be viewed now. 

Open Hours

Open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. 
Closed on Mondays. Entry Free. 

How to reach

Address: Upper Shillong , Cherrapunjee Road. Phone: 09162509684 
You can take a cab from the Anjali petrol pump to the location 7th mile air force... the museum falls along NH106. You can punch together a visit to the Elephant Falls along with this museum as both are nearby. If you are visiting Cherrapunjee or Dawki then this air force museum would fall enroute and you can stop for a visit. The Air Force Museum is 13.4 km away from Police Bazaar in Shillong City. 

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