Aloobari Monastery Darjeeling

Established in the year 1914, Aloobari Monastery is located some 3km away from Darjeeling Town. The place in which it is located is called Aloobari and hence this popular name. The actual name of the monastery is Yolmowa Mak Dhog Monastery or Magdhog Monastery. 
This Buddhist monastery was built by Sangay Lama, a religious leader from North Eastern Nepal. That was the time when the first World War had started. The name Mak Dhog which means warding off the war, was given to the monastery to symbolize world peace. 
Aloobari Monastery Gate 
Aloobari Monastery Gate 
As you enter through the gate to the Monastery premises, you will notice a large open space at the center, and the main monastery building right in front. The striking features from outside are its bright red and yellow walls. Also the concrete models of two lions on top of the gate as well as in front of the main building. 
As you look at the building closely, it becomes obvious that it requires some maintenance. Some of the window panes are shattered, the paint is old and coming off. There is a new building coming up on the left of the open space. May be it will done together with that. 
Aloobari Monastery 
Aloobari Monastery 
Inside the monastery there are lord Buddha's statues. You will also see an excellent model of Padmasambhava, the sage who was actively involved during 8th century in spreading the Buddhism in Tibet and Bhutan. He is also known as the Guru Rinpoche. The walls inside are painted with herbs and grasses. You can touch and feel the embossed paintings that depict the life story of Buddha. One of the treasures inside is a collection of centuries old manuscripts on Buddhism. 
Outside on the left side of the monastery building, there are flights of stairs going below to a small village where there are few cottages. 
You can often find children from that area coming up and playing at the monastery premises. If you have a camera, they are likely to insist that you take their photo and show it to them. 
School kids at Aloobari 
Look outward in the open area towards left of the monastery, the view is spectacular. 
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Aloobari Monastery is located a little over 2.5 kms (1.5 miles) away from the Darjeeling Town Center (Chowrasta). Coming from Darjeeling town you can approach it from Tungsung road that goes through Tungsung Basti. This is a very narrow lane and one car can just about pass. You will get to Phulbari area before you see the monastery gate to your right. 
Tungsung Road, Darjeeling 
Tungsung Road, Darjeeling 
If you are coming via Ghum or Jore Bunglow, then take the narrow Aloobari Road, go all the way for about 15 minutes by car, you will find the monastery on the right. 
Check out South Darjeeling Map to see the location of Aloobari Monastery. 

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