DHR Toy Train Charters

Have a wish that if you could charter a Toy Train hauled by a steam loco and run it for few hours with your own friends and families through the magical terrain of the Darjeeling hills? It's easily possible now and that too at an attractive rate. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway now allows tourists and tour operators to book a complete train or a coach.  
Each coach has a capacity of 30 persons and up to three coaches can be hauled by an engine. If you are 25 or more persons, you can easily charter a coach for private use. 
In order to charter a full train, there are couple of ways. Either you choose from one of the standard routes available for charters with a fixed rate or alternatively choose your own route and timings within the DHR network of stations in Darjeeling district. 

Standard Routes

You can charter a DHR toy train as a group of tourists to enjoy the scenic rides in privacy or to hold a birthday party, private functions etc. 
Here are the standard routes for DHR Toy Train charters: 
  • Darjeeling to Siliguri (one way or round trip) 
  • This is subject to availability of the entire route. 
  • Siliguri - Tindharia (30km) &áreturn route.  
  • Tindharia is a village located at an altitude of 2,822 meters. There is a loco &ácarriage workshop here which is used for repairing and overhauling DHR locomotives and coaches. On the way you will pass by the Mahananda Forest Reserve and Sanctuary. You can plan to take lunch here surrounded by lush greenery and forests. The view of the valley is spectacular. 
  • Siliguri - Kurseong (50km) &áreturn route 
  • Darjeeling - Kurseong (30km) &áreturn route 
  • The route goes through Batasia Loop, Ghoom, Tung and Sonada. 
  • Dining Charter: Siliguri-Rangtong (Evening Special) 
    For the above standard routes, the composition of the train is a century old steam locomotive and a 1/2 first class coach. 

    Indicative fareáfor chartering DHR Toy Train

    (Updated April 2016
    Darjeeling Siliguri (one way, steam engine, 2 First Class coaches and 1 Second Class coach): Rs. 57,395/- 
    Darjeeling Siliguri (both way, steam engine, 2 First Class coaches and 1 Second Class coach): Rs. 91,310/- 
    Charter rates for diesel engine hauled toy trains are much lesser: Rs. 40,105/- and Rs. 63,450/- respectively for the above services and coach combinations. 

    Own Routes and Itinerary

    This is applicable if you want to design a ride course of your own in the Darjeeling hills. You can decide on the two points within the DHR network of stations where you want the steam engine pulled train to run, the date and the time of your convenience. For example a route can be from Siliguri Junction to Sukna. The route goes through Siliguri township and lovely tea estate. At Sukna, there is a museum and photo gallery of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. You can also combine this tour along with a city tour of Siliguri including visits to ISCON temple, Ambari Barrage etc. 
    These tailor made rides on toy train work out well for a group size between 25 to 40. These special charters are quite popular with the foreign tourists these days. You will need to work out the charges directly with Darjeeling Himalayan Railways. 

    DHR contacts for charter booking of toy trains

    Phone:+91 - 90020 41521; +91 354-225 2555; 

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