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Reviews of the hotels &áresorts in Darjeeling for families &áchildren

There aren't many hotels in Darjeeling that have been designed keeping kids in mind. That is probably because of the steep hilly terrain and limitation of resources. Having said that, several hotels have taken the extra care to ensure that kids can enjoy and remain happily busy while the parents can relax, enjoy the mountains and take a proper break. 
Some hotels have kids playgrounds with swings, slides and other play equipment, while others would have kids rooms with board games, video room for playing movies and other indoor activities. 
(Mall Road, Category: Luxury Class) 
If you do not have budget constraints, you can consider Mayfair. It's one of the best five-star hotels here and is a grand heritage property which once belonged to Maharaja of Nazargunj. It's located on Mall road and opposite to the Governor's house. There can not be a better area than this. The Mall is less than 5 minutes easy walk (no hilly gradient). 
The hotel has a nice (although not very large) lawn area with beautiful views. This is where the cottages 101-110 are located. So if you take one of those, you will be close to the garden. There are several large statues erected in the lawn. For kids, there is mini slide, a mini basketball stand, a sea-saw etc. There are several white ducks and models of large hens &ároosters as well. So your kid will be happy to spend some time here. 
The hotel also has a place called Tender Hearts for kids... great collection of soft toys, games, cartoon &áchildren films to keep the kids busy. They also have a separate movie library which has nice collections of all sorts of Hindi and English movies for all ages. The games room has children's board apart from pool table, table tennis, chess etc. 
(Location: Near St. Paul's School, Category: Luxury Class) 
This is an elegant hotel with wonderful views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks from most of its rooms. They have recently added a children's playroom and several indoor recreational activities for the kids. There is also a small open area in front of the new building where the children can play around. There is also a library with varied collection of books. And for those kids who are internet savvy, the hotel also offers PCs with internet connections for surfing. Go through the above link for my detailed review of the hotel amenities, services, food and to know how to book the hotel. 
(Location: 3-4 minute walk to Mall, Category: Luxury Class) 
Elgin is a luxury class heritage hotel built in 1887 and has been restored to its original grandeur and colonial charm. The hotel is set up on a nice garden setting with suites scattered around the main building. Some of the special arrangements for children here includes the Children's Activity Center and Movie Library. They also offer baby sitting arrangements for infants so the parents can remain free. 
(Location: Above Mall Road, Category: 2 Star) 
In 2-star category, a good hotel for families and kids would be Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (deluxe rooms in the main building). This too is located on the Mall road close by. There is enough open space in front of the building and a wonderful lawn with great views at the backside. The lush green lawn has fountain with rocks at one corner. Kids have enough space to play around. Visit the hotel link above to get complete review of the lodge and know how to book. 
(Location: Gandhi Road, Category: 2 Star) 
Another nice 3 star hotel great for families and kids is Summit Swiss Heritage Hotel located on Gandhi Road a bit further down. The hotel has a beautiful large lawn with swings and seats. The view of the valley from the lawn is excellent. But they have limited accommodations (only 8 rooms in the main building and 4 cottages). So you must book well in advance. Two cottages here are larger and have two king size beds each and therefore great for families. 
(Location: Mall road, Category: Heritage) 
This is a small heritage property with only 6 rooms but the rooms are spacious and clean (particularly the Club rooms and the Suite are quite spacious) and are good for families. They have converted a small nursery in the property to kids play ground with toys, there is also table tennis board at one end (indoor inside the glass house), dart and other interesting features to keep the kids busy. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Ranjan Das (December 2021) 
Dear Raj, Sorry, again disturbing you. I seek your guidance about hotels 1) Hermitage Resort &á2) Hotel Sunflower beside Mall. Is it suitable to stay with family? 
Raj ( December 2021 
Hello, both are reasonably good family hotels (you can check my personal reviews on my website). Hotel Sunflower is right at one corner of the Mall while Hermitage Resort is further away at the end of Mall road near Raj Bhawan, but Hermitage has great views of Kanchenjunga from all its rooms which Sunflower doesn't.