Enchey Monastery Gangtok

This monastery is located at a higher altitude, about a kilometer from the White Hall and next to the looming TV Tower. If you are staying at Hotel Mount Siniolcu, you can walk up to this monastery. It's famous for its Chines Pagoda style design. 
More than 200 years ago, this was the site of Lama Dhrupthob Karpo, a celebrated and lama and tantric who performed superhuman feats. The legend says that he actually flew in from South Sikkim to this site. He is known to have founded the monastery in 1840. 
Enchey monastery was later rebuilt in the year 1908 by the 10th King of Sikkim - Sikyong Tulku. The monastery follows an unique architecture which is an artistic adaptation of Gyanak Riwo Tse-Nga or the sacred mountain with five peaks in China - which is the spiritual place of Jampalyang. 
He is known as the god of knowledge to the northern Buddhists. The monastery is therefore one of the most recognized ones in the whole of Sikkim. 
Enchey Monastery Gangtok 
Enchey Monastery Gangtok 
Entrance to the main shrine depicts the Kings of four cardinal directions that protect the monastery and the universe. There are other buildings here for junior monks. There is a shrine where even the sick can come and offer their prayers. The monastery follows Nyingma Order of Buddhism. 
Chaam which is a masked religious dance is performed on 28th and 29th day of Buddhist calendar year which usually falls in December. 

Admission &áHours

There is no admission fee. The monastery is open for visitors everyday between 6am to 4pm. 

How to reach

Enchey monastery is covered under standard local tours offered by the taxi drivers. You can also take a taxi from Gangtok town and reach the monastery in about 10 minutes. 

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