Sandakphu Trek Experiences Shared

Trekkers are sharing their Sandkaphu and Phalut trek experiences below: 
Prasun Dutta (April 2016) 
Hi Raj, Your review was most helpful. I recently went to Sandakphu (20th to 22nd March 2016) and enjoyed the trek a lot. I was otherwise alone but off course took a guide. 20th I reached Manebhanjan by 12:00 and started for Tumling at 1:00. My guide was a very young and very nice guy, he lead me to Tumling by 5:30. Though the weather was cloudy I enjoyed the trek with some trouble going up. Next morning 8:00 we set for Sandakphu, plan was to see what time we reach Kalipokhri and decide wither to stay there. 
We reached Kalipokhri by 1:30, had some food and decided to go along. Though the morning started sunny, as we went up towards Sandakphu, it started to show up clouds and by the time we reached there at 4:30 it was lot of wind and cloud cover. With the help of my guide I found a place to stay and waited for the could to clear up next morning. It did and we had an amazing view of the peaks, amazing and heavenly. 
After enjoying the view, walking along the Phalut way to some distance, we came back to our shelter. Had food and set off to Srikhola through Gurdum at 10:30. We reached Gurdum at about 1:00 and took some rest and food before leaving for Srikhola at about 3:00. I enjoyed the trek down too through the forest. By 3:45 we reached Srikhola, found a nice place to stay. That night at the river was amazing, I was sitting by the river for long hours till the lights went off, enjoying the sound and the atmosphere. Next mooring took shared jeeps to NJP. It took two and half days, but it cleared off a lot of hassle from the daily life. Your blog was one of the major inspiration and hence would like to thank you again. I would go back to the trail soon. Thanks.  
Murtaza Khilonawala (January 2016) 
Had a great trek to Sundakphu this year. Make sure you carry proper winter wear when travelling in winters or you have to suffer. áWe started from Dhotery via Tonglu to Tumling on Day 1. Then to Kalipokhri via Garibas on Day 2. Then finally to Sundakphu on Day 3 and Gurdam and Rimbick on Day 4 and 5 respectively. Way to Phalut and Gorkhey is risky so take proper measures while leaving for that place as it is surrounded by dense forest. I had traveled in the month of January 2016 and that time the temperature was around 2 - 5 degree celsius. It was literally chilling weather for us. Take proper winter wear while travelling in winters. 
Yaman Chakraborty (January 2014) 
(A Remarkable Trip to Sandakphu via Rimbik - Gurdum - Sandakphu - Jaubari - Manebhanjan) 
Hi everybody, On 20th December 2013 we five (5) started our journey for Sandakphu from Howrah. We boarded Kamrup Express (15959) for New Jalpaiguri(NJP)and it reached destination in time. From NJP we took a Tata Sumo and moved directly to Sukheapokri, it took Rs 285.00 per head. (PLEASE NOTE WE STARTED FROM WHERE TREKKERS GENERALLY COMPLETE THE SANDAKPHU TREK - THE REVERSE ROUTE). 
After reaching Sukheapokri we had our breakfast with hot Momo and Soup and started our journey for Rimbik at 10.30am and our vehicle to Rimbik was arranged by Mr Prabhuji (09733177809). It was a journey of 4 hrs and after reaching Rimbik we had a bowl of Thupkka and started our Day 1 trek for Srikhola (7KM). It was plain land trek, was not difficult and we reached Srikhola by 6.30pm and took halt in River View Hotel (9733393617/ 8348286798). Fooding and Lodging is Rs 200.00 per head. Day 2 our trek to Gurdum (6KM), we started little bit late and reached by 12.30pm, in this route trekker will find the beauty of Srikhola falls and virgin vegetation. 
At Gurdum we stayed at Lakpa Dorjee Sherpa'S home (09593996308), this place is just above Youth Hostel's Lodge. Fooding (lunch &áDinner) Rs 180.00 per head and Lodging Rs 140.00 per head. At night we had a clear view of the star studded sky and we assumed that we are going to have a excellent view of the Sandakphu range. 
Day 3 Trek to Sandakphu (12KM), early morning we started for our prime destination with ample water and dry fruits as in this route there is no place to have food and water. It's a steep route and it's better to take halt and move, we had a tough time 2KM before reaching Sandakphu. By 3.30pm we reached Sandakphu and we were received with a clear view of Mt Kancenjunga range and Chill wind and it was awesome. We had our halt at PWD lodge and in Sandakphu there is a chekpost of Indian Army and trekkers need to carry original Photo Identification proofs. 
Next day early morning at 6am we all went to see the Sunrise and the effect of sunrise on Mt Kanchenjunga. After having the spellbound view we started our downtrek to Manebhanjan and we took our first halt in Kalipokhri at Pandim lodge (09742666243) and next at Kanyakata, here we had our lunch and again moved forward. As it was getting dark we decided to halt and we took halt in Jaubari (a small village of Nepal) at Indira lodge (09733363473).  
At Indira Lodge we got Electricity and ample water supply. Fooding And Lodging will be around Rs 180.00 - Rs 200.00 per head. To me its better to stay at Jaubari instead of staying at Tumling. Next day early morning we started for Manebhanjan and it will take approximately 7hrs to reach Manebhanjan. Trekkers can take a halt and have breakfast (Tibetian bread and Jam) in Neela Di's hotel at Tumling. We completed our trek at Manebhajan by 2pm and from there we took a jeep to NJP. 
To conclude we are thankful to our Porter/Guide Pranay Rai (09593222016), he is a nice and helpful guy with strong will power and positive attitude. 
Trek Route: 
NJP - Sukheapokri (directly or Via darjeeling). 
Sukheapokri - Srikhola (Via Rimbik). 
Srikhola - Gurdum. 
Gurdum - Sandakphu. 
Sandakphu - Jaubari (Via Kalepokri,Kanyakata). 
Jaubari - Manebhanjan (Via Tumling, Meghma, Chitrey) 

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