Kalimpong Weather &Best Time to Visit

Kalimpong has well defined seasons like Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. Weather generally remains pleasant through out the year although it can get a bit cold during the winter. However you won't face extremes in any season. In summer, the temperature varies between 16C to 25C, while in the winter between 7C to 16C. It rains for about 100 days on an average in a year. 

Spring in Kalimpong

March and April is the spring time when the temperature varies from a minimum of 11C to a maximum 24C. Rainfall is minimal and varies from 1.1 to 2.6 inches, sky remains clear, views of Kanchenjunga and Himalayan range are great, and it's a great time to visit Kalimpong. The tourist season picks up from April when the school vacation starts. Hotels stars filling up and rates climb to the peak. 

Summer in Kalimpong

May and June are considered the summer time in Kalimpong. This is the peak tourist season and hotels go full. You won't get any discounts in the hotel or tour rates during this time. The temperate varies between a minimum of 16C to a maximum 25C. The usual rainfall in May is about 4.6 inches and in June is about 15.6 inches. So in June there is good possibility of rains. Sky remains clear but also gets cloudy at times. So the snow peaks play hide and seek with the cloud. 

Monsoon in Kalimpong

The months of July, August and September are monsoon time in Kalimpong. Rainfall rises to its peak of 22 inches in July, then slowly comes down to 19.6 inches in August and further down in September. This is the time when there are high possibilities of land slides taking place which often cut off routes in the region. Tourists thin out during this time, although some prefer to visit during monsoon and see the rejuvenated lush green landscapes, forests and tea plantations all around Kalimpong. The temperature during monsoon varies between a minimum of 18C to a maximum 24C. 

Autumn in Kalimpong

October to November is autumn. The rain recedes and the sky becomes clear with the dazzling snow pealks brightly visible. It's again a great time to visit Kalimpong. But the tourist flow also peaks up heavily during this time although thins out a bit towards end of November. Temperature varies between 11C to 22C. Rainfall again becomes minimal from 5.8 inches in October to 1.8 inches in November. 

Winter in Kalimpong

December through February is the winter time in Kalimpong. The temperature varies between a minimum of 7C to a maximum 16C on an average. But the sky usually remains clear offering great view of the mountains. Rainfall is practically non-existent during this time, and averages to 0.2 inches in December to 1.2 in February. One great advantage of visiting Kalimpong during this time is, there won't be many tourists. And you can enjoy great bargains with hotel and local sightseeing tours. 
You can see month by month Kalimpong Temperature chart in This Page 
You can see month by month Kalimpong Rainfall &Sky Conditions in This Page 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Anand (January 2023) 
Hello Raj. I will be in Darjeeling area on Feb 5, so am considering taking three days extra to visit Kalimpong. I am wondering if this is a good time to visit because of the weather - travel by road, visibility for views etc. Please advise. Thank you. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2023 
It is usually very cold in Kalimpong during early February. The mornings and nights can be quite foggy as well. However, you can travel during the daytime but the views can get obstructed due to fog.