Suggestions for Hotels
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Somnath Malakar (July 2012) 
Hi Raj, I have booked Hotel Roma Holiday Inn which is near to Hotel Synclairs. Is this a good hotel I have booked? Do you have any idea regarding this hotel. 
Raj ( July 2012 
I have heard that Roma is a nice mid-scale hotel, haven't stayed there though. Room service is nice. If you have seniors with you, it might be a little difficult walk for them up to the Mall. Where did you hear about this hotel and who recommended this to you? It's not one of the commonly known hotels in Darjeeling. 
Debjyoti Dey (September 2012) 
Hi Raj, I highly appreciate your work on Darjeeling tourism. I have dreamt to pass 3 nights from 23rd Oct,2012 to 25th Oct with my family &áfamily friends (total 3 families) consisting of 4 members, 3 members &á3 members respectively. I like to have a few information as stated below. 
1) Is it possible to accommodate 3 persons in a double bedded room, if possible then what will be the charge? 
2) if 3 persons are accommodated in double bedded room is it possible to provide an extra bed for the 4th person (cumbersome is my headache). Otherwise is it possible to accommodate 4 persons in triple bedded room? Then what will be the charge? Kindly note that our budget is not high. Also let us know the procedure to book rooms. Thanks in anticipation of your quick reply. 
Raj ( September 2012 
Hello, In general you cannot have three adults staying in a double room without getting an extra bed. Even if you do, they will still charge for the extra person anyway. Same is the case with 3-bedded rooms. For four persons, go for a family room if the hotel has it. 
There are several ways you can book ... through travel agent, online or direct. I prefer to call up the hotel and book directly. However, your travel plan is on a peak time. So hotels might ask you to transfer full amount into their bank account before confirming reservation. You are already late... most hotels in Darjeeling must be already full ... so hurry up! 
Rizwan (September 2012) 
I am Rizwan from Bombay and I am planning to visit Darjeeling in the 1st week of October 2012 with my wife and my daughter who is 16. I like nature and would want to unwind in nature lazing around with a drink and watching the valleys and mountains. But since I have my family I would like to take the toy train ride and a few charming places where a teenager can enjoy. I need your suggestion and help in getting a good rate for a cottage or suite with Breakfast with fantastic views in Darjeeling for 3N4D as I then want to proceed to Gangtok and other good scenic places. Appreciate your advise and help. thanks a TON in advance 
Raj (, October 2012 
Hi, You haven't mentioned the type of accommodation you are looking for (budget, 2star, luxury etc). One of my own favorites is Windamere - a heritage hotel with several houses on the observatory hill, perched on a beautiful landscape and offering lovely views from the terrace garden. But this one is expensive. On a less expensive side, take a look at Villa Everest, Swiss Hotel, or even the Classic Guest House. You will find the details in my website. Regards, 
Iftekhar Ahmed (October 2012) 
Wondering why I haven't surfed your site on the first place. Great job you have done. I need one suggestion from you. Planning to visit Darjeeling by the end of October,2012. Could you please suggest me some budgets/two star hotels which have nice views from the room? Waiting for your reply. Thank you. 
Raj (, October 2012 
Hi, Here are some suggested hotels with view rooms: Darjeeling Tourist Lodge, Swiss Hotel, Villa Everest, Travellers Inn, Broadway Annex. Ask specifically for view rooms while booking. Except for Villa Everest, most other hotels have only limited view rooms. Also some hotels like Broadway Annex and Travellers Inn may not be conveniently located if you are looking for quick access to places like the Mall. Regards. 
Abhishek Chakraborty (January 2013) 
This is probably the most informative and unbiased hotel reviews in Darjeeling. Thanks, thanks a lot. 
Rajesh Balooni (April 2013) 
Good afternoon Friend, first I would like to thank you for your guidance, actually my query is that I would like to know..... can prepaid taxi (Bagdogra airport) drop directly to Summit Grace Spa &áResort hotel, if yes then what should be the fare, if not then what is the alternative to reach safely to hotel in afternoon time and approximate fare. Can you suggest some good restaurant near the hotel for dining in walking distance and some good destination nearby to visit. Please help me &águide what would be the approximate distance from Summit Grace Spa hotel to Darjeeling railway station, thanks. 
Raj (, April 2013 
Hi, Pre-paid taxis from the airport normally drop the passengers at the club-side or lower bazaar taxi stand. You can pay extra to the driver (about Rs. 150 additional) to get dropped at Summit Grace Hotel which is located at an isolated place above the town and at the far end of Zakir Hussain Road near St. Paul's school. Other than the school itself, there is nothing really which is in walking distance. This school is where the Hindi Film "Main Hoon Na" featuring Sharukh Khan was shot in 2004. The Mall which is the town center will require quite a bit of hike (about 30 minutes). Getting back will be an uphill climb at some places and can be quite tiring. So you will need a taxi to get around, even to find a proper restaurant. I doubt the hotel would arrange for one. 
While coming from the airport, ask the driver if he is a local and take his mobile no. Or ask him to give you a number of a local driver who you can call. But be prepared to pay good fares. No taxis would usually come here. However if you walk down towards the Mall, in about 10-12 minutes you will find a colorful art cafe called Petrichor on the right. It's run by a couple. They offer nice pasta, snacks, tea &ácoffee. You will enjoy a cup of tea while sitting on a couch and watching the artwork on the walls.  
If you like to try mid-range/budget food, another option is to walk down towards Mall. You will find Hotel Broadway Annex in about 10 minutes on your right. They operate a restaurant which prepares north Indian and Bengali food. While you may not always get food on the fly, you can go down a little early and order for food, or note their number and order in advance. Darjeeling station will be about 10-15 minutes by taxi from the hotel. This hotel is not a good choice if you want to get around freely in Darjeeling, unless you have a car at your disposal. 
Arunava Majumdar (June 2013) 
Hi Raj, Just want to know if the December month considered (specifically 15th to 31st) as a peak season or off-season in Darjeeling? I had gone to Nainitaal during this period and found the time as a off-season. Hotel rates were quite low. What about Darjeeling? Regards. 
Raj ( June 2013 
All good hotels in Darjeeling go full from the week of 24th December until first week of January. Unless you book well in advance you won't get accommodation. No discounts are offered. In fact many hotels on lease inflate the rates around this time cashing on demand. Prior to this period in December, you can get discounts from some hotels but not all. These days the tourist rush in Darjeeling has gone up. Regards, 
Sujata Dey (June 2013) 
As far as hotels go- you have suggested some for elderly people which have elevators - that provision is most welcome- but along with that I was also looking for a good view and most importantly access by car to offload luggage as well as for sightseeing purposes- they have to be collected and dropped right at the door step. I just checked the Darj Tourist Lodge site- they are showing no rooms to be available but when I called the lodge I was told that there are. I tried contacting their Kolkata office ( no one was picking up the phone)- tried contacting Mr Lama of Shangri La ( thought it might cater to my needs)-but haven't heard from him yet.  
Which place do you think I stand a chance of getting accommodation in- at this 11th hour-that fulfils most of the criteria mentioned above? Would you know of any place with a family suite so that we could share it rather than going for two separate rooms? If you think that such a place can only be away from the mall I'll have to settle for that- can go to the mall by taxi in that case- but I would definitely want the above to be kept in mind - I was eyeing the Rhododendron Dell for its charm- but it's way too far - but if connectivity by taxi is readily available- perhaps it could be considered? suggest I do- I would certainly look forward to a quaint place with an old worldly, rustic charm but with basic modern amenities. 
Raj ( June 2013 
Get someone to go down to Kolkata WBTDC office at BBD Bag to know about the exact status in the tourist lodge and book if necessary. They are unlikely to respond over phone. Ranjan Lama stays in UK but is quite efficient with his emails. He has two hotels - Shangrila and Shangrila Regency. The first one is far better with large rooms but taxis won't go up to that point. 2nd one is not my choice. Family suites are usually available at high end hotels. What's your budget? Hotel Broadway (a budget hotel with 2-star amenities) has family rooms which can accommodate four. The taxi goes up to the entrance but there are steep stairs to climb. It's difficult to meet all your requirements in a lower budget hotel. 
Rhododendron Dell is quite far and isolated. They do provide a shuttle once a day to take guests to the town. You won't get any taxis from there, neither any taxis from the town will drop you back unless you pay both way fares. It's a good place for those who like to be with the nature in isolation. But one can have problems if there is any medical emergency. With accompanying aged people, I won't recommend it. While hotel Broadway is a good budget hotel, it's in a relatively congested area. Also the stairways to the reception and then to the rooms are quite steep. 
Mila Salynin (September 2013) 
Dear Sir, wonderful information and very helpful website, thank you. Please help me choose a hotel for a very special surprise trip for my lovely husband. He doesn't know where to or for how long we are going:) Government lodge is too...well governmental, dekeling hotel is nice, but no balcony and no fire place in the room, alice hotel you recommend has fire place but no mountain view, classic guest house has a view, balcony, but no fire place. Is it too much to ask for a room with the fire place and a mountain view within walkable distance to the Mall? 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi, Go for Hotel Shangrilla. Out of the four rooms, two have fire places and they are excellent with nice views. The hotel is only few steps from the Mall. Price is reasonable. They have a great restaurant downstairs. Book well in advance, it's in high demand. 
Bhaskar Majumder (October 2013) 
Sir, I have a plan to visit Darjeeling between 22nd to 28th December, 2013 with my family. My family members are myself 48(M), my wife 46, my son 20 &ámy daughter 12. We are all very much fearful about freezing temperature of Darjeeling during end of December. Please tell me whether room of WBTDC (Darjeeling Tourist Lodge ) main building have provision of Fireplace together with room heater? Whether they have a capacity to maintain room temperature above 12 degree C or more? Whether Doctor on call facility will be available? Whether any problem in mid night will be acknowledged / attended? Please tell also me whether Hotel like Sangri-La regency, Viceroy, Darjeeling Gymkhana or any other hotel in that location can have ability to provide fully or partly all the above facilities as stated above? I need you valuable advice and recommendation. Thank you. 
Raj ( October 2013 
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge doesn't have fireplace in the rooms. But they provide small (portable) room heaters which may not be enough during peak winter. While doctor on call service is available, you should be prepared not to expect such service at mid-night. Shangri-la has fireplace in the rooms and they charge extra for using it. Remember that even a fireplace will not be able to keep the room warm for the whole night. However, Viceroy is a luxury class hotel which has all the amenities you mentioned including in-room fireplaces. Most good hotels will provide you with hot water bags to keep yourself warm under the blanket at night. If you are looking for a mid-priced hotel, one way to get around the problem would be to book a hotel which has electrical bed warming system. The beds are electrically heated and temperature can be controlled as desired. Villa Everest is one such hotel.  
Kaushik Ray (November 2013) 
Dear Sir, Firstly, I should thank you for running such a useful site for the people planning to make a trip to Darjeeling. I'm planning (to be precise 'decided' as the train tickets have already been bought!) to visit Darjeeling during 26th to 31st December, 2013. Our team consists of two aged ladies (73 yrs. and 63 yrs.), two children (9 yrs. &á7 yrs.), my wife (40) and myself (43). My wife wishes to stay near Mall; whereas view of Kanchenjunga and other scenic beauty from the hotel is a prerequisite of mine. Considering the temperature at that time I think 'Electric Bed Heating' should also be a must (though I have first come to know about this in your writings). At the same time we are not in a position to opt for an expensive one. Thus I have no other options but to avail of the opportunity of having your expert opinion in selecting the hotel which would best fit our requirements. Thank you, 
Raj ( November 2013 
Hi, Electric bed heating is available in limited hotels at the moment. One such hotel which also offers great views of the peaks from most of its rooms is Hotel Villa Everest. But the Mall is about 12-15 minutes walk, mostly on a flat road and then a bit uphill along Nehru Road. Another good option is Shangri-La Hotel. Only few steps from the Mall with lovely view rooms. Although it doesn't have electrical bed heating, but has fireplaces (at extra cost though). A third option would be the WBTDC Tourist Lodge on Mall Road... excellent view from its rooms in the main building. But they will provide standard small room heaters. So choose ... you can't have best of all worlds... 
Shubh Gone (November 2013) 
Hello Sir, I am realy thankful for your guidance and helping travellers like us. I would like to know whether hotels offer discounts during the month of February? I will be reaching Bagdogra around 4pm or so, will it be possible for me to avail a cab and most important I would like to stay near Glenarys or Keventers and help me with a hotel which allows cab to drop in the entrance without much walking. Hoping for an early reply. Thanking you, 
Raj ( November 2013 
Yes, you will get pre-paid taxis at the airport. Hotels do offer good discounts in Feb. There are several hotels of different categories near Keventers and Glenary's. In budget category you may consider Broadway, Fairmont etc (taxi reaches up to the entrance of both), in mid-range hotels Shangrila, Sunflower, Olde Main Bellevue are good choices, but all will require a bit of a walk (3-4 minutes) from the taxi stand. Hotel Golden Enclave is also good with taxis reaching up to the entrance, but will require a few minutes walk to the restaurants (Glenarys, Keventers etc). 
Shirish Jasani (March 2014) 
Approx. 50 years ago we stayed in a hotel that I remember as Mount Everest and had beautiful view of Mount K2. What happened to it? 
Raj ( March 2014 
Hotel Mount Everest on Gandhi road and perched on a highland was completely burnt and damaged by a fire. It's lying abandoned and in a derelict condition for over 30 years waiting for a disputed insurance claim to settle. The luxury hotel was run by the Oberoi group. 
Pankaj Arora (April 2014) 
While I have just booked a stay in the hotel summit grace &áspa was only later I visited your site on recommendation of a friend. I have the option of canceling my booking for 2 nights in June if your reviews are not good. I am travelling with my family (wife and 2 kids), looking for a good hotel with great views and not high end. please let me know your view of this hotel or suggest another. Thanks! 
Raj ( April 2014 
Summit Grace &áSpa is okay, offers great views from the rooms, but located high up at a far end in Jalapahar. While you can walk down Zakir Hussain Road to the town center (about 25 minutes), walking back up a steep hilly road is cumbersome. You will need a taxi and the hotel doesn't provide a shuttle service, which Cedar Inn located in the same area does, but that is an upscale hotel though and far better one. 
If you consider location as a factor, then 'The Retreat Darjeeling' would be a better value for money. This is one of the best located hotels in Darjeeling in mid-price range offering sweeping views from its rooms and the open terrace. It's on Mall road and the Chowrasta Mall (town center) is only 2-3 minutes walk. If you decide on this, then mention my name to Sarkar (the manager) of the hotel when you arrive .... you may get better attention &ácare! 
Rahul Biswas (April 2014) 
Dear Sir, In which area or locality of Darjeeling may I get budget hotels with car parking facility? Regards. 
Raj ( April 2014 
Most budget hotels in Darjeeling don't have car parking. One option is the Annex building of WBTDC Darjeeling Tourist Lodge on Mall road. Both the main building and Annex building of Tourist Lodge have a common open space in front where cars can be parked. Some mid range hotels like Swiss Hotel on Gandhi Road has car park. Most luxury category hotels have car parking space. 
Gaurav Shrivastava (May 2014) 
Hi Raj, Can you advise any decent hotel to stay in NJP as we are arriving by train at 10 PM and would need to stay overnight before taking a Taxi to Darjeeling. Thanks in advance. 
Raj ( May 2014 
Stay at Siliguri (5-6 kms from NJP). There are plenty of options in Siliguri. Hotel Raj Darbar is one (mid range) and very close to public transport hub. They are also the partner of Darjeeling Tourism Card and offer discounts to card holders. Another good option is Hotel Sinclairs. Ask the hotel to pick you up from the station at night. 
Pradip Bhattacharyya (September 2014) 
Raj, Many thanks for your input. One more question: Personally which accommodation is better beween Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Main Bldg) and Classic Guest House. I checked both rates are comparable. Please advise interms of closeness to Mall, cleanliness, views etc. Major meals I shall take outside. Thanks 
Raj ( September 2014 
I like Classic Guesthouse ... it's more homely and quiet. Classic is closer to the Mall, but cabs can come only up to Gorkha Bhawan from where you need to walk for 3-4 minutes. That's okay. On the other hand, cabs go right up to the tourist lodge, but when full, the lodge can be very chaotic and noisy. All rooms of Classic have been refurbished and have great views. 
Joy Banerjee (October 2014) 
How is Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort and Selim Hill Tea estate in your opinion? Planning for a 3N/4D stay (2N in Darjeeling &á1N in SELIM HILL) from 25/12/14 to 28/12/14. Any suggestions welcome. 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi, Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort is a new extension of Central Nirvana. It's small but quite nice and has only 5 rooms. It's on the Mall Road. Views are good and so is the service. They are giving some special offers. If you book for dates between Dec 1st to 23rd, you will get 40% discount in this hotel. Go for the suite if possible or a club room, rather than a deluxe room. Room rate includes breakfast. You can find my reviews of Selim Hill Tea Estate and Retreat here
Dhritiman Baidya (November 2014) 
Can you please give us idea about hotel mount meridian and hotel Hindustan residency. The two hotels are how far from mall? Please its urgent and do these hotels have restaurant facility? 
Raj ( November 2014 
Mount Meridian is located on Roberson Road (the busy street that goes down from Gandhi Road Police Point). It's 4-5 minutes walk to the mall. It's an average low budget hotel, The standard and economy rooms are the cheapest. Rooms are average and quite basic. It has an in-house vegetarian restaurant (the hotel is run by Agarwals). Food is okay. Lots of shops and restaurants all around at easy walking distance. Overall it's an average low budget hotel located centrally and at a convenient place. Taxis can come right up to its entrance. 
Hindustan Residency is on CR Das road, a narrow lane going down from the Mall. This is a very average budget hotel. In-house restaurant serves non-veg Indian and Chinese food. Cars can not come up to the hotel. From the nearest taxi point (Gorkha Bhawan on Mall road or Clubside Taxi stand below Nehru Road), you will need to walk (for about 5-6 minutes) to reach the hotel. You will need to cross the Mall and then walk down the narrow lane. The hotel itself is quite close to the Mall. 
Atul Singh (December 2014) 
Hi Raj. I am planning to visit Darjeeling in the first week of January 2015 with 4 of my friends. We wanted to do a road trip upto Darjeeling in our own SUV. The only thing that concerns me is that where will we park it, since I gather from your website that most hotels are in pedestrian zones. What are our options? Do reply. Help much needed. Thanks. 
Raj ( December 2014 
You should ideally choose a 4/5 star hotel like Windamere, Cedar Inn, Viceroy, Mayfair, Elgin, Central Heritage etc. They are all accessible by car and have their own car park. Some smaller mid range hotels like Swiss Hotel also have their own car parking. 
Arijit Dasgupta (July 2015) 
Dear Raj, Thank you so much for this wonderful site and the information you have provided. I have a quick question: are you aware of the Summit Takshang Residency Hotel &áSpa in Gangtok, Kazi Road? I am traveling with my family (wife and 2 kids) and would prefer to stay as close to the MG Marg as possible. Please advise. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Hi, Summit hotels are usually quite okay, and this one too is nice. Very conveniently located ... only 3-4 minutes leisure walk from MG Road. Only few rooms (mostly the suites) have nice mountain views but over the roofs of many ugly looking buildings. Other rooms mostly have town views and some overlooking MG Road. Most rooms are spacious (not all though) and walls are colorfully decorated. The cozy restaurant serves buffet style food during breakfast and dinner. Food is quite good. Staff are friendly and helpful. Overall I'll give it a 3.5 star rating out of 5 in mid-range category of hotels. 
Koel Chaudhuri (July 2015) 
Dear Mr. Bhattacharya, Sorry for bothering you again but one last question. Could you please tell me between Central Nirvana and Shangri La, which will have a better Kanchenjunga view? As price wise both are coming similar, would want to go with the one with a better view. Thanks and regards, 
Raj ( July 2015 
Central Nirvana has few rooms (not all) with great views. So ask specifically for one such room. View from Shangri La is okay, but not as good. I suggest that you also look into the hotel Hermitage on Mall road east (near Raj Bhawan). It's a new 3-star category hotel which came up in April this year. All rooms have unbeatable views. Floors are at lower levels. So lower you stay, that many flights of stairs you will need to negotiate. But otherwise all rooms are similar. They won't have fireplaces though, but being a new hotel I would expect they will try to offer all help. Visit their site. They are offering big discounts in off season (to the tune of some 35%). So it can be in your range too. 
Samir Biswas (September 2015) 
Sir, I planned to visit darjeeling during 27-30 of Oct 15 with my wife &áa 4 yr. kid. the problem is that i cant walk a long with my kid. Being a defence person i always prefer a Govt. accommodation. but during that peak season it is not available. kindly suggest for family budget hotel. food is not a problem. 
Raj ( September 2015 
Other than Darjeeling Tourist Lodge, another govt. accommodation is The Maple Tourist Lodge (on Eric Benjamin Road) managed by GTA. However GTA is not currently taking booking for the same. You can also try the Circuit House on Gandhi Road. I have also discussed several private budget hotels in my site ... go through the 'Budget Hotels' option. 
NALINI (October 2015) 
Hi Raj, My family is Canadian citizen and we want to stay in Darjeeling 2 months for vacation. could you please guide me for this trip . i.e. where to stay except hotels etc... for your information , we are three family members and joining with us my Brother In Law with my sister and they are Indian Citizen. 
Raj ( October 2015 
You can look into Krishna Residency - they have service apartments. 
Dr D. Banerjee (November 2015) 
Hello Raj. I stumbled across your site while browsing for hotels at Darjeeling, and to be frank your site is a gold mine for tourists to Darjeeling. I would love to visit Darjeeling with my wife from Feb 12 to Feb 16th. I have finalized on few hotels: H. Dekeling, H. Pahari Soul, H. Central Heritage, H. Seven Seventeen, Snow lion home stay and H. Sonar Bangla. Which hotel would be better for a couple with a more romantic note? Also is it suggestible to stay near Mall or far from it? Would you suggest any hotel not mentioned in my list? 
Raj ( November 2015 
Good day, Central Heritage is a higher category hotel (4 star) while rest are budget hotels. The new block of Central Heritage is good and have nice view rooms, although the old block (on the opposite side of the road) is the heritage hotel. In Darjeeling town, stay near the mall and try to spend a day or two in a tea garden resort like Singtom Tea Resort
Rebecca (November 2015) 
Hi Raj, thank you so much for this incredible website. It's helped me plan our entire trip! We are four late-twenties Americans travelling to Kolkata for our friend's wedding in April 2016. We are planning 4D/3N in Darjeeling and 4D/3N in Gangtok before going back to Kolkata for the ceremonies. I am wondering if you have any recommendations for places to stay that can host 4 adults together in a room or flat (4 single beds, or 1 double bed + 2 single beds). We are okay with anywhere from budget to 3-star, but would prefer convenient locations to the malls/center of town.Thanks so much for your wonderful recommendations! 
Raj ( November 2015 
Hi, you won't get a flat for such short duration. Several hotels have 4-bedded rooms. In Darjeeling you can try Broadway Hotel (budget category) located 4-5 minute walk from Mall (chowrasta). Another one is Darjeeling Tourist Lodge Annex Building (low budget) on Mall road. In Gangtok you can consider Hotel Sagorika (budget). I have reviewed all these hotels in details on my site. 
Sabyasachi Bose (December 2015) 
Hi Raj, I am overwhelmed at the fantabulous website you have created. Thanks a ton for having blessed us travellers with such overflowing pots of priceless information about the 'Queen of Hills'. We are five adults and a four year old child touring Darjeeling for eight days' stay (five days at Darjeeling and three days at Lava). I have booked Hotel Ivy Castle. Please do throw some light on this hotel, its location and its actual distance from the mall as well as the place upto which there is a car access. 
Raj ( December 2015 
Ivy Castle is an ordinary budget hotel. Location is odd, on a dingy lane off Zakir Hussain Rd. You will need to get off at Gorkha Rang Manch on Mall road and walk, come down to Mall and then walk past the horse stables in Zakir Hussain rd and then down Toongsoong rd. It would require about 12-15 minutes walk. Some rooms have mountain views but mostly over rows of houses with tinned roofs. 
Anindya K Majumder (January 2016) 
Dear Mr Raj, I must say that your website is a lucid and wonderfully described craftsmanship for Darjeeling, Sikkim. It is more than a complete documentary . It helps a lot. I just want to know that I booked 3 nights in January 3rd week at Little Tibet Resort at Darjeeling. I want to know how the hotel is? and how far it is from the mall area? what is your valuable opinion ? 
Raj ( January 2016 
It's a nice hotel on Mall road and opposite to Governor's house. Mall (chowrasta) is only 4/5 minute walk. Good location. 
Bhagyashri (April 2016) 
Hi sir, me and my husband going alone to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok in June. I want to know that which area will be better for hotel in Darjeeling and Gangtok so that it take less time to travel to visit places and we get less traffic. 
Raj ( January 2016 
Darjeeling and Gangtok are small hill towns. Travel time won't matter wherever you stay unless you choose a remote location where transports are not easily available. Having said that, vehicles are not allowed at the town centers of both Darjeeling &áGangtok. So if you stay near Mall area or Darjeeling or MG Marg area in Gangtok, prepare to walk a bit to get a taxi. 
Biswajit Biswas (May 2016) 
Hello sir, today I got my card thank u. I have questions.. I plan to winter holiday in Darjeeling with my wife and 7 yrs old child, my budget is 2000rs, which hotel is best one and breakfast is included. And how can I book the hotel room online? 
Raj ( May 2016 
You can consider Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (card not applicable) or Classic Guesthouse (card applicable). Both are good for views and centrally located. For using the card, you need to write to the hotel before booking and get a confirmation of the discount. They adjust the amount at the time of check out and final bill payment. Also check for breakfast as offers change. 
Saswati Choudhury (December 2016) 
I will be travelling to Darjeeling in the 3rd week of January. We will be travelling three families together. Saw your website and found it very informative. I would like to know your suggestions on the choice of hotels. My short list is between Cedar inn and Hermitage. My choice is cedar inn however we will need vehicle ti commute to and from the mall. Please suggest which hotel should I book out of áthese two. We need good snow áview from rooms. I heard Hotel Hermitage has big rooms with good views plus that hotel is at a walkable distance from mall. We have a couple of senior citizens in our group. áSo please suggest. Thanks &áRegards,  
Raj ( December 2016 
The two hotels can't be compared because they belong to different categories and class altogether. However if view and convenience are your only concerns, then Hermitage could be the choice. 
Atanu Sahoo (January 2017) 
Dear Raj, Thanks a lot in advance. When I search your site I read every review carefully, very very helpfull for an unknown person who is making 1st time tour at Darjeeling. Please help me for my short trip of two days, áI want to know some points below.. 
1. Our 3 brothers family with kids plan to trip, so which is the best hotel for us within 1000 to 1200 per night per room (if possible mountain view from balcony or room, &áa small lawn at the back side for playing with kids). 
2. áWhere can I contact for best sightseeing taxi booking 
3. How many days before I should book joyride of toytrain from darjeeling. 
4. Does any hotel offer car pickup from njp station &áhow much it costs for 7 people &á3 kids.. 
Thanking you a lot in advance again, keep it up sir.... 
Raj ( January 2017 
Hello, Your budget is little low for what you are asking for, particularly in high season. You won't get a decent hotel in that rate. Closest would be Annex Rooms in Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (of West Bengal Tourism)... they also have family rooms which can be cost effective if you do not need individual room for each family. While views are limited and partial views available only from one or two rooms in the upper floor of the Annex building, there is a nice lawn at the back side and you get wonderful views of Kanchennunga from there. 
The reception at the lodge takes tour bookings by car. Tourist Lodge is unlikely to arrange for a pickup. But all other private hotels do. You can book a Sumo from the pre-paid counter once you reach NJP or Bagdogra. It should cost around Rs. 2,500 from a drop. In high season, you should book seats in toy train as soon as booking starts for your dates (i.e. one month in advance). Otherwise you won't get tickets. 
Seena (March 2017) 
Hi Raj, Thank you so much for taking the effort to list out hotels in Darjeeling which suits different budget preferences . Your forum had been a huge help in getting a fair view of places to visit in Darjeeling , types of accomodation , transportation etc á.After going through your suggested list and your response to various queries in this forum, have narrowed down my preference between little Tibet and Gleneagle heritage resort. Would you be able to suggest áwhich of these would provide a clean and spacious accommodation? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, 
Raj ( March 2017 
Both are clean and have spacious rooms (not all rooms are spacious though). Central Gleneagles is a much smaller and a heritage hotel. It has been converted from an old house of British era to a hotel with only six rooms. But you get more intimate and heritage feeling here. However for better professional yet personalized service and food, Little Tibet is better. 
Ayushi (April 2017) 
Hi Raj, Thank you for this great information. I am planning to visit Darjeeling with my parents in June 2017, and looking for hotels with good views, but the more important point is that I need a hotel for which we dont need to walk a lot(specially, steep slopy area to reach the hotel as my parents are there), and secondly since most good views are available from top floors, could you suggest where they have lifts? Thanks in advance. 
Raj ( April 2017 
Having no idea about your budget, it's difficult to suggest a hotel. For elevators you can look into Hotel Viceroy (centrally located but requires climbing flight of stairs to reach the lobby), Golden Height Enclave etc. These hotels have limited rooms with good views. 
Amit Chatterjee (April 2017) 
Dear Raj, Me (54) &ámy wife (49) both are having problem in knee. Therefore, walking in steep pathway is very difficult for us. We hv a plan to visit Darjeeling during ist week of May'17. Can u suggest a hotel near Mall where we can reach directly by car from Silliguri also if possible may kindly inform that 3points,7points etc visit.. can it be done with minimum walking? Regards 
Raj ( April 2017 
If you are looking for budget/mid-budget hotel, then you can try Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Main Building). Sightseeing tours will require some walks (for example at Tiger Hill you may need to walk uphill quite a bit depending on queues of cars, at Batasia you need to take a short walk up to the loop from Hill cart road). 
Ayush Baskota (February 2018) 
Hey Raj, Greetings from Nepal. I am in Kathmandu and am planning to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok from 25 Feb for a week. I visited your website and have found ample information regarding Darjeeling. Infact, your website is helping me a lot in planning my visit and making it less hassle free i hope. Just need a quick suggestion from you. I have been contacting a few hotels that you have reviewed as good ones regarding availability of rooms and rates. And getting replies as well. What would you suggest is the best way to, booking a hotel via email beforehand or landing in Darjeeling itself and looking around for a hotel. How full are these hotels during this season?? 
Raj ( February 2018 
February would be usually free of tourists in both Darjeeling and Gangtok. You can walk in and make the bookings. 
Ankush (December 2020) 
I will be staying at Omega Residency. So at which location will the shared taxi drop me? and how far is this hotel from shared taxi stand? 
Raj ( December 2020 
The shared taxi will likely drop you at Chowk Bazaar Taxi Stand. From there it will be around 10 to 15-minute uphill walk to the hotel. 
Sudip Mitra (October 2022) 
Hello Raj, Seeking your advise, for our plans to stay at Darjeeling from 2nd to 5th December 2022. 
Query 1: will this period be suitable for clear views of the Kanchenjunga ? 
Query 2: will bed/room heating be essential in this period ? 
Providing some details for your reference: 
Traveler profile: 
3 cousins - 2 male, 1 female, all in early 50's age group. 
2 rooms : 1 twin bed + 1 single bed 
Room view of Kanchenjunga 
Room/bed heating 
Breakfast included (non-veg) 
NJP Station/ Bagdogra Airport Pickup-drop 
Local day-taxi 
In-house restaurant for dinner 
Budget including breakfast: 
Rs.3000 to 5000/- per room, per night 
Additional info: 
Have stayed at Classic Guest House earlier (Feb 2014), but did not get any Kanchenjunga view. 
Kindly recommend the best possible options for us, as per details above. Best wishes and warm regards, 
Raj ( October 2022 
Hello, Usually, the sky remains clear in early December, and the time is good for views. You will need bed warmer / room heating... it will be freezing cold around that time. You can consider Hermitage Resort for good views... you may need to talk to them to get the right rates. 

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