Kalimpong Half Marathon

The half marathon in Kalimpong is organized by 'Run With Roshni Foundation', a charity trust which was founded in 2012. The founders behind the Trust are Roshni Rai and few others who are natives of Darjeeling district. Roshni actually hails from Pedong, a small village in Kalimpong district of Darjeeling district, but now settled in Mumbai. She is professionally an advocate but her passion is to run marathons including international marathons. In fact she has represented India in four international marathons. 
She has taken this initiative to encourage and inspire the local Gorkha youths of Darjeeling district to take this sport seriously and make an identity for themselves. 
The mission includes supporting strong runners from economically backward class in Darjeeling to run national and international marathons and to let the world know, who the Gorkhas are by getting media mentions through running and winning marathons. 
Kalimpong Half Marathon 
The Kalimpong half marathon is run over a distance of 21kms 97mtrs (which is the standard distance for half marathons worldwide). It starts from Kalimpong and ends at Pedong (or the other way, the start line changes every year). Kalimpong Half Marathon is usually held on 1st May of every year. It started from 2015. 
Kalimpong Half Marathon 
If you are a runner and planning to visit Darjeeling or Kalimpong, then it would be a great idea to combine your vacation along with Kalimpong Half Marathon and participate in the event. All runners are welcome to run. Many actually combine their visits around the marathon. The foundation makes special arrangement for accommodation and food for the runners and their accompanying guests (at very reasonable rates). Note that May is summer time and a great season to visit various parts of Darjeeling district including Kalimpong and Pedong
Tourists who want to watch this marathon, can best see it at the start or finish line, or anywhere along the route. 
The foundation uses the marathon to select a few local youths (both boys and girls) and arranges for their sponsorship to run in the Mumbai Marathon which is held annually in January. 

Contact info

For inquiry and participation in Kalimpong Half Marathon, use the following contacts: 
Local registration forms are usually available at: 
  • Pedong: Pedong Party Office, Pedong Bazaar 
  • Kalimpong: Premika Medical Stores, Maa Super Market 
  • Darjeeling: Rotary Club of Darjeeling 

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