Darjeeling Itineraries - Part:4

Day 1: 
We started from NJP to Ghoom by NBSTC bus from Siliguri, it took Rs.100 per seat. Then from Ghoom we took a shared Taxi travelling to  Sukhipokhri and got down at Lepchajagat which will take Rs.40 per seat. We stayed at Kanchankanya Home Stay at Lepchajagat. 
Day 2: 
We went to Sukhiapokhri by shared taxi which took Rs.10 and from Sukhiapokhri to Maneybhanjan for Rs.30. 
Then From Manebhanjan we took 4 wheel drive British Land Rover to Tumling and Tonglu and Singallila National Park. Which took 1800 per Land Rover plus Rs.100 each for entry to Singallila National Park. It took around 4 hours for that particular trip. You can enjoy the Jaw dropping view of the Kanchenjunga. 
Then back to Home stay and enjoy the well cooked food served Hot. 
Day 3: We went to Jorpokhri a small site with twin water storage which provides water supply to the lower towns and also well decorated with swans and ducks swimming round the lake. You can enjoy the Beauty of the nature. Then From Jorpokhri we went to Mirik Via Pashupati Market and several Tea estates. 
The trip took Rs.1600 From Lepchajagat to Mirik via Jorpokhri - Mirik - Pashupati for a Sumo gold. Then From Mirik we took a shared taxi to NJP costing Rs.120 Per Seat. 
Suvayu Chatterjee (October 2018) 
Hi Raj, 
I have gone through your site and read different articles on Darjeeling tour. I will be travelling from Kolkata and it will be from 15th Jan to 20th Jan. I will be leaving for NJP on 20th noon. 
I am planning to cover below mentioned areas: 
15.01 - NJP to Ravangla 
16.01 - Ravangla sightseeing 
17.01 - Ravangla to Darjeeling ; Mall road sightseeing 
18.01 - 3point tour in morning and 7point tour after lunch 
19.01 - Mirik, Jorpokhri and Pashupati market 
20.01 - Darjeeling to NJP 
I want to take the Joyride too. Can you please help me to include that in my trip plan. Also please let me know how can I book ticket for troy train. I tried from IRCTC but it is not allowing to book. Please help me to plan the trip properly, will wait for your reply. 
Rishita Mondal (November 2018) 
Hi, if your train on 20th is in the evening, you can visit Mirik etc on 20th on your way to NJP. You can then get the whole of 19th for toy train ride and other sightseeing like Rock Garden. Otherwise start early from Ravangla on 17th and take the toy train ride in the afternoon. You can book train tickets maximum 60 days in advance (January is further out). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2018 
Hi Raj, 
Firstly, let me congratulate you on having put a wonderful website together containing a lot of useful and detailed information.  
I will be travelling to Darjeeling with my parents(in their seventies) . We will be reaching Bagdogra airport on 27th January in the morning at 10:30 AM, and will depart from Bagdogra on 30th January at 15:00 PM. We will be staying at the Golden Heights Enclave hotel after having gone through your recommendations about the place. We plan to hire taxis as per requirement during our stay. Basically we have 3 days in hand - 27th,28th, and 29th. Would like to cover Mirik/Jorpokhri and the Pashupatinath Market, and a trip to Kalimpong, Lamahatta and surrounding areas another day. Questions are : 
1) Would it be possible to cover Mirik , Jorpokhri and PashupatiNath market on our way from Bagdogra on the 27th of Jan or would you suggest a separate full day trip for this ? 
2) This would be my 4th visit to Darjeeling, so most of the local sightseeing spots have been seen previously. Instead, since we have not been to the regions and sights around Lamahatta/ Kalimpong/ Rishop. Would it be possible to undertake a full day trip to these regions from Darjeeling? If not, can you suggest another area around Darjeeling(except Mirik), which we can undertake as a full-day trip from Darjeeling ?  
Thanking you in advance for your kind help. 
A. Roy (January 2019) 
Hi, you can cover Mirik, Pashupati market etc on your way to Darjeeling on 27th. However pre-paid taxis from Bagdogra take a different and shorter route. So you need to talk this out at the counter or go out of the airport building to negotiate the fare with a driver. Alternatively you can book a car through a Darjeeling based operator for a pick up and sightseeing along the way. You can allocate a day for Lamahatta and then to Kalimpong (Rishop won't be possible). You should start early and pre-plan the sights in Kalimpong (there are many and you can cover only a few on day trip from Darjeeling via Lamahatta). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2019 
Hi Raj,  
This is my final plan... Any suggestions? Thanks 
Day 1: Arrive in the morning, Check into the hotel, 5 point Tour, Observatory hill, Mahakal Temple 
Day 2: 3 point tour, 7 point tour 
Day 3: 2 hr toy train ride, Rock Garden & Gangamaya Park, Tinchuley, Lamahatta roadside garden 
Vivek Menon (March 2019) 
Hi, the plan is overall great, but Rock Garden & Gangamaya would almost take half a day and so will Tinchuley and Lamahatta, so combining them along with toy train ride would be difficult. I suggest you take the first toy train ride in the morning, get off at Ghum (basically one way ride), ask your taxi/car to come and wait there, continue on to Tinchuley and Lamahatta, on your return cover Rock Garden/ Gangamaya if time permits... you need to time it correctly so take help from the driver. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2019 
Sir, We are planning Darjeeling and Kalimpong tour from 26th May to 30th May as per following schedule. 
26.03 - NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik. After check in hotel in Darjeeling relax for rest of the day. 
27.03- Early morning 3 point tour, After breakfast Toy Train ride. In the afternoon 7 point tour. 
28.03- Move to Kalimpong via Tinchuley and Lamhatta. Check in Kalimpong in the evening. 
29.03- Local Sight seeing at Kalimpong. 
30.03- Back to NJP 
Is it okay? 
Indranil (March 2019) 
Yes, good itinerary. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2019 
Hi Raj, 
I am planning for Darjeeling, Mirik and Kalimpong trip between 20-25th Oct. Below is my plannings based on suggestions from this website. It will be very kind of you to review it and let me know if it's feasible or not. 
Day 1, Sunday : Reach NJP. Take shared car to Mirik , stay there at night and have local sightseeing. 
Q: Shall I get shared car to Mirik from NJP? How much do they charge per person? 
Day 2, Monday : Take private car to Darjeeling and visit Simana, Jorpokhri etc spots on the way. Spend rest of the day at Darjeeling. 
Q: How much is the charge for private cars from Mirik- Darjeeling and will they wait for us to spend some time in the above places? 
Day 3, Tuesday : Early morning 3point trip, toy train ride from 9.30am, 7point trip at second half of the day. 
Day 4, Wednesday : 5point trip at 1st half of the day and Rock Garden trip during 2nd half. 
Day 5, Thursday : Leave for Kalimpong after breakfast, taking a shared car from Darjeeling. Trip to West part of Kalimpong during 2nd half of the day. 
Day 6, Friday : Trip to East Kalimpong. Return to NJP after lunch by shared car. 
Q: What's the usual check out time at hotels in Kalimpong? 
Dibyajoti Bose (April 2019) 
Hi, the plan is quite feasible but day-3 onwards could be a little hectic... so you need to make considerations for any other travellers accompanying you. You can find the fares in the following link: Fares to destinations around Darjeeling
The intermediate stops on your way to Darjeeling from Mirik should be clearly worked out with the taxi driver... otherwise he may ask for more money (Jorpokhri is little off the the route and you need to pay extra for that). Note that shared taxis will drop you at the main stands (for example at the main Rishi road market stand at Kalimpong) and you need to walk up to your hotel or take a local taxi. Usual check out time of hotels in Kalimpong is between 11am to 12noon. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2019 
Hi Raj, 
Before asking my queries I must say this bog is excellent and already cleared many doubts what I was having before reading your article. I am planning to visit Kurseong & Darjeeling in February 2019. I have booked on Darjeeling Mail. I want to stay one night at Kurseong and 2 nights in Darjeeling and 4th day will return by flight. I will take one day 2 hour joyride from Darjeeling to Ghum and return. But please suggest, shall I first go to Kurseong and then Darjeeling or plan the reverse? And what will be the easiest way to reach Kurseong from NJP & also what will be the easiest way to reach Darjeeling from Kurseong? 
Arindam Banerjee (December 2019) 
I suggest you visit Darjeeling first (Kurseong will come on the way... about half way distance). On your return, the journey from Kurseong to NJP will be shorter and easier. There are plenty of transports like reserved taxis, shared taxis and even couple of morning bus services between NJP, Kurseong and Darjeeling. If you take a reserved taxi, you should take it through the pre-paid counter outside the station. Suggest you go through the page on How to reach Darjeeling from NJP and all related links in the page. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2019 
Sir, I with 7 other members, are going to travel to Darjeeling on 3rd April, 2020. My plan is:  Reaching NJP on 4th April. After taking breakfast, journey towards Darjeeling Via Mirik. Evening leisure at Mall. On 5th April, Early morning Tiger Hill, Ghoom and Batasia Loop. Then back to hotel and after taking breakfast will take Toy Train ride. On 6th April whole day sight seeing of Darjeeling. On 7th April after breakfast reach Tinchuley. On 8th April from Tinchuley to NJP for train. Is it possible all the way. When will we reach Darjeeling after visiting Mirik. We are travelling by Darjeeling Mail. 
Sanat Datta (December 2019) 
Yes, the plan is quite doable and good. Darjeeling to Mirik takes about 4 hours plus the time you will take sightseeing at each place like Mirik lake, Simana, Pashupati (Nepal Border) Market etc. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2019 
Kindly guide / correct my your plan: 
1. Reaching Darjeeling at 2 pm on 05/03/20 and spending time at mall and market. 
2. On 06/03/20 : Early morning sightseeing Tiger Hill, Ghoom and Batasia loop. and back to Hotel. After breakfast full day 7 points sightings. 
3. On 07/03/20 : Tour at Mirik, Tinchule , Lamahata and back to Darjeeling. 
8. On 08/03/20 : back to Siliguri through Ghoom , Kurseong sightings. Night stay at Siliguri 
Rajib Bhattacharya (March 2020) 
Mirik and Tinchuley/Lamahatta are on different routes and can not be practically combined on a day trip. You can do one of the two. If you do Mirik, you can also combine Lepchajagat, Jorpokhri etc. Rest of your plan is doable. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2020 
Hello Raj, 
We are a family of 6 people visiting Darjeeling for 4 days from Nov 4th to Nov 8th. Could you please suggest how shall we distribute the local sightseeing in Darjeeling as we don't want to go anywhere else and enjoy Darjeeling in a relaxed way as we have elderly people and kids with us. 
Also, please suggest if it's good to take separate 3 point tour package for day1 and 5 point for day2. Please suggest as we are a bit confused. We want to keep 4th Nov for relaxation and shopping near our hotel i.e. Summit Herman Hotel and Spa. We are checking out on 8th Nov at 12 and leaving for NJP to board the train at 12 night. 
Also, would you suggest if going to Mirik or any other nearby place will be suitable for us?  
Looking forward to your help on this . 
Thank you for your support through your website.  
Alisha (November 2020) 
Hello, 3, 5, 7 point tours are all different tours covering different sights and you need to take them separately depending on what you want to see. Go through the link below to know about these sightseeing tours: 
I suggest that you go through a good operator in Darjeeling and work out your day-wise plans because not everything is open yet. One of the days, you can make a day trip to Kalimpong (start early) or Tinchuley & Lamahatta. On your day of departure, since your train is late at night, you can easily go via Mirik and spend some time there before getting to the station. 
You can go through the link below to know about some of the best operators in Darjeeling. Asmita is a good choice. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2020 
Hello Raj, Here is our tour plan, let me know what you think. 
Oct 3: Reach Bagdogra (around Noon), Go to Kurseong, Spend night in Kurseong 
Oct 4: Local sight-seeing in Kurseong, Leave for Darjeeling at 4:00 (cab), Spend night in Darjeeling 
Oct 5: Local sight-seeing in Darjeeling 
- 3 point tour (4am – 7:30am) 
- Ropeway 
- Toy train ride (2 hours) 
- Rock Garden 
- Tea Estate tour 
Spend night in Darjeeling 
Oct 6: Takda-Tinchuley-Lamahatta day trip, Spend night in Darjeeling 
Oct 7: Sandakphu day trip; Spend night in Darjeeling 
Oct 8: Relax in the morning, Self-guided Heritage walk (1 – 4 pm), Leave for Kalimpong in the late afternoon, Spend night in Kalimpong 
Oct 9: Kalimpong local sight-seeing whole day, Spend night in Kalimpong 
Oct 10: Leave for Lolegaon after breakfast, Local sight-seeing, Spend night in Charkholey 
Oct 11: Watch sunrise and leave for Lava, Sightseeing in Lava, Spend night in Lava 
Oct 12: Leave for Kolakham, Neora Valley Jungle safari, Spend night in Kolakham 
Oct 13: Visit Chungey falls en route Rishyap, Sight-seeing Rishyap, Spend night in Rishyap 
Oct 14: Watch sun-rise in Rishyap, Leave for Bagdogra 
Sraboni Chakraborty (April 2021) 
You have a nice plan in place. On Oct-5, doing Ropeway, Toy Train, as well as Rock Garden, won't be quite feasible. You need to drop one of the three. On Oct-6 and 7, start the day trips early (by 7am) so that you get to spend enough time at the destinations. Rest is fine. Good luck! 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2021 
Hello, thanks for the feedback. I am thinking of dropping Rope Way from Oct 5 and adding to Oct 8? That might push the departure time for Kalimpong by an hour or two. Or do you recommend doing the Rock Garden on Oct 8? I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, 
Sraboni Chakraborty (April 2021) 
During the high season (such as in October), there can be a long queue at the ropeway and sometimes the wait can be for a couple of hours. So, you need to keep enough time for ropeway although the ride itself is a short one. If you want to add it on Oct 8, then do the heritage walk in the morning and the ropeway in the afternoon. Rock Garden along with Gangamaya Park can also take around 3 hours to cover. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2021 
Hi Raj, 
I am planning to go to Darjeeling for the first time in the month of October with my parents who are in mid 50s. I have go through your lovely posts and make my own 5 days tour plans. 
However I am not sure, is the plan good or hectic. Also want a suggestion from you if anything needs to be changed. 
Day 1 : We will reach NJP in the morning. Then we will book a cab for Darjeeling via Kurseong. On the way we will visit some view points and take breakfast. We will reach Darjeeling by noon. Rest of the day we will be exploring mall area. 
Day 2 : We will be taking a trip to tiger hill along with batasia loop and ghoom at early morning. Then after taking breakfast we will take a mix point tour for the rest of the day. 
Day 3 : we will take a day trip to Mirik via Lepchajagat and Jorpokhri. 
Day 4 : we will take a day trip to tinchuley, tukdah, lamahatta and will be back to Darjeeling by evening. 
Day 5 : we have train from NJP at 16:00. We don't have any plans for morning. 
If you can give any suggestions or any change of plan it will be more helpful for me. 
Thank you. 
Sayan Saha (August 2021) 
Well done Sayan! You are already an expert tour planner for Darjeeling :) 
No change is required. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2021 
Hi! Great website and posts. Planning to revisit Darjeeling after 25 years, this time with our 11 year old twins. Planned something like this: 
Day 1: reach Bagdogra around 11, take car to Darjeeling via Mirik, check in and rest 
Day 2: joyride to Ghum and back in the morning; afternoon trip to Takdah and back 
Day 3: Tiger Hill, Batasia loop, Ghum monastry; followed by mixed point trip- HMI+ zoo, ropeway, Lebong, Pagoda 
Day 4: Drop down to Kurseong in the morning, check in at TL, afternoon half day tour of Kurseong 
Day 5: our flight at 4.00 pm from Bagdogra, when must we start from Kurseong? 
Rajarshi (December 2021) 
Hi, currently with Covid travel guidelines in effect, you should start from Kurseong by 12 noon, otherwise, 1 pm would have been okay. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
Many thanks for the reply. Any suggested place to stay near Mall for our 2+2 family? From your blog I shortlisted Golden Heights, Shangri la, Udaan Nirvana and Samir's homestay. I also gather that 'Revolver' is closed nowadays. I am also booking Wizziride for the drop ( bothways). Your comments on these?? Thanks once more 
Rajarshi (December 2021) 
Shangri-La near the mall has been razed by fire and is closed now. Shangri-la Regency on Gandhi road is open though. Udaan Nirvana is a good choice but they serve only vegetarian food. Samir's homestay may not be okay with children. Golden Heights is a good choice too, but not as near as Nirvana. You can also consider Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (now Meghbalika Tourist Lodge)... the rooms in the main building (upper floor) have great views and it's near the mall. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
Hi Raj,  
Hope this email finds you well. I had written to you back in October about jeep safari to Sandakphu. Due to some changes on the family front, looks like I will be doing a solo trip to Darjeeling from Dec 19th for 5 days (Sunday to Thursday). I would really appreciate your help in planning the itinerary. Please let me know if the following itinerary sounds safe for a woman to do:  
Day 1: Arrive at Bagdogra airport, book pre-paid taxi to Darjeeling town, reach by 1pm. Check in at the hotel (homestay at Richmond Hill) and do some local sightseeing by walk from 3/4pm, visit Mahakal temple (30 min walk) and walk to Nehru Road. Dinner at Glenary's and back. Is it safe to walk 30-40 min at 6/7pm from Nehru Road to Richmond Hill? 
Day 2: Take a 3 point tour- Tiger Hill observatory for sunrise, followed by Ghoom Monastery, Batasia Loop. Where do you recommend I book taxis? Or is it better to go with a tour operator like Ashmita Travels? 
Does it make sense to leave for Kalimpong post breakfast, say around 11am? To cut costs I don't mind shared taxis. Are they booked for two way trips/return trips or is it just one way? How and where do I access them? Should they be pre-booked? How much time does one need to see places in Kalimpong. I would like to get back to Darjeeling by 6/7pm  
Day 3: Take a day-trip to Tumbling/ Tonglu via recommended tour operator.   
Day 4: Happy Valley Tea estate tour post breakfast, shopping in Darjeeling. Dinner at Keventer's restaurant.  
Day 5: Departure from Bagdogra Airport. Taxi again?  
Any suggestions to cut costs anywhere without compromising on safety would be very helpful. I just can't begin to thank you enough for all your suggestions.  
Look forward to hear from you,  
Divya (December 2021) 
Hi Divya, 
Here are my comments: 
Day-1: While Darjeeling isn't unsafe in general, a few odd incidents do take place. It gets dark in Darjeeling by 5:15pm or so around this time of the year and the stretch between the Mall and Richmond Hill can be quite lonely after dark. In my opinion, you should get back to your hotel before it's dark instead of dining out. Other than a few restaurants, most shops and other establishments close down after 6:00pm during the winters unless there are enough tourists. 
Day-2: It is better to book the 3-point tour through your hotel. You won't get a taxi at the stand so early in the morning and if you pre-book one from the stand, it may not turn up. You can also book it through a tour operator like Ashmita. 
Planning a Kalimpong day trip by a shared taxi is not quite practical. You can get shared taxis at the Chauk Bazaar stand located at the lower town (a 20-minute walk from the mall). You should ideally start by 9am. You can not pre-book a shared taxi. It's a one-way ride. It will leave when it gets full (there is no fixed timing as such). They take up to 10 people in a Sumo or Mahindra Max type large vehicle. They will also drop and pick up people along the way. 
Once you reach the Kalimpong stand, you need to hire a reserved vehicle for local sightseeing... on a day trip, you should selectively visit a few places rather than taking a half-day or full-day sightseeing package which the local cab drivers offer. Google "Kalimpong sightseeing tours" and read my page to get ideas on what to see there. While returning, you can take a shared taxi back... but, the problem is, you may not get one after 2:30-3:00pm. This is why you should ideally take a reserved vehicle from a tour operator and do such day trips. You can also ask your hotel to arrange the tour... most of them do so. 
Day-3 is okay. 
Day-4: If you like walking/hiking, then you can walk down to Happy Valley Tea Estate. Note that Keventer's is well known for its breakfast and not dinner. While Glenary's is famous for its heritage status, the food they serve of late is not that great. Glenary's bakery (downstairs) is definitely worth a try. For good Thai food, The Park on Ladenla road is a good choice. They all serve lunch and dinner. But for dinner, as a solo lady traveller, you should have ideally chosen your location of stay at the Mall/ Nehru Road area. 
On Day-5, in order to cut costs, you can book a luxury shared cab through Wizzride.com for a drop at Bagdogra airport. If the timing is not suitable, then call them up to check if they can provide one when you want it. You can do the same for Bagdogra to Darjeeling. They offer several pick-up and drop points in Darjeeling. But, you must pre-book one online. Alternatively, you can take a shared taxi from the Chauk Bazaar stand and go down to Siliguri (around Rs. 275 per person) and then take a reserved taxi to Bagdogra airport (around Rs. 600). There are also buses to Siliguri, but the timings may not be suitable. 
Good luck! 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
Hi Raj, 
Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed response. I'll aim to return by 6pm and eat at the Homestay itself. 
Is there any other place I can visit instead of Kalimpong, once I'm done with the three point tour, something a bit more straight forward, just from point A to point B types?  
Thanks for all the suggestions on the eateries and also the Wizzride cab from Bagdogra to Darjeeling and back. Sounds perfect!  
I really appreciate the time you've taken to guide me through this trip. 
Divya (December 2021) 
You can go down to the shared taxi stand at the lower town (Chauk Bazaar) and take a shared cab to one of the following two places: 
1) Margaret's Deck: It's a tea lounge and located 8kms before Kurseong town. It has a wonderful open deck that offers a sweeping view of the Margaret Tea Gardens on the mountain slopes. The tea estate belongs to the Goodricke group. You can have tea, snacks or even lunch there and get back. You can take a shared cab bound for Kurseong and get off there... will take around 1 hour 20 minutes one-way. For your return, you can stop a shared taxi if it has free seats, or check out at the counter, if they can arrange a transfer. 
2) Take a shared cab and visit Mirik (around 2.5 hours). Start by 9 am. From the Mirik Bazaar taxi stand, walk down to Mirik Lake (there is a shortcut... ask any local). You can spend some time by the lakeside, walk along the trails through the Dhupi forests, do some boating etc. If you have time, walk up to the Bokar Monastery (25 minutes). For lunch, walk down to Jagjeet Hotel's Restaurant (in the Krishnanagar area). Make sure you start your return by 2:30-3:00 pm in order to get a shared cab, otherwise you will need to take a reserved cab. There is another taxi stand near the lake and on the way to Jagjeet Hotel... inquire there for the return cab and its timings as you go for your lunch. 
PS. You need to be lucky in order to experience a perfect sunrise from Tiger Hill. If you happen to miss out on a great sunrise from Tiger Hill, you can get up early and walk down to the viewpoint on Mall Road East (right above Hotel Retreat)... the sunrise view from here is no less. But, it will be biting cold early in the morning... so be prepared. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
Hi Raj, 
I am visiting Darjeeling for the first time on  24th December 2021. I will reach NJP station at around 9:10am. I will return to NJP on 27th December to take the train at 8:40pm. 
24th Dec - I will check into the hotel and then go out for lunch. After lunch I will walk up to the Observatory hill pathway and Mahakal Temple. Then have dinner and come back to the hotel. 
The remaining days, I am planning to complete the 3 point tour, 7 point tour and Mirik. I would also like to do a toy train ride. However, I am unable to arrange the remaining days so that I can fit in all the places including the toy train ride. Please help with your suggestions, as to which days I can fit in which places. 
Aninda Chakraborty (December 2021) 
Hi, on day2, do the 3-point tour early in the morning, come back and take the toy train joy ride later in the day. On day3, do the 7-point tour. On day4, return to NJP via Mirik... you have enough time. It takes about 2 hours to get to Mirik from Darjeeling by taxi and another two hours from Mirik to NJP. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2021 
I am writing to you to express my gratitude for all your suggestions prior to my solo travel to Darjeeling. It was a huge source of support before I left home and a great help while I was there. 
I had a great time. Here’s a brief of what I did during the 3 days at Darjeeling. 
I trekked to Tiger hills, walked to Ghum monastry and Batasia loop on the first day. Chilled near the observatory hill and walked around chow Rasta. 
Second day I took a walk to Nightingale shrubbery park, visited the zoo and did a tour with Happy valley tea estate. In the evening, went to Nehru Road, Chow Rasta, and did some shopping. On the third day, I did the cable car ropeway, met some fun people and then did the peace pagoda, on my way back went to Mahakal temple and was back to the stay on Richmond hill. I dined at Kunga’s, Boney’s, Glenary’s, all wonderful places. 
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. Wish you and your family a very happy 2022. Cheers! 
Divya (January 2022) 
Hello Mr. Raj, 
We are a family of 8 going for a 6 day tour (4th June 2022 - 10th June 2022) of Darjeeling and its surrounding areas. Below is a tentative itinerary that I chalked out. Can you please suggest if this will be too hectic or is there something I can add to this especially to last 2 days? We are all nature loving folks and just want to soak in the beauty of the mountains and valleys. There will be couple of aged women with us but they can walk. 
Day1 (4th June, Sat) : Reach NJP at 8am morning , car from NJP to Hotel, lunch and rest of day leisure,  afternoon to evening : roam around the Chowrasta Mall, walk up the Observatory hill , shop on Nehru road, dinner at Glenary's   
Day2 (5th June, Sun) : 
3 point tour in the morning (Tiger Hill Sunrise and Tiger Hill Observation Deck , Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop), 
Later in the day: Toy Train Ride , Ropeway (cable car ride) 
Day3 (6th June, Mon) : 
Mixed point tours in Darjeeling : 
Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda 
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo and Bengal Natural History Museum 
Darjeeling Ropeway 
Rangeet Valley Tea Garden 
Happy Valley Tea Estate 
<<Afternoon>>: Rock Gardens   
Day4 (7th June, Tues) : 
Full day trip to Mirik via Jorpokhri and back to Hotel. 
Start 8am -> stop by Simana view point (just before Pashupati Market) -> Mirik / lake -> lunch Jagjeet Hotel -> Tingling View point ->  BACK to Hotel 
Day5 (8th June, Weds)  :  Visit scenic Kalimpong, Kurseong 
Day6 (9th June, Thurs) :  Is there any place we can do visit on this day 
Day7 (10th June, Fri) : possible sightseeing in the morning? , Back to NJP for Kolkata onward journey train in the evening 
Hello, on day-2, you should finish off the toy train joyride in the first half so that the ropeway can be done in the second half... there can be a long queue at the ropeway. Note that the toy train ride will take you again to Batasia Loop and Ghum station which you would have seen as part of the 3-point tour. 
On day-3... no need to go for a ropeway ride again... instead, add Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center. You should also visit Gangamaya Park along with Rock Garden. 
On day-5, you can not do both Kalimpong and Kurseong on the same day... they are on two different routes. Instead halt briefly at Lamahatta on your way to Kalimpong. 
On day-6, you can visit Kurseong and do local sightseeing if you want... have tea at Margaret's Deck which will be 8kms before Kurseong as you go from Darjeeling. Alternatively, you can visit Takdah & Tinchuley... start early. 
On day-7, suggest you relax and roam around the Mall instead of making it too hectic. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2022 

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