Darjeeling Itinerary
How to plan the days

Below are suggested itineraries for Darjeeling trip, then followed by a forum discussions on variations of itineraries. Tourists usually come to Darjeeling for 4 to 6 nights. One thing you must keep in mind that Darjeeling is not about only the hill town and Chowrasta Mall. 
Road from Darjeeling to Mirik 
The district of Darjeeling spans across more than 1,200 square miles, and there are lovely landscapes, views of the Himalayan range, rich heritage & culture, quaint villages, monasteries, flora & fauna that you can explore for days during your vacation. 
Before you start planning your itinerary, you should go through this road map to understand the road routes to and around Darjeeling and how to plan all your travels within the area. 
If you are planning to visit Darjeeling or Sikkim, the eBook on Darjeeling & Sikkim can be very handy in knowing all the best places, sightseeing tours & operators, eateries, nightlife, shopping and lot more, and would serve as a guide to effectively make your tour plan. 
If you are a first time visitor to Darjeeling, you can consider the following itinerary.  


Arrive in Darjeeling. If you reach Darjeeling in the afternoon, then after checking in to your hotel and freshening up, come up to Chowrasta Mall, sit on a peripheral bench for a while, relax & enjoy the ambience and watch the activities. Then take a stroll along the scenic Mall Road (Bhanu Sarani) and complete a circle. If you reach in the morning half or early afternoon, you will have time to walk up the Observatory Hill behind the Mall and go to the famous Mahakal Temple on top and enjoy the views & sunset. 
Later visit old heritage shops like Habib Mullick (on the mall), Jolly Arts (on the Mall) and few others and buy some curios or souvenirs. In the evening, stroll along Nehru road that leads down from the Mall and is lined by all kinds of shops on both sides. Have your dinner in one of the restaurants here (like the Glenary's or further down at The Park on Laden La road ). 


Go for the early morning 3-point tour which covers famous sunrise from Tiger Hill, Old Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop where the toy train takes a dramatic loop and negotiates an altitude of 140ft. You will be back to your hotel by 7:30am. 
Relax for a while and later take the 7-point local tour which includes Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Zoological Park, Ropeway (i.e. Cable Car ride), Tibetan Self Help Refugee Center, Lebong Race Course, Happy Valley Tea Estate etc. This tour will take about 4 hours. 
Go through Local Sightseeing Tours in Darjeeling for details of these tours. 


Take the 2-hour Toy Train Joyride from Darjeeling station in the morning. There is usually high demand for this. So book the tickets well in advance. You will enjoy the scenic vistas from the heritage train (which is now part of Unesco World Heritage sites) as you ride the steam engine driven mini train with only two coaches. In the second half, visit the Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park. 


Take a car and make a Day trip to Mirik, enjoy the lake, do boating and some local sightseeing before returning to Darjeeling. On the way you should visit Jorpokhri (another nice place with lovely view and a water body), Simana which is a free way Indo-Nepal border with lovely views of Manebhanjan & mountains, and also Pashupati Market which is on Nepal's side and known for its electronic goods. 


Take a car and make a day trip to Kalimpong (takes about 2.5 hours one way, so start early). Do Kalimpong local sightseeing of both east and west Kalimpong. Must see places include Deolo Hill, Dr Graham's Home which started as a Christian school for orphans, Mangal Dhham, Durpin Monastery, Cactus & Orchid nurseries, scenic army golf course, view points etc. 
If you want to combine stay in Kalimpong, then go through Darjeeling Kalimpong Tour Plans 
If you want to combine Gangtok/Sikkim as well, then visit Darjeeling-Gangtok Itineraries
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4 day Darjeeling Itinerary 
Hi Raj, I will be travelling from Kolkata. I am planning to cover below mentioned places/ activities: 
1) Local sightseeing. 
2) Toy Train 
3) Mirik 
As I will be staying for 4 nights only. Please suggest which places to cover and can you please suggest good restaurant where I can get Bengali foods. As I am travelling with my baby I need to get some good family restaurant. Keventers and Glenary's are good for English food I know. Thanks in advance for your response. 
Somnath Malakar 
July 2012 
Hi Somnath, Here are some suggestions for your itinerary: 
Take a stroll at the Chowrasta Mall and along the Mall road to soak in the charm, walk up the Observatory hill pathway (behind the Mall) and visit the Mahakal temple (quite some uphill walk though), do some shopping along Nehru road (you will find lots of local souvenirs), have dinner at Glenary's or The Park. 
Take the half-day 7-point taxi tour. You can keep the remaining time for leisure. Alternatively take the mixed point tour for the full day. The sites of interest would be HMI & Zoo, Ropeway (cable car), Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Rock Garden etc. Go through Local Package Tours In Darjeeling for more information about the tours. 
Take the 3-point early morning tour for Tiger Hill and enjoy the magnificent sunrise over Kanchenjunga snow peaks. On the way back visit Ghoom Monastery, Batasia loop & War Memorial. Later in the day, take the 2-hour joyride on toy train (round trip from Darjeeling to Ghoom). You will need to book well in advance, otherwise you wont get tickets. Check out Darjeeling Toy Train Rides & Services for details 
Take a private taxi and make a day trip to Mirik. On the way cover Jorpokhri. Along the way enjoy the lovely tea gardens and view of Sandakphu. At Mirik, just hang around at the lake, do some boating and see the small market. Don't plan too much of local sightseeing there as it may become quite hectic. Have lunch at the restaurant of Hotel Jagjit (I have stayed here several times and it is one of the best ones around). You can also freshen up here, use toilets etc. Check out Darjeeling to Mirik journey for details. 
For Bengali food, check out Bengali food in Darjeeling
Post July, 2012 
Darjeeling in one day 
Dear Mr. Raj, I shall reach Darjeeling on 19/01/2013 at about 12 noon and stay till 11 AM of 21/01/2013 with my wife and little son (7 years). Please help me with how can I complete 
1) Tiger Hill-Batasia-War Memorial, 
2) Toy Rain Joy Ride, 
3) 5-Point or 7-Point sightseeing. 
My plan is: 
1) 20/01/2013: 4 AM to 7-30 AM Tiger Hill etc. 
2) 20/01/2013: 10-40 AM to 01-30 PM DHR Joy Ride and 02PM to 05-30 PM 5-Point or 7-Point Sight Seeing. 
3) On 21/01/2013: Start for Kalimpong as I am to visit Kalimpong- Rishop- Kolakham- Lava. 
As I am first time in Darjeeling I am in confusion that how can I cover Darjeeling in such time. Please provide me with your valued advice. Yours, 
Amrita Kumar Mukherjee 
Kolkata, November 2012 
Your tour schedule looks extremely hectic and actually not desirable with an infant. It is practically quite difficult to squeeze in three different sightseeing options on a single day, although it is possible. In case you are absolutely hell bent on doing all the three things you have mentioned, then consider some of the following options: 
Option-1. On day-1 (i.e. 19th Jan), instead of coming directly to Darjeeling, come up to Kurseong and take the afternoon toy train ride from there to Darjeeling. This ride will give you the same flavour as the Darjeeling Ghoom joyride, and will also cover the Batasia Loop on the way to Darjeeling. 
Then on the next day you can easily plan Tiger Hill early in the morning and then followed by 5/7 point local tour at 10am( ask the taxi driver to start at 10am instead of the usual time of 9am, they usually entertain). You will then get enough time to freshen up and take your breakfast before you start the sightseeing tour. This option will also give you enough leisure time in the afternoon to take some rest and then enjoy the Mall area in the evening. 
Option-2. If you want to pack in all three tours on the same day (i.e. on 20th), then Tiger Hill (4am - 7am), followed by 5/7 point tour (9am - 12:30pm), and then Toy Train Joyride (1:20pm for 2hrs) should be the sequence. Note that during winter it gets dark in Darjeeling by 5pm. So you should not start your 5/7 point tour in the second half. This schedule can become a bit hectic and tiring, but doable. 
Suggestion: Plan to take early dinner as most shops and restaurants in Darjeeling close down by 7:30pm during the winter. 
Hope this helps! 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com), November 2012 
Two & Half days itinerary in Darjeeling 
I will reach Darjeeling on 12/12/2012 at about 11 AM and stay till 12 PM of 14/12/2012 with my brother and parents (53 and 61 years). Please help me with my plan mentioned below and let me know if it will be hectic as I am with my parents. 
My plan is: 
DAY 1: Arrive from Kalimpong and check into hotel Revolver 12 PM, take the 1:20 PM joyride (already booked) and back at 3:30 PM, visit Observatory Hill and Mahakal Temple (Should I drop the hill for my parents?) 
DAY 2: Take the mixed half day tour you mentioned (should including Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park and making it full day be hectic?) 
DAY 3: Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Ghoom Monastery tour, take rest and around 12PM check out for NJP. 
This is my first time in Darjeeling and your website guided me in everything from booking hotel room to joyride. I personally appreciate for your effort to build a website like this one. 
Avishek Pradhan (December 2012) 
Hi Avishek, 
Your plan looks great and quite compact. Here are some comments: 
1. On day-1, take your parents to the Mall after the joyride and let them relax there sitting on one of the benches. You can then take the way up to the observatory hill from the mall road. For elders it can be quite tiring. So ask your parents if they feel energetic enough to go for the climb. If not, let them relax at the mall and you make a quick trip to the temple and get back. Remember, it would start getting dark by 5:30pm 
2. Ganga Maya has been closed for quite sometime due to landslides. You can however go to Rock Garden. After the mixed point tour, keep your option open, see how you feel and then decide on Rock Garden. Taxis are always available. So keep it flexible. 
3. Day-3 looks fine. Don't miss out on the Samosas sold at the small stalls next to Batasia loop. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2012 
4-days itinerary in Darjeeling 
Hi Raj, 
Your site is a great one :-) I have come up with the following schedule and wanted your opinion on the same. 
20th May Reach Darjeeling and spend day at leisure in Mall etc 
21st May 3 point tour in morning and Mixed point tour in afternoon 
22nd May Joy Ride in the morning. Planning to visit Kalimpong in afternoon if possible. 
23rd May Day trip to Mirik 
24th May Leave Darjeeling after lunch 
With this we will need 4 nights of hotel booking and 2 rooms. Can you suggest something close to the mall and accessible to the taxi stand? 
Rajshekhar Roy (December 2012) 
Your itinerary overall looks great. Few suggestions: 
1. On 20th, do take a stroll along the Mall Road which circles around the Observatory Hill. The views are splendid. 
2. On 21st while returning from Tiger Hill, do not miss out on the samosas sold at the local stalls just outside Batasia Loop. 
3. A half day plan for Kalimpong won't work. In fact, a full day round trip is also difficult as you won't be able to see much there before it's time to return. So drop Kalimpong. Instead, you may like to cover few other local places like Rock Garden etc in the 2nd half of 22nd May. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) 
December 2012 
10-14 days itinerray & trip plan for Darjeeling 
Hi Raj I found your site really helpful but I was wondering if you can advise on an itinerary encompassing the hill railways for a period of 10-14 days and when would be the best time to visit With thanks  
Sammy Stein (February 2013) 
Hello Sammy, 
If you are looking for an itinerary around the DHR (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway), then you should include the three DHR museums as part of your visit... they are located at Sukna, Kurseong and Ghoom. You will be able to uncover some history and even get to see one of the original engines (Sevok) at Ghoom station. While the toy train ride over the entire stretch between NJP and Darjeeling is not currently available (because a section of the track is damaged), there are regular joy rides from Darjeeling to Ghoom & back, and also regular service between Kurseong & Darjeeling. You should include that as part of your itinerary as well. Check out Toy train rides & services 
For further reading on toy train, check out: DHR Toy Train Story 
To combine other areas & tours as part of your itinerary, check out Darjeeling Tours
Once you make an outline of your itinerary, I can help fine tune that. The best time to visit Darjeeling would be between March - April and September - November when the sky is clear and temperature is pleasant. But this is also the peak tourist season and Darjeeling gets awfully crowded. Check out the following link to know about weather in this part of the country and choose a time that you like the most: Darjeeling Weather 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2013 
5/6 days in Darjeeling - Trip Plan 
We are two couples wanting to visit Darjeeling and its surrounds in Oct this year. We will have about 5 to 6 days at our disposal. We want to experience tea gardens, short treks and the toy train. Should we divide our stay between Darjeeling and one of the tea estates? Or should we base ourselves in one place and travel around in a taxi? Any advice will be very appreciated. Also am i correct in assuming that the toy train is not running all the way to Darjeeling from Jalpaiguri? 
Surinder Sing (February 2013) 
Hello, If you really want to experience and feel the tea garden life, then you should stay in one of the tea estates (like in Glenburn) for couple of days. I have discussed some of the best ones for tea tourism in my article Darjeeling Tea Garden Tours. Most offer all inclusive packages including transfers. You will experience garden life, how tea is plucked, village life, tea processing, ethnic culture and many other nature activities. The Tea Estate management can also organize short treks like nature / forest/ village treks etc. 
If this is what you are looking for, then divide the trip in two parts. Come to Darjeeling for general sightseeing, and then move down to a tea garden for couple of nights. Otherwise, if you base your stay in Darjeeling itself, then you can get a quick flavor of a tea estate and tea processing by visiting Happy Valley Tea Estate
You are right ... there is no toy train all the way up to Darjeeling from NJP. A section of the track is lying damaged since June 2010, and they say there is no fund to repair ... what a pity. So your options are: 
1) Come up to Kurseong from NJP by car and then take the Toy Train for Darjeeling. Remember, you can not carry heavy luggage in a toy train and will need to time it right to catch the train. 
2) Come to Darjeeling and take a 2-hour Toy Train Joy Ride up to Ghoom and back. This is what most do. But buy the tickets in advance. You will get all the info on Toy Train Rides and Services here: Toy Train Rides & Services 
Hope this helps! Regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2013 
Me and my family will stay at Darjeeling from 20.3.13 12 noon to 24.3.13 12 noon. But on 21 and 22 there will be strike over there. So what should we do as our travel tickets and hotel bookings are done and we will not get back the amount for hotel booking. So will you suggest a plan so that we could travel rest of the days and times hassle free. 
Tanusree Hazra (February 2013) 
Hello Tanusree, 
Don't be disheartened. There are still enough things to do and enjoy. 
On 20th (the day when you reach), you can go for the Toy Train Joy Ride (2 hours) in the afternoon. But book the tickets in advance through the website irctc.co.in. 
During the days of the strike, the shops & restaurants would be closed and there won't be any transports. But you can still plan to go around on foot... for example 
1) Take a round or two around the Mall road, then 
2) Take a stroll (a gradual uphill climb) up to Mahakal Temple on top of Observatory Hill (also in the mall area) and spend some time there watching arti at the temple and the wonderful views all around. 
3) Go down to Bhutia Busti Monastery (1.5 kms) from the mall if you can. Going down is easy. But getting back up can be quite tiring for some. So take your time and do it slowly. You will need half a day to complete this walking tour. You will find descriptions of all these places in my site. 
On 23rd, you can take a local packaged sightseeing tour (5/7 point) by private taxi or even a day trip to Mirik via Jorpokhri. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2013 
4-day plan in Darjeeling 
Dear Sir, Thank you for sharing loads of information to us. I am visiting Darjeeling next week. I will like you to validate my trip plan. 
Day 1: We will reach Darjeeling at 2-00 clock. Leisure day. 
Day 2: Mixed point tour. 
Day 3: Toy-Train ride at 10-40am then we are planning to go to Chatakpur directly from Ghoom. We will only avail one-way trip by toy-train. I need your suggestion here. Is this a good idea? Can you please provide me information about Chatakpur. We are only planning for a day trip and come back to Darjeeling. 
Day 4: We will start at 9o'clock and go to Sukhia pokri Then to Pasupatinath Market- Mirik and will go to NJP to catch our train at 19:25hrs. Here also I need your input like how much time it will take for Sukhiapokri, Pasupatinath Market and Mirik. Please suggest me any alterations if required. Looking forward to your response. Thanks and Regards, 
Subhajit Dey (March 2013) 
You are unlikely to get a taxi from Ghoom for Chatakpur. You may need to ask the taxi driver to go and wait at Ghoom. Yes, you will save some 35 minutes. While it's okay to make a day trip to Chatakpur from Darjeeling, but there isn't much that you can see or do. Chatakpur is essentially a forest village and a leisure place whose charm can be enjoyed if you stay there for a night or two. There isn't otherwise much there to see other than a Kanchenjunga viewing platform. Well you can enjoy the drive and comeback. But carry your food. You won't get any good eatery there and the lodge won't serve food to outsiders. If you want to pre-arrange food, call up the caretaker at Chatakpur (Binod Rai, ph: 9609740489) and ask him to keep some provisions for you, at least some tea. Rest of your itinerary is okay.  
For more info on Darjeeling to Mirik journey, check out Darjeeling to Mirik 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2013 
4-Day Plan (Itinerary) of Darjeeling 
Let me first take this opportunity to both congratulate and thank you on the website, it has detailed information and is really helpful. We (me, my wife and our 2 year old daughter) would be travelling to Darjeeling as per the itinerary below: 
01/06/13 (Sat) reach NJP in the afternoon and proceed to darjeeling in a shared jeep/private taxi. spend rest of day in and around hotel 
02/06/13 (Sun) 3-point tour (4am - 7:30am) of Tiger hill, Batasia loop, War memorial and Senchal lake. 
02/06/13 (Sun) Toy train ride (52548). rest of the time in and around hotel 
03/06/13 (Mon) full day mixed point tour (Dhirdham temple, HMI & Zoo, Ropeway, Tenzing & gombu rock, refugee Self-help centre, happy valley tea estate, rock garden & ganga maya park) 
04/06/13 (Tue) full day tour to Mirik in private taxi 
05/06/13 (Wed) proceed to NJP in morning. 
Please provide your helpful inputs regarding the whole itinerary. 
Thanks a lot in advance. 
Abhisek Kejriwal (April 2013) 
Hi, Your itinerary is good and compact, and aimed towards maximizing sightseeing with some relaxation. Just ensure that your 2-year old child can take the stress, then you are fine.  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2013 
Darjeeling Trip with Jaldapara 
I want to go to Darjeeling via Mirik (for 1 to 2 hrs. break) with my 12 years old son in the 2013 Puja. After local site visit and toy train journey we want to stay at Jaldapara Forest for 2 days and then back to Kolkata. Kindly suggest me is it enough to stay at Darjeeling for 3 days and Jaldapara for 2 days or not. And as a good adviser kindly suggest me what is the best way to visit those places and which are the best of those places that we must go and see. 
Sujata Majumdar (May 2013) 
Whether 3-days is enough in Darjeeling depends on what may or may not be enough for you. For some even 7 days is not enough and for some others even few hours is good enough. For me personally, I have gone back to Darjeeling countless number of times and it's still not good enough. So I can not answer the question whether 3 days in Darjeeling will be good enough for you. If you go through the menu option 'Tourist Places' in my website, I have described the best places to visit in Darjeeling. And in 'Sightseeing Tours' menu option I have described how to visit. 
My website is about Darjeeling. I do not offer suggestions on places that are not in Darjeeling district like Jaldapara. However just to give you some quick tips, stay at the Hollong Tourist Lodge which is inside the Jaldapara National Park instead of at Madarihat which is the nearest township. Take the Elephant safari instead of the jeep safari. The expert Mahouts take you close to the one-horned Rhinos for which the park is famous. You can also see wild elephants, tigers, leopards and even pythons if you are lucky. The jeep safari usually takes you to watch towers and you can see the wildlife from far and will need binoculars. Nearby is Chilapata forest and you can take a safari there too. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2013 
4-days in Darjeeling 
Dear Raj, You are very prompt to reply. I am reaching Darjeeling Tourist Lodge on 30.05.2013 at 12:30pm and leaving on 02.06.2013 at 9:30am. My plan is as under, kindly advise whether it will be comfortable or hectic, because I have 4 year child. 
1) On 30.05.2013 - After reaching DTL at 12:30 pm , will take rest up to 3:00 pm and enjoy the joyride from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs. and then spend some time in Mall. 
2) On 31.05.2013 - Mirik. 
3) On 01.06.2013 - 3 point in 1st half, Ropeway & 2nd half Rockgarden & Gangamaya park. 
4) On 02.06.2013 - Buddha Mandir near Mall. 
Kindly advice. Regards, 
Prasanta Kumar Paul (May 2013) 
You should cut out Rock Garden on the 3rd day (Ganga Maya Park is closed anyway). Which Buddha Mandir are you talking about near Mall? Mahakal Temple on the observatory hilltop? Then you should start by 6:30/7am and get back in time to have your breakfast before you start your return journey. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2013 
Leisurely holiday for the aged in Darjeeling 
Hello, I have been reading your articles which. I find to be very helpful. I am planning to go to the hills with my parents (in their seventies) and my 5year old son. Could you please suggest the best possible itinerary for us (for 3 full days?). 
I was planning to put up in the Darjeeling tourist Lodge. Do they allow 3 adults (with extra bed) and one child in the standard double room (main building)? Also which are the room nos. with the best view?  
You have mentioned that it is better to hire a private taxi from the taxi stand as the tour operators work out to be more expensive. Do you have anyone reliable known to you? If so, I would be grateful if you can give me his contact no. I will be requiring pick up and drop off to and from Bagdogra Airport. Also planning a half day sightseeing trip covering some points (including the zoo), a joy ride by train to Ghoom on the same day, a day trip to Jorpokhri and one day at leisure. This is my proposed itinerary for 3 full days. What do you think of it?  
Also if you can give me the rates for my car requirements as mentioned (pick and airport drop, half day sight seeing, drop to Darjeeling Railway Station, and day trip to Jorpokhri), with details of someone you might recommend. Thanks! 
Sujata Dey (June 2013) 
Your itinerary looks fine. You may like to combine Mirik with Jorpokhri ... beautiful views of the tea estates along the way and your son will love boating at the Mirik lake. But consider the drive time keeping in mind accompanying aged parents. 
Tourist Lodge may not allow an extra adult plus a child. Please talk to them before you book. While I do use tax drivers who I know personally, I am unable to share their contacts as I would not like to promote anybody specifically. You will get ideas about fares/rates for both locals tours and hotel transfers from my website. Here are the links: 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2013 
5-day Darjeeling-Lolegaon-Rishyap Itinerary 
Hi Raj , 
Thanks for the previous support. I have just made a rough plan for my trip. Will you please check it and add the required info? 
Day1 : Njp to Darjeeling directly from station. 
Day 2: Tiger hill, Ghoom and 7 points etc. 
Day 3: Day trip to mirik with Jorpokhri. 
Day 4: Darjeeling to Lolegaon (night stay). [Is it possible?] 
Day 5: Lolegaon to Rishop via Lava.(night stay). 
Day 6: Back to Shiliguri. 
Now my questions are 
Should December first week be considered as off-season? 
1. Is the tour possible with 2 years old kid? 
2. From Shiliguri which place should I go first Darjeeling or rishop/lolegaon? 
3. In Darjeeling we want to book Darjeeling tourist lodge Annex building but if we don't get it which hotels should I contact? Revolver?My budget is within Rs.1000 
4. Any Lolegaon budget hotels? 
5. Any Rishop hotels? 
Thanks in advance. 
Nivedita (June 2013) 
your itinerary is okay but may turn out to be a bit hectic with an infant.  I would suggest spend two nights at Lolegaon instead of moving to Rishyap the next day. Tiger hill and 7-point tour on the same day can be quite tiring. Ideally you should combine 3-point tour with a Toy Train Joy Ride on the same day. That would be more relaxed and enjoyable, and keep a separate day for 7-point or mixed point tour. But that would mean an extra day's stay. If that is not doable, then either skip the day trip to Mirik or on the last day while returning from Darjeeling (assuming you start your tour with Lolegao first), come down to Mirik via Jorpokhri, spend some 2-3 hours at Mirik (it's mainly the lake & boating) and then head straight for NJP (assuming your train is in late afternoon or evening). There are several restaurants by the lake side. 
Hotel Revolver is good but may not be suitable for families who require lots of amenities around. I would say it's ideal for couples and even singles. The shops are a bit of walk from there. If location and convenience is your first priority, then you can consider the Annex Building of Olde Main Bellevue Hotel as well. It's right opposite to Glenary's and just 1 minute walk from the Mall... great location with shops and restaurants within stones throw distance. But this is a basic hotel and not as well maintained as Revolver... but okay for couple of nights. Here is my full review of the hotel: Annex Olde Main Bellevue 
Although first week of December is in off season, but these days due to increased tourists in the hills, I doubt if the hotels will extend any discounts. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2013 
2-day budget itinerary in Darjeeling 
Dear Raj, we are 3 friends coming to Darjeeling on this 21st June from Bangladesh. our plan is: Dhaka-Kolkata-Darjeeling-Kolkata-Dhaka. We all are students so we are searching for cheapest rates in all conditions. I have read all of your articles and thus reached a decision like that. 
Dhaka - Kolkata (20/06-10.30pm to 9.00am by bus), 
Kolkata - Siligiri/NJP (21/06-7/8/9pm to 7.30am by train), 
Siliguri/NJP - Darjeeling (22/06-8.30am to 12am by jeep or bus) 
22/06: 7spot tour 
23/06: 3spot and 5spot tours 
23/06 Darjeeling - Siliguri; 24/06 Kolkata - Dhaka 
Should I make any change in my plan? Or please suggest me the best tour plan at cheapest rate because we can afford 10000bdt on an average. Thanks for your kind help to all tourists, praying that God will give reward to you for this in future :) 
MHM Mubassir (June 2013) 
Hello Mubassir, 
Your plan looks fine. The 5-point tour is not quite popular and you can skip that. Instead take some time out to relax at the mall and go around the mall road. Also try to take the 2-hour toy train joyride in the morning or afternoon. There are 4 rides offered per day. The Toy Train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was an engineering marvel during the British days and now part of the Unesco World Heritage site. 
If you have not already booked your hotel, then for cheap accommodations in Darjeeling take a look at the following: Darjeeling hotels for backpackers 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2013 
Hello Raj, 
I will be visiting Darjeeling for the first time with my wife & 4 year old son. Will it be much to spend 5 nights only in Darjeeling? I don't want to halt at Mirik and don't want to visit Gangtok either. What is your suggestion for me to spend 5N/6D in and around Darjeeling? 
Manoj Bordoloi (July 2013) 
You may consider staying couple of nights in a tea estate or an offbeat place close to Darjeeling and then three nights at Darjeeling. Check out the following link  to know about such offbeat stays: 
Otherwise you may just relax and spend some leisure time in Darjeeling itself, take couple of local tours, hang around in the mall, take toy train joyride (your son will enjoy), ride on the ropeway, visit the Zoo (lot's of amazing high altitude animals like Tibetan wolf, snow lion, yaks, red panda etc which your son will love to see) & HMI, and eat at some great restaurants like Glenary's, Keventer's (breakfast), The Park (great Thai food) etc etc. Five nights will fly. But try to avoid the peak tourist season. Too much of crowd and the infrastructure is inadequate to handle that. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2013 
2-3 day itinerary in Darjeeling 
Hi Raj, I'll be travelling alone to Darjeeling for first time. (from 24th Dec to 2nd Jan, of which 25th-31st i'll be on a YHAI trek to Sandakphu). After surfing your site, i've chalked out a 2-3 day plan to explore areas in and around Darjeeling, as follows: 
23rd Dec 9pm: Reach New Jalpaiguri, overnight stay at station/dormitory. 
24th (Tue) 7 or 8am: Take shared jeep/bus to Mirik. Explore Boating and food. 
12 or 1pm: take another shared jeep/bus for Ghum. 
3pm: Explore Ghum Monastary, Batasia Loop, Museum (I believe these are within walking distances)  
5pm: toy train to Darjeeling (already booked) and report for trek. 
31st Dec: My trek should get over by lunchtime. So after lunch, I'll be visiting Chowrasta, Peace Pagoda, Mahakal temple, Lloyd Botanical garden and if possible Barbotey rock garden (again assuming these can be covered by foot except rock garden) 
1st Jan (Wed): Happy Valley Tea Estate, HMI+Zoo, Ropeway trip, Tenzing Rock, Shrubbery Park, Raj Bhawan. (Guide me whether I can walk or taxi is a must. since i'll be alone I'd prefer shared transport to reduce my costs) 
2nd Jan: Early morning Cab to Tiger Hill, Senchal lake. After breakfast, take Shared transport to Jorpokhri and return to Ghum. 
Take 4pm toy train to Kurseong (yet to book).  
7pm Kurseong to NJP by shared jeep.  
1-2am of 3rd Jan: train for Mumbai. 
Please let me know if i am missing out on any good place, or if I can improve the plan by rescheduing the order of places. My main concerns are shared transport from Mirik,Ghum,Jorpokhri and Kurseong at times mentioned above. Also do i need to book a hotel for 31st and 1st night in advance or can it be managed on the spot? 
Parin Shah (November 2013) 
In Ghoom or Darjeeling all the places are not exactly in easy walking distances, although one can walk. It'll be more like a hike and therefore you need time in hand. It'll start getting dark by 5:15pm or so and you can't cover all places around Ghoom in 2 hours walk. Also you may not get a toy train from Ghoom at 5pm for Darjeeling. The number of runs during winter usually gets reduced. The DHR is notorious in changing toy train schedules. If you don't get a train, take a shared jeep or taxi to Darjeeling. Note that the shared jeep stand is near the Ghoom station but Batasia loop is further down towards Darjeeling.  Batasia Loop is best covered during early morning Tiger Hill trip. So get off at Ghoom station, quickly see the DHR museum if it's open, the first toy train Sevok parked next to the station, then Ghoom monastery and get back to the station to catch a shared jeep or taxi. 
On 31st, again all are not within easy walking distances. Chowrasta and Mahakal Temple are okay. For the other two you need more time if you want to walk and cover. Rather include Raj Bhawan (they won't let you enter though) and Shrubbery Park. Botanical Garden and Peace pagoda can be covered with the Jan 1st plan. Rock garden can not be covered on the same day. You can take the Tiger Hill/Batasia trip by a shared jeep (you will get them at the clubside taxi stand early in the mornings - 3:30am... check it out, fog may be an issue). The standard 3-point taxi tour also covers these two points along with Ghoom Monastery. On 2nd Jan, you are unlikely to get shared jeep from Kurseong for NJP at 7pm. So plan on taxi. 
31st December and Jan 1st are usually peak time in Darjeeling (this year may see a bit of impact from the earlier political unrest). But still book hotels in advance. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2013 
Hello Mr. Raj, first let me congratulate you for this wonderful website and the information you have shared with us. It will be my good luck if I get some advise and useful information regarding my tour. I'll be there in Darjeeling from 24th Dec morning to 26th Dec evening. I grouped with 5 friends which makes it easy for me to book vehicle for our own. But the point is I have to cover both 3-point tour and 7-point tour. Also want to go to Sandakphu (by vehicle)/ Kalimpong (pedong/Lava) or tour to mirik/Jorapokhri & also more likely the toy train ride. Please advise me & help me to plan my tour. I'm exited a lot for this, it's my first time. Thank You. 
Shekhar suman Bishoyi (November 2013) 
Here is a possible itinerary for three days: 
Day1: take toy train joy ride in the first half, walk around the mall road, visit Mahakal temple on observatory hill (near Mall), if time permits, walk down to Bhutia Busti Monastery. 
Day2: Take 3-point tour early in the morning and followed by 7-point tour during the day. 
Day-3: Make a trip to Jorpokhri and Mirik. You can go down to NJP/Bagdogra from Mirik instead of returning to Darjeeling.  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2013 
Hello Raj, 
We (couple) are planning to visit Darjeeling from 8th to 13th Dec, 2013. I have gone through your forum/reviews and find it really helpful. Can you pls further suggest is it advisable to stay at some offbeat place(kurseong, kolimpong, mirik, lepcha etc) and then visit darjeeling during daytime or we should stay at Darjeeling itself for two days and then move to some other place. If so, then suggest which offbeat or popular places we should cover after Darjeeling. I mean help us to suggest a proper Itinerary that we should follow. Thanks 
Anjali (November 2013) 
Your itinerary would depend on what you like. Darjeeling town itself is a bit congested (lots of shops, eateries, hotels etc). If you like to avoid that, then stay at an offbeat place and make a day trip to Darjeeling. Otherwise stay at Darjeeling town for few days and then move to an offbeat place. If you like to enjoy tourist attractions like the Toy train ride, Ropeway, HMI/zoo, botanical garden, Tiger Hill sunrise etc, you should stay in Darjeeling and avail the local day tours. 
When you come to the hill town from other places for a day visit, you will have limited time and likely spend your time in the town itself, Mall, shopping areas, take lunch in a restaurant and go back. Chatakpur, Chota Mangwa are some offbeat places you may look into (good for couple of nights). Lepcha Jagat is quite close ... it's all about tranquility and isolation.  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2013 
Dear Sir 
First of all I would really appreciate your efforts in maintaining this site and forum so well. Lots of information available are really priceless. We have planned a trip to Gangtok and we want to break the journey and have a day's break in Darjeeling. We will arrive to Bagdogra airport on 17th Dec 2013 morning 10.00 and planning to take a taxi to Darjeeling. We have booked a night's accommodation in Revolver. We plan to leave Darjeeling by next evening (3.00 pm)by taxi. we are two couple and two kids. What would be the best short itinerary plan. Is it good enough to book the toy train for 18th morning. What can we cover on 17th afternoon. Thanks in advance 
Aparna P (Karnataka) NoVember 2013 
Hi, Your time is too short for any set tours of Darjeeling. On 17th afternoon, just roam about in the Chowrasta Mall (the town center), walk up the Observatory hill to Mahakal Temple, stroll along the Mall road, do some shopping on Nehru road and take your dinner at Glenarys. On 18th, if you can get up early, go for the 3-point tour (Tiger Hill Sunrise, Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop). Later in the day, either take the toy train joyride or go for the ropeway (cable car ride). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2013 
You have made a wonderful site. It is extremely informative and caters to every need in the precise manner. I heard 'lovely resort' is a good hotel in rishop, was thus planning to stay there. Do you recommend? 
I would like to undertake the following itinerary- 
january 10- darjeeling mail reaches njp- proceed to rishop- stay 
jan 11- rishop-lava-rishop 
jan 12- darjeeling- 7 pt tour-stay 
jan 13- darjeeling-tiger hill- 3 pt tour- toy train 
jan 14- darjeeling- mirik-njp-darjeeling mail at 5pm 
Question 1- is it still looking very hectic? 
Question 2- any bus service from siliguri to rishop? if not, how much generally it takes to hire jeep for rishop? shared jeep is it available, if yes from where? 
Question 3- could not book toy train. irctc site showing booking from 14th jan onwards. any other way? 
Question 4- Mirik to njp how long and how much does it cost-any idea? 
Question 5- should I remove Lava from my itinerary? 
Thank you in advance. 
Amrita Naha (January 2014) 
You should stay at Resort Sonar Tari in Rishyap (great views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks, excellent sunrise and sunset views from the balcony, in-house multi cuisine restaurant, hot & cold water, TV etc etc, Room rate: Rs. 1500 super deluxe. Only deluxe rooms cheaper) Mobile: 9874180611. But in last November the road was broken and the resort was virtually inaccessible. So call them up and figure out if it's okay now. 
Your itinerary looks okay. You won't get a bus or shared Jeep from Siliguri to Rishyap. From Siliguri stand take a shared Jeep to Lava. Rishyap is only 11kms from there. Occasional shared Jeeps run between Lava and Rishyap. Otherwise take a reserved Jeep from there. From Lava, you should also get a shared Jeep for Darjeeling. But note that frequency of such shared transports in this area are limited and they have fixed timings. 
I can see toy train tickets available for 13th Jan as well in irctc website. How are you trying the booking? Go through my instructions
From Darjeeling, shared Jeeps and mini buses are available for Mirik. You will also get shared Jeeps from Mirik market stand to Siliguri/NJP. A reserved small car from Mirik to NJP will cost around Rs. 1500/-. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2014 
The information present in the site are very useful. I am planning to visit darjeeling with my parents on 18th April,2014. We will reach darjeeling almost at 10 30 Am on 18th April and will leave at 2 Pm on 20th April.Below is my plan: 
18 th April: visit mahakal temple in afternoon and pass time in the mall area. 
19th April: visit zoo,ropeway etc from 9AM to 12 30 Am.Later enjoy toy train ride from 1 20 PM to 3 30 PM. 
20th april:Visit tiger hill and cover 3 point tour from 4 AM to 7 30 AM. Take some rest and leave darjeeling at 2 PM. 
Please suggest if the planning is feasible or not.Will it be tiring for my parents? 
Snigdha Narula (January 2014) 
Your itinerary looks nice. I have no idea how old or active your parents are. So can't comment on whether it'll be tiring for them. The walk up to Mahakal Temple is quite steep. So ask them to walk at very slow pace and take enough rests in between. There are benches along the way. Then it should be okay. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2014 
We ( Me, my wife and my 8 years old son ) have planned to tour to Darjeeling as 
29/0/03/14 morning at NJP by kanchan Kanya express 
29/03/2014 stay at Kurseong tourist Lodge & same day sightseeing after lunch 
30/03/2014 to Darjeeling by Toy train and stay at Darjeeling Tourist Lodge 
31/03/2014 sightseeing at Darjeeling 
01/04/2014 sightseeing at Darjeeling 
02/04/2014 after Lunch to Jorepokhari 
02/04/2014 night stay at Jorepokhari 
03/04/2014 to Mirik via poshupati market 
03/04/2014 night stay at Mirik 
04/04/2014 after lunch to NJP Rail Station. 
My quires are as follows: 
1)  I will book a car from NJP to Kurseong. What should be the charge  
2) Is it possible to reserve a car to travel upto Jorepokhari , another car next day 
from Jorepokhari to Mirik and finally a car from MIRIK to NJP. Will it be a cheaper solution Or I have to book a car from NJP To NJP. Give me a cost effective solutions as per available facility 
Tapas Ranjan Kar (March 2014) 
You don't have to book cars. Take taxis from point to point. NJP to Kurseong reserved taxi fare would be around Rs. 1200-1300. You can also get taxis from Darjeeling to Jorpokhri and from there (the lodge can call one from nearby Sukhiapokhri) to Mirik. You will also get ample taxis from Mirik to NJP. 
Note that you can also avail shared jeeps that operate on per person rates between all these points and the cost will be much cheaper. For example shared Jeep cost per person from Darjeeling to Sukhiapokhri/Jorpokhri is about Rs. 50/- and up to Mirik is about Rs. 90/- 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
We reach Darjeeling on (arriving after staying one night in Kalimpong) 20th May 2014 and depart on 23rd May 2014. Tentative plan is to do tiger hill on 21st Morning and local 7 point tour on 22nd. How should we plan to go to Ghoom and enjoy the toy train ride also. I would like to visit Pashupti Nath market just to give my 9 yr old son the experience of crossing the border by road. Is it worth going to Pashupathi nath market and Mirik. Pls help plan the local travel itinerary. One option would be to do mirik on 23rd since our flight out of Bagdogra is around 4pm. Pls advice. 
Sanjeev (March 2014) 
On 23rd go back via Mirik. Start by 8am. No need to enter Pashupati market. Instead, stop at a place called Simana (little before Pashupati Market). This is a nice view point area. You can freely walk across the border (which is the road itself). The viewing area on right side of the road is in Nepal, left side of the road is India and the road itself belongs to India. Long way from here towards Mirik, the road acts as the border and people freely cross over. They are the same natives, all mostly Nepali but have different Voter Identity cards. 
Stop at Mirik lake, do some boating and have lunch at Jagjeet Hotel (1 minute from the Lake) and on the same road that leads to Bagdogra. You can also have lunch at Park Hotel & Restaurant by the lake side, but it's not as good as Jagjeet. On the way stop at Tingling View Point (8kms from Mirik)... mind blowing tea garden views and perhaps the best in Darjeeling area. The tea estates you sea are Saurene and Tingling estates on undulating landscapes. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
Dear Sir, 
This year in last wk of September we(4 adults & 2 Children3yrs&2yrs) are planning for 3&1/2 days tour to Darjeeling. Will you please help me to know whether the below mentioned tour plan will be feasible for us? 
Day 1(28th September, 2014) : 
Get down at NJP station at 08.00hrs. Freshen up & start for Darjeeling. Reach Darjeeling by 12.30pm. Put up in Tea board guest House. Lunch & rest of the day in leisure, roam around Mall. 
Day 2 (29th September, 2014): Full Day excursion to Mirik via Jorpokhri. 
Start early by 8am, reach Jorpokhri, From Jorpokhri, we will reach Pashupati Market at the India-Nepal border. Then Proceed to Mirik After reaching Mirik, we will go to the Mirik Lake. Lunch, at Hotel Jagjit. Then go to the Mirik market. Return back to Darjeeling. 
Day 3 (30th September, 2014): Mixed Points Tour of Darjeeling 
We want to go to the following places to start around 8am 
Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda 
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo 
Darjeeling Ropeway 
Happy Valley Tea Estate 
Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center 
Lebong Race Course 
Rangeet Valley Tea Garden 
Rock Garden & Gangamaya Park 
Day 4 (1st October, 2014): Joy Ride& Back to NJP 
Get ready by 7.30am. Come down to Darjeeling station. 2 hrs toy train ride(52546) & then Check out by 12.00pm. Start for NJP. On the way visit Makaibari Tea Estate. 12344 Darjeeling mail departs at 20.00hrs to reach SDAH at 6:00hrs. 
If you think that it will be possible for us, then please also suggest what will be our sequence of visit on day3 if we want to start with Rock Garden as 1st point. 
Thanks & regards, 
Dr. Rajat Dasgupta (March 2014) 
Over all good plan. Drop Rock Garden ... you may not be able to combine so many points plus bad roads and Ganga Maya park is closed since several years. 
A possible Day 3 sequence (but leave it to the taxi driver and keep track of time): 
Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda 
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo 
Darjeeling Ropeway 
Lebong Race Course: 
Rangeet Valley Tea Garden 
Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center: 
Happy Valley Tea Estate: 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
Hi Raj, 
We are from South India, 3 ladies, planning to visit Darjeeling from May 17, 2014.We need a safe accommodation preferably in a 2 star. We were pleased with the reviews on Classic Guesthouse, what's your suggestion. We wish to visit all the tourist spots in Darjeeling also adventures like Paragliding and ride on hot air balloon and Jeep Safari to Sandakphu and Phalut. How many days would be required to do so. Which would be advisable , to take a taxi or arrange with a travel agent? Thank you for the wonderful blog and please reply at the earliest 
Dr. Rachel Thomas (March 2014) 
Classic guest house is good but it's a B&B, no meals served other than breakfast. Alternatively you can consider Hotel Shangrila near Mall, or Golden Heights Enclave.  You should plan for 3-4 full days in Darjeeling and 2 full days  for Sandakphu/Phalut... 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
Hi Raj, 
Is this tour plan viable for kids. Need your suggestion please. 
1) May 24, 2014 - Takdah (directly from NJP) 
2) May 25, 2014 - Tinchuley (from Takdah) 
3) May 26, 2014 - Darjeeling (From Tinchuley). Toy train joy ride in 
afternoon schedule 
4) May 27, 2014 - Tiger hill (Three point tour) 
5) May 28, 2014 - 5 point tour 
6) May 29, 2014 - 7 point tour 
7) May 30, 2014 - Back to NJP from Darjeeling 
Nina (March 2014) 
Hi, yes viable. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2014 
Hi All, 
Below is my itinerary: (Kolakham 1N-Lolegaon 2N-Darjeeling 2N). Ticket/Hotels booked. 
May 4th: Arrive at NJP->Transfer to Kolekham->Night Stay. (Pinewood 
May 5th: Sightseeing -> Transfer to Lolegaon via Lava->Night Stay 
May 6th: Sight seeing->Visit Rishop->Back to Loelgaon->Night Stay. 
May 7th: Transfer to Darjeeling->Night Stay.(Alice Villa) 
May 8th: Sightseeing->Night Stay.(Alice Villa) 
May 9th: Transfer to Darjeeling (via Mirik Optional). 
Two persons, me and my wife (age range late 20's). Please advice whether I book a NJP to NJP personal cab for the whole trip or any other economical yet hassle free break option. Kindly help me with your valuable opinions, contacts and approx costs. Thanks in Advance. 
Sourav Kundu (April 2014) 
Lava, Loleygaon and Rishyap road conditions are bad. For Rishyap you will need a Jeep/Scorpio. Small cars can't make it. If you need flexibility, then book a 4-wheel drive vehicle up to Darjeeling. If you want to take private vehicles point to point, at Rishyap and Lolegaon you need to get vehicles through hotels, but must book well in advance. There are limited shared Jeep services also available between these places. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2014 
Hello Raj, 
Thank you for answering. I have change my mind a little and made up a plan, as mention below, 
Day 1: Arrival at NJP. Taking a car for the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. Checking in to an available Lodge (thinking positively, that I shall get one). After the Jungle Safari, overnight stay. 
Day 2: Checking out from Lodge and moving towards Darjeeling. I shall try to book a hotel in advance. 
Day 3: Full day excursion: Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo, Darjeeling Ropeway, Tenzing & Gombu Rock, Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park. 
Day 4: Either visit to Tiger Hill. On your way back, visiting Batasia Loop and Ghoom Monastery. Or, A Round Trip Toy Train Joyride, Darjeeling to Ghoom 
Day 5: Checking out from hotel. Taking a car for the NJP Railway Station. 
Do you think this is a good plan? The trip timing would be during the beginning of October. That is during the Durga Puja. Any suggestion would be a great help. 
Thanks & Regards, 
Joyjeet Chakraborty (July 2014) 
Ganga Maya Park is closed since several years. You may not be able to cover Rock Garden on day3 as it will itself take about 3 hours. You can combine it in day4. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2014 
Hi Raj; 
I am Tanvir from Dhaka, Bangladesh . I have gone through this website and have found the provided infos are very helpful for the visitors. I am planning to visit Darjeeling from 7thOctober(chk in)-10thOctober,2014(chk out) and due to this short timing I have prepared an draft tour details with queries based on your website infos to capture max benefit from the schedule. 
Day-1:Reach to Darjeeling from Bagdogra around 5PM(my flight will reach approx 12:30PM).Spend time in visitor places within Darjeeling town. 
Day-2: cover 3,5,7 points starting from 4am.Will it be better to take and private taxi to cover those points in a convenient way or shared vehicle? We are 2 gents. 
Day-3: Bit confused which area/s to select for visit.My preference is Kalimpong or try for toy train ride or others? please suggest. 
Day-4: Start from Darjeeling in the dawn to Bagdogra via Mirrik. My return flight is at 1PM. 
Please advice. Thanks. 
Tanvir Ahmed (October 2014) 
For 5 and 7 point tours, take a private taxi as shared jeeps may not be available. On day-3, make a day trip to Kalimpong and on the way stop at Lamahatta (lovely manicured roadside garden and views) and Peshoke View Point. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2014 
Hi, I will be going to darjeeling on october end with my family. My plan is as follows : 
Day 1 : Arr NJP, transfer to Darjeeling. Check-in, afternoon - s/s Peace Pagoda, Zoo, HMI 
Day 2 : Toy Train ride to Ghum and back,Tea Garden, rock garden afternoon – shopping or roaming around the Mall area. 
Day 3 : Tiger Hill, Ghoom Monastery, after breakfast transfer to NJP. 
Can you please tell me if this looks good or any changes you suggest. My parents will accompany me so I cannot make the trip very hectic. 
Deblin Moitra (October 2014) 
You can drop Rock Garden ... bad and steep road, plus the rock garden is not in good shape. You can include Ropeway on Day2 if time permits. For tea garden, visit Happy Valley Tea Estate. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2014 

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