Mayukh Tea, Darjeeling

Mayukh tea is not a new name in Darjeeling. In fact, the brand Mayukh has been existing since the year 2007. It's owned by Rupesh Pradhan, a local of Darjeeling who spent his childhood in Singtomtea estate and spent much of his time then playing with the tea bushes. 
Mayukh Tea Outlet on Nehru Road, Darjeeling 
Mayukh Tea Darjeeling 
Subsequently, Rupesh opened a tea outlet right opposite the Bank of Baroda on HD Lama Road. And now, he has a new glittering tea outlet on Nehru Road right near the entrance to the Chowrasta Mall and below the Pine Ridge Hotel at the road level, you won't miss it.  
Mayukh sells authentic Darjeeling tea and no other tea. If you are looking for great Darjeeling tea right at the heart of Darjeeling town and at a reasonable price, then this is one of the best options. You will almost certainly pass by it on your way to the mall. 
Rupesh Pradhan of Mayukh at the outlet 
Rupesh Pradhan of Mayukh Tea 
As you walk into the tea outlet on Nehru Road, you will find numerous small packs of Darjeeling tea stacked all around on the shelves. 
The first thing which will strike you is the packaging itself. They don't use plastic or even paper covers. They do the packaging themselves. Tea from various gardens are packed into special aluminum packages, sealed, and then put into small decorative cotton sacks. 
Mayukh outlet and the lady staff 
Staff at Mayukh Tea Darjeeling 
They collect tea from about 35 to 40 Tea Gardens in Darjeeling. And you can get various types and grades of tea here including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and a few others that are collected from various grades. 
They have a warehouse down below at the original store where they stock the tea collected from the gardens. This is where they do the packaging as well. Rupesh mentioned that they have all the necessary equipment to do proper stocking and packaging of Darjeeling tea including dehumidifiers.  
Rupesh with his staff 
Staff at Mayukh Tea Darjeeling 
As you walk in, you will be accompanied by one of the smiling staff who will explain to you the various types of tea that they have and the estates they were collected from. 
They even offer tea sampling and tasting as well. Rupesh himself accompanied me for tea tasting before I decided to purchase some. I had mentioned that I only take black tea and that too I prefer only second flush with muscatel flavors. 
The tea samples ready for me to taste 
Tea tasting at Mayukh Tea 
So, three samples of second-flush black tea were prepared from three different gardens right in front of me... they were Arya, áPoobong, and Gidda Pahar. Having tasted all three of them, áI zeroed-in on Poobong and Giddapahar and decided to buy those. 
My two packs of tea from Mayukh 
Mayukh Tea Packets 
I purchased two 100 grams pouches, and Rupesh was kind enough to offer me great discounts on them. A great part of their offering is, you can even place orders over the phone once you are back home, and they will deliver it to you by courier. They take orders for even 100 grams. 
Apart from tea, they also offer tea-wares or tea accessories. There is a section in the outlet where a number of tea accessories are displayed including beautiful ceramic teapots, tea stainers, tea containers, multi-color cup sets, etc. 
The inside packaging 
Packaging of Mayukh Tea 
So it's not about just tea leaves, it's a complete tea experience when you come to Mayukh, and what more, you get the best and the most authentic Darjeeling tea at this tea outlet at a very competitive pricing. 

Location &áContact

Mayuk Tea outlet is located on Nehru Road (which leads up to Chowrasta Mall) and right below Pine Ridge Hotel and just before entry to the mall. They are open 7-days a week. 
Address: 9B, Chowrasta Road (Nehru Road), Darjeeling. 
Phone: 074073 21730 

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