Darjeeling To Mirik - A Day Trip

Mirik is a small and sleepy hill town in Darjeeling district and 49 kms (i.e. 30 miles) away from Darjeeling town. It takes about two and half hours by car to reach Mirik from Darjeeling. From Ghoom there is a scenic road that goes to Sukhiapokhri, a hilly locality 11 kms from Ghoom. The road continues to Mirik.  
So what do you experience during this day trip? It's a wonderful scenic drive through tea gardens on hill slopes. You will pass by the famous Thurbo tea estate of Goodricke as well as several others like Gopaldhara Tea Estate. On the way you will also see a lot of orange orchards. 
If you start early and have a reserved car, a short 2 kms from Sukhiapokhri you can reach a beautiful place called Jorpokhri. This tiny place on a hill top has twin lakes, surrounded by forest and offers magnificent views of Kanchenjunga. This is where you can see the rare lizard like small Himalayan Salamanders which were once considered extinct. 
Spend some 45 minutes at Jorpokhri soaking in the views and walking around the lakes and forests. You can also visit Jorpokhri on your way back from Mirik. 
On my way to Mirik from Darjeeling 
You will need to come back to Sikhiapokhri market area. And then in about 20 minutes from Sukhiapokhri, you will reach a wonderful view point called Simana - a 60 feet by 40 feet plateau and a viewing area. Simana in Hindi means border. This is the Indo-Nepal border area, the road itself belongs to India and the viewing area falls in Nepal. But you can freely cross over to get the views. 
Simana View Point, on the way to Mirik 
Simana, on the way to Mirik 
You can see Maneybhanjan below and the beautiful mountains on a clear day. You can also see the narrow winding road leading to Sandakphu on the other side of the valley. Look to your right and you can see the dazzling Kanchenjunga snow peaks. 
View of Maneybhanjan from Simana.  
You can also see the trail to Sandakphu. 
From Simana for a long way towards Mirik, the road acts as the divider between India and Nepal. On both sides, the people, their language &áculture are the same. They are all mostly Nepalese. but strangely their voters identity cards show different countries in their addresses. They all move freely across the border (which is the road itself). In fact many families have marriages across the border and have their in-laws' houses face to face but at the opposite side of the border. 
At Simana, you will find several small stalls - some selling tea &ásnacks, others chocolates and knick knacks. Have a hot cup of tea from Pashan Lamu, an oldish lady selling tea from her stall since ages. Her stall is right on the road. She also makes excellent Jhalmuri, vegetarian steamed momos and aludum.  
You will see how alcoholic beverages like beer and spirits are sold freely here. You can enjoy a drink as you watch the views sitting on a bench. But be careful about the inviting gorge :) 
Pashan Lamu making Jhalmuri 
Next to Pashan Lamu is the stall of Usha Chettri. Like several others, she sells all kinds of chocolates and candies that are brought from Nepal, as well as water and beers (as you can see on her table and right in front). 
Take one or two packets of chocolates. They are not expensive. But they look nicer than they taste though. If you show interest, be sure that you will be sold some items whether you like it or not. They will keep persuading, and if you buy from one, others will also keep requesting. 
Don't be surprised to hear comments from some of these women like "Itna bolnese to bhagwan bhi kharid leta" which means "Even God would have bought by now after so many requests"; and some other lady will say "Nepal me akey to kuch lo" ('having come to Nepal, take something'). 
Usha Chettri - All Smiles!  
Further down, you will reach Pashupati Market at the India-Nepal border. The market is full of imported electronic gadgets, jackets, perfumes &ácosmetics and clothes. The main market is about 1km walk from the border. Be careful about the fakes. Many items sold here are too cheap to be good. The Market is located in Nepal area. 
You can quickly complete formalities with the border security and enter the road that leads to the market. This road can be taken to get into Nepal and go all the way to Katmandu. Cameras are not allowed inside. Note that only Indians and Nepalese are allowed to cross over the border area. 
Foreign nationals are not allowed to access the border. You are required to carry a Photo ID card in case you want to cross over the border and visit the shops. You can also visit the market on your way back. 
Gopaldhara Tea Estate 
Having visited Simana and Pashupati Market, as you move on further towards Mirik, you will come across lovely landscapes full of tea gardens on your left. There are several small round hillock formations with pine trees on top making it a picture perfect site. This is Gopaldhara Tea Estate. In fact you can walk down the isle through the tea gardens and reach a view point from where you get wonderful view of the gardens all around. 
And here on the opposite side of the road is Gopadhara Tea Stall. Halt for a while to taste a cup of tea. The tea is prepared to perfection by a lady and served in a transparent cup so that you can see the color. If you haven't yet tasted green tea, this is the place to try that. But you should not mix milk or else you won't get the authentic flavor. The tea served here is from Gopaldhara Tea Gardens. 
In fact you can also buy packaged tea of the gardens from here. I do so whenever I am traveling on this route. They have different brands... the black tea sold with maroon cover is good for getting colors as well as nice flavor. There is toilet facility here. The stall also sells packaged snacks. 
Gopaldhara Tea Stall 
Mirik is located further 12kms from Pashupati Market and at an average altitude of 5,000ft. After reaching Mirik, first visit the Mirik Monastery on top and then the Mirik Lake. These are the top attractions of the place. There are separate bus and car parks on the right side of the lake on an open flat area. 
Sit along the bank of the lake and relax. You can also do boating in the lake (mostly paddle boats). Or walk over the arching footbridge and crossover to the other side (western bank) of the lake, turn left and take the walkway through the dhupi forest and enjoy the nature. There is a temple in the forest (known as Devi Sthan). Pony rides are also available around the lake and quite popular with children. 
Mirik Lake 
Mirik Lake 
On the eastern (right) side of the lake, there is a flat land and number of small stalls and restaurants. The stalls have colorful umbrellas and chairs laid out where you can relax, have some momos or chaats and fresh tea. Several stalls here sell curios, gift &ásouvenir items, clothes, hats etc. 
Update October 2014: The flat open land area at the eastern side of the lake has been converted into a fenced garden with many flowering plantations. There is no entry fee. It's a good place for families to sit and relax. 
The Day Center is on the eastern side of the lake. It has a nice seating area and you can have tea, snacks or lunch here. The Day Center is operated and managed by GTA (erstwhile DGHC). On the right of the Day Center you will see Park Hotel &áRestaurant. The restaurant here is also quite popular for tourists and serves Indian &áChinese dishes at budget prices. But the preparations are quite ordinary. 
Mirik Day Centre - For Day Booking 
Mirik Day Centre 
For lunch, one of the best places in Mirik is the restaurant at Hotel Jagjit. They serve multi cuisine dishes and specialize in north Indian items. It's in Krishnanagar and a short walk from the lake. I have stayed in Hotel Jagjit several times and have seen both the hotel and restaurant being upgraded and expanded over the years. It's a mid scale restaurant and not very expensive. You will get toilets and washrooms there. 
And if you are a Bengali, you must be looking for fish. Just walk down towards the area called Krishnanagar (couple of minutes from the lake) and you will see couple of restaurants Annapurna and Kolkata Hotel (formerly known as Baudi's Hotel). They serve all kinds of Bengali dishes including fish, mutton and chicken preparations. 
After lunch, take a walk along the trail that goes by the right bank of the lake and you will reach a stony stairway at the end. The stairway leads to the Mirik market at an upper level. There are number of small shops selling all kinds of items including woolens, clothes &ásouvenirs. Spend some time here before you start your return. On your way back, try to cover the lovely Mirik Monastery which you can see on a hill top from the lake area. Check out Mirik Tourism for more options &áactivities in Mirik. 
How to reach Mirik from Darjeeling 
Mirik is about 49 kilometers from the town center of Darjeeling. You can hire a cab (private taxi) from one of the taxi stands in Darjeeling. You will get ample taxis from either the Clubside Taxi Stand (across Gandhi Road Police Point), or at Chowk Bazaar area. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach Mirik. Alternatively go through a Tour Operator, you can then expect a car in good condition and an experienced driver, although the fare may be a bit higher. You can also take a shared jeep or a bus from Darjeeling and save on cost, but in that case you can not cover Jorpokhri or halt at Simana, Pashupati or other places. Shared Jeeps and buses are available from stands near Chowk Bazaar (lower town area). 
Here is the route: 
  • Darjeeling town to Ghum via Hill Cart Road (8 kms) 
  • Ghum to Sukhiapokhri (12 kms) 
  • Sukhiapokhri áto Pashupati Market (12 kms) 
  • Pashupati Market to Mirik (13 kms) 
    Fares to Mirik 
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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments 
    Ganesh (April 2013) 
    Hi, I would be visting darjeeling during last week of April 13. I was told that Nepal border is quite near and is a good place to visit. Can you please elaborate on that? 
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, April 2013) 
    The nearest Nepal border is about 30kms away from Darjeeling town towards Mirik (via Sukhiapokhri). There is a Pashupathi Nath Market there (across the border in Nepal's side). They allow you to visit the market and get back. You get many electronics, clothes and other foreign goods there. 
    N Ahmad (February 2013) 
    Hi, I am visiting Darjeeling during March third week and my flight reaches Bagdogra at 13:30 Hrs and I think that I should be out of Airport in next half an hour. Please advise if I should go to Darjeeling via Mirik or should I cover Mirik from Darjeeling as a day tour ? I am travelling with two kids less than 10 yrs who get vomiting problem in hill roads. Please advise considering this problem Thanks in advance  
    Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, Feb 2013) 
    Hi, From Bagdogra airport, Mirik is about 1 hr 15 minutes drive. Mirik to Darjeeling is about 2.5 hours. So a return day trip from Darjeeling to Mirik will involve 5 hours of hill drive. You may rather consider a break journey and stay overnight at Mirik on your way to Darjeeling. Regards,