Frequently Asked Questions
Darjeeling Tourism Card

Once I order, can I get a real card? 
We issue only eCards by email attachments which is quick (usually takes only 2-3 working days). You can easily print it and use it with all our partners to avail discounts. 
Can I get the card in Darjeeling or any other place? 
No. You can purchase the card only from our website Any other source would be fake. Such cards are easily differentiated and will be rejected by our partners. 
Where can I use Darjeeling Tourism Card for discounts? 
You can use the card with all our partner establishments. Here is our list of partners that includes reputed hotels, restaurants, tours / trek / activity operators, shops, transporters etc. 
Can I use the card outside Darjeeling? 
It is valid with all our partners in Darjeeling district and Sikkim. Presently we have partners in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Mirik, Kurseong, Takdah etc. We keep adding partners over time so that you can get wider options whenever you use your Darjeeling Tourism Card. 
After having booked a hotel, can I later buy the card and ask for discount? 
NO. You must first take a discount confirmation from the hotel, then buy the card and then do the hotel booking. At the time of booking, you must say that you want to avail the discount and provide the card info like your name, card no. etc to the booking staff. Subject to availability, the hotel staff will offer you the discount and note down the card info. But the discount will be adjusted only at the time of check out when your final bill is settled, and not at the time of booking. You must however show the card at the time of check-in as well. 
How many persons in a family can avail discount/benefit from one card? 
This is a family card. However there are certain guidelines. In a hotel, one card is applicable for one room or unit. A unit can be a small or large room, a suite or even a cottage. One card can be used to get discount for one unit. So in a 4-bedded room, four persons in a family can stay and get discount with one card on the published room rate. However, for an extra person (for example when a family of five wants to stay in a 4-bedded room), the hotel would charge for the extra person as per its own policy and may not offer any discount on the extra person's cost. Additional units or rooms will require additional cards. At all other partner establishments like restaurants, shops, tour operators, transporters etc, one card can be used by a family of up to 4 (two parents and two children). If there are more members in a family or group, they will need to buy one card for every four members in a group or part thereof (for example, 2 cards are required for a 6 member group). 
If we take a room with a meal plan like AP, MAP, CP etc, will the card discount work? 
YES. If the hotel has published room rates with meal plans like AP (American Plan which includes all three meals), MAP (Modified American Plan which includes Breakfast and one meal), CP (Continental Plan which includes Continental Breakfast) etc, then the offered discount will be applicable on such rates. And that means you get automatic discount on meals as well!! 
Will I get discount on the advance amount while booking a room or tour? 
NO. The discount will be given and necessary adjustments made at the time of your final bill settlement. 
If all partner hotels are full, what to do with the card? 
This is a Tourism Card and NOT just a hotel discount card. You and your family will get discount not only at all our partner hotels (subject to availability), but also at our partner restaurants & bars, tour & trek operators, shops, transporters etc. So if you use the card properly, you will save several times the cost of the card anyway, whether you use it to book a hotel or not. But if you plan in advance, you can easily get hotel rooms as well. 
Will you assist me in booking hotels, tours, cars etc? 
All our partner information and their contact details are given in our website. You will get the list of our partners here. The links in that page will take you to the partners' page where you will get their complete details & contact info. You should directly contact them and make the bookings. We do not offer assistance in bookings. In restaurants and shops, you can walk in and avail the discounts. But remember, you must produce the card and confirm the discount before you start taking any service. 
If I use a hotel's/operator's online booking service, will they offer discount on the card? 
If you use our partners' web based online booking service, then contact the hotel/operator before doing so and take email confirmation of your card's discount eligibility. Discount will be given at the time of final bill settlement only, but only if it is in prior knowledge of the hotel's manager/booking staff. Carry the email confirmation with you. Note that no discount is usually applicable on any promotional or special offer. 
Other than the card, what else do I need to carry 
While sending the card to you, we also include list of our partners, their offers (i.e. discounts etc) and the Terms & Conditions of using the card. You must carry that page with you as well. If there is any confusion, you can use that page to refer to specific offers and terms. Additionally the card holder should carry a Photo ID Proof which may be used by our partner to verify his/her identity. It is any way mandatory these days to show Photo ID cards at hotels at the time of check in. 
Can I walk in and use the card? 
With hotels and tour operators, you should book in advance using the card. However, during the off season when the rooms are usually available and operators are relatively free, our partner hotels and operators will honour the card on walk-in cases as well subject to availability. In restaurants and shops, you can always walk in with the card, first show the card and then start any purchase. If you present the card only after making the purchase, discount may not be offered. 
Will I get card discount on top of any special or promotional offers? 
The card discounts are applicable on published/standard rates. Discount on top of any promotional offers, special deals or negotiated rates etc are not applicable in general and may be offered at the sole discretion of the partner concerned. 
How do I make payment for purchasing the Tourism Card? 
We accept online payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, etc. On our Darjeeling Tourism Card Page you will see an 'Order Now' button to make online payment (which is applicable for Indian citizens only). Foreigners need to write to us and we send a separate payment request using Paypal. 
How do you deliver the card? 
This is an eCard and we send you the same by email (as PDF or JPG file attachment) usually within 2 working days. You should print the attachment and present it to a partner. 
Will your partner establishment always entertain the card? 
As mentioned in Terms & Conditions that bookings & discounts are subject to availability. So if rooms, tours etc are available, then our partners will entertain the card. If they have run out of their capacity, they can't. However the restaurants and shops do not have this limitation as long as they are open. In an unlikely case if a staff from a partner establishment is not aware of the card offers, ask him/her to call up the owner or manager and clarify. He/she may be a new staff and may not be aware of the card. 
Can we use the card every time we visit Darjeeling? 
YES, as long as the card is valid. The card is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue. And during its period of validity, you and your family can continue to get discounts from all our partner establishments when you visit Darjeeling and Sikkim areas. 
I bought the card. Can my brother's family use it? 
NO. If your name is written on the card, you must travel and carry the card. It is not transferable. Without your presence, even your direct family members including your spouse or children can not use the card. All our partners are authorised to validate your name with your Photo ID proof which you should carry. It is any way mandatory these days to show Photo ID cards at hotels at the time of check in. 
What is the cancellation or refund policy? 
Once purchased, the card can not be cancelled and no refund is applicable. 
I am a resident of Darjeeling, can I use the card? 
This is a tourism card and available only for tourists. It is not available for residents or even long term visitors who plan to stay for more than one month in Darjeeling area. 
Due to Covid-19 causing severe impact on tourism industry, please contact the listed hotels, restaurants & outlets where you wish to use the Card and get prior confirmation of discounts before purchasing the card. Read the Terms & Conditions