Trekking in Kurseong area

If you plan to stay for couple of days in Kurseong, you should not miss out on trekking through the lush green forests of pines and chestnut trees on mountain slopes, explore the flora &áfauna of the area and also its villages. There are several trekking trails in Kurseong, some of which take only few hours and considered light treks, and some are day long hikes and can be quite extensive. 

Jungle Trek - St Mary's Hill to Dilaram

This is a light 4-5 hours trek and mostly through the forested areas full of pine, chestnut trees, cardamom trees and medicinal plantations. You should start from St Mary's Hill which is about 3kms from Kurseong. Take a taxi and ask the driver to drop you there. Alternatively you can walk (requires extra time). 
From St Mary's Hill walk up to the Old St. Mary's Forest Theology College. From here walk up to the Grotto where you will see a statue of Virgin Mary. From Grotto walk towards the Forest Officers Bungalow and then to Dowhill Park (formerly known as Deer Park). 
Then walk along the Old Military Road and reach Chimney Village. There is an old military bakery here. From here walk through the forest, pass by another small place known as Chaitapani and then reach Bagora - another quaint village. Chimney to Bagora is more or less on level plains. 
From Bagora walk downhill to Dilaram and reach the main Hill Cart Road. You will get transports from here (like shared Jeep etc) to get back to Kurseong town. 

Singell and Ambootia Tea Estate Trek

This is considered an extensive trek and will take 6-7 hours. Along the way you will see large expanses of beautiful tea gardens and plantations like medicinal plants, pine etc. 
From Kurseong town you can either take a shared jeep or drive up to the Singell Turning Point along the Hill Cart Road towards Darjeeling. It takes 7-8 minutes by car. Alternatively you can walk up to this point (about 35 minutes). From here a narrow lane winds down towards the Singell tea factory. 
From the Singell tea factory you will reach Coffee Bari and then to Balasun river. It's all downhill walk. From Balasun river further walk down to Ambootia Tea Estate and from there walk back up to Kurseong town (all the way pretty steep uphill walk). 

Kharay Khola to Mahanaday Trek

This is a moderate trek and will take 5-6 hours. Along the way you will see tea plantations, pine, chestnut and medicinal trees etc. Drive up to Kharay Khola from Kurseong town (you can also alternatively walk and will take extra time). 
From Kharay Khola, walk up by the side of Goethal's School and Brother's Cemetery and then to Mount Carmel School. Walk further to Rolli Polli / Bhagutay tar, then to Dhakalay and then you will reach the Old Railway School. From here walk to Forest Museum, then to Durpin Dara, then Chitray Village and then Mahanaday village. Here you will come to Mahanaday factory. Then drive back to your hotel. 

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