Best Luxury and Mid-Priced hotels in Pelling

I have reviewed several great luxury (4 and 5 Star) as well as mid-range (3 Star) hotels and resorts in the following section. However there are many more hotels that you might be interested in before you decide on one. After all choices are personal and can vary. 
You can use the hotel search box below to see prices of all good hotels in Pelling, read user reviews for each along with their offerings and book one. You can sort the list by price or no. of stars. This booking service comes from the largest hotel booking site in the world - 
NOTE: Pemayangtse is a place located quite near Pelling and it is known for the famous Pemayangtse Monastery located there. Before Pelling came to prominence, it was Pemayangtse that was known to most mainly because of the monastery. You should also change the destination in the search box to 'Pemayangtse, Sikkim' to see more hotels in the area. 
Below are the reviews of the best hotels in Pelling: 

The Elgin Mount Pandim

Category: luxury 
If you are interested in a truly personal experience with the Himalayas then the Elgin Mount Padim will offer you that opportunity. The property originally belonged to the royal family of Sikkim and the vestiges of royalty in its décor and landscaping still exist. 
Elgin Mount Pandim Pelling 
An added advantage is its location… its right there on a hilltop that’s covered with oak forests and has the centuries old Pemayangtse monastery right next to it. 
30 uniquely styled rooms are available here (each room has a different colour scheme, there is no homogenous décor). You would see various Sikkimese artefacts, handlooms and the colorful furniture that marks these regions. Choosing rooms which face the Kanchenjunga is obviously a good idea. 
Elgin Mount Pandim Lobby 
Some common facilities and amenities offered by the Elgin are in house movie parlour and library, business conference hall and meeting hall, separate activity center for kids, afternoon tea lounge and an elegant bar. Apart from this there is a hamper of Salveo Botanicals toiletries in each room along with a minibar and teakwood armoire. The private baths are all fitted with complimentary bathrobes and slippers and the hotel offers 24 hour concierge and in room service. 
The Magnolia Dining Room at the Elgin offers Asian and European set menus along with few regional, mainstream Indian and Italian items. You get all 3 meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner here and you can also order in food from the Magnolia in your rooms though dining there is a pleasant experience with its rich wood paneling, chandeliers and crystal decorative pieces. Apart from this there is an outdoor dining section titled “the Gazebo” that’s open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This has a light menu which is snacks and beverages based with the lovely mountain views adding to the ambience. 
Elgin Mount Pandim Room 
The lounge and Bar here is called The Tea Lounge and Oak bar (timings are 11 am to 11 pm) and it’s situated in the lobby. A wood fire blazes in there and you can choose to have high tea (most blends are sourced from Temi Tea gardens) or choice liquors. Sometimes local dance and cultural programs are arranged by the staff and that can be a nice experience. 
The USP of the Elgin is its view… if you are lucky the weather will be clear and you can look at the mountains from your room all the time. The back gardens are beautiful especially when the Rhodendrons bloom. 
There are some functional flaws like laundry service is not up to the mark and no maps and walking tour information is provided by the travel desk despite the location being perfect for such opportunities. The property has its own pine forests and birding area but no guided tours which is a serious drawback. 
If you can overlook the hefty price tag and if indulging in royalty interests you then the Elgin will appeal to your tastes. 
Rates provided by 
Address: The Elgin Mount Pandim, Pemayangtse, Pelling 
Telephone- +91- 8420 199171, +91- 8420 100332, +91-3595-250756, +91-3595-250573 
the Elgin Central Reservations - +91-33-40646300/301/22269878 

Norbu Ghang Resort and Norbu Ghang Retreat and Spa

Category: Luxury 
Norbu Ghang is basically a local popular chain of hotels and is a well-known name in the field of Sikkim hospitality. Both these hotels belong to the same group. 
Norbu Ghang Resort is relatively new but has a good popularity ratio especially amongst foreigners. The view here is outstanding… this is maybe the best-selling point of the hotel. Most rooms here are called deluxe rooms and then there are some spacious suites. The bathrooms are quite large with a separate bathtub and a shower area. Try to book a cottage if you can… these are prettily placed with lots of flowers around and excellent views. The rooms are all done up in traditional Sikkimese themes. 
Norbu Ghang Resort Pelling 
The in house restaurant is called Silver Fir while the Bar is named Dzongri. The food here is uniformly good though there is not much to offer in way of mainstream north Indian food. If you are obsessed with your rajma chawal and butter chicken then the continental, European and Sikimese fare served here won’t appeal to you. Otherwise, the menu and the pricing of the food are both good and offer value for money. 
The behavior of the staff is good with warmth and friendliness… you can notice the eager in attempt to serve. Their attitude to serve will make you overlook some glaring flaws like so many insects around and very few measures to deal with them (the place is surrounded by greenery). Room service is always prompt and they don’t get irritated with multiple requests. 
The rooms at Norbu Ghang are quite congested (at least most of them) but the garden is breathtakingly beautiful. Sikkim is anyway known for its diversity in flora and this garden is a botanist’s delight with more than 100 species of flowers. 
The prices are nearly four star though the property cannot be categorized as four star. Sometimes power supply gets interrupted, geysers don’t work properly and guests are then offered hot water in buckets. 
The management has come up with a newer property (Norbu Ghang Retreat and Spa) which is a little further up the hill. This is a newer, prettier place with nominally higher prices. 
Norbu Ghang Retreat and Spa 
There is a really nice café there called Himalayan Café (this sells fresh bakes and savories) and offers the typical hot stone bath spa named Menchu. 
Overall, if you don’t mind the slightly pricey tariff and are willing to overlook some minor glitches, both the Norbu Ghang Resort and the Retreat and Spa offer picturesque accommodation options with good local food and a gracious ambience. 
Rates provided by 
Norbu Ghang Resort 
Pelling West Sikkim-737113 
Phone: 03595-258272; : +919933004492/93/96 
Norbu Ghang Retreat & Spa 
Phone: 03595-258250 
Mobile: +919933004491/93 

The Chumbi Mountain Retreat and Spa

Category: Luxury 
Besides being endowed with an exceptionally pretty name… the Chumbi Mountain Resort has a lovely setting too. The filmmaker Ugyen Chopel (he happens to be an hotelier too) has poured all his aesthetic fantasies into this picturesque boutique property. The Chumbi aims to be remote and offers more of a mountain refuge kind of experience rather than a mainstream touristy one. 
Chumbi Mountain Retreat   Spa 
The Raj suite is modelled on the colonial era and it has antique furniture, rich draperies and spacious interiors that command a direct view of the mountains. The Rabdentse suite is all airy and has unusual green draperies and upholstery. Modelled after Rabdentse (the erstwhile 2nd capital of Sikkim) this suite is inspired by the loveliness of the Sidkeong Tulku Bird Sanctuary. 
Yuksom is yet another suite which owes inspiration to the Sikkimese royalty and so the furniture upholstery etc. all are colored a royal purple with traditional fittings. The Hermitage quarters are inspired by the meditative experience that Sikkimese monks go through in their quarters. 
Chumbi Mountain Retreat Room 
You will find these quarters to be reasonably furnished with deep burnished floors, crimson draperies and minimalistic décor though modern amenities like TV sets, writing tables, climate control, geysers etc. are all present. 
The Chumbi only serves local and organically sourced produce…. they have their own garden and grow an abundance of vegetables, spices, tea and fruits. Rice is sourced from local farmers. Staff is friendly and accommodating and will smilingly pack early breakfast hampers for guests who are off on a whole day exploration program. The Sikkimese five course dinner here with the local spirit Chaamb is a must try. The chef here can prepare north Indian dishes too apart from European, Sikkimese and Chinese. 
There is a nice spa (the therapists are experienced and know their job) and a cute in house movie hall which guests will enjoy exploring. 
Now for the flip side, though the hermitage quarters and suites have heaters they are not centrally heated and this can be an issue if you come here in winter. In line with the retreat experience…Wi-Fi isn’t provided in rooms and only in the lobby. Many of your favorite channels might not work in the TV sets here. If you are okay with these issues then Chumbi mountain resort will be a good experience. 
Rates provided by 
Chumbi Mountain Resort 
Naku Chumbong, Pelling, and West Sikkim  
Phone: - (03595)-258241, 258242 / 
Mobile - (+91) 9933126619 
Email: [email protected]

Magpie Chestnut Retreat

Category: Mid-Range 
They have three categories of rooms; the rather obviously named Opulent Deluxe room, cottages and the Attic duplex. If you want rooms with the best views then choose the first floor rooms in the first 2 cottages… they have a direct mountain view. Surprisingly some of the rooms do not have wardrobes though the toiletries and the towels provided are of decent quality. 
Magpie Chestnut Retreat Pelling 
The lawn area with its beautiful foliage and flowers and easy chairs meant for nature watching and long gossip sessions is easily the best feature of this hotel. 
The food selection is rather questionable… they have been known to serve dal (lentils) and bhindi sabzi (okra curry) with Chinese fried rice. Better stick to local food while you are here… the momos and thupka are decent. However the hotel does take in your dietary preferences and they are accommodating about requests for Jain food or Halal meat etc. Internet connection is also not good… WI fi isn’t present and BSNL data connection is offered to guests and that falters at times. 
Magpie Chestnut Retreat Room 
This is a relatively new property in Pelling and though it offers pretty views, the approach road is bad and should be avoided if you have a back problem. Due to its distance from the market…it’s advised that you pick up plenty of snacks from the shops when you stay here…the hotel does provide packaged snacks but at expensive rates. 
Sometimes the hotel will give you a free upgrade to a better room and that eases things a bit. If you like staying near the markets and are looking for plenty of entertainment options then this isn’t the place for you… this place will appeal to nature lovers who are fit enough to withstand the rocky to and fro journey from the hotel. 
Rates provided by 
Magpie Chestnut Retreat 
Near the Chumbi Mountain Resort, Pelling West Sikkim 
Phone: 7797171668/ 900 290 8510 

Hidden House Fairway Pelling

Category: Mid-Range 
This is really a small property (only 5 rooms are available) and it does justice to its name “Hidden House”. The property is run by a local named Deepak Pradhan and his family and they provide good standards of hospitality and service. 
The best part about staying in Hidden House is the personalized care and attention that you get… Pradhan and his family go out of their way to make guests feel at home. 
Hidden House Fairway Pelling 
As of now this place doesn’t have a full-fledged kitchen so they don’t provide in house lunch and dinner… however they willingly arrange food from nearby restaurants for guests. 
Breakfast is nice but nothing fancy… you will mostly get paratha, chickpea curry, yogurt, fruits etc. But everything is home cooked and fresh. They will also pack breakfast hampers for guests who want to set off on a full day of exploration. Snacks are also simple but homemade like cake and fritters (pakora) and the Pradhan family gives guests valuable local knowledge like where to eat and where to shop apart from providing them the best trekking/ walking road maps. 
Hidden House Fairway Room 
Rooms have been refurbished recently and the linen and furniture are nicely maintained, there are extra beds for kids and the bathroom has a bathtub. Most rooms have large French windows with beautiful views of the mountains. In the mornings, it is quiet enough for you to hear the birds singing. 
On the flip side television reception is not that great and Wi Fi is only available in the lobby. However if you are travelling with an intent to soak in nature and enjoy local hospitality then the Hidden House will delight you. Make sure that you book well in advance… as mentioned earlier there are only 5 rooms. 
Hidden House Fairway 
Pelling near Old Helipad 
Phone: +91 97 3597 0385 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

S Mukherjee (August 2022) 
Sir:  My mom has knee problem due to old age. We need hotels in upper or middle Pelling with elevator.  My question :- 
1). Is elevator available in Pelling Hotels (for few hotels)? 
2). In Skywalk/ Khechiperi Lake/ Orange Garden is there any wheelchair on rent. We will reach Pelling on 14/11/2022. 
3).  14/11 =  Rest Day.  15/11 =  Local sightseeing. 16/11= Pelling to Ravangla (Bhudha Park) to Namchi via Char Dham & Stay . 17/11 = Through Temi Tea garden to NIJP (5.40PM Uttar Banga Exp.)  Please guide, is it OK. Self + My mom + Wife & Daughter (18Yrs). Please sir, need your help. 
Raj ( August 2022 
There are practically no hotels in Pelling with elevators. You should talk to a hotel and book rooms on the ground floor citing the reasons. There are no provisions for wheelchairs at the sites you mentioned. Note that even Buddha Park (Ravangla) requires one to negotiate many stairs in order to get down to the park/garden area and up to the base of Buddha statue which is at a lower level. Otherwise, after the entrance, one needs to see the statue and the park from an upper level at a distance. From Ravangla, you should visit Temi first and then come down to Namchi. 
Udayan Das (September 2021) 
Dear Raj, Grateful if you can advise on choice of hotel in Pelling. I plan to visit Pelling with family in October/November, 2021. Have shortlisted the following hotels: Magpie Pachhu Village resort, Magpie Chestnut retreat, Mt. Pandim Elgin. Which will offer the best mountain view? Cleanliness/hygiene in Covid times is also top priority. I think visiting in November rather than during the Puja vacations will be better as it will be less crowded. 
Raj ( September 2021 
Hello, Elgin Mount Pandim would be my choice out of the three you mentioned. November would be better considering the tourist rush in October but avoid the Diwali time.