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So fancying a trip to Darjeeling? You must be lured by the dazzling snow peaks of Kanchenjunga overlooking the hill town? And the beautiful tea gardens on the slopes of rolling hills, the orchids, pines &árhododendrons, the cute Himalayan toy train whistling its way through the mountains? And you want to combine all that with great sightseeing tours, food, shopping and other exciting activities. Right? 
Kanchenjunga Towering Over Darjeeling 
Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling 
Yes, it's all possible in Darjeeling, a gem of a place known for its youthful vibe combined with modern as well as colonial charm. Excited? But perfectly planning &ádesigning a tour here in the hills is tricky. 
I have been exploring Darjeeling for decades, initially as a vacationer and then as a travel writer. Over time I have looked into many aspects of Darjeeling at great depths and can perhaps claim that I know almost every nook and cranny of the hills and a lot about its life, people &áculture. 
This website is all about sharing those findings and experiences so that you can yourself easily design a great vacation in Darjeeling Hills andáSikkim, and book hotels, sightseeing tours &áactivities, know where to eat, and more. It not only helps cutting out unnecessary costs, you can shape it exactly the way you want. 
And if you read deep, you will also know a lot about the history, heritage, culture, traditions, ethnic food as well as the native people. It's all here for you. 

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About Darjeeling

So excited to design your own vacation in Darjeeling? Then read on... 
Just to give you a head start about the place, Darjeeling hill town is located at an altitude of 6,710ft in north east India and is part of the state of West Bengal. The nearest airport is Bagdogra and the nearest major railway junction is New Jalpaiguri (NJP). 
It takes about 3 hours to reach Darjeeling from both these locations by car. Private taxis (available at NJP and Bagdogra), shared taxis (available at NJP) and bus (available at Siliguri bus stand which is 8kms from NJP) are the main public transports to get to Darjeeling from NJP station or Bagdogra airport. 
Hill Cart Road - Approaching Darjeeling 
Alternatively, you can take the fascinating toy train ride from NJP or Siliguri all the way up to Darjeeling soaking in the scenic sights of Himalayas in a 7-hour lazy journey. 
Read: How to reach Darjeeling to get details including transports, routes and fares for Darjeeling. 
NOTE: Only private taxis are available at Bagdogra airport, but no shared taxis (unless you book online), bus service or toy train. Unlike in Gangtok, there is no helicopter service from Bagdogra to Darjeeling. You need to go by road and negotiate steep &áwinding mountain roads. 
Although the area of Darjeeling hill town itself is small (about 10 square kilometers), Darjeeling is also a district and spans over a large area of about 2,100 square kilometers. The district has subdivisions like Kurseong, Siliguri etc as well as the hill resort town of Mirik. So there are many lovely places to visit within Darjeeling hills itself. 
Update: Kalimpong, which was earlier a subdivision of Darjeeling district, became a separate district of West Bengal effective 14th Feb 2017 with an area of 1,056 square kilometers of its own. It is no longer a subdivision of Darjeeling district. But that has made no difference to the tourism. 
Within Darjeeling town area, you can walk to visit several tourist attractions. Plenty of taxis (which are private commercial vehicles of various types - small &álarge) are available at the stands. They offer both local sightseeing tours as well as point-to-point transfers. 
You can also get shared taxis (mainly Jeep type vehicles) at the stands, but they are mostly available for transfers between two points... you can of course get off or board at any place in between. 
Darjeeling town from a distance 
Darjeeling town 
Presently around 6,00,000 Indian tourists and 30,000 foreign nationals visit Darjeeling annually. 
Gangtok (the Capital of Sikkim) which is only 4-hour drive from Darjeeling town along with several other great destinations in the State of Sikkim offer great opportunities to easily combine visits to multiple destinations along with Darjeeling. 
Darjeeling hill town was originally set up as a sanitarium or health resort by the British in mid 1800s. But over the years, it earned its name for its world famous aromatic tea and then with opening up of roads and Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, for tourism. 
You will see numerous sprawling tea estates in Darjeeling that produce world's best tea, as well as the amazing narrow gauge Toy Train - an engineering marvel of 1880s which could overcome the steep gradients and curves of the mountains and provided a scenic railway transportation in the hills. 
Tea Gardens in Darjeeling Hills 
Tea Garden Darjeeling 
Residents are mostly Nepalese (predominantly Gorkhas), Tibetans, as well as some Lepchas and Bhutias from Sikkim. Nepalese are mostly Hindus while Tibetans follow Buddhism. When you compare them with the people of lower plains, they are quite different both in looks and culture. It's an amazing world out there. But they are warm and tourist friendly. 
Over the past few decades Darjeeling lacked proper developmental support and had seen random and thoughtless constructions &áovercrowding which it hardly deserved. Despite that the charming, sincere and friendly people of the place have continued to strive hard and successfully preserved pride of 'Queen of the Hills' as one of the best places for tourism even today. 
The town center of Darjeeling is known as Mall or Chowrasta, which is a flat open public square, a pedestrian only zone, free of vehicular traffic and surrounded by colorful stores with backdrop of mountains and valleys. Mall is the place where most locals and tourists hang around. 
Most tourists try to stay near the Mall area to be close to hub of all activities, restaurants and shops. So due to high demand, numerous hotels of all types have mushroomed near the Mall area. Alternatively you can stay a bit away, enjoy nature &áviews, and a location relatively free of crowd. 
10-year old Davina Tamang of Darjeeling. She features 
on Darjeeling Tourism Card. She was only 4-years old then. 
Davina Darjeeling 
During spring, summer and autumn, the weather in Darjeeling is pleasantly cool and perfect for city dwellers who flock in volumes during such time. Many come to enjoy the rains in monsoon and the chill in winters as well. 
When you imagine such visits are combined with wonderful views of snow peaks and valleys, tea gardens, forests &áflowering plantations, amazing sightseeing tours &áactivities, great food &ástays, and all at affordable prices... won't you love to pursue a vacation like that? 
There is much more to Darjeeling than just a few days of fun and frolic. Won't you like to know why the name Darjeeling in the first place? It's location &áterrain, about its rich colonial history, how a land that once had only 10 people living in it became a world known tourist destination? 
And what about the people of the area, where did they come from, their religion, culture and language? How about the flora and fauna in the region? A little knowledge of all this will add a special flavor to your visit to this wonderland. Go through Insights into Darjeeling to know about them all. 

Attractions &áTourism Info

So ready to further explore Darjeeling tourism and all its treasures? Before you dive deeper, just want to let you know that the eBook on Darjeeling &áSikkim is a great resource to plan your tour and get deep insights into various attractions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Sikkim including trips, tours and rides. 
Now the treasures of Darjeeling hills... go through the links for details. 
There are countless tourist places here including great viewpoints offering magnificent views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks, Buddhist monasteries, historical churches, temples, rolling tea estates on mountain slopes, museums, art galleries, parks &ágardens, waterfalls, cable car ride offering you stunning views of the mountain landscapes and tea gardens below, and more. 
Some of the top attractions in Darjeeling includes Riding the Heritage Toy Train, Sunrise view from Tiger Hill, Ropeway or the Cable Car ride offering a wonderful view of tea gardens, Darjeeling Zoo showcasing amazing high altitude animals of the Himalayas such as the Red Panda, Clouded Leopards, Yaks, Tibetan Wolves, Himalayan Black Bear, etc.  
You should also not miss out on the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) and its museum which are co-located in the Zoo compound, Dali and Ghum Monasteries, Happy Valley Tea Estate, the Japanese Temple &áPeace Pagoda, Botanical Gardens, Mahakal Temple located on top of Observatory Hill, Rock Garden &áGanga Maya Park, etc. 
Go through the above link for details. 
You will need to take a vehicle or in some cases simply walk to visit some of the great tourist places I mentioned above. While most tourists go for the 3-Point, 7-point or Mixed-Point sightseeing tours offered by the local taxi drivers and tour operators, there are some great tours and hikes like heritage walk, tea garden walks, village tours and others that are hardly known to tourists.  
Day trips to places like Mirik, Kalimpong and even Lamahatta and Mongpu will keep you immersed in marvelous scenic views &ásights. You can even make a Jeep safari to Singalila (high altitude national park) and beyond to Sandakphu, a place known for offering one of the best views of four of the world's highest five peaks, all in one stretch of snow. You will find them all in the link above. 
You will get all sorts of accommodations in Darjeeling including budget, mid priced and even luxury hotels &áresorts. Several tea estates in Darjeeling operate Tea Garden Resorts some of which are restored original bungalows of the British Tea Planters that still retain the British aura. There are home stays as well in some of the tea gardens and plenty in Darjeeling town. 
This guide will first tell you about the overall hotels scenario in Darjeeling, what to and not to expect, and then take you through a list of accommodations on different categories. You will find links that will provide detailed reviews and insights into the accommodations along with pictures. 
When it comes to food, Darjeeling can offer great many options. Starting from Thai and Tibetan cuisine, to Indian, Chinese, Continental and Nepali dishes. There are real good food for all. Some of my favorites include the Nepali thali, Tibetan wanton soup also known as momos in soup, and a Naga dish that is prepared with dried bamboo shoots with meat. 
While there are food of all types, there are also wide price ranges that would suit the pockets of all types of travelers. In fact, there are some tin shack eateries that are really great and offer excellent food at very affordable prices. They have remained favorites to many returning tourists. 
Starting from handmade crafts &ájewelry to many different types of curios, woolen clothes, jackets and kashminas, Darjeeling can be a shoppers paradise. There are some shops that are known for collections of some of the greatest pictures of Darjeeling's life and landscapes. And what about taking back home the "Champaign of Tea" from the place where it is produced? During the peak season, most of the shops in Darjeeling remain open until 8pm. 
The fun and entertainment in this mesmerizing hill town can continue through the evening till late hours if you have the will to pursue. However, there are no nightclubs or lounge that remain open till the wee hours... all nightlife venues in Darjeeling close by 11pm. There are some great pubs and bars in Darjeeling where many locals and tourists gather in the evenings. 
The Toy Train as it is fondly called, has been the romantic heart of Darjeeling that has touched everybody who has been to this hill paradise. It was introduced in 1881 by the British connecting Siliguri with Darjeeling with a narrow gauge line. It helped cut down the enormous time it took to transport passengers by bullock cart and horse carriages along the Hill Cart Road. It also allowed the less affluent Europeans living at the lower plains to visit the health resort. 
If you love to trek and enjoy the nature, don't miss out on one of the many great treks in Darjeeling hills. There are routes offering stunning views of the mountains, forests and wildlife. There can be light treks over few days with 4-5 hours of walk a day that even casual walkers can undertake, or heavier treks for several days over mountain landscapes that offer fabulous experience. 
Where else in the world can you get a vista of four out of five highest peaks of the world in one stretch of snow, or get to see exotic rare animals like Red Panda, or view flowering plants like rhododendrons, magnolia, carpets of primula and over 600 varieties of orchids? I have been to such fascinating treks and shared my experience in the link above.  
When should you visit Darjeeling? Depends on what and how you want to enjoy. Most visitors target the view of Kanchenjunga in a temperate weather. Many others like to feel the winter in the hills and the occasional snow. Others love even the monsoon and play of the mist. 
And there are some who just want to experience the mountains and villages when there are no tourists, when Darjeeling is at its serene best. This section will guide you through the weather conditions in Darjeeling in different seasons, and let you know what can you expect and what you can't. 
If you plan to explore Darjeeling and want to know where is what, you need a good map. Unfortunately there aren't many good maps of Darjeeling available, because in mountainous terrain where places are located at different altitudes, it's not easy to draw up 2-dimensional maps. But I could finally solve the puzzle. Here is a map that I use extensively to uncover all the treasures in the hills. 
No discussion of Darjeeling is complete without a discussion on its Tea. After all this is what had originally placed Darjeeling into the world map. During my numerous trips, I have been to many tea gardens and estates in Darjeeling, seen the tea production processes, and had tasted tea at their outlets. 
Depending on the quality, Darjeeling Tea can range from Rs. 700/- a kg for regular black tea to well over 50,000/- a kg for white organic tea. I've been lucky to have seen even samples that broke the world record in tea pricing during a tea auction. 

What next?

And after you have explored this website and grabbed all my findings and experiences, I would like to say one thing though... wherever you are in the world, do pursue a visit to Darjeeling. It has all the greatest ingredients to make a perfect vacation. You will come back again. I have been coming back repeatedly since my childhood. 
Mark Twain said about Darjeeling: "The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once by even a glimpse would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the world combined". Well honestly, Darjeeling is perhaps not the same as what it once used to be, because time takes its toll. But if you come with passionate eyes and heart, Darjeeling is still as amazing as it had always been. 
Tourists mostly flock to main Darjeeling town and sometimes get frustrated with the mushrooming of concrete buildings and roadside stalls, lack of adequate infrastructure, and the mad rush. But the district of Darjeeling is quite huge and you should visit some of the offbeat places in the outskirts of the town or spend a couple of days in a tea garden to appreciate Darjeeling's fabulous nature &áscenic views and experience spontaneous hospitality that is an integral part of the local culture. 
And after your visit, do share your Darjeeling Travel Reviews &áStories so that we all get to know about your own experience as well. Experience and findings are after all the pillars of this website. And do keep coming back to this website. I continue to post my latest findings and experience here. There are far more pages in this website than what you may imagine... scan through the top menu. 
And finally, if you like my website, I'll appreciate if you share it with your friends through facebook, twitter or whatever. That'll greatly support the cause of this website, and that is to let Darjeeling be known the way it actually is. May Darj make your day... 

Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Amitava Mukherjee 
It has been a long 9 to 10 years that I first discovered this website and no wonder it became a part of my life. Whether or not I am travelling to Darjeeling, it gives me immense pleasure just to browse through the rich compendium. I express my warmest commendation for your deep and insightful work. 
Sudip Mitra 
Hello Raj, Heartfelt gratitude for your tireless endeavor in demystifying Darjeeling for serious travelers and casual tourists. 
Sourabh Das 
Hi Raj, Your website is very informative and full of intricate details which would be very hard to get otherwise. I have been following your website since 2015, and am astonished every time I look here for some information. The website is being continuously updated, and I can not imagine the amount of efforts you are putting in it! Surely your love and affection for Darjeeling Himalayas is depicted all over the website. A big thank you for all the regular informative updates!! 
WOW! The post is beautifully crafted; was thinking of visiting the place and it answers everything! Thank you :) 
Alokesh Banerji, Mumbai 
Visited Darjeeling in 1972 and then again this year. After 50 years , the town has changed, what has not changed are these landmarks like Das Studio, Glenary's, Keventer's etc. Nice to see these institutions, if I may call them so, thriving. Keep it up. 
Sushil Kumar Pingua 
Hi Raj, Firstly I would like to mention that information available on your website regarding North Bengal and Sikkim is unparalleled, unmatched by any other travel portal. I wrote and got a wonderful reply from you on email on 13-14-Jan'21. Further, on 22 March'21 I began my two weeks' drive from Jharkhand to Darjeeling and Sikkim and back for over 2000 kms of happiness in Covid period along with my wife, mother and my 5 month's old daughter. 
In Darjeeling I took booking at an apartment which was fully furnished for 5 persons, just a kilometer before the Darjeeling railway station right beside the Ghum-Darjeeling road. And I got a beautiful and safe exclusive parking space in the apartment premises for my car. The rent of the said apartment was dirt cheap. 
Of the three days I spent at Darjeeling, I didn't take my car out for drive into the Darjeeling city, I used to catch the Tata-Sumo taxis right in front of the apartment @ Rs.15 per head. Hotels with parking inside Darjeeling would have cost me a bomb and Homestays didn't have in-premises parking space. The said apartment I booked even provided me LPG connection with stove and utensils included in the rent. And the veggie cum chicken shop was right 50 metres from the apartment. 
On your website I learnt how to book online tickets of DHR toy train on irctc for the to &áfro journey from Darjeeling and back to Darjeeling which no other website was able to explain. 
I drove ahead from Darjeeling to Dentam in Sikkim for further 4 days, I cancelled my booking of Gangtok and I'm glad I took the right decision to stay away from the over-crowded Gangtok. Drove back from Dentam and reached home in Jharkhand on 3rd April'21 covering around 2050 kms in total. 
Thank you Raj for providing valuable information to probable visitors solely at your own expense. I planned my stay at Lepchajagat, the drive from Siliguri to Darjeeling via Mirik, places to visit in/around Darjeeling and got my Sikkim Arrival Card of tourists based on information from your website. Thanks again, 
Ora Chatterjee 
Hi Mr. Raj we have visited Darjeeling last November 2nd to 6th. All the information I had got from your blog... from hotel booking to tour planning. It was very helpful to us. This was the best tour of my life. Thank you so much for helping us. 
Sumit Kabir 
Though I am a tourist of limited frequencies, during my short stints with the site I have felt that it's a page of difference. The minute details generously provided without a drop of greed... it's definitely a work of heart and some tour-angel's sincere love for tourism. 
Samarjeet Singh 
Hi Raj, Your way of description is simply awesome, so much of detailing and personal touch at each point.. áThanks a lot , this helped me a lot to plan my travel in coming March. Also got a good response from Resort and Homestay mentioned... Way to go... All the best. Warm Regards 
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I am from Toronto, Canada, in our sixties and I was planning to visit my place of birth i.e Kalimpong also where I had my schooling in SJC. Going through the websites I came across Darjeeling Tourism managed by Raj. It was the best knowledge that I could get. Raj is a walking encyclopedia for the area tourism. His guidance has been invaluable for me to plan for our tour. On his suggestion, I changed my itinerary from Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Gangtok to the better managed Gangtok, Kalimpong, Darjeeling. 
Thanks to your website and all the details provided. áWe did a 6 days trip to Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling. áI didnt find any trouble in finding the cabs, hotels, sightseeing places as your website stands as a one stop shop :) 
Johann Rousselot 
Dear Sir, First of all thank you so much for making such a comprehensive and passionate blog about Darjeeling! This is a mine of information, it's amazing how much into every detail you like to go. Do you know anyone who is running a blog as informative as yours, for Sikkim State ? I hope so !! Thank you very much. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) 
Hello, I haven't seen much Sikkim tourism related information online other than in the websites of Sikkim Tourism Department, travel agents and few bloggers. You can find some information about Sikkim from my website as well... Sikkim Tourism or Sikkim Permit Requirements could be a good place to start. 
Angshuman Sengupta 
Dear Mr. Bhattacharya, This is a short note to express my immense thankfulness to you and your website. I am an ardent admirer of the beauty of the hills around Darjeeling and whenever I plan a tour I visit your admirable website for the exhaustive information and helpful tips. Thank you so very much. 
Sreeya Bhowmik 
Hello Raj, You deserve a standing ovation áfor this website. This is the best website on North Bengal tourism, even I think the govt. sponsored websites also are not accurate like yours. 
Gautam Ghose 
I am just in love with this mystique Hill Station which beckons me to visit every year (as I am from Kolkata)! I have visited Darj in all seasons of the year but I enjoy spending the winters here most. Sitting on the terrace of The Keventers on a winter morning having your favourite breakfast while viewing the mighty Kanchenjhunga is the ultimate pleasure in life! Being a retired person now, I enjoy lazing out and spending the day at the Mall. Earlier I could enjoy puffing my pipe while seated in one of the Benches, but now it has been declared a 'no smoking' zone. No regrets! I only request all to keep my favourite Hill Station clean and free of plastics. Let us keep it as beautiful as ever for generations to come ....... 
Khandker Fahmida Wadud 
Thanks to Raj for his guidelines for Darjeeling tour. It was an amazing experience. Nature itself is enough to be in love with Darjeeling. Stay, food, shopping and site seeing are all convenient. I walked a bit and that was the best way to see Darjeeling. I wish transportation was a bit cheaper but again the climbing of hills miles after miles would cost some extra money. I just loved my Darjeeling Tour. 
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I know you would have read plenty of lines about yourself from various tourists admiring your work, but seriously you have done a tremendous job. I see myself in your work because I'm a person who does his work with that perfection that no one can match. I'm sure that you are also of same kind. I've noticed that you have shared experience about smallest things also. This thing one can not find at any other platform. Whenever I plan for tour I always search various websites, similarly this time also I started to look into various websites but once I've seen your work I really haven't looked any other platform. Many many thanks and congratulations for your great work. Really appreciate it. 
Dear Raj, Thanks a lot for all your efforts in collating and sharing all the details along with the nitty gritties of places near Gangtok, Darjeeling and Shillong. I just came back from my trip and i must say without your valuable inputs I couldn't have planned my trip in solo. Appreciate all your efforts! Please keep it up. All the information you have provided are accurate and reliable. We simply followed all your instructions! 
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Venkatesh V 
This is not the first time that I had been on a planned trip... However I feel that none was and will ever be like this one. The reason - perfect planning and guidance. áI would say that this site is an encyclopaedia for the entire trip... WOW..!! Understandably, there was only one reference guide for this trip and it was you (Raj) and your website. And thanks for your personal guidance too. 
The trip planning was going awry and by sheer luck I hit upon this site and then there was no looking further. Just back after an awesome trip to Gangtok - Darjeeling - Mirik and it was relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. áAnd what else would one require. 
Parag Ghosh 
Dear Raj, I am among the very few Bengalis who hadn't visited Darjeeling. We now live in Portland, Oregon. Thanks to your greatly informative website, we had made plans to go visit Darjeeling when we were in India last year. Unfortunately, we had to come back from Dum Dum Airport dejected since the flight never took off for Bagdogra due to fog. Being on a tight schedule our entire plan fell apart. 
We finally made it to Darjeeling this November and sure enough, this one turned out to be one of our most memorable trips for multitude of reasons. Darjeeling, as I had imagined, had so much to offer - the natural beauty, the colonial past, the tea gardens, the local Tibetan culture and so much more. Being an addict of Darjeeling tea, I fancied myself as a kid in a candy store while in Darjeeling. And we were guided by your website at every step in our planning. 
I had waited for more than a year since our fiasco trip to say this and the time has finally come - thank you! Best wishes, 
Seema Krishnan 
Thank you so much for sharing such detailed Information through your website. It is a huge blessing for first timers like us. 
Dear Mr. Raj, Wanted to thank you for the lovely guide that you have created. So practical and useful. I was travelling with my little daughter, just followed your site and had wonderful time. Your information on taxis/ shared taxis/ routes and trains helped me to save and enjoy in the most economical manner. I followed your recommendation on hotels too, it turned out just perfect. Have already recommended it to my fellow travelers, and they were thrilled to have found something so useful. Thanks again. 
Greetings Mr. Bhattacharya. I am short of words as to how I may express my gratitude for the absolutely delightfully detailed description that you have provided through your blogs. Equipped with knowledge from your posts, I was able to plan my tour itineraries in Darjeeling and Gangtok, that I visited in the last week of December 2016. It was my first tryst with the grand Himalayas and I was overwhelmed. It would have been very inconvenient, had it not been for your online guidance. When I came back from my trip, I wrote short notes about individual places, posting them on my FB account - and trust me, my inspiration was your write-ups! May your elaborate descriptions and guidance keep inspiring fellow travelers from all around! 
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We would like to convey our sincere thanks to Mr. Raj Bhattacharya for providing such a vast range of valuable information and guidelines in his website www.darjeeling-tourism.com. This has helped us a lot in planning our 7D and 6 N Darjeeling trip in November 2016. 
Because of his excellent guidance we had no hassle in choosing our hotel and tour operator, planning our itinerary, shopping etc. we had an excellent vacation in Darjeeling, enjoying the scenic beauty, interacting with the extremely cheerful and friendly locals, enjoying tasty food. We could avail good discounts at many places because of the Darjeeling Tourism Card which we purchased from Mr. Bhattacharya's website.  
We sincerely thank Mr. Raj Bhattacharya and everyone who have helped to make this a wonderful and memorable trip. 
Devin Thabah  
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Dear sir, first of all I like to thank you very much for your web site which is my base TO PLAN OUR TOUR. We are 4 male senior citizens &áwe travelled through Darjeeling &áSikkim from á17th to 22nd Oct 2016. Your guidance is fantastic to select mode of travel, place of stay &áselection of sightseeing places within the available time, budget and personal taste. Your reply to my email regarding availability of taxi to Namchi drop from Darjeeling was helpful. On behalf of all my friends I once again thank you for your excellent guidance. Please keep up your work as I am sure there will be plenty of people benefited by your writings on the above subject. 
Andy Noel, USA 
Hi Raj, I wanted to thank you for the amazing information that you have on this site. I traveled to India for the first time early this year, and your guides were instrumental in navigating Northeastern India. I stayed in Mirik, Darjeeling, and Gangtok, and made all of my travel choices based on your recommendations. I would recommend this site to anyone who's interested in going to Darjeeling and/or Sikkim. I'm coming back to the area again next year, and will definitely be using your site again! Thanks again for everything. 
Indira Prasad 
I and my husband toured Darjeeling and Sikkim between 20th and 28th April 2016. áI planned my entire itinerary based on the information in your website. Your ebook was really helpful in planning our sightseeing schedule and also in choosing the restaurants to eat and hotels to stay. The tourism card also got us discount. Overall our trip was very nice and memorable. Big thanks to you... 
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You are doing an awesome Job. I have planned my entire trip at my own by browsing your website only :) Holiday package was costing me close to Rs 80,000 for 3 persons while I have planned it at my own for just Rs 35,000/- for 3 persons :) All thanks to you and your website for great information. 
Biplov Rai, Darjeeling 
Dear Sir, Greetings! It was a great joy surfing through your site. The suggestions are golden and really accurate. It is good to find someone who truly admires Darjeeling so much. Your effort isn't just helpful for the tourist but for the locals too. Some of the truthful statements regarding the rates of hotels and the misguidance done by the lease hoteliers are very true, your job is truly appreciated by me. Once again thank you for your selfless and bold steps. May God bless you and fulfill your hearts desire.