Golden Tips Tea Outlet & Lounge, Darjeeling

The Tea Lounge belongs to the Golden Tips Tea Company. They are tea merchants and collect tea from plantations all over India including the Gardens in Darjeeling. 
The company was established by Madhav Sarda, a tea entrepreneur who separated from the original Sarda family's business that owns the Nathmull's brand and created his own in 1933. 
Golden Tips Teattoria, Darjeeling 
Golden Tips Teattoria Darjeeling 
They have retail stores all across India, the one at Darjeeling is the original one. The company has diversified from retail to wholesale, and also exports tea. 
Golden Tips has two outlets right at Chowrasta Mall. One is an outlet of their flagship tea boutique and cafe chain known as Teattoria. It's located right next to the Police Checkpost and at a prominent place. 
Inside Golden Tips Teattoria 
Inside Golden Tips Teattoria 
Earlier this space was used by Cafe Coffee Day which had closed down in 2020. 
Golden Tips Teattoria features an open sundeck with several tables laid out. You can get excellent views of the mountain range from this open terrace. 
You get a wide range of fresh Darjeeling tea that you can order by cup or pot. There are regular black tea, green tea, masala tea as well as ice tea. You can also get hot chocolates. 
The lounge and the open deck 
Golden Tips Teattoria Open Deck 
You can also buy Darjeeling tea from the counter that come in packets of various sizes. They sell various types of Darjeeling tea (black, green, white, oolong, etc. of varying price range) which they collect them from the gardens all over Darjeeling. 
Golden Tips Teattoria Open Deck 
The Golden Tips Teattoria serves several vegetarian snacks as well. The day's specials are displayed in a glass show case which you can see right in front as you walk in. So you can actually choose your dish before you take up your seat. 
The items include veg. pizzas, pastas, burgers, pakoda, grilled sandwiches including Mexican grilled sandwiches served with chips etc. They also offer some Jain food as well. 
Another outlet of Golden Tips is located on the opposite side of Teattoria and close to Nathmull's Tea Store. This is the original store of Golden Tips. It's smaller compared to Teattoria, but they too stock similar range of tea. 
Original Golden Tips Outlet at Mall, Darjeeling 
Original Golden Tips Outlet 
Once there used to be an impressive spacious lounge area inside. There were cushioned chairs and tables laid out. At one end and next to the large windows, there were sofas and tables that were ideal for relaxing and having a cup of tea. The also served vegetarian snacks here those days. 
However, with the opening of the new store and lounge at the opposite side (Teattoria), this lounge has been removed and replaced with a tea store. You will see the shelves on all sides stacked with packets of Darjeeling tea. 
Inside the original store 
Here too, you can get all varieties of Darjeeling tea as you get at the Teattoria, but the collection is not as large as the other one. 


Golden Tips Tea Bar is located at the Chowrasta Mall and just adjacent to the SBI ATM, while the newer Golden Tip Teattoria Tea Lounge is located right next to the Police Checkpost at Chowrasta Mall. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Dr Sohag Joarder (July 2022) 
(About 'Golden Tips' at the left end facing towards Darjeeling Mall where Nuthmulls store was there or besides the Nuthmulls store)... Expensive tea leaves I bought for gift purposes is really flavour, no taste and colour. 
I am really being cheated by the store. We are very ashamed to say Darjeeling Tea right from Darjeeling. I would request you not to cheat customers. This is very shameful for us who reside in West Bengal. 
Shachinder Kural (August 2014) 
The lounge is situated at peak location, but they are hardly concerned with quality. During my visit to store , I purchased an umbrella from them, which was being branded as DARJEELING HERITAGE UMBRELLA depicting their company name i.e. Golden Tips, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway &áKanchanjunga Heights. It was priced at Rs.160 only &áwas third rated stuff &ádid not last for four days. I was crazy to show it to my fellow beings back home at CHANDIGARH but could not materialise it. 
Thank god, I did not purchase any tea from them. The company could have used such items as promotional item, but once put under selling category, they should be aware of quality. The same may be the case with their Tea quality also. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. GOLDEN TIPS COMPANY MUST UNDERSTAND. NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE