Shops in Darjeeling Mall

The Chowrasta Mall in Darjeeling not only offers a wonderful meeting square where you can relax and watch the views and activities, it also offers an excellent opportunity for shopping. There are many glittering shops that circle the Mall. Some of these were established during the British India days and have created distinctive brands for themselves today. 
As you approach the Mall from Nehru Road and after having crossed over the Pine Ridge Hotel, you will see a bunch of great shops in the Mall. One of them is the Habeeb Mullick &áSon that has two sections with two separate entrances and run by the two Mullick brothers. This is the oldest store in the hill town selling exquisite silver jewelry, curios, models, shawls and lot of other items. 
Habeeb Mullick and Son, Darjeeling 
Habeeb Mullick   Sons Darjeeling 
The next store is my another favorite, the Oxford Book Store. This book store is special. Here you will get books and maps of Darjeeling and Himalayan areas which you won't get anywhere else. Every time I visit Darjeeling, I pick up a book from here that adds to my Darjeeling collections. 
Oxford Book and Stationery Co., Darjeeling 
Oxford Bookstore Darjeeling 
Another store on this side of the Mall is Chowrasta Store and is a favorite for the liquor and wine lovers. It's well stocked with both Indian and imported liquor and wine. The board outside earlier had a large display of liquor to which the local authorities had raised an objection. The board has now been changed... it now has the name of the store written in Nepali as well as in English. 
If you like to taste some great Darjeeling tea, try it out at the Nathmulls Tea &áSunset Lounge. Nathmulls is one of the oldest and largest tea merchants in Darjeeling operating since 1931. They collect tea from tea auctions as well as from various tea estates directly. Here at the outlet you will get flavored Darjeeling tea of different varieties in packets.  
Another place to try out some great Darjeeling Tea is at Golden Tips, which is located in the same line as Nathmulls and on its left. This is a nice large tea lounge having great views of the valley at the end and serving some nice snacks as well. 
Life &áLeaf is a wonderful boutique store located in between Golden Tips and Nathmullls. They sell many different gift &ásouvenir items including mugs, tea sets, jute bags etc made by local artisans. They also have fair trade organic tea and honey produced by the local farmers. A great shop to visit. Update 2016: Nathmulls outlet has moved next to CCD in the mall. 
Stores at Darjeeling Chowrasta Mall 
Inside there is a section that sells different kinds of souvenir and gift items. You will get jute bags, brass makes of small elephants, porcelain items like small cups &áplates, jewelry boxes, wood carved items like small fishes, metallic hukkas and more. They of course sell Darjeeling Tea in packets of various sizes as well. 
On the right side of Nathmulls and the last store before the Mall road begins is Tibet Arts. It's a small store selling all types of curios. They also sell Pashminas (special fine woolen items) and shawls, models and other crafts. 
On the other side of the Mall where the Zakir Hussain Road enters the Mall area, there is a cluster of shops. One of the prominent ones is Jolly Arts, that offers different kinds of crafts, floor &áwall carpets, jewelry boxes and other curio products. They also have great collections of Tibetan masks some of which show vivid facial expressions, stones, artwork on clothes, jewelry items, fine woolen shawls and many other souvenir andágift items. They are one of the most reputed stores in the mall. The store is owned by Mr. Altaf Fazili. His son Washim is also present at the store most times. 
Jolly Arts, Darjeeling Mall 
On its right is the Chowrasta Tea Stores. This store is owned by the owner of Jolly Arts. You can have a cup of tea here. They sell both packaged and loose tea. 
Chowrasta Tea Store, Darjeeling 
The next store is Arts Crafts &áCurios. They have a nice collection of Tibetan masks as well. They also sell Khukris (Gorkha curved decorative knives), different models made of oxidized metals, models of Lord Ganesha, key rings, different types of stones etc. 
There are few more stores here. Curio Corner is government registered and sells Tibetan jewelry, carpets and curios. Next to it is the Darjeeling Tea Corner where you can buy packaged Darjeeling Tea. And then Bhutan Tibet Art Shop selling Tibetan artwork and crafts. 

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