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About Bagdogra Airport

Bagdogra Airport is located about 16kms from Siliguri township in West Bengal and is the nearest major airport to visit Darjeeling, Sikkim and Dooars. This small airport has become a gateway to many tourist destinations in North Bengal and Sikkim for both domestic and international passengers. 
Bagdogra Airport Building 
Bagdogra Airport Building 
Although the airport can accommodate some five flights at a time, there are no Jet Bridges here. So once you land, you will need to walk along the tarmac unless the airline provides a short bus ride. 
Passengers boarding flight at Bagdogra airport 
This airport is actually controlled by Indian Airforce but also allows the civilian flights to operate. The airport operates as Indian airforce base because of several international borders that are located nearby including borders of China, Nepal and Bhutan. 

Bagdogra Airport Facilities

On arrival, the road transport is the only means for those making onward travel to destinations in Darjeeling district as well as Kalimpong. However, the passengers travelling to Gangtok have an additional option. There are daily helicopter services between Bagdogra airport and Gangtok. 
After landing, as you walk into the arrival lounge, on your left are two conveyor belts where your checked-in luggage will arrive. You will also see a red and a green channel along with an immigration counter. This is meant for people arriving by international flights from foreign countries such as Bhutan. 
Arrival lounge at Bagdogra Airport 
Bagdogra Airport Arrival Lounge 
Once you enter the arrival lounge, the toilets are to your right. And straight ahead and on your right you will notice three tourism counters adjacent to each other - West Bengal Tourism, Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) Tourism and Sikkim Tourism counters. 
Tourist Information Counters at Bagdogra airport 
Bagdogra Airport Tourist Centers 
For Darjeeling, approach the GTA counter for any information about hotels and travel bookings, pocket map, printed pocket guides, literature etc. You can approach the West Bengal Tourism counter for information about areas in north Bengal such as Dooars as well as Darjeeling. 
The Sikkim counter provides tourism information and free brochures for the whole of Sikkim including Gangtok. The foreign nationals can also easily obtain Inner Line Permits (ILP) for Sikkim here (you need to carry photographs and show your passport/visa). 
There is a restaurant upstairs at the departure area. My favorite here is grilled fish (usually betki fish) with boiled vegetables. Another favorite is the chicken cutlet - two large pieces served with a portion of French fries. 
The Indian food including tandoori roti, rice, chicken curry and mutton kasha are also nice. Price is reasonable (a meal for two would cost around Rs. 500 - 600). You get cold drinks and ice creams as well. 
Having the favorite Chicken Cutlets &áGrilled Fish 
Chicken Cutlets  
Earlier the restaurant here overlooked the tarmac and you could see the flights landing and taking off through the large glass windows, and the window-side tables were excellent to spend some time here. Other than extensive food menu, the restaurant also had a full bar service. 
NOTE: The location of the Bagdogra Airport Restaurant was changed in 2017 to another area on the same floor upstairs. It's a large dining hall now located opposite to the security check-in area. Now there is no view of the airport tarmac although there are windows overlooking some greenery and entry to the airport building. 
Bagdogra Airport Restaurant 
Bagdogra Airport Restaurant 
While food menu has remained the same, the full bar service has been replaced with a beer bar with some wine selections... one bottle of 650ml standard beer costs Rs. 500. There is a change in the contractor, the earlier elderly staff are all gone and replaced by younger and little dispassionate waiters. 
The food quality too, I thought, has deteriorated considerably while the rates have increased. The chicken cutlets we ordered here were all over fried and lacked the original taste. There is now a smoking room at one corner of the dining hall. Overall the ambience is not as cozy and you can often see food on the floor not being wiped off cleanly. 
The other food outlet options at the departure terminal are a few snack counters upstairs (both outside and inside the security check-in area) that sell patties, muffins, pastries, chicken and vegetable rolls, sandwiches and other snack items. 
One of the snack stalls (outside the security check-in area) makes chicken and vegetable momos and few other items and also offers Darjeeling tea and coffee. 
NOTE: The Chicken Roll that I had from the stall called 'Snack Bar' was horrible in taste and costs Rs. 190/-. The momos from the other stall were okayish but reasonably priced. AC outside the Security Check-in area was not working. 
Upstairs there is also a bookstore, a tea store and a gift &ásouvenir shop. 
Effective mid-February 2018, the Bagdogra airport authority provides free medical services at the airport to those who require medical attention. So far there was only a Medical Inspection Unit which could only provide basic first-aid services to patients. The new free medical service includes doctor and paramedical staff. Oxygen cylinders are also being provisioned. 
Near the exit of the Arrival area (next to the Pre-Paid taxi counter) there is also a currency exchange booth. Inside and on the right of the exit door, there are a series of airline counters, an office of the Assistant Manager and also a small coffee shop. Here you will also find a small booth saying "May I Help You?", basically an assistance booth for the arriving passengers. 
  • Over the years there has been practically no expansion of the airport terminal building although number of daily flights operating at the airport has continuously increased and recently there has been a huge surge in passenger traffic. These days it is quite common to see long queues and congestion at the security check-in and departure lounge areas due to lack of space and multiple flights operating at the same time. It is estimated that total passenger count in this financial year will exceed 2 million (20 lakhs) at Bagdogra airport for the first time. Currently there are around 24 flights that operate at Bagodogra airport daily (i.e. land and depart) between 11am to 7pm. 
  • Recently Airport Authority of India (AAI) has announced its plan to commission ILS (Instrument Landing System) which will not only help in night landing, but also in reducing flight delays &ácancellations in winter and monsoon due to poor visibility and inclement weather. The system is planned to be operational effective March 29, 2018. 
  • The groundwork for ILS implementation has already been done over the past one year. The airport runway has been extended to 2,743 meters. Usually a minimum visibility of 1,200m is required at Bagdogra airport for flights to land. However with the strobe lights and ILS commissioned, the flights will require only 350m of visibility to land. 
  • With such system in place, AAI expects to operate flights at Bagdogra from 6am to 10pm daily. This will help spreading out the flight timings and reduce passenger congestion at the terminal. 
  • There would be sanitary napkins available from dispensing machines at the women toilets of Bagdogra airport. It will cost Rs. 5 per napkin. This facility is expected to be available from beginning of March 2018. Bagdogra airport currently handles arout 7,000 passengers per day. 

    Transports from Bagdogra Airport

    Pre-Paid Reserved Taxis 
    Pre-paid reserved taxis are usually available at Bagdogra airport. They are privately operated vehicles which can be small cars like Maruti Alto, WgonR etc or luxury vehicles like Innova, Xylo, Scorpio etc. 
    There is a pre-paid taxi counter at the arrival area near the exit gate. You can get taxis from here to various places in North Bengal and Sikkim including Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok. 
    Prepaid Taxi Counter, Bagdogra Airport 
    The pre-paid taxi booking counter is presently operated by Siliguri Metropolitan Police who keep track of the taxis. The pre-paid taxi counter is usually open till about 7pm (but depends on last flight landing). Pre-paid taxi is the only official private transport available at Bagdogra unless you have booked a pick-up vehicle through your hotel or tour operator. 
    UPDATE: Presently, pre-paid taxis bound for Darjeeling town are only available at the pre-paid counter of Bagdogra Airport. There were no taxis for other destinations such as Kalimpong, Sikkim etc. The pre-paid counter has also moved to a different location and now can be accessed also from outside the airport building. 
    The new pre-paid taxi counter at Bagdogra Airport 
    Pre-paid taxi counter Bagdogra 
    If you are looking for a reserved vehicle on arrival and heading to a destination other than Darjeeling, it is better to pre-book a pickup through a travel agent in Siliguri or directly through your hotel. 
    The other option of getting a reserved cab to your destination (including to places other than Darjeelin) is to come out of the Bagdora Airport building premises, walk past the long car parking on your left where all the pre-paid taxis and pickup vehicles are parked, and at the end of the stretch (can be a fairly tedious walk with luggage), you can get normal taxis, with who you need to negotiate the rates to your destination. 
    Walking out of Bagdogra Airport building towards car park 
    At the pre-paid counter or outside the airport, you will usually get only West Bengal registered taxis. While travelling to Gangtok, a West Bengal registered taxi is allowed only up to the lower taxi stand (i.e. Deorali stand) which is 2kms below Gangtok town center. From there you will need to take another local taxi to reach your hotel. 
    UPDATE July 2022: An agreement has been signed between the governments of West Bengal and Sikkim which now allows West Bengal registered taxis to drop passengers at the hotels anywhere in Sikkim including Gangtok, and vice versa for Sikkim registered vehicles dropping passengers at hotels anywhere in West Bengal. 
    For Pre-Paid taxi and other transport fares, go through the following pages: 
    Shared Taxis 
    Shared taxis are not officially allowed at Bagdogra airport. However, some local drivers unofficially operate shared taxis here. If you walk out towards the car park (about 70 yards away from the airport building) where all taxis and pickup vehicles wait, you will find some drivers calling out sharing rates... for example Rs. 300 - 400 per person for Darjeeling, and they will usually take about 10 persons in a large vehicle like Sumo. 
    Car Parking at Bagdogra Airport area 
    Bagdogra Airport Car Park 
    There is however a shared taxi solution though 
    Effective 2017, a group of locals from Sikkim are operating luxury shared taxis from and to Bagdogra Airport for places like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong and several other destinations which you can only book online in advance (but not after landing in Bagdogra). 
    They usually have daily hourly service (in high tourist season, and occasional during low season) and take 5 passengers in a luxury vehicle like Innova. The journey becomes comfortable and you pay a far lesser fare compared to a reserved pre-paid taxi. 
    Read: Shared taxis from Bagdorga and NJP to know about this option in details. 
    Another option is... you can take a pre-paid taxi up to Siliguri taxi/bus stand (about 30 minutes). From there you will get shared taxis as well as buses to Darjeeling &áGangtok (only during day time). 
    Bus Service 
    Although public bus service was initiated from Bagdogra airport to Darjeeling for the first time by GTA Tourism effective June 2022, it has been discontinued. 
    Buses are also available in Siliguri... from Tenzing Norgay Bus Stand you can get buses for destinations in Darjeeling district such as Darjeeling Town, Kurseong, Kalimpong etc as well as to Dooars, while Sikkim Nationalised Transport (SNT) Bus Stand caters to places in Sikkim such as Gangtok, Pelling etc. 
    Both these bus stands are located on Hill Cart Road in Siliguri and close to each other. It takes about 30 minutes from Bagdogra airport to reach the bus stands by taxi. If you are travelling to Darjeeling, then check out Bagdogra to Darjeeling Transports &áRoutes to know about all transport options as well as the routes and the journey to the hill town. 

    Recommended Resources

    If you are planning to visit Darjeeling or Sikkim, the eBook on Darjeeling &áSikkim can be very handy in knowing all the best places, sightseeing tours &áoperators, eateries, nightlife, shopping and lot more, and would serve as a guide to effectively make your tour plan. 

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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments

    K Kameswaran (March 2024) 
    Hi, we are landing at Bagdora airport April 1st week and visiting Darjeeling and Gangtok for six days. Want to know whether cloak room facility is available at Bagdora airport , for leaving baggages and collecting them on our return. Thanks 
    Raj ( March 2024 
    Hi, there is no cloakroom facility at Bagdogra airport at present. 
    Audrey (March 2023) 
    Hi Raj, Made it to Kalimpong. I booked a prepaid ride through, expensive at 79USD. But I was willing to spend the $ because I thought that the driver would be waiting with a sign at the airport. Unfortunately that did not happen. The driver didn't show up! A kind airport official called the agency and the driver showed up 1/2 hour late. That wasn't the worse. The drivers vehicle had no rear seatbelts and broke down at the outskirts of Kalimpong!!! Just wanted to warn others of this átravel agency called travelodesk India. á(Yes, the 'o' is supposed to be there) 
    Pradeep Jaiswal (June 2022) 
    Dear Sir, Could you please clear me that at Bagdogra Airport , Government empanelled Taxi and Buses are available. 
    Raj ( June 2022 
    Taxis at Bagdogra airport are all privately operated taxis. GTA (Gorkha Territorial Administration) has recently introduced bus services at Bagdogra airport. 
    Saurabh Mandal (January 2020) 
    My flight will land at Bagdogra airport at 14:25 PM. I want to go Siliguri bus stand (Tenzing Norgay) to catch the bus. Please let me know what is the cab or taxi facility at Bagdogra airport, the cab/taxi fair and time to reach Siliguri bus stand. áThanks!!! 
    Raj ( January 2020 
    On landing, you can first inquire at the pre-paid taxi counter... there are chances they will say taxis not available for Siliguri. If you get one, the fare to Siliguri should be around Rs. 400. Otherwise, go out and walk up to the car park where all private taxis are parked. You can talk to the drivers there... they can charge anywhere between Rs. 450 to 600 for Siliguri for a small reserved car. It can take 35-40 minutes (or even more depending on traffic conditions). 
    Ganesh (December 2019) 
    Bagdogra Airport bookshop person sells books above MRP by putting his own price sticker. I have written to airport authorities on the same. 
    Anna Belle Shakespear (November 2019) 
    Hi Raj, Is it possible to take an Ola cab from the airport to Siliguri? Thanks 
    Raj ( November 2019 
    Hi, yes you can get Ola cab at Bagdogra airport, however the fares from Bagdogra to Siliguri township areas are unusually high for some reasons... you may end up paying twice or even thrice the usual taxi fare. Also note that Ola service is not yet quite extensive in Siliguri, so there could be a wait time. 
    Martin (June 2019) 
    Dear Raj, I am planning to travel directly from Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport. Having an outbound flight at around 2pm (thus, arrival at IXB airport latest by around noon-time?), what would be the recommended time to leave Darjeeling in order to be at IXB airport on-time? Are only taxis available from Darjeeling, or maybe also shared taxis with direct destination IXB? Thanks. 
    Raj ( June 2019 
    Hi, it takes roughly 2 hours 45 minutes from Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport in normal traffic conditions. You should leave by 8:30am. You won't get usual shared taxis from the stands directly to Bagdogra airport, only private taxis. However you can book a seat online on a luxury shared taxi at, would be a lot cheaper and more comfortable. 
    Harsha (March 2019) 
    Hi, Is there any bus service available from IXB airport to Siliguri bus terminal. If not please let me know the low price option to reach there from airport. Thanks. 
    Raj ( March 2019 
    There is no bus service from Bagdogra to Siliguri. Pre-paid taxi is the main option. You can go out of the arrival hall and try to find a local taxi and negotiate to get a better rate. Sometimes there may be a group travelling through Siliguri and you can join them. 
    Dr Ranjay K Singh (February 2019) 
    Please provide me the contact number of State Tourism authorized agencies who book taxi between Bagdogra to Gangtok for the tourists. 
    Raj ( February 2019 
    There is no state tourism authorized agency taking taxi booking from Bagdogra. There is a pre-paid taxi counter at Bagdogra airport operated by Siliguri Metropolitan Police where you can book a taxi for Gangtok.  
    Madan Giri (January 2019) 
    Hi There, I am visiting India via Bagdogra airport. Is there a money exchange facility inside the airport? I will be carrying US Dollras. Thanks. 
    Raj ( January 2019 
    Hi, yes there is a money exchange counter at the arrival hall and near the pre-paid taxi counter. 
    Darshika (October 2018) 
    Hi Raj, Thanks for the complete information provided by you. I am travelling solo from Bagdogra to Darjeeling. What is the best transport medium you suggest as I land around 1pm and need to be at darjeeling before 5pm? Also how safe is it for a girl to travel alone from Bagdogra to Darjeeling? Looking forward for your response. 
    Raj ( October 2018 
    A good option is to take a pre-paid taxi from the counter at airport arrival area (inside the terminal building). Do not take a stray taxi. Another good option is to book a seat online on a luxury shared taxi (operated by WizzRide)... this would be much cheaper and safe at the same time. You can get full information on such shared taxis at this link: Shared taxis from Bagdogra
    Meenakshi (September 2018) 
    Hello, The amount of information available on this page is never ending and extremely helpful ! I have 2 questions to ask- 
    1. I am planning to travel to Darjeeling via Siliguri by the Toy train. What is the cost of prepaid taxis from Airport to Siliguri station?And time required to reach the station from airport? Also, the toy train leaves early morning. Are taxis available in those hours? 
    2. Does the Sikkim Tourism counter at the Bagdogra airport provide information and contact details of travel agents who provide the ILPs for Sikkim? Many Thanks in advance !! 
    Raj ( September 2018 
    Hi, taxi fare from Bagdogra airport to Siliguri would be around Rs. 400. Usually taxis are available when flights land. But most drivers would be unwilling to go a short distance. You need to check at the pre-paid counter. Sikkim Tourism counter can help with permit information. Note that registered travel agents are required to get Protected Area Permits (PAP) and organize a tour to a protected area. ILP is applicable for foreigners and travel agents are not required for that. 
    Fahmida (July 2018) 
    Hi Raj! I have been going through your suggestions on Darjeeling tour. Thanks a lot helping the new comers. I will be reaching Bagdora airport on 31st evening. Pre-paid taxi looks bit too expensive for 2 of us. What can be other options to reach Central Heritage Resort and Spa? Most importantly, if I avail a shared taxi, will it drop us near the hotel? Or will we have to climb up the hilly road? 
    Raj ( July 2018 
    Hi, there are no shared taxis which you can book and avail having landed at Bagdogra airport. However you can now book a shared taxi online ( to get to Darjeeling or Gangtok. There are designated places in Darjeeling (mentioned in their options for drop off points) where you can take a drop. These taxis operate all through the day at regular intervals... so the wait time won't be much. 
    Pradip Dutta (May 2018) 
    Mr Raj - Hats off to your in-depth knowledge and very practical advice on Darj tourism. You suggest not to take pre-paid taxi from Bagdogra, but negotiate prices directly with taxi drivers. Am travelling on 21 May, Bagdogra - Kalimpong (Morgan House). What would be a fair negotiated taxi fare to arrive at for this leg? Thanks much in advance, and regards. 
    Raj ( May 2018 
    Hello, firstly I don't recommend that instead of taking a pre-paid taxi you go out and directly negotiate. While it is true that you can get a lower fare if you negotiate, the pre-paid taxi drivers after all can be later tracked if required, and that adds to the safety factor. How much you can negotiate depends on the demand... usually I have seen 30-40% reduction is normal, sometimes you might be able to combine your trip with fellow travelers looking to share the cost. 
    Apratim Chakrabarti (May 2018) 
    Hi, I am reaching at Bagdogra airoprt on 24th. Please let me know for 2 people what's the way to reach Darjeeling through Mirik apart from hiring a total car including fare. Apart from car hire, is there any option to go to Mirik and then Darjeeling (after spending some time beside Mirik Lake). From NJP/ Main bus terminus, is there any AC bus available for Mirik? what would be the cost if I want to get a shared transport and how can I get it? Thanks. 
    Raj ( May 2018 
    Hi, there is no shared taxi at Bagdogra airport (there is an agency that takes online booking for shared cab but not via Mirik). There is no AC bus either from Siliguri. You can take a cab and go down to Siliguri stand and take a shared jeep that goes to Mirik and change over to another one there for Darjeeling. Shared Jeep fare for each sector would be around Rs. 100 per person. 
    Raghav (March 2018) 
    Hello, I really appreciate your efforts to respond every query. I just wanted to conifrm if I reach at Bagdogra airport by 4 PM then, can we get public transport (Bus or shared service) to reach Darjeeling. Thanks again. 
    Raj ( March 2018 
    There is no bus or shared taxi from Bagdogra airport. You can take a pre-paid taxi and go to the Siliguri central bus stand where you will get buses and shared taxis for Darjeeling. 
    Bala (March 2018) 
    I am travelling to Bagdogra. I want to know if one can hire a self-driven car like zoom car rental 
    in Bagdogra? If yes, where do I pick it up from? 
    Raj ( March 2018 
    Self driven Zoomcars are available on rent at Siliguri, not at Bagdogra airport. Their outlet is located on Sevoke road (opposite PC Mittal bus stand and Hotel Tourist Inn). Visit their website for details and contacts. 
    V Joshi Rao (March 2018) 
    I am planning to visit Darjeeling in April last week. I will be reaching Bagdogra Airport at 5.50pm from Vizag via CCU. Can I get taxi to travel to Darjeeling from airport during these evening/ night hours so that I can reach Darjeeling by 9.30pm on the same day. 
    Raj ( March 2018 
    Yes, you can get a pre-paid taxi at the airport. 
    Adele (November 2017) 
    Hi Raj, Is there an ATM at Bagdogra airport? 
    Raj ( November 2017 
    Hi, there is no ATM at the arrival or departure hall of the airport. However there is one outside near the car park, and several of them about 5 minutes drive from Bagdogra airport (on the main road that connects to Siliguri). 
    Chanda Sekhar (November 2017) 
    Respected Raj ji, I want to know what government vehicles travel from Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport for general public (Tourists) and price per pax? We are three persons, what will do for this? one more question, any government transport system available for public from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok? Thanks &áRegards 
    Raj ( November 2017 
    Hello, there is no government operated transport between Bagdogra and Darjeeling/Gangtok. All pre-paid taxis are privately operated by the drivers. There is a pre-paid taxi booking counter at the arrival hall which is operated by Siliguri Metropolitan Police. All pre-paid taxis in Bagdogra are reserved taxis and do not operate on per person rate. Bagdogra to Darjeeling fare in a small taxi is Rs. 1860. However Govt. buses are available from Siliguri (about 30 mins from Bagdogra) for both Darjeeling and Gangtok. 
    Dhananjay (September 2017) 
    Hi Raj, Thanks for all the insight and genuine information about Darjeeling. I am planning to travel in Dec to Darjeeling and may be carrying big bags which I want to keep at Airport and collect on my return journey. Is there any cloak room/ Lockers available at Bardogra Airport? 
    Raj ( September 2017 
    Hi, there are no cloak room or locker facilities at Bagdogra airport. 
    Dorothie Jones (May 2017) 
    Hi, We are flying into Bagdogra from Paro. This will be our second entry into India on this trip. We will be visiting Darjeeling. I understand there may be local difficulties at Bagdogra with the e-visa. Would it be better/quicker for us to get a regular visa? Thank you so much. 
    Raj ( May 2017 
    Hi, as per Indian online visa ( website, Bagdogra is one of the 24 designated airports where e-Visa is accepted. 2-times entry is permitted with a valid e-Tourist visa as well as e-Business visa. So, I don't see any problem in your case. 
    Thomas Hassler (February 2017) 
    Hi Raj and at first a big thank for your information given, this is really helpful. I have a question to the pre booked cab counter in Bagdogra airport: We will arrive at 5:30pm. Will we still get a cab to Darjeeling and how safe is the way during darkness? Kind regards. 
    Raj ( February 2017 
    Hi, you should get pre-paid cab at the counter, however it'll be dark soon and driving in the mountains then won't be fun. I would suggest that you stay overnight at Marina's Motel in Bagdogra and proceed next morning. 
    Dr Dhiman Bhattacharyya (November 2016) 
    Is there any bus service between siliguri and bagdogra airport and vice versa? 
    Raj ( November 2016 
    There is no bus service between Siliguri and Bagdogra airport. Reserved taxi is the only option. 
    Pamela Adams (September 2016) 
    Hi Raj, I'm hoping you might be able to inform me of luggage storage options at or near Bagdogra Airport. We will be flying from Kolkata to Bagdogra and then hope to take the helicopter to Gangtok. We understand the limit on luggage weight is 10kg per person and would like to know if there is a place at Bagdogra Airport where we could store excess luggage if we have more than the 10kg allowed. Regards 
    Raj ( September 2016 
    There is no luggage storage provision at Bagdogra airport. You can send your extra luggage to your hotel in a taxi (preferably in a car sent by the hotel). 
    N.C. Behera (May 2016) 
    Respected Raj ji, I want to know what government vehicles travel from Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport for general public (Tourists) and price per pax? We are three persons, what will do for this? one more question, any government transport system available for public from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok? Thanks &áRegards 
    Raj ( May 2016 
    There is no Government transport like bus service at Bagdogra airport. You can get buses for both Darjeeling and Sikkim at the bus terminals on Hill Cart Road (Siliguri). You need to take a taxi to Siliguri which takes about 30 minutes from Bagdogra. There are also shared taxis at Siliguri that operate on per person rate (Rs. 200 for Darjeeling). 
    B S Gulati (April 2016) 
    Hi! I just want to know that in case I come out from the Bagdogra airport to negotiate with the private taxi for Darjeeling and fails to finalize, is it possible to come back to the prepaid booth? Thanks in advance. 
    Raj ( April 2016 
    Security guards may not initially allow you to get back to the arrival lounge. But show the boarding pass and tell them that you did not notice the pre-paid taxi counter inside, then they would usually let you get in. 
    Dr Dhiman Bhattacharya (March 2016) 
    Respected Mr Raj Bhattacharya, If I want a shared taxi/other car from Bagdogra to Darjeeling, what is the best and cheapest option? When I shall return from Darjeeling where from and what rate I shall get the shared taxi? Thanks and regards. 
    Raj ( March 2016 
    Good day, There is no shared taxi from Bagdogra airport. The only option is pre-paid taxis. You can otherwise come out of the arrival hall and negotiate with drivers to get a better rate, but not recommended. While returning, there is no shared taxi to the airport either. You can however come down to Siliguri by a shared taxi and then take a private taxi to Bagdogra. From Darjeeling, the usual small private taxi fare to Bagdogra is about Rs. 2,500/- (it can be much higher in high season). 
    Prasad Hajare (December 2015) 
    Hi Raj, your article is very informative and in lucid language. Are there any visiting points near Bagdogra airport to be covered in 3 hours time? while coming from Darjeeling we will reach at Bagdogra airport at 11am, so we'll have lots of time for our flight at 5pm ,so if there are such places we can enjoy them in between? 
    Raj ( December 2015 
    There is nothing much near Bagdogra. You can spend your time at City Center Mall on the main road near Bagdogra. From Darjeeling, come to Bagdogra via Mirik. 
    Ajay Upadhyaya (October 2014) 
    Hi, Just wanted to know till what time pre-paid cabs are available from Bagdogra to Darjeeling in the evening. 
    Raj ( October 2014 
    Usually until about 7pm. However private cabs that have come to drop passengers are usually available till the last flight arrives. 
    Prasad Jakhadi (June 2014) 
    It would be really good if you guide me for a decent budget restaurant which offers good veg. food near by Bagdogra airport or on the way to Darjeeling. I have 6 adults out of which 4 are elderly people and 1 kid of 2 year old. We need budge hotel having decent North Indian/South Indian food. We are coming from Maharashtra, Mumbai. We are planning to get down at Bagdogra by noon traveling from Mumbai very early in the morning, so would like to know the hotel name and address which should be close to airport with decent food quality and within my budget. 
    Raj ( June 2014 
    There are not many veg only restaurants in Bagdogra or on the way. But some restaurants serve vegetarian dishes. You can try the Bagdogra airport restaurant (upstairs) ... which is a multi-cuisine mid-range restaurant and serves some veg dishes. Alternatively you can go to Marina's restaurant (mid range) at Marina's Motel which is about 2.5kms from Bagdogra airport. They serve Indian, Chinese, Tandoori items (both veg and non-veg). Further down (about 1km from Marina's), there is a veg South Indian restaurant (Dyke). Another option is the multi-cuisine restaurant at Kurseong Tourist Lodge run by West Bengal Government. It's about 1hr 45 minutes from Bagdogra and on the way to Darjeeling. Prices are budget/mid-range. 
    Panjak Jain (April 2014) 
    Hi, I want to know how do I reach Tenzing Norgay bus stand from Bagdogra terminal. I am to catch Bhutan bus from there. And what would be the fare. Thank you in advance for the help 
    Raj ( April 2014 
    You will need to take a taxi. Siliguri bus stand (Tenzing Norgay) is about 16kms from Bagdogra airport. Taxi would cost about Rs. 300. Go out of the arrival hall and talk to the drivers directly. Pre-paid fare is likely to be higher. 
    Pete Fitz (June 2013)  
    Hello do you know if there is a business class lounge in the airport please? Many thanks 
    Raj ( June 2013 
    Hi, There is no Business Class lounge available at Bagdogra airport. However there is wi-fi at the general lounge area. Regards. 
    Sujata Dey (June 2013) 
    Are prepaid taxis readily available from the airport? I would imagine asking for a drop to Darjeeling from an operator based in the hills would be impractical and more expensive. But I don't want to take a chance with my parents and thus the question. 
    Raj ( June 2013 
    Pre-paid taxis are available as long as there are flights arriving or departing. No need to get a taxi from Darjeeling which will cost you far more than pre-paid fare.