Great Hotels in Paro
Budget, Mid Priced and Luxury

Paro has many five star hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, heritage hotels and homestays that offer everything from luxurious to affordable accommodation. Bhutan is not exactly a backpacker’s paradise at least in the economical aspect. Bhutan tourism is targeted towards quality tourist inflow and not on mere volume which is why you will find most hotels in Paro are a little pricey. 
Nevertheless, there is a good range right from ultra-luxurious living at 5 star property like Como Uma to comfortable and aesthetically pleasing 3 star resorts like Khichu Resorts to experiential Bhutanese heritage hotels like Gangtey Hotel to budget hotels like Sonal Trophel. 
You can find out the hotel of your choice at the best price using the following search: 
Here are the various categories of hotels available in Paro and indicative rate for each category: 
  • 5 star Hotels : 13,000 NU per person per night and above 
  • 4 star Hotels: 8,000 NU per person/couple per night and above 
  • 3 star Hotels: 5,000 NU per person/couple per night and above 
  • Budget Hotels/ homestays/ Lodges: 2000 to 3,500 NU per person/ couple and below 
    NU is Ngultrum, Bhutan’s currency and it's equal to INR (Indian currency). Most hotels accept currency from USA, UK, Australia, China and India and will happily accept. Some will however charge for currency conversion. To be on the safe side, you get your currency changed to NU at any of the currency exchange counters in town. Also, remember that many hotels (especially budget and 3 star ones) do not take cards so make sure cash is kept handy. 

    Zhiwa Ling Hotel

    (Category: 5 Star) 
    This is a sprawling property set on a 10 acre land and delicately upholding the Bhutanese tradition with exquisite handcrafted stone and wood work. It offers some of the most modern amenities including Swedish under-floor heating system. The aesthetically designed rooms and the cottages offer lovely views of the mountains. It's located about 15 minutes drive from the main town of Paro. 

    COMO UMA Paro

    (Category: 5 Star) 
    This is one of the finest hotels in Paro which offer villas and rooms with magnificent views of Paro valley and forests. The entire hotel architecture uses handcrafted stones, tiles and woodwork with rooms using robes and linens with fine hand stitched work to capture the essence of tradition Buddhist culture of Bhutan while offering finest of luxuries and amenities you can think of. It's located near the airport. 

    Udumwara Resort

    (Category: 4 Star) 
    This is another wonderful property located little away from the town in a serene environment and offering experiential stay to enjoy Bhutanese traditions. There are rooms in the main block and some in villas. All have great views of the mountains. The resort offers modern amenities including Spa, multi cuisine restaurants, bar etc and excellent service. 

    Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

    (Category: 4 star) 
    If you are looking to stay away from the crowd in a quiet village environment and with magnificent views of Bhutan's iconic mountain Jumolhari from the room, then Naksel would be your choice. The hotel is located about 15-17 minute drive from Paro town and delicately blends Bhutanese traditions with modern amenities. This is also a very popular hotel in Paro. 

    Metta Resort & Spa

    (Category: 3 Star) 
    Langong, Shomu, Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan 
    The Metta Resort and Spa is one of leading hotels in 3 star category in Paro. The rooms are beautiful and offer lots of facilities in comparison to the price they are charging. 

    Tashi Namgay Resorts

    (Category: 3 star) 
    Damsebu, Paro, Bhutan 
    Phone: +975-8-272319 
    Mobile: +975-17170299 
    If you are flying in to Paro and want to check into a hotel which is close to the airport then the Tashi Namgay is a good choice. Located right at the center of the famous Paro Airport view, the Tashi Namgay looks lovely and perfectly seated in a serene atmosphere 
    This is a two storied hotel which has four different kinds of rooms; Executive rooms, Junior Suites, Deluxe Cottages and Deluxe rooms. The rates range between 5ooo NU Tu Depending upon the kind of room you choose. All rooms have underfloor heating, LCD Screens and electric kettle bar and other amenities. 
    The Spa facilities at the Tashi Namgay are highly praised and maybe you could try the Hot stone bath peppered with Artemesia leaves.  
    There is a multicuisine in house restaurant called Dine and Wine along with a bar called Zee Bar. Both are quipped with good service and well defined facilities. 
    This hotel organizes walking tours, sight seeing trps and business conferences for guests. Though there is some degree of complaint about the service, the overall facilities of the hotel seem good. 

    Kichu Resorts

    (Category: 3 Star) 
    Lango, Paro, Bhutan  
    Phone: 00 975 8 271 646 
    Kichu resorts is a bout of property that is settled on the riverbanks of Paro river right on the outskirts of the Paro town. The Kichu Resorts claim to differentiate themselves with a combination of the personalized services of a homestay and the modern amenities of a resort. 
    Staff of the hotel are quite friendly and helpful and the chef Montu Khan seems to be specially popular amongst the guests. 
    The Kichu Cottages are priced at 5000 NU per night during season and offer a balcony, king sized bed, pleasant wash room, room heater, electric kettle, LCD screen and other amenities. 
    Rates provided by 

    Gangtey Palace Hotel

    (Category: Heritage Hotel, 3 Star) 
    Taju, Paro Bhutan 
    Phone number: +975-8-271301; Email: [email protected]  
    This hotel was built a century back by Bhutanese royals and then got transformed into a heritage hotel. In 1914 the Gangtey Palace got videoed by National Geographic’s feature “Castle in the Sky”. 
    The hotel is prettily positioned amidst 20 acres of land that has apple orchards and it overlooks the east Himalayan range. Interestingly all water for guests and staffs is sourced from a nearby natural mineral spring believed to contain therapeutic and healing properties. 
    The main building is called utsi and in true blue Bhutanese style…the walls are more than 10 feet thick making them warm in winters and cool in summers 
    There are no televisions in any of the rooms but only in the lounge. No internet facilities in rooms either. You can make calls and access internet from the reception. This hotel will not work for you if you are hooked to the web or TV. 
    There is an excellent multi-cuisine restaurant serving Asian, local Bhutanese and Continental food. Hot stone baths and luxurious body massage facilities are provided to guests. The bar area has a beautiful Bukhari (traditional wood burning stove). 
    There is a carefully preserved valuable prayer alter and many old artefacts belonging to Bhutan royalty in the hotel. You would revel in strolling around the premises if you like history. 
    The rate per night is around 4000 NU plus 20% tax. If experiential living in a heritage property is what you seek then look no further. 

    Sonam Trophel Hotel

    (Category: Budget) 
    Address: Bridge, Paro, Bhutan 
    Phone: +975 17 96 96 38 
    I didn’t review the Sonam Trophel restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in Paro town. If you want a budget accommodation in Paro town then the Sonam Trophel Hotel is a good option. It is very near the taxi stand and a stone’s throw from the main shopping area. Incidentally the hotel and restaurant are managed and owned by the same family. 
    The best thing about this hotel is its food. Super delicious, great variety and authentic Indian and Bhutanese dishes on offer. Great for Indian tourists who could be homesick and craving for chicken tikka, daal makhana and garlic naan. However, the food is a little more expensive than what is served in Sonam Trophel restaurant (owned by same person in another part of Paro) and it takes a long time to be served. 
    The deluxe rooms are okay, standard rooms are a little ill maintained and the hotel promises wi-fi though the service is not good. There is a TV in the room though reception could be dubious. Washrooms are clean though not very sophisticated.  
    Staff are courteous, will help you with currency exchange, directions and will arrange cabs for you. 
    Room rent is between 2.5 thousand NU to 3.2 thousand NU (this is budget accommodation in Bhutan!!!) and this hotel is very good if you are okay with living inside the town (gets a bit noisy) and want to shop till you drop (the market area is ten minutes away) 
    There is a night club right below the hotel so it could be good or bad for you depending on what you want out of your Paro stay. 

    Hotel Holiday Home

    (Category: Budget) 
    PO Box 707 (located near the end of airport complex).  
    Tel:975 8 272-101; Email: [email protected]  
    This hotel is very near the Paro airport so it’s quite convenient for those who fly in and are looking for reasonably priced accommodation. The hotel is a part of the famous airport view of Paro and as such the location is picturesque though far from town. 
    The room rent is approximately 1800 NU (varies per season and negotiating skill) and this is very cheap per Bhutan standards. 
    You can walk up to the Paro town (20-minute walk) and to the airport (half an hour walk) so location is an advantage. There are great views of aeroplanes ascending and descending from the rooftop. 
    There is a buffet for all meals but the selection is sparse and most dishes are a tad too spicy for the non-Bhutanese palate. Dinner must be ordered by 9 and room service is usually not given for meals. Vegetarians will have limited meal options at the hotel 
    Heater doesn’t work efficiently per what I heard and there are issues with hot water supply. Wi Fi is present though it’s not very efficient. There are no toiletries and you must bring all your own stuff. 
    If you are okay with the above, then the Holiday Home is one of the few places in Paro offering easily accessible accommodation at very low rates. 

    Nirvana Lodge & Homestay

    (Category: Budget) 
    Satsam Chorten, Paro, Bhutan 
    Phone: +975 8 271115 / 272407 
    Drive 30 minutes from the Paro Airport or ten minutes from Tigers Nest base to this quaint 15 room family run facility. There are apple and peach trees around and beautiful scenic surroundings. 
    Facilities include bar, currency exchange counter, luggage storage facility, small library, room heater, laundry service, hairdryer, torch, room tea/ coffee maker. 
    You will have choice between twin sharing and double beds. The room rent is 2810 NU 
    You are not allowed to eat in rooms and not allowed to bring in food from outside. Also lights are put off in all common spaces after 10 p.m. 
    The owner Tara is a treasure house on Bhutan history and culture and the family does their best to make all guests feel “at home”. 

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