Public Car Parking in Darjeeling

If you are planning to drive your own car or a rental car to Darjeeling, the first thing you should be wary of is the public car parking in Darjeeling which has always been a huge problem. You can not park your car in and around the township on the roadside, because most roads are narrow and parking is not allowed in most and also quite unsafe. 
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Also note that even if you use a local tour operator to rent a car along with a driver for few days, the car would not be available to you at nights because of parking problem. The operator would usually ask the driver to report to you in the mornings and offer the service during the day time only. 
However, if you are self driving your own car or taken a car from a Darjeeling based tour operator, local sightseeing during the day time is not a problem as you can find temporary parking at most of the tourist sites. But the main problem is the night parking. So what are your options?? 


The best option is to ensure that the hotel you are booking has parking facility and that would solve all your problems. But there are very few budget hotels that have parking space. 
Few exceptions in budget hotels with in-house parking includes Darjeeling Tourist Lodge of WBTDC which has a large open parking space in front, Alice Villa with just about two parking spaces in front, and Golden Heights Enclave with a paid but secured basement parking. 
A mid-range hotel that has open parking facility is Summit Swiss Heritage Hotel. Most other hotels that offer parking facility in Darjeeling are luxury class hotels, but parking slots are limited in almost all. 


Once you reach Darjeeling, go down to Darjeeling Transport Corporation. Their office is located in a building on Ladenla Road (near but little downhill from Big Bazaar shopping mall) and opposite to Apsara Hotel. 
This place is quite centrally located and within easy walk to both upper and lower town centers. They offer paid car parking (Rs. 250 per night) in their building. There are provisions for parking 7-8 cars, so this place is in high demand but this is the second best option after hotel parking. 


There is a multi-level paid car park at Lebong Cart Road below Darjeeling Government College and near HMI &áDarjeeling Zoo. It is about 1.5kms from Chowk Bazaar (Lower Town) and takes about 10 minutes by car. There is ample car parking space there. 
However being little far, walking back to the town center could be difficult for some (particularly if your hotel is in the upper town area, i.e. near Chowrasta or Gandhi Road). Shared taxis (Jeeps) ply on the route between the Car Park and Chowk Bazaar Motor Stand. From the motor stand it takes about 20 minutes to walk up to the upper town. 


There is a large public car parking next to Darjeeling Railway Station located near the lower town area on Hill Cart Road. There is a building where cars could be parked overnight for free across 3 floors. 
Although this is a free car parking, you need to be mindful of one thing... this space is mainly used by the villagers who come down to Darjeeling lower town for daily shopping &átrading. They park their vehicles here in the morning and use the parking until around 2pm. After 2pm most villagers leave and the parking becomes free for all and even tourists can use this. 
So, this option is good for night parking and it's also free. However you should take your car out early in the morning unless you want to invite trouble with the local villagers who swarm into this place with their own vehicles in the morning hours. This place is quite walkable both from upper town area (about 15-20 minutes) and lower town (only 5 minutes). 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

I'm planning to travel to Darjeeling along with my family including two children. Can I travel to Darjeeling with my private car ? Do I need any permission for reaching there ? Can you please suggest any advisory for dos and don't. 
Raj ( May 2024 
Hi, yes you can drive your own private car to Darjeeling. There is no permit required for this. However, keep in mind that public parking is very limited in Darjeeling town and is a huge problem. So, choose a hotel that has guest parking. 
Joby (February 2024) 
Hello Sir, Thank you for your guidance. It will be great help to understand and plan our trip. I have one query, if we want to travel to Sikkim for few days but want to pay and park our vehicle in Darjeeling for those days of tour @ Sikkim, is that possible? Is it safe to do the parking for many days in our absence. 
Thank you. It will be great help if you can guide us for the same. 
Raj ( February 2024 
Hello, You can park your car for several days at the paid public parking lots in Darjeeling. However, keeping it unattended for many days while you are away touring Sikkim may not be safe. I have heard of a few instances of accessory theft at the parking lot on Lebong Cart Road. If you must do this, it's better to make a parking arrangement with a homestay that has such a provision. Springfield Stays Homestay has a fully covered garage with shutters, you can check it out with them. á 
Rahul Biswas (July 2022) 
Dear Raj, Last month I took the third option and parked it on the paid car parking below the government college. I must say that the parking is safe. Just request the attendants to allow you to park your car on the first level, where they sit. The only problem is that it is far from the main town and you may have to walk a lot. 
Sushil Kumar Pingua (January 2021) 
Hello, Can you please help me with names of homestays in Darjeeling who can offer me parking in their premises for my personal car. I am planning to visit Darjeeling with my family this March/April'21. Since I'll be driving to and fro around 2000kms between my place and darjeeling with a heavy financial budget for over 10 days' of driving-holiday, I would prefer budget hotels and most preferably homestays with car parking. Please help me with your suggestions. Thanks 
Raj ( January 2021 
Hi, homestays usually don't have private parking. In one or two cases (such as Happy Valley Homestay), you can make a roadside parking in front of the homestay. Similarly, most low budget hotels also do not have private parking. One exception is Alice Villa... they have a small parking space (about 2 cars) in front. Talk to the owners well in advance. Note that roadside parking is not allowed within the town limits. 
Sushil Kumar Pingua (April 2021) 
Hello Raj, I researched through Google Maps and had telephonic-talks with over 20 hoteliers and homestay owners in Darjeeling before finalising on Springfield Stays. The wbtdc Darjeeling tourist lodge is near impossible to be found available/vacant online and book, unless you are staying in Kolkata or Darjeeling. I found Hotel Golden Heights good but expensive at around Rs5000/day with parking. Some hotels/homestays at Mall Road offered me parking at the Gymkhana Club and some other government office premises @Rs500/day. The owner of Hotel Dekeling offered me parking at his residence. 
In all I found that if I park my car at a distant parking spot, firstly I would have to take a 10-15 minutes walk from hotel to parking spot each day and the security concern of my car would always be tingling at the back of my mind. Secondly, when the tariff of such hotels around Mall Road is around/over Rs5000/day for four beds, I would have to shell out atleast Rs.9000 per day on fooding-lodging for 4 heads and parking fee ONLY, which is foolish in my opinion. 
Homestays which are cheap around mall road are located in congested locations, even Hotel Dekeling is congested inside its building. Spacious and airy location is preferred during Covid times, and most importantly, we don't do trips to Darjeeling with family every year so a bit of luxury and whole lot of cleanliness is highly preferred. 
Arun Kunnath Puthiyaveetil (September 2019) 
Hello Raj, It would be great if you can help me out, I am planning for 5 days trip to Darjeeling and then to Sandakhphu on this year December 2nd week. From siliguri Airport Zoom cars are available for rental. so is there any problem if we rent out a self driving car for sightseeing in Darjeeling? 
Raj ( September 2019 
Hi, there is no problem as such within Darjeeling and nearby areas as long as there is a parking at your hotel... finding public parking in Darjeeling town is not easy (you can not park by roadside). However overnight parking at places other than the town of Darjeeling or temporary day parking near sightseeing places is usually not a problem. For Sandakphu, the Land Rover association at Manebhanjan these days creates problems and sometimes do not allow private or rented cars to go on that route... you need to seek their permission. Also for the last stretch of the route to Sandakphu (Gairibas onwards), you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle... usual cars (other than something like a Scorpio/ Bolero) can not make it... it's a steep gravel road full of boulders, plus Zoomcar may not allow their vehicle to be taken there. 
Kaushik Chatterjee (March 2019) 
We plan to drive down and need parking space. Tourism Lodges sold out. Options being limited, we are keenly looking at parking options in budget stays (places within maximum Rs.3000 for a family of 3). Alice Villa would have a bit of space but cannot be guaranteed. Could there be a 3rd party safe parking option? 
Raj ( March 2019 
You can try the hotel Golden Heights Enclave on Gandhi road (should be in your budget range)... they have limited but good basement parking. Will charge you Rs. 200 extra per day for parking. There are other public parking places mentioned on my website. 
Rahul Biswas (March 2019) 
Dear Sir, I fully understand that you do not do booking assistance, but may I please know if there is any hotel in Darjeeling with free parking, where I may get a room for Rs 2500-2800 a day? I like to make a visit next week or so, being accompanied by my daughter and, one double bedded room being adequate for all three of us. A response from your end will be highly appreciated. 
Raj ( March 2019 
You can try Darjeeling Tourist Lodge of WBTDC. 
Rakesh Kumar Singh (December 2018) 
Hi Raj, Thanks for the information you give through your website. I have a query related to car parking at Darjeeling for nights, as we are visiting Darjeeling by February end in our own car.Darjeeling tourist lodge is not available on our dates and other hotels with parkings are not affordable for us. I have booked "The Revolver" at Darjeeling from 24th to 26th of Feb-2019 for my family of 4. But the problem is, they at 'Revolver' do not provide any car parking and they are so annoyed with the self driving visitors that they are straight forwardly threatening to cancel our booking for the reason. 
Can we get a safe car parking anywhere in Darjeeling for those two nights? We can pay any reasonable amount for the purpose. Actually our car is an essential part in our week long Darjeeling- Sikkim tour and we will have to drop our Darjeeling visit plan for this reason itself. For Gangtok and Ravangla, we have got some budget hotels with car parking, but Darjeeling plan is on the verge of cancellation. Please suggest some solution. 
Raj ( December 2018 
Hi, car parking in Darjeeling is not easy as it is increasingly getting congested. Revolver is on Gandhi road where roadside parking is not allowed. However there are a few solutions. On reaching Darjeeling you can approach Darjeeling Transport Corporation (on Ladenla road that connects lower town with upper town and leads up to Gandhi road). The building is located below Big Bazaar (Rink) shopping mall and will be on your way to Revolver. They offer paid parking (limited though, @Rs. 250 per night). If you don't get one, then take Lebong Cart road and you will find a public car park near the HMI/Zoo (about 1.5kms from lower town, i.e. Chowk Bazaar).