Darjeeling Itineraries - Part:2

Hi Raj, 
Firstly, I will like to add to many congratulations that you keep receiving for this wonderful guide on Darjeeling and its surroundings!! This not only helps for planning a tour but also for educating oneself about these places. 
I am planning to visit Darjeeling this year in the 3rd week of November and tried chalking out the below plan. Would really appreciate if you can help me in clarifying and fine tuning this. 
Day 1: Reach NJP at around 8 AM from Kolkata. Reach Darjeeling by afternoon. Freshen Up, have lunch and then go for Toy Train Joy Ride in the evening (4.05 - 6.05 PM train). Return to hotel, relax in mall area. 
Day 2: Go for 3 point tour early morning covering Tiger Hills sunrise,etc. Return by 8 AM. Have Breakfast and then at around 10 AM go for 7 point tour. Should be back by 3-4 PM. Relax in Mall Area. Visit observatory hill, Mahakal Temple, sunset. 
Day 3: Have breakfast at Keventer's. Start for Day trip to Mirik covering Jorpokhri. Return to hotel in the evening. Relax. 
Day 4: Departure train in the evening at around 7 pm (still to be booked). So thinking of checking out by 10-11 AM after breakfast and reach NJP via half day trip of Kalimpong. 
My main questions are: 
For Day 1, is it a good idea to take the Joyride in the evening? Since its in the 3rd week of November, is there a chance of it getting dark early before 6 and hence it might not be as good as in the morning? 
For Day 4, is the Kalimpong trip feasible while returning to NJP? 
I believe November end would be a bit cold. Since we are travelling with our parents and they have arthritis pain, can you please suggest me some proper standard accommodations right in the mall area which would minimize much walking and also having a good heating system. My primary focus is the standard, so budget is adjustable for me. 
Also, please suggest if I should include/modify anything in this itinerary. 
Eager to hear back from you. Thanks! 
Ramesh V (October 2014) 
Hi, due to shorter day time in November it starts getting dark after 5pm. So avoid the last toy train ride. On Day-3, make a day trip to Kalimpong and on Day4 while returning to NJP, go via Jorpokhri and Mirik. 
If you stay right at the Mall area, you will need to walk to take taxis because vehicles are not allowed in the Mall area. If budget is not a constraint, consider Windamere, it can't go any better both in location and comfort. Cars can come right up to the hotel. In mid range/budget accommodation, Darjeeling Tourist Lodge on Mall road (The Main Building) is okay. Note that Windamere offers good discounts on Darjeeling Tourism Card and so do many other hotels, tour operators, shops, restaurants and transporters. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, October 2014) 
Hello...I am a senior citizen....I love nature like you...I found your website to be really helpful...so full of intricate details that one really does not require any tour operator. I am planning a 4-5 days tour to Kurseong - Makaibari- Lepchajagat in the first week of January with my daughter.. Kindly help me with the following: 
1. Is it okay to come first at Lepchajagat &ástay there for 2 days and then plan a stay at Kurseong Tourist lodge for two days? 
2 What is the approximate charge of pre-paid taxis from NJP to lepchajagat ? 
3. Will I get taxi from Lepchajagat to Kurseong? What would be the charges? 
4.. Shall I stay at Makaibari stay home for a day? or is it okay to cover the tea estate on a day tour from Kuseong? 
5. I know it will be cold in winter, but what could be the approx temperature? 
And at the end would like to have your expert opinion on the tour planned, if you would like to give your kind feedback on it. Regards...and best wishes 
Anjali De (October 2014) 
Good day, 
Do Kurseong first because from NJP you will first pass through Kurseong. Lepcha Jagat is further up and located on a diversion from Ghoom. From Kurseong you can visit Makaibari Tea Estate easily (only 3kms) and see the gardens. But note that in January there is no tea plucking and the factory remains closed. Normal fare in a small taxi from NJP to Kurseong is about Rs. 1500/- and Kurseong to Lepcha Jagat would roughly be the same. The staff at the lodge can help get you a taxi in Lepcha Jagat. You will need to book in advance. There is no taxi stand there. The nearest one is at Sukhiapokhri. You will get temperature information from the 'Weather' menu option in my site. 
Your tour plan is okay. There is nothing much in Kurseong itself unless you plan to tour around. Another option is to visit Lepcha Jagat first, and then visit Takdah which is about 1 hour 15 minutes from Lepcha Jagat. In Takdah stay at Saino Heritage Lodge. Cars can go (with a bit difficulty though for the last stretch of about 100 yards) up to the base of the lodge from where It needs climbing some stairways... but it's worth it. You can later visit the beautiful Rungli Rungliot tea gardens and the Orchid Center in Takdah. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, October 2014) 
Subject: 2 day itenary for Darjeeling 
Hi Raj, 
This is an extremely useful site to gather details and the area around. I am planning to visit Darjeeling on Jan 2014. The itinerary that I have planned is: 
Day 1: 
1. Reach darjeeling around noon via NJP by darjeeling mail. 
2. Visit the Mall area in the evening and walk up to Mahakal temple at Observatory hill. Spend time in Mall 
1. Take the toy train ride from 8AM-10AM 
2. Then after some breakfast, take the Cable Car ride. 
3. Complete the cable car ride before Lunch.After lunch, visit the Himalayan Mountainering Institute &áthe Zoo 
Day 3: Leave Darjeeling in the morning 
My questions are: 
1. Is my plan for day 1 and 2 appropriate? What is your suggestion? 
2. What is the distance between Darjeeling station and Cable car ride station since after returning from Toy train ride, I am planning to head towards Cable car ride? 
3. What transportation will be available in the morning to travel to Darjeeling station from The Mall area since I am staying at a hotel near the Mall. I need to catch the 8AM train. 
Thanks in advance Sir. 
Anubhav Raychaudhuri (November 2014) 
Your plan is fine. No change required. From Darjeeling station you can reach the Ropeway (cable car) station at Singhamari in about 15-20 minutes by taxi (depending on traffic). From the Mall area you can walk down to Darjeeling station (about 20 minutes downhill walk.. take laden la road). You can also get taxis from Clubside stand (on Gandhi road) after 7am. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, November 2014) 
This is an awesome site, very helpful and unbiased. Love it! 
My husband, son and I are planning to visit Darjeeling Jan 2-4, 2015. Here 
are my thoughts: 
Jan 2: NJP Station to Darjeeling via private taxi. Should we choose via Mirik (scenic, visit Mirik Lake) or via Rohini so that we can visit Karseong? Arrive Darjeeling, booked in Sinclairs. Spend rest of the day near Mall, shopping and relaxing. 
Jan 3: 3 point tour with Tiger Hill at 4 AM. Breakfast. Then 7-point tour of Darjeeling. 
Jan 4: Leave Darjeeling at 7 AM to catch Kolkata flight from Bagdogra at noon. Is there some sightseeing we can plan on the way? 
Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays! 
Aloka Chakravarty (December 2014) 
Go via Mirik. Nothing much to be seen in Kurseong when you just pass through it. Talk to the taxi driver so that he stops at the lake and Simana. He may ask for more. You don't have time for any sightseeing on your return. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, December 2014) 
Hello Raj, 
Thanks for your wonderful site. We are a group of 5 ( plus a kid) planning to Visit Darjeeling between March 4th to 7th,2015. After going through your site, we have prepared a draft itinerary as below. Requesting your comment on the same as well as suggestion regarding how we can utilize the last day of trip ( Return train at 9 PM). 
4th March - Reaching NJP at morning and take a private taxi from NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik with sight seeing. Reach Hotel Revolver in Evening (booked it already). 
5th March - 3 point tour and Toy train ride. Afternoon Observatory Hill 
and Mahakal temple and spend time in mall area.  
6th March - Mixed point tour as per your site Saturday - Return to NJP while covering some scenic place if possible. 
Requesting your suggestion regarding which route to take from Darjeeling to NJP and which sights we can cover. Thanks much in advance for your reply. 
Jagamohan Tripathy (January 215) 
Good itinerary. On your day of return, you can cover Mongpu
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, January 2015) 
First of all thank u for such a amazing site. I am going to Darjeeling in early march this year. I got several info from your site. Thanks a lot. 
My itinerary is as follow : 
5th March:- NGP at 2pm. Then Darjeeling by shared taxi. Take rest in hotel. 
6th March:- breakfast in your favorite Keventer's. then mixed point tour for whole day.in evening stroll in mall road. 
7th march:- 3 point tour ( singara at batasia must ), then joy ride in afternoon. Dinner at Glenary's 
8th :- a day trip to mirik. 
9th :- ??????????? 
10th :- back to siliguri and then bagdobra .flight at 12 
we are two young boy ( 25 yrs). please suggest me what to do or where to 
go on 9th. Is there any major fault in my planning. i am awaiting for 
your reply. Thanks again. 
Nilanjan (February 2015) 
You have made a nice plan. On the 9th, make a day trip to Takdah (Orchid center, Rungli Rungliot tea garden), then to Tinchuley (from there come down via Peshoke tea garden, the new road) and visit Lamahatta. You will get detailed descriptions of all these places and get to know what to see under Offbeat Stays menu option in my site. Alternatively, you can also make a day trip to Kalimpong. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, February 2015) 

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