Darjeeling & Kalimpong Itineraries

Hi, I have made up a rough plan of Darjeeling based on your inputs which were very useful. Please let me know if I can add on something in it and whether it will be feasible or not . We are travelling from Delhi, me and my dad from 19th to 23rd December, 2012 
19th - we reach Darjeeling and plan to stay at Villa Everest and visit zoological park, and other sites possible 
20th - toy train if we get a ticket and local sight seeing again. We have the zoological park, botanical garden, rock garden in mind. Please suggest a few more places that we should do during these two days. Also, if we do not get a ticket for the toy train, is there some alternative to have a similar experience? 
21st - we plan to leave for Chota Mangwa and stay there for a night. How do we book a cottage there ? 
22nd - we plan to leave for Kallimpong and stay at the Orchid Retreat. Currently we just know the pine view nursery and Mc farlen's church to visit. Please suggest other places to visit in Kallimpong 
23rd we leave for Bagdogra airport. I'll be eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you 
Anika Juneja (December 2012) 
Hi Anika, Some thoughts: 
1) You are planning the Zoo on day-1, why then again on day-2 ? 
2) You should combine HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute) along with Zoo, they are in the same complex. 
3) It is better to take a 7-points or mixed-points local tour rather than going on your own. You will find the details in Local Tour Packages 
4) You should book the toy train tickets in advance. You can book online through Iindian railway site. Check out How to book Joyride 
5) I have given the contact details of Chota Mangwa for booking here 
6) In Kalimpong you can visit places such as Dello Hill (one of the two towering hills of Kalimpong known for its marvelous views and splendid flower gardens, nice lodge, horse riding, restaurant and of course view points ... it's a complex by itself), Dr Graham's Home School (used to be home and school for orphaned Anglo-Indian children, now a multi-religious co-ed school with sprawling campus), Mangaldham, Tongsa Gompa, Pine View Nurseries (a cactus nursery), Durpin Monastary, Morgan House, the most scenic golf course in the country etc. Check out Kalimpong local sightseeing for details. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2012 
Dear Sir, I am planning to go to kurseong, kalimpong, lava, lolegaon & rishov, but time is very short. We reach kurseong at 12p.m. on 15.10.13 & stay the night. Then next morning we reach Darjeeling via toy train at 10a.m & back to kurseong at 4P.m. Stay this night in kurseong. On 17.10.13 we reach kalimpong & pass whole day & night. On 18.10.13 we go to lolegaon then lava & trek 4km to rishav. Night stay in rishav. On 19.10 we get back to njp after seeing the sunrise. Sir, I would like to know some information from you- 
1) how to arrange my above plan, this plan is right or wrong. 
2) after reaching Darjelling which places we see only for 5 hours. 
3) kurseong & kalimpong hotels are already booked for 3 days, please tell me some hotels in rishov. 
4) Please tell me about the above plan ( 15 & 16 booked in kurseong & 17 in kalimpong). 
Amit Dhak (September 2013) 
The plan is okay. I would have stayed back in Darjeeling for the night rather than coming all the way back to Kurseong. For going to Kalimpong, you will need to go back to Ghoom/Jorebanglow next morning which is far closer to Darjeeling. Plus you can barely plan any sightseeing in Darjeeling in such a short time if you take the toy train. It takes 3 hours one way. Instead of taking the toy train, consider a taxi or shared jeep, start by 8am and then you will have enough time in Darjeeling for the day. Ask any taxi driver in Darjeeling for local sightseeing tours. It'll be quite tiring to cover Lolegaon (2.5 hours to reach from Kalimpong), then Lava (another 2 hours to reach) and then trek (4kms: 3-4 hours) to Rishop (or Rishyap). The road is bad between Lolegaon and Lava. When traveling to Lolegaon from Kalimpong, ask the driver to take you via Algara and not Relli (bad road all the way, but shorter route). There are several hotels in Rishyap. One of them is Sonar Bangla. Ask for a Kanchenjunga view room. Regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2013) 
I am from Bangladesh. We (my husband, two sons aged 12 and 10, my mom) are planning to visit Darjeeling and its surrounding along with Bhutan this December. I have seen this website and have got valuable information. We have 10 days for this tour. I am very much confused about which places around Darjeeling to visit as all seems beautiful. I have chosen Kalimpong, Kursiong, Mirik and Lava. I do not know if it is possible to visit all these places. I need your suggestion. I have few queries, which are as following- 
1. Is there enough time or is it worth to stay overnight at Kalimpong/ Mirik/ Lava or a day trip from Darjeeling is enough? 
2. from NJP which would be the better place to start the journey? shall we go directly to Darjeeling, stay there and visit the surroundings as a day trip? or shall we go to Kalimpong, stay overnight and then move to Darjeeling? 
3. Can we go to Phuntsoling from Darjeeling directly or we have to come back to Siliguri or NJP? Thanks. 
Sangita Ahmed (September 2013) 
You didn't mention what time you reach NJP. Assuming in the morning, head for Darjeeling via Mirik. On the way take a relaxing break at the Mirik lake. If you take a pre-paid taxi from NJP, then you might need to pay the driver a bit extra for such intermediate halts. Usually they break for a short time. Between Mirik and Darjeeling, stop at a view point to see tea gardens on mountain slopes all around - a wonderful view, and then at Pashupati Market (Indo-Nepal Border). Being non-Indians, they may not allow you to enter the market which lies across the border. It's known for foreign goods. Further down if time permits, go to Jorpokhri (a 2km diversion is required), otherwise head for Darjeeling. 
If you do not reach NJP in the morning hours, then take a day trip to Mirik. You should stay overnight in Kalimpong. One night should be enough. Takes 2.5 hours from Darjeeling. So start in the morning so that you can comfortably reach there by 11am, and go for a half day local sightseeing tour. Next day, head for lava but stay at Lolengaon. One or two nights are enough. You will need to come down to Siliguri to reach phuentsholing (in Bhutan). Will take about 7 hours from Darjeeling, 4 hours from Siliguri. 
Good luck! Regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2013) 
Hi Raj, 
Thanks for your suggestion. It has helped me to plan the journey. We are planning to take the Darjeeling mail from Kolkata which will reach NJP around 8AM. I have made a plan which I want to share with you. please give your suggestion. 
23.12: LOLEGAON 
24.12: LOLEGAON (half day and return back to Shiliguri in the afternoon). 
I have found another place called Rishop in some tour packages. Shall we go to Rishop from Lolegaon and stay overnight? can we drive or need to trek? Is there good hotels in Lolegaon and Rishop? You can suggest other interesting places. we might drop our plan to visit Bhutan this time and explore Darjeeling and surroundings. Thanks, 
Sangita Ahmed (September 2013) 
Your plan looks good. There are several good hotels in Lolegaon and Rishyap. Although there is no need, if you decide to stay at Rishyap, consider hotel Sonar Bangla (ask for Kanchenjunga view room) or Neora Velley Resort in lower Rishyap. In Lolegaon, stay at WBFDC (West Bengal Forest Development Corporation) nature resort. You can book online through their website. If you prefer a private hotel, you may consider Hotel Sunrise, Lovely Resort etc in Lolegaon. 
From Lava, there is a trekking route to Rishyap (4kms and takes about 3 hours trek). However there is a roadway for jeeps/cars as well (11kms). The road is not paved and therefore very bumpy. You can make a day trip to Rishyap from Lolegaon or Lava. Rishyap (Rishop) is a place to soak in the beauty of Kanchenjunga and several other great snow peaks like Pandim, Kabru, Siniolchu etc. However, do not expect shops, restaurants or other amenities in the area. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2013) 
Hi Raj, 
Firstly your site is awesome, very much friendly. I'm planning to visit Kalimpong and Darjeeling. I'm thinking to stay at Kalimpong Morgan House Tourist Lodge. From that place I wanted to visit Lava and Lolegaon in a single day. Is it possible to cover it in a single day? Also can I get a car to visit those places? And I'll visit them in December. Is it a good 
decision to visit those places at that point of time? 
Kartik Halder (October 2013) 
Yes, you can make a day trip from Kalimpong to Lava, Lolegaon and return. You can pre-arrange a taxi (i.e. a private car) from the Kalimpong market area who will come and pick you up at the lodge. Alternatively the lodge can also arrange a car (which is likely to be costlier). December is a good time. But start early. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, October 2013) 
Dear Raj, We will stay two days at Kalimpong( 13-14 Oct 2014) and two days(15 to 16 Oct 2014) at Lava. We intend to visit from Kalimpong to Rishikhola and to back on the same day. How the tour can be arranged so that we do not miss the worth seeing places in Kalimpong .Similarly we want to visit lolegaon and Ryshop from Lava on 16th Oct. How this can be arranged for the Sr 
citizens like us without sacrificing the visit to must see places at Lava. Please suggest. 
Chinmoy Mukherjee (August 2014) 
You are planning a hectic tour which may not be desirable for senior citizens. If you must go ahead with such plans, then on day1 in Kalimpong, take a local sightseeing tour. You can go through the link below to plan your sightseeing tour in Kalimpong: Kalimpong Local Tours 
On day2, visit Rishikhola (takes about 1 hour 30 minutes one way from Kalimpong). The route is towards east via Algarah. Kalimpong to Algarah is about 15kms and Rishikhola is further 21kms from Algarah. If you have a reserved taxi, you can plan to transfer to Lava on your return from Rishi Khola. Otherwise, next day you will need to again go towards Algarah for Lava. On your first day in Lava, take it easy and see the local sights like the Lava Monastery etc. Next day you can cover Loleygaon. It's about 22kms and will take an hour by drive. Ask the driver to take the highway rather than the short cut (the roads are bad here and the short cut is intolerable). You should not try to cover Rishyap on the same day as Loley Gaon. It's a back breaking journey (treacherous road from Lava). You should take a Jeep and ideally cover it on the next day. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, August 2014) 
Hi Raj, This website is extremely helpful in proving information. I am planning my tour in 17th to 23rd October 2014. I want to cover Darjeeling, Mirik and Kalimpong. I am sharing my proposed plan and suggest me if I am wrong. 
1st Day: Bagdogra Airport to Kalimpong & local sight seeing 
2nd Day: night stay at kalimpong 
3rd Day : Kalimpong to darjeling and stay there for 3 days 
6th Day : Darjeeling to Mirik (stay at Mirik) 
7th Day : Mirik to Siliguri/NJP. 
Is this feasible ? How is the connectivity between Kalimpong and Darjeeling & between Darjeeling and Mirik ? 
Jhilam Nandi (September 2014) 
Hi, it's a good itinerary. Kalimpong sightseeing is subject to at least half day being available after you reach from Bagdogra. Otherwise do it on the next day and then transfer to Darjeeling. You will get shared or private cabs between all these places. There is also a bus between Darjeeling and Mirik. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2014) 
Hi Raj, Greetings. I am Ramadurai from Chennai. I am making a visit to Darjeeling by flight on 02.11.2014. Flight is scheduled to arrive at 11.45 am. and planned to reach Darjeeling by taxi. Booked hotel at Darjeeling Tourist Lodge. Planned to go for joy train ride (4.05 p.m. trip) on 02.11.2014 and 5 / 7 points visit on 03.11.2014, Kalimpong on 04.11.2014 and Tiger hill on the morning of 05.11.2014. Planned to leave Darjeeling by cab at 11 a.m. on 05.11.2014. Kindly advise any suggestions/ improvements pl. This is my first visit to Darjeeling 
Ramadurai (September 2014) 
Hi, on 2nd Nov take a stroll around the Mall (Chowrasta) and the Mall road. Walk up the observatory hill to Mahakal temple if you can. Take the toy train ride next day after the sightseeing (start the sightseeing tour early and book the train tickets in advance). Rest is fine. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2014) 
Dear Raj, 
First of all let me congratulate you for such a wonderful personalized (most important) site. Appreciate the effort put in maintaining its quality. I am planning for a short trip during 23-27 Oct, 2014, from Kolkata. It is a family tour with my mother (aged 55 and with some arthritic pain). I have been to this region quite a many times, but with friends. So would request your expert opinion regd my itinerary. 
24 Oct - Reach NJP via Darj Mail & proceed to Darjeeling 
25 Oct - Stay in Darjeeling 
26 Oct - Leave for Rishyop, after breakfast 
27 Oct - Leave Rishyop post lunch for NJP 
Does this seem okay? I want to maximize the stay at Rishop and I don't want to make it Kalimpong-Rishop. Somehow for me Kalimpong seems very commercial (bazaar area) :( How early should you think should we start from Darjeeling to reach Rishop with some time in hand for that day. Best regards, 
Sutanu Dalui (September 2014) 
You should keep about 4 hours for Rishyap from Darjeeling. Take a Scorpio/Large vehicle because the uphill road to Rishyap from the highway is back breaking. Small cars can't make it. With your mother with such problems, re consider the plans. Otherwise the itinerary is okay. You will need to pass by Kalimpong anyway. So Lava, Loleygaon or Sillery Gaon are other options.  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2014) 
Please suggest the below itenarary is ok or else suggest anything better. From Bagdogra airport I plan to proceed to Darjeeling via Mirik. I will be starting around 2pm afternoon from the airport. (i may stay overnight at Mirik)-Day-1. Next day (Day-2) Darjeeling to kurseong and back by Toy train. Please proivde me the timings and booking details for the toy train. Next day (Day-3) darjeeling to Kalimpong and maybe stay at Kalimpong. Next day (Day-4) Kalimpong to Bagdogra back. 
Ruchira (October 2014) 
You will waste a lot of time on toy train from Darjeeling to Kurseong and back on day2. instead take the 2-hour joyride from Darjeeling and do some local sightseeing. Toy train booking info and timings are already provided in my site. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, October 2014) 
Me and my husband planning for darjeeling tour for 3 night 4days in the end of the January 2015. Can you suggest following plan is possible to cover all these within 3 night 4 days? 
Day1: Arrival NJP and take cab. We plan to enter darjeeling hotel after visiting Mirik. Whole evening for Darjeeling Mall & over night stay at Darjeeling. 
Day 2: Early morning 3 point tour(4:30am- 7:30pm). Take lunch & go for joyride 1:30-3:30. After that we leave darjeeling & go for kalimpong. Over night stay at kalimpong. 
Day3:After break Fast go for lava pedong/ charkhol/ kholakham (suggest which will be possible). Over night stay at kalimpong. 
Day4: stay at kalimpong, after lunch we go for NJP & take train in the evening. 
1.Please suggest hotel for both the places ( budget Rs 1000-1500). 
2.How we book cab? 
3.for joyride we have to book ticket 60days in advance ? 
4.How we utilize 1 day kalimpong tour? 
5.Can we see snow fall in the that time? 
6.if you have better idea for darjeeling kalimpong tour plan for 3 night 4 days please suggest us. 
Aditi Karar (October 2014) 
You should start earlier for Kalimpong (Immediately after breakfast). On the same day after lunch take a half day local sightseeing tour at Kalimpong (you should visit Graham' home, Dello hills, Mangal Dham, Durpin Hill Monastery, Cactus & Orchid nursery etc. Next day make a day trip to Lava and Loleygaon. 
End Jan is off season and you need not book toy train tickets in advance. You can however book online in advance if you want to have the tickets in hand before you reach. I have reviewed many budget hotels in my site. Choose ones that you like the most. Snow fall in Darjeeling and Kalimpong town areas is not common. You can get if you are lucky. You will get pre-paid taxis outside NJP station. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, October 2014) 
Hi Raj, 
I with my family planned a vacation in Dec this year, My itenary is as follows 
28-12 KOL-NJP 
03-01-Board train to kolkata 
Is the plan is ok ,I my wife and my 7 yrs daughter, same day lava, lolegaon from kalimpong possible?? back to kalimpong.Plz suggest. Thanks, 
Tamoghno Chakraborty (November 2014) 
Hi, Good itinerary. Yes, a day trip from Kalimpong to Lava and Loleygaon is quite possible. Do Loleygaon first, preferably take a larger vehicle and ask the driver to take the main road (via Algarah) and not via Relli river (bad roads although a short cut and drivers invariably take this). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, November 2014) 
I'll arrive at NJP on 26th Jan,2015 with a group of 8. Here is my tour plan: Day1:- arrive in Darjeeling. after freshening up we will visit to Observatory Hill & Mahakal Temple. Day 2:- 3 point tour comprises of Tiger Hill, ghoom & Batasia Loop. second half 7 point tour. Day 3:- toy train ride. second half for rock garden & Ganga Maya. Day 4:- I want to go singalila phalut & Tumling. Or I can plan for Mirik Or Kalimpong tour or Rishop Lava Lolagaon.I am confused. Day5(30th Jan):- return to NJP. I am eagerly waiting for your kind help. 
Sayanti Saha (January 2015) 
You can't make a day trip to Singalila/Phalut or Lava/Rishyap etc from Darjeeling, make a day trip to Kalimpong. On your day of return, go via Mirik and spend some time at Jorpokhri, Simana and Mirik lake. Rest is fine. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, January 2015) 
Hi Raj 
We are planning to go to Darjeeling & Kalimpong for a short trip in Feb'15. My parents & sister will join me. They are depending on me for conducting the entire tour, so I want a little help from you. Will you please check the following details whether it is right or will become too hectic? 
11/02[day-1]-NJP-Darjeeling. Board at Hotel, take lunch, lazy trail to Mall. 
12/02[day-2]-Will go to see sunrise at tiger hill.visit Japanese temple at the time of returning to the hotel. Have breakfast.Ask car to drop us in Darjeeling station for toy train ride(short trip to ghum). Then car will pick up us to Ghum monastery & 
will start journey for 7 points tour. Will have lunch on the way. Return hotel by evening. Night Stay 
13/02[day-3]-Have lunch & start journey from Darjeeling to Kalimpong. After boarding to the hotel,will take rest or will go for a lazy trail nearby. night stay. 
14/02[day-4]-Take jeep for sight seeing in East/West Kalimpong. Return hotel & Night Stay. 
15/02[day-5]-After having lunch, start journey for NJP. 
It is my second time to visit to Darjeeling, but 1st time with my family. Parents are 55 yrs & 60 yrs. 
It will be a really big help if you suggest if my planning is good or not. Will wait 
for your valuable reply & suggestions. 
Thanking You 
Sharmilee Roy (January 2015) 
Hi, your plan is quite okay but the 2nd day in Darjeeling could be quite hectic for the seniors. Here is a better plan. Drop the toy train trip on the 2nd day. Instead get back to hotel after visiting Japanese Temple & Pagoda, take your breakfast and relax for a while. Then start your 7 point tour by 11:30am or earlier. On the 3rd day, take a one-way Toy Train ride (at 10:40am or 1:30pm) up to Ghum, ask the driver to pick you up at Ghum station and continue the journey towards Kalimpong (Ghum is on the way to Kalimpong). Rest of the plan is fine. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, January 2015) 
Dear Raj, 
Firstly your site is awesome and very much friendly.I have made up a rough plan to tour Darjeeling & Kalimpong (First in my life) based on your inputs which I want to share with you.Please give your suggestion. 
01.04.16 - Kolkata to NJP via Darjeeling mail. 
02.04.16 - NJP to Darjeeling(Rest of the day by at leisure) 
03.04.16 - Darjeeling(Tiger Hill + Sightseeing) 
04.04.16 - Darjeeling(Joy ride to Ghoom and back) 
05.04.16 - Darjeeling to Kalimpong(Sight seen after launch) 
06.04.16 - Kalimpong(Tour to Lava-Lolegao and back to Kalimpong) 
07.04.16 - Kalimpong to NJP and take train for Kolkata. 
08.04.16 - Kolkata. 
Awaiting for your valuable reply. With regards, 
ANIT GHOSH (September 2015) 
Good itinerary with enough time for leisure. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, September 2015) 
Hi Raj,  
Its great job you are doing. Its good to find someone helping ppl to plan their travel. Really appreciate your efforts... 
I am planning trip to Darjeeling in Feb end (29th). Can I get to go to Tiger Hill at this time. 
Below is my plan Please suggest if its good and need any changes. 
1st Day- Reach NJP in the morning around 8 AM, Visit Mirik, Proceed to Darjeeling by Taxi. 
2st Day - 3 point tour early morning sunrise. toy train and GHUM visit. 
3rd Day - 7 point / mix point and Paragliding, rock garden. 
4th Day - Kalimpong visit - Lava-Lolegao .. and Night stay in  either Kalimpong or Lava. Please suggest which one is better. 
5th Day - Start at 9:30 AM to reach airport by 1: 45 PM Return to airport.. 
Lenin (February 2017) 
Hi, all activities on day-3 are not possible... paragliding would take several hours including the preparations, pick up & drop. Rock gardens too takes almost half a day. So decide what you want. You can not cover Kalimpong, Lava, Lolegaon on a single day. You need minimum 2 days. So you need to change your plans. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2017 
Hello Raj, 
Based on the plenty of inputs received from this website I have prepared a itinerary plan as below. We have a plan to visit the place with my parent (aged around 70s) sometime during the coming winter. Please let me know if the plan is ok and provide any suggestion if need any change- 
Day 1: 
Reach NJP in the morning (9 am) 
Toy Train Jungle Safari via Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary from Siliguri Station (not sure of the train no.) 
After lunch leave Siliguri  for Darjeeling 
Day 2 Morning: 
3 point tour- Tiger Hill, Ghoom Monastery, Batasia Loop (is this trip fully covered by car only?) 
Day 2 Day-7-point local tour - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Zoological Park, Japansese peace Pagoda, Ropeway, Tibetan Self Help Refugee Center, Lebong Race Course, Happy Valley Tea Estate etc? 
Can we cover another Tea garden having a great view after the above ? 
Day 3: Mirik via Jorpokhri, Simana View point little before Pashupati Market, Mirik Lake, Jagjit Hotel, Tingling View Point  
Day 4 Morning: Toy Train Joy Ride to Ghoom 
Day 4 Post Lunch: Leave for Kalimpong,  on the way stop at Lamahatta (lovely manicured roadside garden and views) and Peshoke View Point (Triveni- Confluence of Teesta and Rangeet). 
Day 5: Kalimpong Local Sight Seeing (East and West) 
Day 5 evening: Leave for NJP 
Arnab Dutta Bhowmik (July 2019) 
Hi, the plan is overall quite good but can get quite hectic with aged parents... particularly day-2. Also check the availability of Toy Train Jungle Safari before you plan, these are often seasonal rides. Most tea gardens around Darjeeling town (other than Happy Valley) are not open for general sightseeing visits... you need to stay at their tea resorts. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2019 
Hello Raj, Thanks for such an informative write up. I am planning to stay 1 night at Darjeeling and one night at Kalimpong. Can you tell me what is the distance between Darjeeling and Kalimpong and how much time it will take? Also can I visit some of the tourist spot on the way to Darjeeling and Kalimpong? 
Debjani (November 2019) 
Hi, Darjeeling to Kalimpong is about 50kms and takes around 2 hours 10 minutes by taxi. You can go to Darjeeling via Mirik (longer but scenic route) and visit Mirik lake, Pashupati Market (Nepal border market), Simana viewpoint etc. This is a good option if you can start from NJP/Bagdogra in the morning hours (by 11am), otherwise you may not have enough time to see all attractions. From Darjeeling you can visit Kalimpong via Lamahatta (a scenic village with a lovely roadside garden and great views of Kanchenjunga). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2019 
Hi Raj. Your website is very much helpful and informative. My itinerary is as follows: 
Day 1: NJP to Kalimpong by shared jeep. Overnight at Kalimpong 
Day 2: Kalimpong local Sightseeing by shared jeep. Overnight at Kalimpong. 
Day 3: Kalimpong to lolleygaon by shared jeep. Overnight at Lolleygaon. 
Day 4: Kalimpong to Rishap by shared jeep. Overnight at Rishop. 
Day 5: Rishop to Lava by shared jeep. Lava to Mal bazar by shared jeep. 
Is it ok? Can I cover all spots by shared jeep? Is it possible to do local Sightseeing in Kalimpong by shared jeep? 
Subhadeep (March 2020) 
Hello, there seems to be a disconnect in your day-4 plan (you perhaps meant to say Loleygaon to Rishop). Shared jeeps in Kalimpong district are used mainly for transfers between two places and not for local sightseeing. You will get syndicate operated shared vehicles between most points but not directly from Loleygaon to Rishop... the route goes via Lava and you will get one up to Lava and occasionally (not regular) between Lava and Rishop. You won't usually get a shared jeep from Lava to Mal Bazaar. You need to take a reserved vehicle from the syndicate. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2020 
Hi Raj, 
I know that you are not making a tour plan but i am not able to make a perfect route for this trip. Is it possible to go all the places within 5 days? Please help me to make a plan for this trip. 
Amreeta Sanyal (Delhi) February 2021 
Hi, yes it's quite possible to visit the places in 5 days (i.e. in 6 nights). Your route should be Kurseong (1 or 2 nights) followed by Darjeeling (2 or 3 nights) and then Kalimpong (2 nights). Note: Bagdogra to Kurseong takes 1 hour 20 minutes by car, Kurseong to Darjeeling one and a half hours, Darjeeling to Kalimpong 2 hours, Kalimpong to Bagdogra 3 hours. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2021 
Hello Raj, 
Hope you are doing well and all is good at your end. 
Thank you so very much for your response and please accept our sincere gratitude for agreeing to review our tour plan. Day wise tour itinerary is given below for your review which has been prepared based on our study to which www.darjeelin-tourism.com played a significant role. Please review and give your suggestions. 
24.12.2021: NJP to Kalimpong, stop at Teesta and Rangeet meeting point on the way to Kalimpong; 
25.12.2021: Pedong (Damsang Fort, Rikisum view point on the way to Lava), Algarah, Lava (Lava Monastery), Changey waterfalls, Rishop (Tiffindara view point for sunset, Shiva Buddha Temple, Jorpokhri, a twin lake, (Lolegaon not considered as canopy bridge is stated to be non-operational, Charkhole has also not been considered). 
26.12.2021: Local — East Kalimpong (Deolo Hills, Lord Buddha Statue, Sherpa view point, Durga Mandir, Hanuman Temple) & West Kalimpong (Army Golf course, Morgan House, Durpin Monastery, Pratima Tagore House, Pine view nursery, Kali Mandir).        
27.12.2021: Rikissum, Ramdhura, Sillery Gaon (Ramitey view point, Tinchuley view point, Silent valley, Hanuman Top), Icchey Gaon (Ramitey Dara, Tinchuley, Jalsa). 
28.12.2021: Kalimpong to Darjeeling  
29.12.2021: Lamahatta (Lamahatta Eco Park), Tinchuley (Tinchuley Monestery, Nirmal’s orange orchards, Tea garden, Tinchuley view point, Lover’s meet view point), Takdah (Rungli Rungliot tea garden, Orchid center) 
30.12.2021: Local  
31.12.2021: Sittong (Organge Orchad, Sittong Church, Sittong Monastery), Ahaldara view point, Mungpoo. 
01.01.2022: Mirik (Sumendu/Mirik lake, Bokar Monastery, Kawley Dara & Rameetay Dara view points, Thurbo Tea Estate), Tabakoshi, Gopaldhara Tea Estate. 
We aspire for a pleasure and leisure trip. We are five in number and the youngest one in the group is studying in class XII. Three of us have completed half a century, inching closer to attain senior citizens. Please feel free to suggest and make suitable modifications, wherever deems fit. Copy is marked to our friend Sonali. 
Can you please indicate day wise probable cost on account of transportation from NJP onwards? We intend to book Innova/Xylo for day long trips and may use sumo type cars during local viewing. Can you please introduce us to some car rental operators or individual driver having  Innova/Xylo car so that we can take up with them/him?  
Thank you in advance. 
Susanta Kumar Saha (July 2021) 
I have taken a look at your itinerary... overall it looks a little hectic. Considering the number of day trips and transfers in the plan, you will be better off keeping a large vehicle at your disposal from the time of your arrival at NJP rather than relying on private taxi transfers and tours. If you decide to take such option, then you need to contact a few operators, discuss the tour plan and negotiate the rates. I have discussed some of the Darjeeling-based well-known operators in the on the web page Tour agencies in Darjeeling
On your way from NJP to Kalimpong, you can see Triveni (Teesta and Rangeet confluence) from the road, but in order to get to Triveni and see it from the bank, you need to first come up to Teesta Bazaar and then take the Triveni Road (another 2.5kms). Note that taxis will not stop or take you to Triveni under normal fare. 
On 25th, it may not be practical to try to cover Pedong, Lava, Rishop... all three on a day trip... you can do two out of the three because several places like Damsug Fort, Tiffin Dara, Changey Waterfall etc require longish walks and will take time to cover. Similarly, on 27th (Rikissum etc)... there are a little too many points on the list. On 31st (Sittong...), you need to start early in order to see the places properly... note that there is no proper eatery or even public facilities along this route (the shortest route is to go via Dilaram, Bagora etc in the Kurseong sub-division)... it may be wise to carry packed lunch. 
Lamahatta can be covered on your way from Kalimpong to Darjeeling... it will be on the way (on Peshok Road). Tabakoshi is a tea village and not a place that can be appreciated on a day trip... there is no tourist spot there as such. Instead, you can include Jorpokhri on your way to Mirik. 
The rest seems to be okay. I have discussed indicative fares between various points in the links below. But note that fares can and do widely vary depending on tourist demand... expect a tourist rush during Christmas time when you are planning your trip. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2021 
Hi Raj, thanks for the wonderful website and its information. I am planning for 5N 6 D visit in early Oct 2021. Firstly I shall go to Kalimpong and then stay in Darjeeling. 
My tentative itiniery is as belwo: 
Day 1 Reach Kalimpong   from Bagdogra and make half day tour 
Day 2 Make day tour to Lava, Lolegaon from Kalimpong 
Day 3 Transfer to Darjeeling and en route visit Tinchulay, Lamahatta 
Day 4 Tiger Hill and local sight seeing in Darjeling 
Day 5 In Darjeeling' 
Day 6 To Bagdogra 
Can you advise any change? Is it OK 
Gautam Majumdar (September 2021) 
Nice Itinerary :) 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2021 
Hi Raj, 
I am a big fan of your blog and thus I am writing to you. 
Could you suggest if Darjeeling, Lava, Loleygaon, Rishyap, Kalimpong and some more areas nearby can be covered in 3 days 3 nights trip in coming December? If yes, what should be our sequence of visiting the places so that we have less same route travel, and can manage to visit all the places. 
Actually, we are having a time crunch, but want to make the most out of our travel time and thus thought you will be the best to guide us. 
Thanks & Regards, 
Madhulika (November 2021) 
Hi, it is quite impractical trying to cover so many places in such a short time... you will only keep hopping between places. If you have 3 full days on reaching Darjeeling, then probably you can do some sightseeing in Darjeeling, then transfer to Kalimpong the next day, and from there make a day trip to Lava and Loleygaon on the 3rd day. If you have lesser time, then you will need to eliminate more places. Good luck! 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2021 
Hi Raj. First of all thanks for such a wonderful website full of insights. That makes my job really easy to plan itinerary. 
I am planning for a 7 day trip with my parents in 2023 mid Feb or March 1st week. Three questions I really need to ask: 
1. I am willing to visit Mirik. Should I stay for a night before heading towards Darjeeling or should I just take a halt on my way to Darjeeling. Even if I take a halt, is it a good idea considering we would have heavy luggage? because enjoying the scenic lake is important; also the cab cost is a concern 
2. For local sightseeing in Darjeeling and Kalimpong, I don't want to spend much. Are shared jeeps good idea during the travel dates I mentioned? 
3. I want to plan the itinerary based on Darjeeling and Kalimpong mainly. For now I planned: Mirik- Darjeeling (2 days) - Kalimpong (3days). Can I fit Kurseong in for a day? If so then how? 
Ayan Paul (March 2022) 
Hi, If you want to enjoy Mirik and the lake, then you should plan for an overnight stay at Mirik, otherwise, you can plan a brief stopover on the way to Darjeeling... but you need to work out the fare with the cab driver. Mirik and Kurseong are on two different routes and you can not cover both in such a plan for Darjeeling and Kalimpong. You can consider 1 day in Mirik + 2 days in Darjeeling + 2 days in Kalimpong. The reverse route will be better for travel convenience (i.e. Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Mirik). 
It is unlikely that you will get shared Jeeps for local sightseeing during February - March because they operate based on prevailing demand... usually during the high tourist seasons. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2022 
Hi Raj, Thanks for the excellent content on this page. I have gone through the Darjeeling forum threads and feedback and prepared a tentative itinerary as mentioned below. Can you please share your thoughts? 
Day 1: Bagdogra to Darj - Darjeeling local sightseeing (Ghum, Batasia loop on the way), 
In evening - Peace Pagoda, Padmaja naidu Zoo, HMI, Tea Garden. 
Day 2: Toy train ride, ropeway, tea plantation tour - Are the tea plantation tours standard and need to be finalised with local tour operator? Can those operators help with Joy ride train ticket also? 
Day 3: 
Takdah - Orchid center, Rungli Rungliot Tea garden; 
Tinchuley ( Gumba i.e. Monastery, Peshoke Tea garden view point, Lovers' Meet viewpoint, Orange orchards,) 
Lamahatta (Eco park i.e. Mini conifer forest;Teesta and Rangit  i.e. Triveni) 
Day 4: 
Kalimpong - 
Army golf club, Durpin Monastery and viewpoint, Cactus and orchid centers in west kalimpong; 
Dr.Graham;s home, Mangal Dham, Dello hills GTA tourist complex in east Kalimpong - Is this feasible? 
I initially planned for Tonglu, Tumling, Lepchajagat, Mane Bhanjang, but I think the road will be bumpy and strenuous to Tonglu for the kid? 
If neither of the above seem feasible, any suggestions for a day trip considering the kid? 
Day 5: Return to Bagdogra 
Joydeep Das (May 2022) 
Hi, on Day-1... you need to complete the 2nd half of activities in the afternoon, everything closes before it gets dark. There is no standard tea plantation tour... you can visit Happy Valley Tea Estate and take a factory tour and see tea processing. You can also walk around the gardens and see tea plucking. If you stay in a Tea Resort, you can additionally experience tea tasting and other tea garden-related activities. Operators may help with toy train tickets if you avail of tours through them. 
You need to start early on Day-3, you may otherwise run out of time. In Kalimpong, Delo Tourist Complex can take up a lot of time, you may need to eliminate a few others like Mangal Dham, Orchid center etc. Road up to Tonglu/Tumlilng is okay (has been concretised), you can go if you want... but you should ideally go through an operator because of the logistics involved (such as booking a Land Rover at Manebhanjan, etc). 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2022 
Hi Raj, 
I have now modified the itinerary based on your tips and blog and due to limited hotel availability in Darj. 
Please have a look and let me know your thoughts - 
Day 1 - Bagdogra to Kalimpong 
Question 1: Can any place be covered as part of this route? For e.g. Mongpu? Anything in Sevoke? 
Question 2: Is fan needed in Kalimpong hotel? 
Day 2 - Local sightseeing in Kalimpong. 
Day 3 - Kalimpong to Darj: 
Question: Can we visit Ghoom, Batasia loop and take Toy train ride on the way? If yes, does Ashmita Trek & Tours also operate in Kalimpong and can help with the train ticket booking and cab to Darj? 
Day 4 - Local sightseeing in Darj: Peace Pagoda, Padmaja naidu Zoo, HMI, Ropeway, tea plantation tour 
For this, I will talk to Ashmita operator to arrange as well. 
Day 5 - Return from Darj to Bagdogra 
Joydeep Das (May 2022) 
Hi, on the way to Kalimpong, before crossing over Teesta bridge, you can visit Triveni... the confluence of rivers Teesta and Rangeet. Go through Triveni for details on what to expect there and how to reach. 
Visiting any other place on the way to Kalimpong will require a lot of detour. In peak summers on sunny afternoons, you may feel the need for a ceiling fan. Otherwise, there is no need for fans in the mornings and evenings. Most standard hotels do not provide fans. 
While getting to Darjeeling from Kalimpong, you can visit Ghum Monastery and Batasia Loop. Toy Train Joyrides start and end at Darjeeling station. You can not board those trains from Ghum. Ashmita can make arrangements in Kalimpong as well. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2022 

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