Darjeeling hotels with Kanchenjunga views

So, you are looking for a hotel in Darjeeling where you can wake up to a view of dazzling Kanchenjunga snow peaks right through your window, or at least when you sip a cup of tea while lounging in the sun on a balcony or an open terrace of the hotel. 
Kanchenjunga view from my hotel room in Darjeeling 
Well, that's a wish list item which most tourists have while visiting the hill town, if not all. While there are hundreds of hotels in Darjeeling, there are not many that offer such great views of the Eastern Himalayan snow peaks from the rooms or terraces.  
And out of those that do, most would have only a select few view rooms offering such luxury. And these rooms are always in demand, particularly during the high season. 
Majority of the tourists can enjoy the Kanchenjunga view only from the public viewing areas like the ones that are located on the Mall Road. Some of course take the additional initiative of watching the sunrise over Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill
But if you are serious about getting such views from the hotel rooms or balcony, then you should carefully choose a hotel and book a room in advance. 
Although such hotels with great views are limited, there do exist few in each category like budget, mid range and upscale hotels. So tourists of all profile can actually enjoy the luxury of such views from their rooms if they plan it out in advance. 
Before I come to the list of hotels in Darjeeling with great views of Kanchenjunga, there is one thing that I would like to caution you about. Several hotels, particularly of budget type, often tout around claiming great views of Kanchenjunga. 
To my surprise, I have found that in many cases such views are available only from one or two rooms at the top floor, and that too through a narrow gap between two buildings or trees. So technically they may be right in their claim, but it is likely to bring up only a pale smile on your face when you experience such view. 

How to book a view hotel in Darjeeling

Once you go through the view hotels I have described in the next section, you can come back &áuse the search box below, give your dates and find the list of hotels in Darjeeling. Scan through the list to find the hotel you are looking for and book the hotel online at an attractive low rate. This service is provided by world's no.1 online hotel booking site. 
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Darjeeling hotels with great mountain views

Here are my select set of hotels with great views of the snow peaks. Visit the links and read my detailed reviews to know about all aspects of the hotel including service and amenities before you decide on one. Remember, only a great view isn't just enough to make a hotel a great one. 
(Upscale Luxury) 
Located at the far end of Zakir Hussain road, this hotel provides marvelous views from most of its rooms. The hotel itself is excellent and exquisite in its category. The Mall is quite some walk. However the hotel offers regular shuttle services to the Mall. 
Cedar Inn Darjeeling 
(Upscale Luxury) 
This is a luxury that can not be afforded by all as this colonial property located on the Observatory Hill is usually the destination for the upper strata of tourists. There are several houses scattered in the property each having several rooms. And some of those rooms from houses like Ada Villa or Observatory House offer unparalleled views. 
Windamere Hotel Darjeeling 
But the best place to soak in the views is from the resort's Sunny Side open patio where you can sit on a cushioned cane chair, take a sip on a cup of fine Castleton tea and keep appreciating the views. Cars can come up to the main hotel area. The Mall is less than one minute walk from the hotel. 
(Mid Range) 
It is generally an acceptable fact that the government owned properties are located at the best places. The West Bengal Tourist Lodge in Darjeeling is no exception. It's located above the Mall road and offers sweeping views of Kanchenjunga from many of its rooms in the main building. 
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge 
Ask for a deluxe room with an attached balcony facing the snow peaks. Another great option here is to go down to the backside lawn and get fabulous views of the snow peaks.  
A great advantage of this hotel is its proximity to the Mall (Chowrasta) which is only 3-4 minutes walk, in-house multi cuisine restaurant &ábar, and taxis reaching up to the hotel courtyard. 
(Mid Range) 
This is a nice hotel with 22 rooms and located on CR Das road on the same line as that of Classic Guesthouse. But this one has its own in-house restaurant that serves only vegetarian food. All rooms have modern amenities. There are several rooms of different types with lovely view of Kanchenjunga. The backside lawn offers amazing view as well. 
You will need to walk from Bhanu Bhawan (on Mall Road) up to the Mall and then a by a narrow lane downhill to the hotel (about 6-7 minutes). You will get porters at Bhanu Bhawan. The Mall is 3-4 minutes uphill walk. 
(Upper Mid Range) 
This hotel is located right below the best public viewing point on Mall road. In fact the floor of the public viewing point forms part of its roof, and so you can imagine the vantage position this hotel has. 
The open terrace in front (right after the entry) and the lounge area both have fantastic views of the Himalayan Range including that of Kanchenjunga. Several rooms particularly the Executive and Super Deluxe ones have magnificent views. 
Executive rooms have private balconies with great views of the mountains and snow peaks. It requires a 3-4 minutes walk from Bhanu Bhawan on Mall road as cars are not allowed here. Hotels staff will help with the luggage. The Mall, i.e. town center is only 4-5 minutes walk. 
This is a great bed &ábreakfast accommodation located on CR Das road right below the Mall and offering nice view of Kanchenjunga from the private balconies of all its four rooms. 
However you can't see the entire range though (a partial view only but quite good). This lodge attracts many foreign tourists because of its nicely appointed cozy rooms, lovely views and English breakfast. 
Classic Guesthouse Darjeeling 
The guesthouse also has a small garden where you can have tea and soak in the views of the mountain range. You will need to walk from Bhanu Bhawan (located on Mall Road) up to the Mall and then take a narrow lane downhill to the guesthouse (about 5-6 minutes walk from Bhanu Bhawan). Porters are available. The mall is close by and only 1-2 minutes by walk although a little uphill. 
A simple homestay and managed by a lady with rooms spread across ground and upper floor. All rooms have private balconies and sliding glass windows offering sweeping view of the snow peaks and mountain range ahead. The property is perched on a hill and overlooks the highway (Hill Cart Road) where the toy train track also runs alongside. 
So every now and then you can see the toy train passing by as it whistles it way through. Being away from the main township by about 3kms, the homestay offers a quiet stay although the township is only 15 minutes by local shared jeep. 
This is a 3-star equivalent hotel. It commands such a price because of the views it offers from all its 20 comfortable rooms with large windows. It's located on Mall road (east) near Raj Bhavan and directly facing the Kanchenjunga. So you wake up to the views of dazzling snow peaks on a clear day. The Chowrasta Mall is only 4-5 áminute walk from the hotel. 
(Mid Range) 
This hotel occupies couple of top floors in a multi storeyed residential building and located on a lane just off Gandhi Road. From the super deluxe rooms (attic rooms) you get wonderful view of Kanchenjunga peaks and the valley all around. 
Room no. 502 and 503 are really special for views. The hotel is owned by a Tibetan family and the service is very friendly. 
It also has an in-house restaurant at the top floor with sweeping views and with very comfortable seating. Cars can come right up to the hotel. The hotel building has elevator and in-house dining. 
(Mid Range) 
This hotel undoubtedly has one of the best views of Kanchenjunga range. It's located near one end of the Mall Road and next to the Raj Bhawan. In fact there is a public viewing area right next to the hotel, so you can imagine what may be the positional advantage of the hotel. 
There are several rooms across couple of floors that offer sweeping views of Kanchenjunga on a clear day through the large window panes. The hotel has in-house restaurant and ideally located to take a stroll along the Mall Road. 
The Chowrasta Mall (the town center) is only 7-8 minutes walk. However the hotel itself has some shortfalls. So check out my detailed review of the hotel on the above link before you take a decision to stay here. 
This is a new and a large hotel with 62 rooms and located on Gandhi road in a busy area of the main township. The Superior and Premium rooms have wonderful view of the mountain peaks through the large windows. 
The Premium rooms additionally have private balconies where you can enjoy a cup of Darjeeling tea and soak in the views of Kanchenjunga. 
(Mid Range) 
This is a family run hotel on Gandhi road and one of the best in its category. The hotel has 10 nicely appointed rooms and this is one of the rare hotels where all rooms have great views, and some offering nice view of the snow peaks. 
The in-house restaurant serves nice homemade food which you need to order in advance. The hotel is 12-15 minutes walk from the Mall. Cars can come up to hotel entrance. 
(Budget/Mid Range) 
This hotel is located on Gandhi Road right at the Clubside taxi stand occupying a few upper floors of a building. When you come to the area, you won't believe that a hotel from such a busy and chaotic area can have rooms with great views. 
Ask for the Super Deluxe views rooms or the Attic Deluxe room right on top. Only limited rooms have views. 
This is a family run budget hotel and an annex to the main Broadway hotel. The annex building is located on Zakir Hussain road and has a few rooms with great views. Room no. 202 is the best. While booking ask for this room specifically. 
However, several other rooms have common balconies that offer wonderful view of Kanchenjunga as well. The hotel is about 15-18 minutes walk from the Mall. 
(Mid Range) 
There are two buildings of this hotel located on one side of the Mall. Both have rooms offering great views of Kanchenjunga. The newer building on the front side has a few super deluxe and attic suites that offer excellent views of the range. 
Main Olde Bellevue Darjeeling 
However the heritage wing which is an old colonial property and located at an upper level and accessible by a steep stony staircase has a beautiful lawn with views. This heritage building has rooms in the upper floor that have a common wooden balcony. While the rooms have no separate windows, but the view from the common balcony is exceptional. 
Located on Zakir Hussain road, some rooms (like #105, 106, 107 etc) have fantastic views of the snow peaks and the valley. Even the restaurant has nice seating arrangement with sofa type seating by the side of large window panes offering great views. 
The Mall is about 15-18 minutes walk. If you want calmness and be away from the crowd, then this hotel can be a nice choice for budget stay. But ensure that they don't allot a room facing the road. 
X Closed 
Just below The Retreat and on a narrow lane few yards off the Mall road is Highlanders' Inn. This is a budget hotel with few rooms and run by lady staff. While most rooms are small and quite basic, they have small TVs, attached western style toilets, hot &ácold water etc, but most importantly several of them offer sweeping views. 
Even the small sitting area offers great views. They provide food. Mall is only 4-5 minutes walk. But cars can not come up to the hotel. You will need to walk from Bhanu Bhawan for about 3-4 minutes to reach the hotel. You will get porters to carry your luggage. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Satwiki (March 2024) 
Hi Raj, I've been reading through this portal since last few days and very impressed with your detailed suggestions and helping nature. I have a question of my own. I'm planning to visit Darjeeling in 1st week of April with my husband. We are looking for a comfortable stay with great views of the mountain. 
We have booked in Arcadia Heritage Resort. But I don't see any reviews on this hotel in your site. Is it a good hotel? If not, what can be alternative options in this budget. The cost of the room is around 6k/night. Thank you for your time. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2024 
Hi, Arcadia is indeed a good resort. Rooms have great views of the peaks on a clear day, you can see the toy trains moving right below, rooms are spacious and comfortable, service is excellent and food is good too. 
The only negative is its location (near Dali Monastery and off Hill Cart Road)... the approach road to the resort is narrow, steep, and not in a great condition. So, taking a stroll outside the resort is not a pleasant option. You will need a transport to get to the main town centre (i.e. the Mall area) unless you want to walk for about 35-40 minutes along busy streets. 
If you want to stay close to the Mall and at the same time in a little secluded area, you can consider Hermitage at a similar price range. All rooms have great views, you can stroll along the Mall road and get to the Mall (Chowrasta) easily where you can get a lot of dining and shopping options. The only disadvantage here is that cars won't go up to the doorstep, but it's a short and easy walk from the taxi drop-off point (about a minute). 
Sanjukta Mitra (November 2023) 
Hi Raj, Firstly, thank you for your amazing to-the-point descriptions and answers to all the guest questions. Hats off. 
I am planning to visit Darjeeling in early March 2024 with my Mom (75 years). I need your suggestion on choosing my accommodation - I have Hermitage and Cedar Inn in mind but feel free to provide your valuable inputs. My requirements are mostly: 
1. Kanchanjungha views from hotel room 
2. Near Mall Road 
3. Good food 
4. Taxi/car should reach as close as possible to the hotel doorstep. If not, wheelchair assistance should be provided (my mom does not really have walking problems but is ischemic and more importantly, a senior) 
5. Preferably a colonial feel 
6. Lastly, my budget is around 5000-7000 per night. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2023 
Hi, Hermitage is good for views. However, it requires a 2-3 minute walk from the nearest taxi drop point, but on a flat terrain. The food is average. You should take a room on the road / lobby level, otherwise, there would be stairs to negotiate at the lower levels. This is not a colonial hotel though. 
Cedar Inn will satisfy most requirements except for colonial aura, but it is a 20-25 minute walk to the mall and the location is a bit odd. Windamere would have been the best for your needs, but it's way out of your budget. 
You can also look into Central Gleneagles on Mall Road (requires a 6-7 minute walk from Bhanu Bhavan taxi-point... terrain is relatively flat). It's an expensive boutique hotel but is offering 50% discount. This can satisfy most of your requirements including the colonial charm. However, check out if they are still having the exterior renovation underway which I saw in June this year, in which case you may need to compromise with a little mess outside.  
Dr. Ambarish Sanyal (October 2023) 
Hello, Honestly the authenticity and trust that you have built in this forum leaves fellow travellers like me to ask you even before planning. Planned to visit Darjeeling with my family (wife, kid of 7 yrs and parents) around 20 Dec. 
Once serious concern is that though my father is very active, he is having a pacemaker and is not in a position to take steep walks. So I'm looking for a hotel which will be located at a place where a cab can directly drop at the entrance (no walking from mall is much required). To add to this, like many others kanchenjunga view room is needed so that they can spend the entire day in hotel nicely even if they are not able to take any day trips otherwise. 
Based on your reviews, I was eyeing Viceroy, Central Gleanagles type of resorts. Even Windamere I was seeing, though it's quite costly during that season and probably that's the last option I can wildly imagine in case I get a good deal. 
Since I have personally not visited Darjeeling, I earnestly request you to kindly give me your valuable suggestion what hotels would be best suited had you been in my place. Will be eternally grateful if you can kindly mail me as I get lost where to find the response. Best regards 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2023 
Hello, Viceroy would have been a suitable choice from a location perspective, but one needs to negotiate steep flights of stairs from its entrance. Secondly, only the executive rooms on the upper floors (preferably the 4th floor facing the front side) have views. 
Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort on Mall Road undoubtedly has great views of Kanchenjunga, but it requires a fair amount of walking from the nearest taxi stand. Secondly, the hotel is going through some renovation work at present, and the frontage has become a dump yard. So if you get a great deal, you know why. 
Well, considering your requirements, you can look into the Ramada Hotel... it's centrally located, cars can go right up to the entrance, and the hotel has elevators, as well as view rooms on the upper floors. Since you are planning in December, it can be extremely cold at night. This is the only hotel in Darjeeling which has central heating. However, for your chosen time, the rates can be quite high. 
Within the same category, Cedar Inn is also a good option although it is not located near the mall area. However, cars can reach up to the hotel and many of its rooms provide sweeping views. 
When you book, talk to the hotel directly for view-rooms and ensure that you get what you want. Good luck! 
Vinod (June 2023) 
Hi Raj, I want to congratulate and thank you for hosting this site on Darjeeling tourism. The information on this site has been immensely useful. I am planning a trip for my parents to Darjeeling. 
I need your recommendation - Between Windamere, Cedar Inn and Summit Swiss heritage hotel, which has the best view of the valley and mountains around. My parents are nature lovers, wanted to book them in a hotel that has great view as well. Thanks again for your help. Cheers, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2023 
Hi, Cedar Inn has the best view, but it's located in an odd place. Windamere offers a colonial charm, and although it's one of the top category hotels in Darjeeling, the rooms are not as modern as some of the others. 
This is mainly to retain the old British aura... if one likes antique furniture and the old colonial feel, then this is a great place... it has a wonderful compound as well, and has the best central location compared to all others. 
You should specifically ask for view rooms if you are booking Windamere. The view from their sunny side patio is excellent. Summit Swiss Heritage is not in the same category as the other two. 
Sanjay Bhattacharya (April 2023) 
Hello Mr. Raj, a huge fan and ardent reader of your blogs in this site. While the info you have already shared is more than sufficient for all my previous Darjeeling tours but compelled to disturb you as my question is bit specific this time. 
So planning to have a visit to Darjeeling this Christmas (May be a week earlier) but will drive this time from Kolkata. So please suggest me a Kanchenjunga view hotel (near mall if possible) which has parking facility and can offer a family room for 4 of us (me, wife and two children aged 11 and 17). 
Also an easier drivability to the hotel is slightly preferable as I will be driving to the hills for the first time. áBudget will be around 6/7/8k max a night with a 10% tolerance. Kindly do let me know once time permits. Also please let me know if I can contribute to any of your offering towards your excellent ever helpful drive towards pertaining information. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2023 
Hello, most hotels with views in Darjeeling are in a pedestrian-only zone (on or around Mall Road) and cars can not reach up to the hotels... there are only a few exceptions like Darjeeling Tourist Lodge and Windamere. 
You can look into Sinclairs Hotel which has a few rooms with Kanchenjunga view and they have open parking. However, the hotel is located off Gandhi Road on top of a steep narrow lane. The Mall is a 10-12 minute walk, but walking back up the steep lane can be a little cumbersome. 
Another option is Summit Hermon Hotel &áSpa... they have parking, elevators and family rooms with views. The hotel is about a 15-18 minute walk from Mall and on AJC Bose Road (off Gandhi Road). 
The front-facing Executive rooms on the upper floors of Viceroy Hotel (on Gandhi Road) have views, but the parking is limited to 1-2 cars... you need to check with the hotel and see if they can confirm parking. The Mall is only a 4-5 minute walk. 
I suggest, you call up some of these hotels and figure out if they have rooms matching your requirements. 
Kumud Khandelwal (February 2023) 
I'm planning to travel Darjeeling in April End. Before visiting your site, I was planning to book Sterling Darjeeling. How is the view and experience from that? Can I book something better in the same budget? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2023 
Sterling is located in an isolated place on top of a narrow lane, and about 8kms away from Darjeeling town. The rooms at the backside (especially the suites) have good Kanchenjunga views. You can look into alternatives like Cedar Inn. 
Sudip Mitra (October 2022) 
Hello Raj, Seeking your advise, for our plans to stay at Darjeeling from 2nd to 5th December 2022. 
Query 1: will this period be suitable for clear views of the Kanchenjunga ? 
Query 2: will bed/room heating be essential in this period ? 
Providing some details for your reference: 
Traveler profile: 
3 cousins - 2 male, 1 female, all in early 50's age group. 
2 rooms : 1 twin bed + 1 single bed 
Room view of Kanchenjunga 
Room/bed heating 
Breakfast included (non-veg) 
NJP Station/ Bagdogra Airport Pickup-drop 
Local day-taxi 
In-house restaurant for dinner 
Budget including breakfast: 
Rs.3000 to 5000/- per room, per night 
Additional info: 
Have stayed at Classic Guest House earlier (Feb 2014), but did not get any Kanchenjunga view. 
Kindly recommend the best possible options for us, as per details above. Best wishes and warm regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2022 
Hello, Usually, the sky remains clear in early December, and the time is good for views. You will need bed warmer / room heating... it will be freezing cold around that time. You can consider Hermitage Resort for good views... you may need to talk to them to get the right rates. 
Sudip Mitra (October 2022) 
Highly appreciate your immediate response. Any suggested option to Hermitage Resort, just as a possible Plan B? Was thinking of exploring 3 nights at Singtom Tea Estate &áResort, instead at Darjeeling proper - would that be appropriate, from the weather point of view? Thanks &áwarm regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2022 
Hello, Singtom would be a good option (they have good room heating arrangements including bed warmers and fireplaces), but note the following: 
The rate of Singtom is far higher than the budget you had indicated. There is no direct view of Kanchenjunga from the rooms except the King's Suite, which is the costliest... it's great for the tea garden view as well. I happened to stay in that room. You need to otherwise go to the backside patio/garden for views of the snow peaks. They serve only vegetarian food... I personally liked it though. Food is a little costly. 
An alternative to Hermitage would be The Retreat... also on Mall Road (East)... you need to specifically ask for view rooms. By the way, Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (now Meghbalika Tourism Property) also has good view rooms upstairs in the main building. 
Pradipta Ghosh (August 2022) 
Hello Raj , Thanks a lot for this wonderful travel portal on 'Queen of Hills' . I need a help on choosing a hotel. Could you please guide me to choose between Hermitage Resort and Villa Everest in respect to view of Kanchenjunga from room and other amenities . Could you please give your piece of advice as an expert traveler . Regards, 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2022 
Hello, Hermitage would be a better a much choice for Kanchenjunga views because it's located on Mall Road East. Amenities are comparable, Hermitage is a little better of the two. Villa Everest is a long walk away from the Mall (about 20 minutes). Although vehicles can reach all the way up to Villa Everest, Hermitage requires a 5-minute walk from the Bhanu Bhavan taxi drop point. Overall, between the two, Hermitage is a better choice. 
P. Roy Chowdhury (August 2022) 
Thanks for your article. Want to know the name of few hotels that have lift facility so that elderly persons or the person with knee problem can also enjoy the view of Mt Kanchanjunga. As per your blog Golden Heights Enclave already has this. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2022 
Golden Heights enclave has a limited number of view rooms. You can look into Ramada Hotel which too has elevators. 
Diptanu Roy (May 2022) 
Hi Raj, first of all great reviews, kudos to your hard-work, want to visit with family during middle of June and want to stay near mall road with proper Kanchenjunga view and budget is within 3.5k. Suggestion of hotels will be highly appreciated. Thank you 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2022 
Hi, you can look into Meghbalika Tourism Property of WBTDCL (erstwhile Darjeeling Tourist Lodge)... rooms on the upper floors of the main building have good views and it's located on the Mall road. You can go through Meghbalika Lodge to get more details about the property. 
Madhurima Sengupta (January 2022) 
Hi Raj, It is a wonderful site maintained by you... absolutely helpful...have gone through all hotel list...but wanted to stay little away from main Darjeeling (2000 per night)... With K view...please suggest... I will be really obliged. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2022 
You can consider Pahari Soul Homestay. Visit the link Pahari Soul Homestay Review for my review of the hotel. Talk to Shoyeta (the owner) and choose a room that's most suitable for you... most rooms are view rooms and some have private balconies. 
Arup Chanda (January 2022) 
Raj, like you I gave up studying chartered accountancy and became a journalist by accident having joined The Telegraph way back in 1982. Since 1986 during the Gorkhaland agitation I have visited Darjeeling innumerable times to cover. I plan to visit next month with my fiancee who is a Bengali like me but a Canadian citizen. I have found a hotel Revolver but also booked at Golden Heights Enclave. We will want a good room with clear view of the Kanchenjunga. Please suggest any other hotel because the tourist lodge is not available with rooms. Is Shangrila Regency good? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2022 
Hello, Most rooms in Shangrila Regency do not have views. Hotel Shangrila (near the mall) was great for views but it was razed by fire sometime back. Hotel Golden Heights is generally a nice hotel but very few rooms (such as the attic rooms) have Kanchenjunga views... so you need to sort this out with the hotel's manager when you book a room there. Revolver is a nice budget hotel... but only the room 'John' has nice views of Kanchenjunga... you should book that room if you are looking for views (U hear that now even the room 'Paul' now has great views). Secondly, all rooms in Revolver have electric bed warmers which is a must in February... it will be freezing cold out there. 
You can read my review of Revolver in Hotel Revolver Review. However, for the best views, you should be choosing a hotel on Mall Road (East), such as Hermitage or the Retreat. 
Pratim Banerjee (January 2022) 
Hi Raj, I got this site while searching the net. It is really informative. I am planning a visit around March or April this year. I would me accompanied by my aged parents and wife, kid as well. Please suggest name of some hotel near mall from where I can get the mountain view, budget is around Rs. 3000. Restaurant is must. I have checked Hermitage resort website but it seems very expensive. Will be great help if you suggest some names. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2022 
Hi, at your budget you can look into the Main Buiding (upper floor rooms) of Meghbalika Tourism Property (erstwhile Darjeeling Tourist Lodge) operated by WBTDCL. The hotels on Mall Road (East) that have the best views such as Hermitage and Retreat will be pricier plus they are all in a pedestrian zone, so you will need to walk to the hotel from the nearest taxi stand. However, cars can reach right up to the door-front of the WBTDCL lodge, this might be a necessity for your aged parents. The lodge also has a good in-house restaurant. 
Jinal (November 2021) 
Hi Raj.. amazing articles on Darjeeling and Sikkim tour. I'm trying to book a hotel with K. View for 18-20 Nov.. but hotels like Hermitage, Udaan Nirvana resort, dekeling, The Retreat are booked. Any suggestions for a good hotel near mall road and with K view? Thanks in advance. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2021 
Hi, you can check out Hotel Dolphin or Ramada (Superior or Premium rooms). 
BKA Chowdhury (October 2021) 
Dear Mr Raj Bhattacharya, many thanks for your mail. I have also read your blog on Viceroy as well and their Attic Premium rooms. Being my first visit I am a little confused whether to choose Viceroy or Hermitage. Kindly advise whether Viceroy is preferred for Kanchenjunga views from the Attic Premium rooms. Best Regards 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2021 
Hello, Hermitage and Retreat are located on Mall Road (East). The Mall Road (East) is famous for its views of the snow peaks from where you can see a large part of the range. Viceroy is located centrally in a congested area and only a few rooms have limited views... Attic Premium rooms have the advantage of easy access to the Sun Deck (located on the same floor) and from there you can get nice views of Kanchenjunga on a clear day, however, such view is nothing compared to the views from the Mall road. 
As a hotel Viceroy is anytime better than the other two (it's a higher category hotel anyway) and the Attic rooms are its best rooms, but if the view of Kanchenjunga range is your priority, then Hermitage or Retreat are certainly better. 
BKA Chowdhury (October 2021) 
Dear Mr Raj, Many thanks for your valuable feedback. I have also read your review of Ramada. Appreciate your opinion on which one is better of the three ie Hermitage, Retreat or Ramada in terms of Kanchenjunga view and proximity to Mall road and comfort with family stay. Best Regards 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2021 
Ramada is also on Gandhi Road and located only a few yards before Viceroy. It's a good hotel too and offers views of Kanchenjunga from its higher category rooms, but the view is not comparable to the other two. But it's a better hotel than the other two (of higher category) and is the only one in Darjeeling with a central heating system. Secondly, it's essentially a vegetarian hotel that also serves some non-veg food in its restaurant, but the non-veg options are quite limited. However, being very centrally located, there are numerous eateries and restaurants within its stone's throw distance. 
Udayan Das (September 2021) 
Dear Raj, went through your awesome recommendations on Darjeeling hotels with Kanchanjunga view. I would love to put up at a place in Darjeeling that has great views of the Himalayan range and with a nice garden and play area for kids. Would certainly love áa place away from the main town. Will be very helpful if you can make some recommendations. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2021 
Hello, You can go through my web page on several hotels in Darjeeling that are great for families and kids... then choose one that also appears in the list of hotels with great Kanchenjunga views... and then you can get the best of both. 
Kaushik Ghosh (August 2021) 
Dear Raj, My wife and I are planning a Darjeeling trip in the first week of September. In the faintest hope that we might get a view of the Kanchenjunga, we are planning to stay at The Retreat. I asked for an executive room, but was told that the one beside the reception is booked. I am being offered another executive room on the floor below. Since these rooms come for a hefty premium, will it make sense to splurge on an executive room that is below the reception level? Or should we just look for an alternative hotel in the similar category? Looking forward to a suggestion from you. Thanks 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2021 
Hello, There was a construction coming up close to Retreat, the floor below the reception might have obstructed view... so check out with the hotel before you book. Hermitage Resort on the same Mall Road (East) has a great view from all its rooms (even from the lower floors). Some rooms of the hotel Dolphin too has excellent views. 
Kaushik Ghosh (August 2021) 
I have read about Hermitage as well. But internet and phone network could be an issue there, considering that I may have to work on a couple of days. I had a word with the Retreat manager today, and he promised me either of these two rooms - 301 or 302. From the reviews on your website, I gather that views from these rooms are the best possible in Darjeeling. 
Since I will be putting up at The Retreat, I am told that all the attractions within Darjeeling city can covered on foot. On my second or third day, I can easily do a day trip. Can you please suggest a few areas that I can cover, considering it is monsoon? Thanks 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2021 
From The Retreat Hotel, only a handful of attractions are within easy walking distance such as The Mall (Chowrasta), Mahakal Temple on Observatory Hill, Himalayan Tibet Museum (it's closed at present) etc. Most of the main attractions will either require longish walks or a taxi, such as HMI/Zoo (2kms), áDali Monastery (4kms), Japanese Buddhist Temple &áPeace Pagoda (3kms), Happy Valley Tea Estate (2kms), etc. In the hills, even a 1km uphill walk can be exhausting, unless you are used to it. 
Try to take a Toy Train Joy Ride from Darjeeling station... you can see Batasia Loop, DHR Ghum Museum etc... you can google "How to book Darjeeling toy train ticket" and find my page that guides you through the booking process. 
Swaty Mitra (March 2021) 
Traveling with two daughters and an aged aunt. Your page is my favourite guide at the moment. Wish to be near the mall but with a hotel away from the din and with a view of Kanchenjunga, in short the ideal. The retreat good rooms are sold out. Hermitage will revert back. Toss between Viceroy and Summit Swiss. How's the view from the duplex of Viceroy and cottage of the Swiss? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) March 2021 
Attic Premium rooms of Viceroy have good views of Kanchenjunga. You won't get much views directly from the rooms of the Summit Swiss cottages, you will need to come out to the adjacent lawn to get the views. Overall, Viceroy would be a better option considering its quality of accommodation, location and proximity to the Mall. 
Gargi Choudhury (January 2021) 
Thank you very much for your valuable article with loads of informations. Want to know more about The Viceroy Hotel, is it near to the mall area ? I mean to know how much I have to walk to visit the mall and the rooms of the hotel provide the Kanchanjangha viewing or not ? Again thanks in advance. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2021 
Viceroy Hotel is very close to the Mall... it'll be a 4-minute leisure walk. Few rooms on top have Kanchenjunga views. Suggest you go through my review of the hotel
Mayurakshi Das (January 2021) 
Hi Raj, I simply love your presentation. Thanks for valuable info. Can you please suggest a pretty hotel with good views ( not crowded city view) within 3500/- áper nigh? Which is better option? Darjeeling Tourist lodge or Hermitage? Are the rooms of tourist lodge still shabby? 
I am a bit confused between Little Tibet and Hermitage (after thorough áprocess of selection áand elimination.) finally! Hermitage would be better I think! Whats' your call? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2021 
Hermitage is a better hotel compared to the Tourist Lodge and has better view rooms. You can also look into The Retreat or even Hotel Dolphin. Hermitage is the newest of all and has better amenities compared to the rest. 
Little Tibet is a nice hotel but it's on the western section of Mall Road. Rooms generally have valley views, you won't get Kanchenjunga view from the rooms. 
Ambarish Sanyal (February 2020) 
Hello, Thank you for your guidance couple of months back, based on which I cancelled my trip during Jan end-Feb. Bothering again with the same stuff. Again planning during 9-10th March (holi season) to Darjeeling. Will it be biting cold considering a 4 year kid along with old parents will accompany? Is viceroy a good option for K. view Rooms or The Retreat or Central Heritage? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2020 
Hello, March is warmer than January / February although the nights and early mornings would be quite cold. Viceroy is conveniently located, cabs can go up to the hotel entrance but there are some fights of stairs to climb. The attic/terrace view rooms are good for views. However, nothing can beat the views of The Retreat if you take the right view rooms. The hotel is located right below the Kanchenjunga viewpoint on Mall road. But taxis can not go all the way up to the hotel, there is some walk involved. Only few rooms (the corner ones) upstairs in the new building of Central Heritage has views, the colonial building has no Kanchenjunga views. But the hotel is centrally located and cars can reach up to the door front. 
Dr. Ambarish Sanyal (December 2019) 
Hello Mr. Raj and team, At the onset, thanks for putting up a great travel blog on Darjeeling, its like a one-stop destination info. Although it may seem weird, but even after travelling extensively worldwide and myself into writing travel blogs, I haven't yet visited darjeeling and so planning during Jan 18-25, 2020. 2 quick questions...is there any place where i can take my septuagenarian parents (father with pacemaker) and my family of 4 yr kid and wife for a half or full day trip to witness snow?.. There are too many options of your reviews for hotels.. Plz suggest 2-3 having best Kanchenjunga views and good food. Since my team varies from age 4-75, I can stay anywhere from Darjeeling Tourist Lodge to Ramada, provided my 2 must conditions of views and good food are met. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2019 
Hello, Food is quite ordinary in most hotels of Darjeeling unless you stay in a high-end hotel such as Windamere, Mayfair or Cedar Inn. Cedar Inn additionally offers excellent view rooms (if the location is not an issue... it's quite off the town center).In mid-range hotels, you can consider The Retreat or Shangri La. Retreat has better views from some of its rooms while Shangri La is quite convenient and has a nice restaurant of its own although requires a flight of stairs to climb to the rooms. You may like to reconsider your visit timing... it's likely to be biting cold out there (read Darjeeling in Winter) and unless you choose a high-end hotel with a proper heating system, it could get very uncomfortable for the seniors and the kid. BTW, Jan/Feb is the lowest season and most hotels operate with much-reduced service staff. Also note, fog sometimes obstruct the views during this period. 
Niladri Agarwala (June 2019) 
Hello Raj, Thanks for the wonderful summary and guidance. I am planning to visit Darjeeling during Durga Puja this year and looking for family hotel with good view of the Kanchenjunga but a bit far away from the crowd and congested places. Also I am planning to hire a car from Siliguri and self drive. Would you please recommend a suitable hotel along with a car parking facility? 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2019 
Hi, Summit Swiss Heritage Hotel could be a good option. Ask for the view rooms. 
Dilip Dutta Gupta (February 2019) 
Hi. Thank you so much for your informative, upright and honest reviews. I see Darjeeling through your eyes. I am retired and very soon my wife will also retire. I find that even after selecting the best rooms for viewing Kanchenjunga you may miss the bus if weather plays truant. Can you please suggest a time slot áof seven days when usually in Darjeeling the weather is most helpful? Please also suggest good eateries with continental and Bengali cuisine. Should our first choice be Classic Guesthouse? My budget for one week for two of us is forty to forty five thousand. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) February 2019 
Hi, March-April is usually a good time for the views and so is October-December. Glenary's and Shangrila (both on Nehru Road and close to each other) are good multi-cuisine restaurants. For typical Bengali food, you can visit Mahakal restaurant on Robertson Road... it's a budget eatery so do not expect great stuff. Classic Guesthouse is good but can be inconvenient for the seniors because meals are not served and it's an uphill walk to the mall. Better choose a hotel with in-house dining, even Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (room in main building upstairs can be a good option). 
F. Jaiswal (January 2019) 
Hello Mr Raj, We appreciate your work. Its truly above and beyond. It's beneficial for all of us. We are planning a trip to Darjeeling along with elderly family members who wish stay in unobstructed full Kanchenjunga view rooms near the Mall. We are considering hotels (within Rs 4000) within 500 meters of the Mall. We want to know about The Oakdene Resort. It will be of immense help if you share your review of The Oakdene Resort. Awaiting your reply. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2019 
Hi, Oakdene is a relatively new 3-star hotel on the Mall Road (East). The backside rooms (Premium Rooms) have great views of Kanchenjunga (few of these rooms have a large terrace opening out to the views). Service and in-house food are good. Its within 3-4 minute walk from the Mall. Cars won't come up to the doorstep, so you need to walk from the nearest taxi stand (Bhanu Bhawan or Clubside stand). The published rate (rack rate) won't match with your target price, you need to negotiate and during off season they can oblige. 
Asok Chatterjee (November 2018) 
Raj: áYou are doing a heck of a job. We appreciate. áRate the TOP 3 hotels for me in order of ABSOLUTE BEST MOUNTAIN VIEW either from room or from hotel's patio/common areas, regardless of price. I thank you. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2018 
Cedar Inn (view from rooms), Hotel Hermitage (view from rooms), Windamere (view from patio). 
Sam (September 2016) 
Hi Raj, Your posts are really great. After reading those and doing a little bit of research, I chose three options 1) Windamere, 2) Cedar Inn and 3) Mayfair hotel, as I want rooms with mountain views. I understand Windamere price is the highest so thought of settling with the other two. But though I learnt that Cedar Inn has good views, but its far from the mall and main roads, so that's an issue. So my question is about Mayfair hotel and wanted your honest opinion about it. How good is the hotel and are there rooms with mountain views. Thanks in advance. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2016 
Hi, Mayfair is definitely a great hotel, although may not rank #1 in my list. The hotel and its rooms face the valley full of houses and trees. So views are limited from the rooms. However the hotel has vantage points for viewing Kanchenjunga snow peaks. 
Arup Chakraorty (November 2015) 
Hello Raj, Thanks for your informative site. Raj, every year since last 14 yrs I am visiting Darjeeling. After going through your site I feel happy that every year I stayed at the best Kanchenjunga viewing hotels. Frankly I can't think of any other hotel than Dolphin, Highlander's inn or Sailung. Now I need a help from you- Please provide your guidance and inform me about any other hotel as this year I need a different taste. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2015 
Hi, you can try out Hotel Hermitage (a new 3-star category hotel located next to Highlander's Inn). The upper floors of Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Main Building) are also good for views. 
Prasun Bhattacharyya (January 2014) 
Hello Raj, Thank you very much for sharing such a great and informative website for travel lovers. I am coming with my wife in Darjeeling in the month of March. I need little assistance from you regarding Hotel choosing in Darjeeling. Since you mentioned about Hotel North Star can you please let me know if this hotel is in good location like I need a Kanchanjunga facing room? And how is the food quality of this hotel? How far is the hotel from Mall? Is car come upto this hotel or do I have to walk from taxi stand? I know I am asking lot but please help me on this. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2014 
Hi, Hotel North Star is okay and located on the narrow HD Lama road. The road itself is quite congested. So the approach to the hotel is not good. But the location is quite convenient and the taxi can reach you up to the hotel. Mall is about 5-6 minutes walk. Take a view room and not a road facing room. The view rooms are costlier. Most rooms are quite spacious and clean. The food is average. They serve buffet type lunch and dinner during high season. The staff could be more professional but they are cooperative. Overall a good hotel but not amongst the best in its category. You can find better view hotels in this price range. 
Moumita Dutta (January 2014) 
Hello Raj, There are few friends of mine who have suggested the Hotel Retreat of Darjeeling which is near Governor's House. Wanted to know how good is the Hotel? Kindly suggest few hotels which are little away from the hustle bustle of the mall with great Mt. K's view. Many Thanks in advance 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) January 2014 
Hi, The Retreat is okay. Sometime back they got their entire intercom phone lines &áTV cable lines burnt up due to nearby fire. So check this out before you go. The rooms have been recently renovated. Owned by a Bengali group in Kolkata, so mostly all Bengali staff. Choose a good view room (202, 203 etc). Room heating is inadequate during winter. No bar in the restaurant. A bit overpriced in my view. Actually there aren't many hotels in Darjeeling in the same price category. Another one which you may consider is Central Nirvana, on CR Das Road below Mall. 
Abhisek Kejariwal (April 2013) 
After reading your suggestions and the page "Darjeeling hotels with best Kanchenjunga views" we have thought of the classic guesthouse for our stay as it is both in our budget as well as the reviews are good. please give your valuable suggestions in this regard. Thanks a lot in advance 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, April 2013) 
Good choice... homely atmosphere. Mostly chosen by the foreigners. Although a little old, I like it. Great views. Less noise although close to the mall. The only issue is to carry the luggage. There is no taxi service up to the guesthouse. Take a porter from the taxi stand if you need one. You should ask the taxi to drop you at Clubside taxi stand on Gandhi Road (which is the one closest to the mall) and not at lower bazaar stand or any other. 
Swati Gupta (February 2013) 
Raj, I'm also a great mountain lover, specially Darjeeling. Had gone there innumerable times on our way back from different treks, staying most of the time in Main old Bellevue hotel. But it has become costlier these days. This time I'll be visiting Darjeeling by march-end with my 82 years old father &á3 kids. We are a 9 member team altogether. I'd like a k'junga view room in medium budget &ánot very far from the madding crowd :-) Can u suggest one? I've heard about some Holiday Inn just beside the Raj Bhavan which has great view rooms. I think it is near Dolphin hotel. Please let me know about this hotel &áit's tariff. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, December 2012) 
Swati, You are probably meaning Highlanders Inn located on Hermitage Road and near Raj Bhawan (there is no Holiday Inn). Highlanders is a nice budget hotel with rooms having sweeping views of Kanchenjunga like that of Hotel Dolphin. The hotel is run by women staff. Rooms are basic and have standard amenities of a budget hotel including TV, phone, carpet, attached bath with shower, hot water, room &álaundry service etc. Maintenance is average (can improve). There is an in-house restaurant and the food is good. Service is quite warm and friendly. The overall feel is like that of a guest house. The best part, I agree is the view. Room rate (double room) ranges from Rs. 1400 - 1800 per night (roughly). You will get good discounts during off season. 
Location &áContacts: Highlanders Inn 
6/1, Hermitage Road, Close to Governor's House, Darjeeling - 734101. 
Phone: +91-354 2254055; Mobile: (+91) 98325 52662 á 
Eesit Pradhan (December 2012) 
Sir, thanks a ton for giving us such useful info. I'm planning to go to Darjeeling with my newly-wed wife. Villa Everest or Swiss hotel, which has better view of mountain ranges, especially Kanchenjunga? if you have any suggestion for us, we will be highly grateful for that. Thanking you, yours etc. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com, December 2012) 
Eisit, My personal preference would be Villa Everest. Swiss Hotel is further down Gandhi Road and the upstairs rooms of the main building has great views. The garden in Swiss Hotel also offers lovely views. Whereas all rooms of Villa Everest are view rooms.