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Hello Raj 
Your posts provide great deep information and serve as a useful guideline for tourists visiting Sikkim. Thanks a lot. I would like to ask you few questions regarding my planned trip to Sikkim in June. I have planned visit to Sikkim from June 9th to 17th. We will reach Gangtok by 9th evening. We have booked Club Mahundra resorts for our stay. Our itinerary is : 
9th June - reach at CM Gangtok, 
10th June- Sight seeing in Gangtok 
11th June- sight seeing in and around Gangtok 
12th June- check out and reach Lachen 
13th June- Visit to Gurudognmar lake and check from Lachen and reach Lachung 
14th June - visit to Yumthang and Zero Point and come back to Club Mahindra Baiguney.  
Here I want to ask whether is it possible to achieve this ? visiting Yumthang + Zero point, checking out from Yumthang and then reaching Baiguney. 
15th June - sight seeing around Baiguney eg Pelling etc 
16ht June - relax and sight seeing 
17th June - departure to airport 
Nilu (April 2018) 
Hello, your June 14th plan to come directly to Baiguney after sightseeing at Yumthang/Zero Point is not quite practical. It can take around 8-9 hours of drive from Lachung to Baiguney. You should stay overnight at Gangtok and proceed to Baiguney next morning. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2018 
Hello Raj sir,  
Thanks for the excellent information &águidance. We are 2adults &2 children (6 &á1.5 yrs old) coming for a 10days 9 nights trip to Darjeeling Gangtok pelling kalimpong from 20/5/18 to 29/5/18. We have booked only plane tickets. But we have good budget hotels available in Gangtok on 20, 21,22 and pelling on 24, 25,26 only. So have made an iternary to suit that please have a look at its suitability with small children. 
20 may- transfer from Bagdogra airport to Gangtok.. night halt at Gangtok 
21 may- Gangtok local sightseeing 
22may- trip to Tsomgo lake, Baba Mandir and back 
23 may- Gangtok to Kalimpong..sightseeing at Kalimpong...night halt at Kalimpong 
24may-kalimpong to Pelling. night halt at Pelling 
25 may- Pelling sightseeing. Night halt at Pelling 
26 may- Pelling to Darjeeling. Night halt at Darjeeling. 
27 may-Darjeeling sightseeing. Night halt at Darjeeling 
28maytrip to Mirik lake and back. Night halt at Darjeeling 
29 may- Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport. Flight at 2 pm 
Is the Gangtok to kalimpong to pelling feasible or the journey will be too long. Is it better to take night halt at Mirik on last day. 
Prachi Pillai (April 2018) 
Hello, firstly I would advise not to take your 1.5-year old infant to high altitude places like Tsomgo and Baba Mandir without consulting a doctor. Security guards may not allow children below 5 years to that route. Pelling and Kalimpong are not on the same route and will involve a lot of extra travel. I would suggest that you drop Kalimpong. In any case after nearly 4 hours of drive from Gangtok to Kalimpong, checking in to your hotel and then sightseeing with your kids is not quite practical. Instead proceed to Pelling directly. Also it is better to stay overnight at Mirik and then proceed to Bagdogra. Your kids will enjoy boating at Mirik lake, pony riding etc. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2018 
Hello Raj sir,  
Actually both of us are doctors so we will be fine taking our child there. After seeing your advice we thought that if we go to Tsongo lake at the end of our trip it will help the kids to get accustomed to the cold climate and they will be able to tolerate it better. So we thought of reversing our itinenary. Can u have a look at it &áopine please... 
20 may...transfer from Bagdogra airport to Darjeeling... overnight at Darjeeling 
21may...three point sightseeing including tiger hill sunrise in morning. And 10 point sightseeing during the rest of the day 
22 may...visit to Mirik lake and back ( as suggested on your site) 
23 may....morning 7:30am - joy ride in toy train upto Ghoom....then ( please suggest some good relaxing place to visit...or can we visit Kalimpong) 
24 may...transfer from Darjeeling to Pelling via namchi. overnight stay at pelling.  
25may...Pelling local sightseeing. night stay at pelling 
26may.... transfer from Pelling to Gangtok. Roam on mall road. Overnight at Gangtok. 
27 may...Gangtok local sightseeing 
28 may....trip to to Tsomgo lake and Baba Mandir  
29 may....Gangtok to Bagdogra airport 
Do u think this iternary is feasible.also kindly opine if 
1) we have our flight at 2pm from Bagdogra on 29 ...so reporting by 12 noon. Can we reach Bagdogra in time from Gangtok and how early should we leave 
2) please suggest some alternative sightseeing at Gangtok( on 28 may) in case we realise once we reach Gangtok that it is not feasible to visit Tsomgo lake with kids 
3) please suggest some place to visit near Darjeeling on 23 may after toy train ride or can we go to Kalimpong 
Thanks a lot for your expert advise. 
Prachi Pillai (April 2018) 
On your day of departure, you should leave by 6:30am if your flight reporting (not departure) time is 12noon. On 28th May if you can't make it to Tsomgo lake etc, you can visit Ranka Monastery, then nearby Banjhakri waterfall (it's a large landscaped area with guided tour which is included in entry tickets), followed by visit to Kanchenjunga Tourist Complex (it's a resort complex but outsiders too are allowed. You can take lunch at the artificially made jungle themed Cave Cafe. There is also an amusement park inside for kids to take rides). On 23rd May, you can make a day trip to Kalimpong from Ghum (ask the car to pick you up at Ghum) station. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) April 2018 
I along with my family (consisting of my wife and two children-aged 15 and 7) visited Gangtok and around from 02nd April to 08th April and it was a 7 day-6 night visit. I started my journey from Delhi to Bagdogra and shifted to Gangtok Hotel on 2nd April. Next i.e. on 3rd April, we covered all local points of Gangtok. On 4th we visited Nathula, Changu lake and Baba Mandir. Were not lucky enough to visit Nathula pass due to bad weather but were compensated by almighty as enjoyed live snowfall at Changu lake and further. On 5th we started for Namchi via Temi Tea Garden. Seen Chardham and statue of Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche and Stayed overnight at Namchi only. On 6th we went to Darjeeling via Lamhatta. Darjeeling we did not find as charming as read in books and blogs so decided to come back to Kalimpong changing our initial plan to spend 2 days at Darjeeling. Stayed two nights at Kalimpong and returned back to Delhi via Bagdogra. 
Vinod Kumar Yadav (April 2018) 
Hello Raj, 
We are a seniors couple (European) and plan to do a round-trip Bagdogra-Sikkim-Bagdogra by hiring a vehicle with driver (preferably SUV) for the whole trip. 
The planned itinerary looks as follow : 
1. Bagdogra-Kalimpong - 2 nights Windsongs 
2. Kalimpong-Bamboo Retreat in Rumtek area - 3 nights 
3. Gangtok - 2 nights. Will not get permit to go to Lachung. 
4. Gangtok-Dikchu/Singtam Road, cross Teesta and on 510 to Ravangla - 2 nights 
5. Ravangla to Pelling or Yuksom - 3 nights 
6. Pelling-Geysing-Legship-Sikkip-cross Ranjeet River-small roads to join Namchi - 2 nights 
7. Namchi-Jorethang (if possible to cross for foreigners)-road to Darjeeling- Singtom Tea Estate- 2 nights 
If not possible to cross Sikkim border at Jorethang, then proceed to Melli but we land up South of Darjeeling and will look for another Tea Estate. Not interested in noisy cities as we live in one. 
Please advise if itinerary suitable, if Jorethang crossing OK, if we should leave out Namchi. As West Bengal vehicles not allowed to enter Gangtok, we should really hire an SK vehicle or else take one Bagdogra to Bamboo Retreat, make our way by taxi to Gangtok and arrange another hire from there back to Badogra. How to find a company that is trustworthy? 
We would really appreciate your advice. Thank you. 
Rupert Jameson (May 2018) 
Hi, firstly foreigners can visit Lachung/Yumthang with Protected Area Permits which you can get through a registered operator in Gangtok and using one of their tour packages and vehicle. Jorethang-Darjeeling route is not meant for foreign nationals. However the guards may let you pass through on their own discretion if you show that you entered with a valid Inner Line Permit at Rangpo. But I would advise not to take that chance. 
You need not skip Namchi if you have that extra two nights already planned. Since the other route enters Darjeeling through Ghum, a good choice would be Glenburn Tea Estate. You can then complete the entire tour in a single Sikkim registered SUV because you won't be entering any townships in Darjeeling district. Local sightseeing tours are offered by the Tea Estates in their own vehicles (just in case you want to visit Darjeeling town and other areas). 
There are ample registered tour operators in Gangtok who can provide the vehicle for your trip and I have mentioned a few on my site as well. You need to contact few of them and decide for yourself. 
Good luck! 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2018 
Hi sir, 
Your posts are very helpful for visitors. We are 4 adults and 1 seven year child. Sir we will plan 9 night 10 days tour for Sikkim and Darjiling on 11th Nov to 20th Nov 2018. We want to cover all places. I created one itinerary by myself. 
On 11th Nov arrive at Bagdogra airport at 3pm and reach gangtok at night 
On 12th we will be going for lachung for 2 nights covering zero point also 
On 14th early morning leave for gangtok for 2days... 1st local sightseeing and 2nd for tsomgo lake and nathula pass  
On 16th leave for pelling for 2 days  
On 18th leave for Darjiling for 2 full days  
On 20th leave early morning for airport via mirik sight seeing and want to reach before 12 am 
Sir my query is if this iternnery is ok áor we shoud change it. Want to cover all points in gangtok like tosmo lake, nathula pass, lachung, pelling and Darjiling and if possible kalimpong also. In pelling 2 full days is required? And is tour good for 7 year child? Should we book our hotels before 5 month? Please help us to make a beautiful and memorable tour. Your suggestions are really helpful. Thank u. 
Prashant Patel (June 2018) 
Hello, I suggest that you stay in Gangtok for first couple of nights, do local sightseeing and visit Tsomgo lake, Nathula etc, and then proceed to Lachung/Yumthang. This is because you will need a day to get your permits unless you get that done in advance before you reach Gangtok. You can take your 7 year old child but do take all precautions against harsh cold (particularly in north Sikkim, Nathula etc). Considering the long day journey to Pelling from Gangtok, you should stay there for 2 nights, otherwise it can get quite hectic. You can book hotels 3 months in advance. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2018 
Dear Sir, 
Your site Darjeeling Tourism has become our guide in planning our itinerary for visiting Darjeeling and Gangtok. I want to get your opinion regarding our proposed tour programme. We five persons [all adults] shall embark on our journey from Ahmedabad on 16th June. 
16th from Ahmedabad to New Delhi by Rajdhani Express. 
17th New Delhi 
18th New Delhi to Bagdogra by flight reaching Siliguri in the evening.Stay at hotel and go for a stroll in the market. 
19th Siliguri to Kurseong. Homestay at Makaibari.[ Arrangements done with VOM].A tour in the tea garden. 
20th Kurseong to Darjeeling by toy train.(booking done).Local sight seeing. 
21st Darjeeling to Mirik round trip- via Jorpokhri-simana and Pashupati Market. 
22nd Tiger Hills and mix point tour. 
23rd Darjeeling to Gangtok via Namchi. 
24th Gangtok local sight seeing. 
25th Gangtok to Changu lake-Baba Mandir and if possible Nathula pass. 
26th Paragliding and cable car. 
27th Gangtok to NJP and catch Kamakhya Express for Ahmedabad. 
I have two queries Sir. When we go to Gangtok via Namchi should we book a cab for the whole day? I think that will be more costly. Instead can we go by shared taxi to Namchi from Darjeeling? Then book a ácab at Namchi for local places including Chardham, Sai Mandir and Samudraptse. Can we get a shared taxi from Namchi for Gangtok? Is there a bus service available from Namchi to Gangtok? Secondly can we do a tour of Changu Lake-Baba Mandir and Kupup in a single day? We can pay more if it is possible.  
Planning of this tour would not have been possible without the guidance of your site. Do one more favour sir. Please suggest any changes you would like to make in this itinerary...if we can avoid any place or should include áany place. 
Thanking you 
Dilip Adhyaru (June 2018) 
Hello, you are unlikely to find any shared taxi between Darjeeling and Namchi. From Namchi there are occasional shared taxis plying to Gangtok... if you don't get one, then break at Singtam. Yes, it is possible to make a day trip from Gangtok to Tsomgo lake, Baba Mandir and Kupup (combining Nathula may be difficult) ... but start early and ensure you get permits for all required places (these are all in protected areas). Your itinerary is okay. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2018 
Hi, I am planning to visit sikkim in early November, Will it be better to book the hotel and operator in advance. 
Our itinerary is a bit strict and no extra day. 
Day 1 NJP to Gangtok 
Day 2 Gangtok to Lachen 
Day 3 Lachen to Gurudongmar Lake + Chopta valley to Lachung 
Day 4 Lachung to Yumthang to Gangtok 
Day 5 Gangtok to NJP 
Is Yumthang a good place to visit in November/ Any other recommendations. If we first reach and then go to an operator for Gurudongmar, will it be late/ or he needs some extra day to get the permits done. Please enlighten. 
Zafar (June 2018) 
Hi, you should book your hotel in advance and preferably the tour through a well known registered operator. If you want the permit formalities to be done on reaching, you should ideally keep a full extra day in hand at Gangtok. Once you hand over the documents to the operator in the morning, they usually get the permits in the evening so that you can proceed to north Sikkim next morning. Early November is a good time to visit Yumthang and Gurudongmar.  
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) June 2018 
Hi Raj 
I'm planning to visit Darjeeling and Sikkim from Sep 5th to Sep 13th. From your blogs, I can clearly see some of the views can be seen only during spring and post monsoon. Although my travel time seems in the middle of monsoon, I would like to know, the best places that can be covered in this season. I have planned the below itinerary, but not sure how these places will be in September. I am open to change these places, which will give some good experience. 
day 1 chennai to bagdogra to Darjeeling 
day 2 ropecar, japanese temple, batasia loop, shrubbery park 
day 3 one day trek to tonglu and tumling 
day 4 spend some time and travel from Darjeeling to gangtok 
day 5 visit tsumogo lake and nathula pass 
day 6 gangtok to lanchen 
day 7 visit gurudongmar lake and chopta valley, return to hotel and proceed to lanchung, stay lanchung 
day 8 lachung - visit zero point, yumthang valley return to lachung, proceed to gangtok 
day 9 gangtok to bagdogra and return to chennai 
Initially, I have planned to travel Himachal Pradesh / North, But recently I can see news about water scarcity and hence, I have changed the plan to North East. 
Your help will be deeply appreciated. 
Kesav (July 2018) 
Hi, you have a nice itinerary in place, so no need to change. However few comments... having reached Gangtok and travelling to Tsomgo / Nathula next morning may not be possible as the permits take a while. So contact a registered tour operator in Gangtok in advance and get this sorted out. In monsoon there are chances of landslides and routes can get closed. So visiting Nathula, Lachen, Lachung will depend on the prevailing situation. It is better to make a plan-B in case any plan in your itinerary doesn't work out. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) July 2018 
Dear Raj, 
First of all thanks so much for your wonderful reviews, suggestions, comments. I have tried my best to go through most of your articles and have decided below Iternary. Am just confused for last 2 days and hence would truly appreciate your guidance. Another reason being I need your help as I've some niggling back problem (Gift from IT), have two kids of 8 and 12 years. Hence I really want to go slow, relax, enjoy weather and place. I really don't want to rush in any of the places. Kindly suggest last 2 days and best hotels where kids can have fun (bit hilly with pool etc). 
Plan 8 Nights and 9 days 
Start on 10th Morning and return on 18th  
10th Morning Departure for Bagdogra Reach by 11.30 AM 5 Am flight indigo from HYD via Mumbai 
18 Oct- 12 PM Flight from Bagdogra 
10th Night Darjeeling ((preferably via Mirik) 
11th Night Darjeeling 
12th Night Darjeeling 
13th Night Gangtok 
14th Night Gangtok 
15th Night Gangtok 
16th Night Need to Decide 
17th Night áNeed to decide 
18th Departure Flight at Noon -  
First Day 
Day 1- 10th Oct - Reach Baghdogra by 11.30 AM 
Bagdogra to Darjeeling (preferably via Mirik)  
Night Halt at Darjeeling  
Day 2- 11th ááOctober -11th áEntire Day 
Morning: 3-point tour  
1) Tiger Hill  
2) Ghoom Monastery  
3) Batasia Loop and War Memorial  
Observatory Hills  
Mall Road  
Chaurasta Mall  
Toy train ride OR in Take a toy train joyride in the morning 
Dinner at Glenarys Restaurant  
Night Halt at Darjeeling  
Day 3- 12th October : Breakfast at Keventer's on the open roof terrace  
Darjeeling Sight-seeing (Mixed Point Tour)  
1) Japanese Temple &áPeace Pagoda  
2) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo  
3) Darjeeling Ropeway  
4) Tenzing &áGombu Rock  
5) Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center  
6) Happy Valley Tea Estate  
7) Rock Garden  
8)Dinner at The Park - a great Thai &áChinese restaurant on Laden La Road.  
Night Halt at Darjeeling  
13th October : Darjeeling to Gangtok 3.5 hours  
1) Check out in the morning (by 8am), take a taxi from the stand and move  
to Gangtok (takes about 4 hours).  
2) Check into the hotel, freshen up &áapply for permit to Nathula Pass  
3) Walk down to MG Marg.  
4) Walk down to a restaurant, take a relaxed lunch.  
5) Post lunch, do some shopping.  
6) Also walk down to nearby Lal Bazaar for more shops.  
7) Remaining day at leisure.  
8) Overnight at Gangtok.  
14 October :  
Gangtok Sight-seeing (3-point tour) (Monday Nathula will be closed- need to revisit hence 14 October - Sunday) 
1) Tsongmo Lake  
2) Baba Mandir  
3) Nathula Pass  
Night Halt at Gangtok  
15 October : Gangtok Sight-seeing ( 10-point tour)  
1) Ranka Monastery  
2) Ban Jhakri Waterfall  
3) Rumtek Monastery  
4) Enchey Monastery  
5) Ganesh Tok  
6) Zoo  
7) Hanuman Tok  
8) Ropeway  
9) Tashi View Point  
10) Chorten Stupa  
Night Halt at Gangtok  
16 and 17th Need to Decide 
18th Morning Checkout early morning as Flight is at 12 
Kindly also let me know the best hotels per your suggestion. 
Sanjay Agnihotri (August 2018) 
Hello, on 16th you can go down to Pelling from Gangtok or alternatively to Kalimpong (takes about 4 hours for both... Kalimpong would be nearer to the airport). On 17th do local sightseeing. I have discussed several good hotels in my website. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2018 
Dear Sri Raj ,  
We are four adult males planned for 2 nights each at Darjeeling, Gangtok and Dzongu and get back to Bagdogra on 07 th day afternoon flight. Our schedule is this 17Sep and return 23 Step. 
Initially I have planned for Gangtok, Dzongu and Darjeeling last, and return to Airport. To avoid last minute hassles for any reason, We wish to stay as close to the Airport as possible, in our last leg. But I would like to take Suggestion from you on how we go/do these three places, the order of preference.,and logical reasons 
Thank you, 
PRASAD (August 2018) 
Hello, you have the right sequence in place. Darjeeling is much closer to the airport than Gangtok. Also the ongoing large construction work at Kalijhora (on Sevoke road that connects Gangtok with the plains) sometimes throws traffic out of gear creating massive traffic jams. You need to start quite early from Gangtok to avoid that and make it in time at the airport. In the hills it is always better to finish off the longer trips first so that you have time to make any adjustments in plans if required. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2018 
I have drawn my itinerary for the trip with the guidance of your book. I request you to review the same and suggest changes wherever required. 
Day 1- 26.10.18 (Friday) 
Reaching Bagdogra Airport around 2.00 PM. Transfer to Aristocrat Hotel, N C Goonka Road, Darjeeling VIA Mink Lake (Stop over at Lake for 2-3 hours) 
Day 2- 27.10.18 (Saturday) 
Early in the morning, (3 point tour) i.e Tiger Hill, Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop.  
After breakfast, proceed for 7 point tour i.e. 1. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute 2. Darjeeling zoo 3. Natural History Musem. 4..Darjeeling Ropeway 6..Tenzing &áGombu Rock 7.Happy Valley Tea Estate 8. Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre 9..Lebong Race Course 10 Gorkha Football Stadium 
Day 3-28.10.18 (Sunday) 
Morning-Toy Train and Darjeeling Ropeway(cable car), if not covered on 27.10.18 
Afternoon-Rock Garden and Gangamaya Park. 
Day 4-29.10.18 (Monday) 
Proceed to Gangtok via Namchi. Sightseeing at Namchi for 3-4 hours. Stay at Hotel Mountain Retreat, Tibet Road (Near M G Marg, Gangtok. 
Day 5-30.10.18 (Tuesday) 
Full Day 10 point tour covering Ranka, Ban Jhakri Waterfall, Rumtek Monastery, Nehru Botanical Garden, Shanti View Point, Enchey Monastery, Ganeshtok, Ropeway, Institute of Tibetology and Tazi View Point. 
Day 6-31.10.18 (Wednesday) 
Full Day trip to Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass (Permit for Nathula Pass to be arranged in advance.) 
Day 7-01.11.18 (Thursday) 
Back to Bagdogra for the return journey 
Phool Gupta (September 2018) 
Nice itinerary, could be a bit hectic though. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) September 2018 
Dear Raj, thanks a lot for this detailed info. I got confused about the routes while travelling the above destinations... which one first. We are planning a trip to Darjeeling Gangtok and including Kalimpong in Nov 1st week. We reach NJP on 4th Nov. So which place would be ideally and practically good to visit 1st? Nathu La being closed on Monday, should we go to Darjeeling and then proceed to Gangtok? What would you suggest? 
Jiya (October 2018) 
Hi, your route should be Darjeeling - Gangtok - Kalimpong. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2018 
Hi, I am planning a tour from 11 to 16 December to Gangtok. Is this possible as I will be reaching Gangtok from Pakyong around 1200-1300 hrs on 11 December and leaving by flight on AM 17 December or I still require one more day:- 
11 Dec - half day 10 point tour of Gangtok 
12 Dec - Nathula pass 
13 Dec - Yumthang and night halt at Lachung 
14 Dec - Lachung to Lachen and stay at Lachen 
15 Dec - back to Gangtok 
16 Dec - One day trip to Darjeeling and back 
17 Dec - Leave Gangtok via flight from Pakyong. 
Rakesh (October 2018) 
A day trip to Darjeeling from Gangtok is not practical. You will spend 9 hours only on road journeys for the round trip. Rest is okay. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2018 
Hello sir.. Here is our itinerary for 6N and 7D for Sikkim Darjeeling tour. Please guide if any changes are required. 
Day 01: 
Bagdogra airport-Gangtok. Overnight at hotel. 
Day 02:Gangtok  
Breakfast at the hotel and full day excursion to Changu Lake. Also visit to New Baba Mandir. Overnight at hotel. 
Day 03: Gangtok. 
Breakfast at the hotel and proceed for full day sightseeing in Gangtok visiting Tashi View Point, Ganesh Tok, Flower Show, Do Drul Chorten, Institute of Tibetology(closed on Sunday), Cottage Industry(closed on Sunday), Bakthang Falls and Rumtek Monastery or Banjhakri Falls. Overnight at hotel. 
Day 04: Transfer to Pelling and sightseeing  
Overnight at the hotel  
Day 05:Pelling-Darjeeling 
Visit to Pemyanthese monastery, Kechopolari lake, Rimbi waterfalls, helipad and then transfer to Darjeeling. Overnight at hotel 
Day 06:Darjeeling 
Early morning visit Tiger Hill to see a beautiful sunrise and Himalayan Range like Kanchandzonga, Mount Everest, Ghoom Monastery, Batasia Loop. Breakfast at the hotel and proceed for city tour visiting Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Zoological Park(closed on Thursday), Tibetan Refugee Centre(closed on Sunday), Tenzing Rock, Gombu Rock, Tea Estate(from outside), Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda. Overnight at hotel. 
Day 07: Darjeeling Bagdogra airport  
Breakfast at the hotel and drive to Bagdogra airport. 
Please guide.. We have a 2.9 year kid so if Nathula pass will be safe for him?? Will the overall itinerary will be safe for him.. Waiting for your reply sir. 
Preety (May 2019) 
Hello, your itinerary is good but you should not attempt to take a 2.9 year old to Nathula. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) May 2019 
Hello Raj, 
I really liked the way you have explained which places to travel to and how for Gangtok. I made my itinerary on the leisure side following your two day itinerary plan for Gangtok sightseeing. Below is my overall itinerary: 
Day 1- Bagdogra to Pelling 
Day 2 - Pelling sighseeing  
Darap village, Khangchendzonga water falls, Sewaro Rock Garden, Rimbi water Falls &áKhachoedpalri Lake, Pemayangtse Monastery, Rabdantse Ruins, New Halipad Ground 
Day 3 - Pelling Sighseeing 
Changey Waterfalls, Dentam Valley, Singshore Bridge, Yuksom if possible. 
Day 4 - Pelling to Gangtok via Rabangla (Stop over to visit Budhdha Park) 
Day 5 - Gangtok sightseeing -- 
Ranka Monastery, 
Banjhakri Waterfall, 
Rumtek Monastery, 
Saramsa Garden, 
Chorten Stupa, 
Institute of Tibetology &áMuseum  
Day 6 - Tsomgo- Baba Mandir- Nathula 
Day 7 - Gangtok sightseeing -- 
Flower Exhibition Center, 
Handicraft Center, 
Hanuman Tok &áViewing area, 
Ganesh Tok á&áViewing area, 
Himalayan Zoological Park, 
Tashi View Point, 
Enchey Monastery, 
Bakthang Waterfall  
Day 8 - Gangtok to Bagdogra 
Mrs P. Sur (July 2019) 
Hello Raj, 
I am Ranjit Dutta (from Surat, Gujarat). I would be travelling to Darjeeling Gangtok in the month of October (20-30). I have already been to Pelling earlier. I have planned for Darjeeling and Gangtok this time. I would be accompanied by my wife and my four 1/2 year old daughter. I have gone through the itineraries posted by you. I have planned a rough itinerary. I would request you to kindly give your expert comment on the same. 
20th reaching Bagdogra Airport, stay nearby or based on your suggestion I can travel to Gangtok. My flight would be landing at 17:35. 21st leaving for Gangtok and checking into the hotel (pre booked). 22nd to 25th in and around Gangtok .. on the 26th I would leave for Darjeeling, áand then 27-29 Darjeeling and Sandakphu. 30th I would leave for Bagdogra for my return flight early morning. So the itinerary would be .. 
21st at leisure in Gangtok . 
22nd local sightseeing . 
23rd Tsomgo lake, Baba mandir and Nathula pass . 
24 25 26: I want to visit Lachung, Lachen and Yumtang valley. Also kindly suggest a good operator for the same .. 
27: Tiger hill and 3 point tour 
28: Sandakphu by car 
29: 7 point mix tour . 
30 leave for flight to Bagdogra ... 
I have made the bookings for hotels in gangtok and darjeeling . 
Raj: I want your insight into this itinerary and also suggestions for any other less traveled places accessible by road . My only limitation would be - I wont be able to go for treks with my 4 year old daughter. Also as I would be travelling in the Diwali vacation time, áI want to see places where i can enjoy natural beauty with less crowd / people around me. 
Ranjit Dutta (August 2019) 
Hello, you should stay back overnight at Bagdogra area (there are several good hotels there) and proceed next morning to Gangtok. Child below 5 years are not officially allowed in Nathula, Yumthang and Gurudongmar and permits are not issued. Although some tour operators try to find a work around, it's highly recommended not to take your 4-year old kid to these places because of high altitude. While there is no permit restriction for Sandakphu, there can be similar such problems there at 12,000 ft so you need to be very careful, or better avoid visiting Sandakphu with your kid. The itinerary is otherwise okay. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) August 2019 
Hi Raj, 
We are family of 3 and planning to spend 2 nights in Darjeeling and 3 nights in Gangtok. We will take a flight to Bagdogra and srrive at 2.00 PM on 8th Dec. 
Please can you suggest which place to cover first- Gangtok or Drajeeling? Is there any benefit in going to Gangtok first and then to Darjeeling after 3 days and come back to Bagdogra airport on last day? Our flight is at 5.00 PM on 6th day. Please suggest best way to cover? 
Hi, Darjeeling is nearer to Bagdogra and therefore will take lesser time when you return (about 3 hours instead of 4.5 hours from Gangtok under normal traffic conditions). Secondly, often there is a traffic snarl on NH10 that connects Gangtok to Bagdogra airport/NJP station causing hours of delay near the plains at Kalijhora, Sililguri etc. So doing Gangtok first would be wiser. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) October 2019 
Hi Raj, I just invested in your e-book, it is fabulous, Great work. My wife and I are planning to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok for the first time in the last week of Nov'19, we would be interested mostly in enjoying the nature and experiencing the culture of the place. No shopping. We have in all 6 nights was planning 2 nights at Darjeeling and 4 at Gangtok, after reading the details in your e-book, I am wondering if I should increase the days at Darjeeling and evenly distribute 3 nights at both the locations as I feel there is lot more to see and experience at Darjeeling than Gangtok? Please let us have your thoughts, it will be great if we could speak. 
Hemant Krishnani (November 2019) 
Hi, if you plan to visit north Sikkim or Tsomgo/Nathula etc from Gangtok, then you require more time in Gangtok compared to Darjeeling. However, if you like to stay back only in Darjeeling and Gangtok, then spend even time at each place. While in Darjeeling, try making a day trip to some offbeat places like Takdah, Tinchuley and Lamahatta, or to Mirik. TIP: Visit Gangtok first and then Darjeeling... sections of the route from Gangtok to Bagdogra airport/NJP station see horrendous traffic jams these days and it can throw your plan out by several hours. Many tourists have missed their flights/trains in recent times. Regret, I don't take phone calls. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2019 
Hi Raj, 
We are a family of 3 (all adults) and planning to spend 3 nights in Gangtok and 2 nights in Darjeeling. Appreciate your help in suggesting the best itinerary to cover key attractions with some relaxation. 
- If you can suggest some authentic Tibetian/ Nepalese places to eat and good places for live music, I will be really thankful! 
- Should we book local taxis in advance or contacting local vendors or taking OLA/UBER after landing is good idea? 
Tentative Plan is like this: 
- 8 Dec 2019- Arrive at Bagdogra from Delhi at 13.10 PM. Move to Gangtok. Do local sight seeing / Mall road etc relax in evening, go to a local cafe with live music. 
- 9 Dec- (Gangtok hotel stay)- Please suggest if we should visit Kalimpong? Is it possible to come back on same day by evening? 
- 10th Dec (Gangtok hotel stay)- Please suggest if we should visit Tsomgo lake? Is it possible to come back on same day by evening? 
- 11 Dec- (Stay at Darjeeling)- Check out and leave for Darjeeling. Rope way if possible. áWhat are the best places to cover on the way to Darjeeling? 
- 12 Dec - Local sight seeing and Toy train ride/ mall road etc 
- 13 Dec- Leave for Bagdogra airport - On the way stop at Mirik for 3 hours. Flight is at 5.00 PM. 
Please suggest how we can optimize our visit and cover some off beat places? Thanks a lot for your help!! 
Sandeep Shrivastava (November 2019) 
Hi, there is no Uber service yet at Bagdogra airport, there is OLA service but that is only for Siliguri area and not for outstation rides to Darjeeling or Gangtok. You will get pre-paid taxi at the airport arrival counter. In Gangtok, Taste of Tibet on MG Marg and in Darjeeling Kunga on Gandhi Road (at upper clubside taxi stand) are good places to try out authentic Tibetan food. In Darjeeling, Penang on Ladenla road is well known for Nepali food. 
In Gangtok, a good cafe is Baker's Cafe on MG Road... however you won't get live music in any cafes... there are some night venues such as Cafe Live &áLoud on Tibet Road that offer live music but usually in high season. From Gangtok a day trip to Kalimpong is not quite practical. You can visit Tsomgo lake if the route is open... however it would be extremely cold and all frozen out there. On the way to Darjeeling from Gangtok you can go via Lamahatta... great roadside garden. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) November 2019 
Hi Raj, 
I just have the following questions. It would be helpful if you could share your views. Our Sikkim Darjeeling visit is planned as below : ( staring dec 14 to dec 23) 
2 nights Gangtok, 1 night Lachung , 1 night Gangtok, 2 nights Pelling and 3 nights in Darjeeling . 
1. We have planned to avoid Gurudongmar lake given the altitude and my wife and daughter have wheezing issues (although not on regular medication). But we are planing to visit Natula pass and Yumtang valley + Zero point . Do you find this ok? Just your views would be helpful. 
2. In Darjeeling, we would be staying in Singtom Tea Estate (your blog gave me good info in this regard). Noting that the resort is a bit away from Darjeeling and we are already covering most scenic places in Sikkim, it would be helpful if you could suggest few most important things to cover in Darjeeling ( say in half a day). Your advice will be helpful 
Mahesh (December 2019) 
altitude of Nathula Pass is well over 14,000ft and problem of breathlessness is not uncommon out there. Zero Point is over 15,000ft and similar problems do occur there too.. you should consult a doctor and take adequate precautions before you take a call to take somebody with breathing issues to such places. Remember that you will practically get no medical support at these places should anything go wrong. 
While in Darjeeling, visit the Mall (Chowrasta) which is considered the town center. Take a full round (walk) along the circular mall road. Walk down Nehru road to get a feel of life in Darjeeling... lots of curio and other shops as well as eateries line up on both sides of the road. On your way back, visit HMI &áZoo ... high altitude Himalayan animals are an interesting watch. Take the Ropeway (cable car) if time permits. 
As an alternative plan, you can take a steam engine hauled 2-hour toy train ride from Darjeeling station (A Unesco World Heritage Site experience of riding a narrow gauge train engineered in British era)... the route includes the scenic Batasia Loop and the highest railway station in India (Ghum). You should book the tickets in advance. On your way back you can visit the Mall before returning to Singtom. 
Raj (darjeeling-tourism.com) December 2019 
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