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My reviews of hotels at or near Mall

Ask any tourists in Darjeeling, and 9 out of 10 will say that they want to stay in a hotel located close to the Chowrasta Mall. Why? Because Mall is the town center or heart of Darjeeling and the area around it is bustling with shops, eateries, bars, activities etc. 
And also the fact is, the Mall (particularly the Mall Road East) has some of the best viewing areas in Darjeeling from where you get lovely vistas of mountains including the snow peaks of Kanchenjunga. And the Mall itself is after all the town square where tourists and locals alike, come, sit and relax on the benches and enjoy people-watching and the ambience. 
So if you want to feel the vibe of Darjeeling town, then you must plan to stay at or around the Mall area. And fortunately there are many hotels at and around the Mall. However, all are not good and I don't want to delve into the bad or not so good hotels here. But good or bad, all these are the first hotels to get filled up during high season. 
Below is a list of nice hotels of different categories (budget to luxury) located in or around the mall. Go through the links to get my detailed review of each hotel along with booking information. 
(Category: Low Budget) 
A small family owned hotel with 17 rooms with types such as standard, deluxe, duplex 3-bedded etc. Rooms are well maintained, clean and have standard amenities including western style attached toilet. Rooms have fireplaces. The hotel is located on HD Lama Road. The mall is only a 3-minute uphill walk through the Bhutia or the Mall market. There is no view of the mountain peaks from the rooms. There is a heritage wing in the hotel. Staff are friendly and service is good. 
Allice Villa Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget) 
This is a small homely guesthouse and very well maintained. It's located right below the mall and only 2-3 minutes downhill walk from the main mall area. There are couple of great advantages. There are only four rooms and all have good views of the mountains, snow peaks and the valley. 
Classic Guesthouse Darjeeling 
Although very close to the mall, this place is strangely not noisy unlike many other hotels in the Mall area. This is a Bed &áBreakfast accommodation. They serve nice English breakfast and lots of tea. There are many eateries within short walking distances for you to take lunch and dinner. 
(Category: Budget) 
This a nice clean budget hotel very conveniently located right opposite The Viceroy and about 5-6 minutes walk from Chowrasta Mall. Rooms are standard and the ones at the upper floors have good views of the valley. Very friendly staff. They have a newly setup in-house multi-cuisine restaurant open to hotel guests and outsiders. 
(Category: Budget) 
This is a nice family operated budget hotel with over 20 rooms. It's located very close to the foot of Nehru Road and only at 5-6 minutes walking distance from the Mall. The rooms are all wooden paneled and have standard amenities including color TV, room heaters (at extra cost) etc. There is an in-house restaurant serving North Indian, Bengali and Chinese food at reasonable prices. 
Hotel Broadway Darjeeling 
(Category: Budget / Mid Range) 
Now known as Meghbalika Tourist Lodge, it is run by West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation and like most of state government owned lodges, this too has a great location advantage. It's centrally located on Mall road and only 6-7 minutes walk from the Chowrasta. Walk from the Mall to the hotel is a bit uphill from Gorkha Bhawan onwards. 
Darjeeling Tourist Lodge 
Photo: WBTDCL 
However vehicles come right up to the hotel. The rooms from the main building offer fabulous views of Kanchhenjunga. The lodge also offers economy rooms (budget) in its adjacent Annex building. The Tourist Lodge has its in-house multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. 
(Category: Budget / Mid Range) 
This hotel is located right on the mall and right next to where the popular Nehru Road full of shops &áeateries begins. That's probably the reason why this hotel hasn't felt the need of having its own restaurant. But rooms in the main building are good. There are standard, deluxe double and attic suites in the main building - total 21 rooms. 
Main Olde Bellevue Darjeeling 
The attic suites are special with complete wooden paneling and slanted roof with nice views. But the highlight of the hotel is its attic lounge .. a huge area with comfy wicker sofas and glass panels overlooking the mall and offering great views of the mountains. The hotel also has an adjoining heritage section with lawn. 
(Category: Budget / Mid Range) 
A small midrange hotel with three floors and a lovely roof top terrace with wonderful views. The hotel is located on Zakir Hussain Road that goes out of the Mall and at a less than 2-minute walking distance. It has several room types including standard, premium, deluxe and executive rooms. All are clean with LCD TV, wi-fi internet access, carpets and western style attached toilets. The in-house restaurant (Sonam's Kitchen) serves Continental dishes and Nepali (lunch and dinner). 
Magnolia Residency Darjeeling 
(Category: Mid Range) 
The hotel is located on Mall road and about 5-6 minutes walk to the Mall. It's located right below the a View Point on Mall road and you can imagine the kind of views this hotel can offer from some of its rooms. It has deluxe, royal deluxe and executive rooms in three floors below the ground level. 
The ones with higher rates have private balconies with superb views of Kanchenjunga. The lounge area just next to the reception too offers lovely views and so does the open terrace just outside the reception. It has an in-house multi cuisine restaurant which too offers lovely vistas of the mountains. 
(Category: Mid Range) 
Great views from all its 20 rooms which are all similar and facing the Kachenjunga snow peaks. It's located on Mall road near Raj Bhawan. The chowrasta mall is an easy walk of 4-5 minutes. The hotel offers standard amenities including well furnished rooms, multi cuisine restaurant etc. Taxis will drop you at Bhanu Bhawan on Mall road (west) and the hotel is about 2-3 minute walk from there. 
Photo: The Hermitage Resort 
(Category: Mid Range) 
This is a heritage property that has retained the British aura with its delicate and exquisite decor and furnishing. The hotel belongs to the Central Group and is located on the mall road only a minute walk from the Chowrasta Mall area. It's a small hotel and has only 6 rooms that are all wonderfully furnished. Some rooms have views of the valley and surrounding mountains, but for Kanchenjunga view, you can come down to their lawn or take a short walk to the mall road view point. 
Central Gleneagles Lobby 
(Category: Mid Range) 
This is a 3-star hotel located below the Mall and a 4-5 minute walk from the Mall area. Rooms are very well furnished, clean and have modern amenities. Several rooms have great views of the mountains and the snow peaks while the others face a nicely manicured backside lawn. From the lawn of course, the views of the valley and the mountains are wonderful. This hotel has an in-house restaurant but serves only vegetarian food. The hotel belongs to the Udaan Group. 
(Category: Mid Range) 
This hotel is right on the mall and at the corner of a radial lane going out of the mall. However the rooms all face the backside and have valley views. You won't get any views of Kanchenjunga from this hotel. There are about 15 rooms which are laid out in three floors below the ground level. The reception is at the ground floor. The rooms are well maintained, recently refurbished and have modern amenities. There are several types of rooms including deluxe rooms and suites. 
(Category: Luxury) 
Who hasn't heard about this lovely colonial property perched on the observatory hill overlooking the Mall? Again located only a few steps from the Chowrasta Mall and on Mall road itself, this in my view is the greatest property in luxury class. It is wrong to call it a hotel. It is more like collection of houses with rooms, spread across a wide lush area on the hill and having retained the original British colonial aura which are all reflected in its room furnishing, dining and all other offerings. 
Windamere Hotel Darjeeling 
(Category: Luxury) 
This is a heritage property and a 4 star hotel located right opposite to the Governor's House on Mall road (west). The mall is only 2-3 minute walk from the hotel. Great ambience. This is one of th ebest hotels around, however there is no Kanchenjunga views from here. Most rooms face the valley and town. 
Room, Mayfair Darjeeling 
Photo: Mayfair 
(Category: Luxury) 
This grand property was once the summerhouse of the Raja of Cooch Behar and was built in 1887. The hotel owned by BR Oberoi has retained the old world charm and has combined with modent luxury amenities. Great views of the valley and township, but no views of Kanchenjunga. The hotel localted about 5 minute walk from the chowrasta Mall. 
(Category: Luxury) 
This large hotel with 62 rooms and great mountain views from its Superior and Premium rooms is located on Gandhi road and only steps away from the famous restaurants Keventers and Glenarys. The Mall is only 500 meters away and it takes only 5 minutes to get there along Nehru road. 
(Category: Luxury) 
This is a very good and popular 4 star hotel in Darjeeling located on Gandhi Road and only 5-6 minutes walk from the Chowrasta Mall. Rooms are laid out across several floors and elegantly furnished. Out of 39 rooms, the attic rooms are special and are fully wood paneled with slanted roofs. Some of them even have a common sun deck area with lovely vista of the mountains. Amongst many amenities, the hotel has a nice in-house multi cuisine restaurant. 
(Category: Mid Range) X Temporarily Closed... Ravaged by fire 
This small boutique hotel only with 4 rooms is located on Nehru Road and only steps away from the Mall. This in my view is probably the best hotel around in its category. But being small, it's very difficult to get rooms in this hotel unless you book well in advance. But once you get a room, rewards are plenty. 
First the Chowrasta Mall is only about 20 yards away. Second, the restaurant of the hotel located at the ground floor is considered one of the best in town and has a nice bar as well. Third, most rooms offer lovely views of the peaks. Fourth, lots of great shops and eateries are all within stones throw distance of this hotel. 
(Category: Budget) X Closed 
This small hotel is run by ladies and located right below The Retreat on Hermitage Lane. It's about 5-6 minutes walk to the Mall. Like The Retreat it too enjoys a great location advantage of offering lovely views from the rooms. Rooms are small, but clean and basic, and have color TVs, attached western toilets etc. They provide food. There is a small sitting area next to the entrance which too offers fabulous views. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Aneek Mukherjee (May 2022) 
Dear Raj, I intend to visit Darjeeling this November and want to book rooms quite in advance. My question is which is the closest Budget hotel to mall offering Kanchenjunga views ? Do Sonar Bangla have any rooms with Kanchenjunga views ?? Please help with the info. Thanks. 
Raj ( May 2022 
You can consider Meghbalika Tourism Property (Erstwhile Darjeeling Tourist Lodge). Room ins upper floors of the main building have the best Kanchenjunga views. In Hotel Sonar Bangla, only a select few rooms upstairs (4th/5th floor) at the backside have views of Kanchenjunga... there is no elevator in the hotel. 
Vivek Agarwal (April 2022) 
Hi Raj, I am planning 05 nights trip for Darjeeling (03 Nights) and Gangtok (02 Nights), a purely family trip from North India. In Gangtok, I am planning to book Sinclairs and in Darjeeling, I am really being confused. Initially, I picked The Elgin at Darjeeling but after seeing traveller's reviews and reservation staff attitude, changed my mind. Will you please help me to advise some good hotel in terms of scenic view, close to mall road with family safety too. 
Raj ( April 2022 
Hi Vivek, Sinclairs in Darjeeling is also a nice family hotel and the Premier Rooms &áSuites have good views of Kanchejunga peaks on a clear day. The hotel is within a walking distance of the Mall. But the only issue is... the approach road to the hotel is narrow and steep, and the hotel is perched on top and at the end of the road. So, getting back from the Mall requires an uphill walk which may be a little cumbersome for some. Cars can however go up to the hotel. You can read my detailed review of the hotel by going through Review of Sinclairs Hotel, Darjeeling
You can also look into Hotel Hermitage which is located on the mall road. All its rooms are view rooms. But, the mall and the mall road being in a pedestrian zone, you need to walk a little from the nearest taxi drop point to all the hotels that are located in this area. The hotel staff can help in carrying the luggage if you call them up. You can go through Great View-Hotels in Darjeeling to know about the hotels with best Kanchenjunga views in Darjeeling, their location with respect to the Mall and choose one that you like. Best wishes, 
Amartya Mukherjee (December 2021) 
Hi Raj, I will be traveling with my family in February next year. My mother has some knee problems and we have a 4 year child accompanying us. I would like to stay in a hotel close to the Mall with all basis amenities like geyser and room/bed heater and also having Kanchenjunga views either from the room itself or somewhere from the hotel. 
Can you suggest me such hotels? I have found Udaan Nirvana Resort but I am not sure whether it has Kanchenjunga views. Another hotel I have found is Udaan Himalayan Suites &áSpa (opened recently) with says it has direct views of Kanchenjunga but it is 1km away from Mall. Can you help me here in choosing a hotel as per the needs or suggest any other hotel? 
Raj ( December 2021 
Hi, Udaan Nirvana does have a few rooms with Kanchenjunga views, but it requires a good amount of walk on a steep road and won't be suitable for a person with mobility problems. You can consider Ramada Hotel which is centrally located and has a central heating system... the higher category rooms have Kanchenjunga views. 
Amartya Mukherjee (December 2021) 
Hi Raj, Actually Ramada is out of my budget. Can you suggest some hotels with 3-4k per night and close to the Mall with good views and amenities. 
Raj ( December 2021 
All hotels with good views are located on Mall Road (East) and they are located in the pedestrian area and will require some amount of walk. If you want the car to reach right up to the hotel, then look into the higher category rooms in Darjeeling Tourist Lodge of WBTDCL (now known as Meghbalika Tourist Lodge). If 5-6 minute walking is not a problem, then check out Hotel Hermitage or Hotel Retreat... their rack rates are higher than your budget but you can call them up and ask for discounts... they should offer good discounts for a stay in February. 
Dr. Mriganka De Sarkar (January 2017) 
Dear Raj, your informative website is of immense help. I am planning to visit Darjeeling in Mid May this year. Based on your reviews I have shortlisted three hotels. Could you please narrow down my choice based on parameters like: (i) closest to Mall ( as I have a little daughter of just 3 years old), (ii) plenty of place in side the hotel or property for playing and off course (iii) breath taking view of mountains: Darjeeling tourist lodge, Central Nirvana Resort, Classic Guest House. Thanks and Regards. 
Raj ( January 2017 
For your requirements, the choice should be between tourist lodge and Central Nirvana. However the latter doesn't have great views from all its rooms, while all rooms in the upper floor of tourist lodge main building have great views and there is a nice lawn in the backside which too has excellent views. So, go for Tourist Lodge (but note that quality of rooms in Central Nirvana are better although a little smaller). 
Sudhansu Mohan Chakrabarti (August 2014) 
Dear Mr. Raj, I have gone through your site thoroughly and thank you for making valued advises to the travellers. I will visit Darjeeling during the 1st week of November 2014 for 3 nights and want to stay in a hotel near Mall which should have good views of Kanchenjunga from the room/attached balcony and not very cold. I have narrowed my search on Darjeeling Tourist Lodge (Room No.15), Classic Guest House and Hotel Central Nirvana (Room no. 401). Now please advise what should be my choice or any other hotel (preferably Rs.3000/- per day). I also intend to purchase the Darjeeling Tourism Card. My Best Wishes and Regards to you for such valuable advises to the tourists. 
Raj ( August 2014 
All three are good choices. Classic Guest House is one of my favorites, but they serve only breakfast, no other meals. Rajen Singh has recently refurbished the rooms, and they look all new now. It gives a very homely feeling. Otherwise, you can go with any of the other two. Darjeeling Tourist Lodge has the advantage of cars reaching right up to its premises, while the others will require a bit of walk. You may not be able to specify room number while booking. In tourist lodge, the large rooms in the main building have covered balconies and great views.