Last Updated: Apr 23, 2017 

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This page captures the latest &ámajor updates related to tourism in Darjeeling &ásurrounding areas including Sikkim, Bhutan etc. You can also get to know about my latest additions of articles and new sections on this website. Stay tuned... More coming soon. 
Updates: April 2017 
Just started a new section on Shillong which is known as Scotland of the east. This was long due. Shillong is my original hometown where I spent a lot of my childhood days in our ancestral home at Laban. I keep going back to meet my old time friends and walk down the memory lanes. Visit once and you too will fall in love. Here is my section on Shillong
Just visited Ravangla and Borong. Wrote a page on the lovely day trip to Borong. Borong is a quaint hamlet in south Sikkim offering magnificent views of Kanchenjunga and is ideal for bird watching. You can spend a day here and get back to Ravangla.... Read about my trip to Borong
Updates: March 2017 
Videos on this website 
I have now started embedding short videos on my website so that you get a real feel of the attractions and take a virtual tour through my eyes before you go. I shall continue to place more videos and hopefully each attraction on my website would have a video one day. 
Visit my page on Tiger Hill and Stunning Sunrise View, scroll down and enjoy the video on the page. There are plenty of other such short videos on the site to enjoy. 
Updates: February 2017 
Bhutan - The land of dragons 
Bhutan section is a new addition to this website. Although Bhutan is a separate country, many tourists combine a visit to Darjeeling and Sikkim with Bhutan. This is because access to Bhutan is easy from here. The road route enters through the border at Pheunsholing which is only about 4hours by car from Siliguri (or New Jalpaiguri). And the nearest airport Bagdogra has regular flights to Paro, a town in Bhutan having the only airport of the country. You can plan a great Bhutan trip from this new section by knowing how to go about permits for Bhutan, the various ways to reach, greatest attractions, local sightseeing tours, hotels, dining and lot more. 
Updates: January 2017 
Smoking Ban in Darjeeling 
Although Ban on smoking was in force by law since 2003 in the entire state of West Bengal, however it's the first time it has been properly implemented and Darjeeling is the first district to get that feather on the cap. Smoking now in banned in all public places in Darjeeling and is subject to Rs. 200/- fine if one is caught in such act in a public place. Selling cigarettes and tobacco products to minors (i.e. to persons below 18 years) has also been banned in Darjeeling. 
However there is a confusion on what may be construed as a public place and what is not. Is it any place with public access such as footpaths and other open space on the roadside or otherwise? While this needs clarity, it is certainly applicable for places where common public would usually gather in large numbers both in the open and closed door. And the Mall (i.e. the Chowrasta) which is the main public square of Darjeeling town is certainly part of such public places and smoking is banned here. Similarly one can not smoke in restaurants, railway waiting rooms, hospitals, auditoriums, libraries and similar places. 
This ban is applicable for all Darjeeling residents and tourists. Although as per the ban cigarette shops must not exits within 100 meters of a school or educational institute, the implementation of the ban is yet to reach that scale and there is no drive whatsoever to reduce shops selling cigarettes. Having said that, many individuals have already been fined Rs. 200 for smoking in public places. 
Cycling Park &áTrails in Darjeeling 
An exclusive Mountain Biking Park has been opened in Darjeeling which starts from Jorebungalow (Ghum) area, goes through Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary and ends at the mountain village Chatakpur located inside the park area. The trail offers several lovely view points. Apart from the cycling park, several operators offer mountain biking tours to various other destinations like Lamahatta, Pokhribong, Maneybhanjan, Kurseong and other places. 
Visit Mountain Biking in Darjeeling for full information about the cycling park, other biking trails &átours. 
Road Route Maps you will love to see 
You have been striving hard to get hold of some great road route maps showing how to reach Darjeeling as well as Gangtok and various places in Sikkim from NJP station, Siliguri or Bagdogra airport, but you haven't been able to find one.... right? Well your wait is over. 
I have done the hard work of creating couple of detailed infographics - one to reach Darjeeling and the other for Sikkim including road connections between the two places. You can see all the road routes including distances between various points and time to travel. Here are the two road maps you will love to see (NOTE: you can click on each map picture to see the full size version):